1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe

I want to get back to basics here with what looks to me like a very nice, well maintained, Grand Prix White 1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe with Tan interior. The ideal here is for a 911 that won’t come at too steep a price and can be thoroughly enjoyed for its classic design and earlier driving experience connecting car and driver to a winding road. That it might also maintain its value over the coming years is an added bonus, but ultimately we aren’t looking for the ideal collector car here. As with many cars of this type the mileage is on the higher end, in this case 125K, but if it has been treated to a proper service history then it should remain in good stead and in possession of plenty of continued longevity.

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Year: 1982
Model: 911SC
Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 125,068 mi
Price: Auction

1982 Porsche 911 SC Coupe

Grand Prix White with Tan Leather

Only 125,068 Enthusiast owned miles

It has become increasingly difficult to find honest, completely stock, 3.0 liter 911’s, that have their original books, records, tools and jack

This is just such a car

Sold new in Denver and has been in the area ever since

Well maintained example that runs and drives beautifully and looks super sharp in Grand Prix White

Not commonly found with the tan interior and rarely found in this cosmetic and mechanical condition

Still has the factory bra in the trunk

A/C compressor was removed years ago and the system plugged, all parts included to refurbish

Bid and buy with confidence from

Preferred Auto

When looking right Grand Prix White should be a vibrant color with good crispness and brightness to it and this 911SC brings with it just that sort of look. Like most white cars it won’t necessarily wow you, but it shouldn’t look drab either. Here the contrast with the interior looks particularly good and this combination of White over Tan isn’t one that we come across often. White cars largely feature black interiors (or as I’ve commonly seen on the 928 a grey interior) so the contrasting brown and tan interior here sets this 911 apart. For my eye it works really well! The total package here seems good. It’s a fairly standard car, but a good looking, clean, and straight 911SC is always a worthwhile find and if there’s some documentation of its maintenance history then I think it should provide for an excellent drive over the coming years.


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  1. Why do people give up on air-conditioning? It isn’t that hard to maintain a good running system and it shows that the car has continued to be properly maintained. When ever I see air-conditioning needs to be recharged – or in this case replaced – it makes me worry about the rest of the car. Just get the simple system fixed and running and then we can talk about price.

  2. I pulled the AC Compressor,etc out of mine as well. Makes servicing the car much easier and engine bay looks way better. Also the weight reduction is a bonus. The AC power in these cars is typically useless in most of North America but I understand it’s needs for the hotter states. We’re fine without AC up here in BC!

  3. Actually it is the barrier hoses that are the issue with these cars’ AC systems. The hoses were designed for the old Freon and the 134 coolant molecules are too small and can escape through the hoses. Apparently smart German engineers back in the day allowed the hoses to have a way to compensate for too much pressure in the AC and let it escape from the original barrier hoses. Get those replaced and convert the compressor to 134 and this car should be back to working AC.

  4. Living in Florida is a difficult feat without AC. I had a 84 Carrera and found the AC to be on the weak side but better than nothing when it was 95 F outside. I replaced the hoses and converted over to 134 and found it was much better also.

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