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1987 BMW M6

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

Want a classic 1980s BMW, a race-bred motor, and a car nearly guaranteed to appreciate over the coming years? The S38 powered M5 and M6 are the place to look right now, since the only other two options – the M1 and M3 – aren’t the best options right now. Traditionally, the M6 held higher values than the long-unappreciated M5; a great looking grand tourer, the M6 is certainly capable of keeping up with sports cars in a straight line and around curves. The other nice thing about the M6 was that unlike the E28 M5, it was available in many shades. Today’s example shows that off nicely in Cinnabar Red with Lotus White Nappa leather:


Year: 1987
Model: M6
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 142,000 mi
Price: $14,995 Buy It Now

Fantastic Cinnibar Red BMW M6 nearly fully restored to its original beauty! Gorgeous white interior. I’ve spent the last 5 yrs fixing nearly everything on this car and it now runs great. The previous owner rebuilt most of it as well. Overall, about 35K invested in restoration over the past 2 owners (I am the 5th). Originally this land shark was priced at $67,000! 142K miles – Odometer was replaced at 141K (see photo). Nearly all of the little gadgetry works! This car is absolutely amazing and was truly over-engineered in ’87. However, I’ve enjoyed it long enough and need to pass it on to a new loving home. Previously, was a Texas car then a California car (where I purchased it from). Engine is fantastic and clean. Interior has normal wear but otherwise very good condition (Upholstry on dash needs some love still but rear seats were both replaced). Need to see it to believe how nice this car really is – Come take a test drive.

All major systems have been overhauled or upgraded/replaced: clutch, brakes, electrical, suspension. A/C doesn’t hold charge for long. Pictured wheels are M3 18 inch but I do have the original set of wheels as well. Everything (except the removable Panasonic radio and Hela xenon lights ) is OEM. 3.5 L I6 cylinder Very rare and very few in the area, especially in this amazing condition – Trust me, I’ve looked. It was a dream of mine to own one, so now that I have it nearly fully restored, it’s time for someone else to play with. Own a limited edition classic coupe (only 1800 imported!) from the legendary M division of BMW.

Given that they’re nearly 30 years old and this car came from two sun-baked states, it’s not unusual for them to have some dash problems. It’s a bit odd that both the previous two owners have had to rebuild the car, but they certainly can be finicky and expensive to maintain if they weren’t properly cared for. The good news is that it appears most of the heavy lifting is done on this model. Though I love the BBS RC wheels, the reality is I think they look a bit too big on this platform and I’d appreciate something either in the 17″ or 16″ range more. Ideally, the European-spec 415mm TRX wheels suit the car the best in my mind though they’re tough to source tires for. Miles aren’t super low, but they also aren’t outrageous and these cars can easily exceed 200,000 miles if maintained. To me, pricing is reasonable at $17,000 given the overall condition of the car – it’s not the color I’d choose if I was to get into an M6, but it does look pretty nice overall!


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  1. MDriver
    MDriver June 26, 2014

    not so sure this is a 17k car…pending a really good PPI…
    no mention if the SLS was replaced or repaired…
    and if the A/C does not hold a charge…it is odd that he didn’t address this seeing that all other electrical/suspension/brake/clutch items etc were addressed according to the seller…
    I agree with you on the rim choice….first off they are not M3 wheels…and unless you give the car a slight drop…18’s make it ride high….a nice set of M-Parallels ,or BBS LM’s would be handsome…

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