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1983 Volkswagen Scirocco Wolfsburg GT With Only 4700 Miles!!

I am a long time Scirocco nut. I had a ratty 77 that I beat up thoroughly in high school (class of 92). It took tons of abuse, but the willing little 4 cylinder and light weigh was a lot of fun for a kid my age to be driving back then. But my car was a heap compared to the MKII a friend’s older brother owned. It was black with black striped interior. And it was lowered on Momo rims, low profile tires (when 50 series was considered low profile!), an Alpine CD player and huge subwoofer in the back. It was one of the nicest modified cars at our school without a doubt. I even remember my Dad, who frowned on modified cars typically, remark, “That is a beautiful car. A high school kid owns it?!”

Seeing how nicely preserved this car is reminds me of that MKII from high school. The black on black is of course very familiar (though his seats were no where near as awesome as these leather ones!), but also because you just don’t see well preserved Scirocco’s anymore. Anywhere! And with only 4700 miles, this one takes the term survivor to extremes under the circumstances. These were all passed through the hands of high school kids, several times over, and each one wanted to modify it — ultimately killing most of them.

Check out this

quote from the eBay listing:

INCREDIBLE survivor – totally original and un-molested with only 4700 miles – absolute time warp car!!!

Original 1983 1/2 Wolfsburg Edition Scirocco with 4700 original miles. Quite possibly the finest example anywhere!

The car was purchased new in July of 1983, driven very little, and then stored for the majority of the past 26 1/2 years. The mechanic for the owner took care of and stored the car for the majority of this time up until about one year ago. The first owner had the euro headlights installed at the dealer. At some point in 1985 the GTI snowflake rims with their original set of Pirelli P6’s were put on. It also appears as if the original factory OE radio was replaced with an OE BMW factory radio out of an 83 320i. I am including an original used Heidelburg radio with the car. The orig factory 13″ rims are available with the car along with the original window sticker, factory manuals and all the OE literature on the BMW radio along with its security code & the factory OE headlights.


The car is a literal “all” orig in every way, time warp. Never hit or damaged, never repainted anywhere. The only flaw is on the right side of the hood near the windshield where something hit it and left about a one inch crack in the paint. The leather interior, headliner, and carpet are in incredible condition and still smell like a new car. No cracks or fading whatsover. The dash, door panels, headliner, every inch of rubber on the door seals are impeccable in every way.

The last Scirocco I saw in person that was this nice was Josh’s 84 that we posted here last year. That was a really fine example. This is ridiculous. And I know not everyone reading this is going to believe it, but there are 19 bids on this car totaling $8600 — and the reserve isn’t met with 2 days remaining! Clearly there are some collectors out there who remember the car as fondly as I do; not to mention an owner who isn’t letting this one go easy!



  1. Aaron
    Aaron January 26, 2010

    Great find Dan! I think you can throw rational decision making out the window on a car like this. A time machine that can transport you to your youth. I bet the bidding hits $11k, I wonder what the seller’s reserve price will be?

  2. Evan
    Evan January 28, 2010

    What does one do with such a low mileage car?
    Give it to a museum? Enjoy it and turn it into just another used VW? Low mileage vintage cars make me sad, poor thing wants to be on the road.

  3. Dan
    Dan January 28, 2010

    $11400, reserve not met.

    It’s a good point Evan. I think it’s a collectible car that you can drive on weekends during the summer to shows and such. But on the flip side, not too many miles… How many miles before it’s not considered ‘ultra low’? If you owned it for ten years and put 15k miles on it, would it’s value still increase?


  4. Jim
    Jim January 29, 2010

    Sorry but there is nothing colectable about that car and whom ever buys it is going to pay a premium for the low miles but should just drive it. 30 years from now it may be collecable but the price is never going to make it an investment car.

  5. Dan May
    Dan May September 10, 2010

    I’m 99% positive someone approached me about this car a few years ago asking what it was worth/etc. I posted it up on way back when. Glad to see its still un-abused.

  6. Gary
    Gary October 2, 2010

    Call me 321 266-6139. / hav ?? Will buy!

  7. kastriot aliu
    kastriot aliu April 28, 2011

    I am a big fan of Sciroccos,and being honest with you,I haven`t seen any Scirocco like this before.well maintained.I also have a Scirocco Mk2 Gt2 year:1992.
    it is well maintained,but I have a problem here of findind original parts for it.
    e-mail me if you want and we could share experiences about VW Sciroccos.

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