1986 Porsche 930 Coupe

As I’ve more frequently turned my attention to modern 911s, largely in an attempt to locate better performance value, I am still reminded of the 930. The 911 has become quite refined over the years. Porsche has now long been a luxury brand and it is expected that its 911 Turbo will carry on that luxury. While the 930 wasn’t exactly a no-frills 911, it also would be hard to describe as refined. It was more than capable of biting a ham-fisted driver and strictly on appearance refinement hardly would be its calling card. That path lay for Porsche’s own venture into very high dollar territory with the 959. The 930 remained a menace.

It is that quality which always brings me back to it. Modern 911 Turbos are faster and more capable performers in almost any conditions, all while being able to serve as a daily driver. In many cases on the second-hand market they’re cheaper too. So why the 930? For me it just takes one look.

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Year: 1986
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 68,850 mi
Price: $105,990 Buy It Now


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Strictly on appearance I like this 930 quite a bit. Black over Red always is a favorite of mine and I especially like it on the 930 where it seems to fit the persona of the car quite well. Once we step beyond the basic appearance of this 930 we then get to a lot of questions and for the most part they don’t have answers. We have all of the usual questions about originality and those questions are especially important with regard to the interior. We are told it’s been reconditioned in red leather. Normally I would not necessarily take “reconditioned” to mean it’s been redone in red leather, i.e. the interior was not originally red, but there is something about that wording and the general look of things that makes me suspect red was not the original interior color. I could be wrong. Verification is a must though.

Questions of that sort dog us with the rest of the car as well. Is the paint original? What’s its service history and ownership history? The more we know the better. Much of this will dictate a likely price. At its current asking price everything will have to be original and documented. Even then it’s probably priced too high. We’ve seen a lot of similar 930s come up for sale over the past year and not many manage to sell above $100K.

Of course, it doesn’t need to hit this sort of price to be a worthwhile 930. I do think it looks great. We just need to sort the price out and if it does turn out to be less original than we might hope – but in nice current condition – then getting your hands on it for lower cost isn’t exactly a bad thing.


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  1. HHmmm a top shelf flippable performance car listed with a ton of legalese, absolutely no background, and more questions than answers in the one sentence description as listed by a zero feedback seller.
    What could go wrong?!

  2. As fstntq says, there are so many red flags on this one. Plus the seller is in Miami, the US capitol of scams and general fraud.

    The new leather on the driver seat sticks out like a sore thumb. Terrible.

    These late US 4 speed turbos (86-87) are the least valuable 930s.. A couple years ago this was easily a $125k car. Now it is a $75k car. Hopefully the owner didn’t buy it 2 years ago. If he bought it 8 years ago when they were $30k he will do fine.

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