1984 Volkswagen Passat CL

Badged the Quantum in the states, the early Passats are some of the most awkward VWs from the 80’s. As awkward as they are, they are some of the clearest examples of the Audi lineage that these cars share. These B2 models share the same longitudinal driveline configuration as the Audis and the parts bins for the rest of the cars are basically interchangable. This clean example of VWs ugly duckiling for sale in the Fatherland is something we could never see here, as these cars were often used, abused, and discarded.

1984 Volkswagen Passat CL on eBay.de

Vehicle is a two owner car, enthusiast owned! The car is rust free, its maintenance log is up to date. The log is available. The timing belt was changed 1,000 km ago. In the photos, you can see this vehicle is in pristine condition!


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