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1990 Audi Coupe Quattro

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

About a week ago I posted a rare condition and color 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro that was priced towards the higher end of the market for Coupe Quattros. However, considering the overall condition, lower miles and unique color, it wasn’t outrageously priced and seemed like a solid purchase. Today there’s a 1990 Coupe Quattro that’s a more familiar shade for these Audi Coupes and in even better condition with less miles. Take a look at this Tornado Red 1990:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro on

Year: 1990
Model: Coupe Quattro
Engine: 2.3 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 87,375 mi
Price: $6,995

1990 Audi Coupe quattro 2-Door Hatchback
Title: Clear
Interior Color: Black
Drivetrain: All Wheel Drive
Engine: I5 2.3L DOHC
Mileage: 87,375
Fuel: Gasoline
Stock Number: 000342
VIN: WAUGD08B9LA000342
Exterior Color: Red
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Asking Price: $6,995

Key Features:
Automatic Climate Control
Power Door Locks
Anti-Lock Brakes
Power Sunroof
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Power Windows
Leather Seats
Power Steering
Cruise Control

Auto Space Auto Sales is honored to present a wonderful example of pure vehicle design. The paint has a showroom shine. The paint is in excellent condition and it is apparent that this car was garaged and meticulously-maintained.This vehicle has all of the right options. Mainly highway mileage.The interior of this vehicle is virtually flawless.This vehicle runs like it has 10,000 miles on it.Don’t hesitate to contact Auto Space Auto Sales for more information. This car won’t last long. Price change is subject to primary lenders.

For more information about this vehicle call::
(631) 225-2886
35 Montauk Highway
Copiague, NY 11726

Well, at least part of the paint isn’t original – the bottom half of the front and rear bumpers should be black and not red. I’m not sure that matters much if it was done correctly, though. The wheels show some typical lip clearcoat peeling and wear which is harder to repair on these Speedlines than it is on other wheels due to the majority of the 2-piece wheel look “bolts” being plastic. The wheels are in fact one piece, in one of the cheesier but better looking falsies in Audi history. The car’s overall shape is very impressive though, certainly one of the better ones we’ve seen of late. Not much is outlined in maintenance and there are no underhood shots, so you’d want to get a PPI especially at the current asking price. That price – $5 short of $7,000 – is about as high as these Coupe Quattros go, but finding one in a desirable color with under 100,000 miles if accurate is quite rare indeed. That asking price could easily be mostly eaten up in a repaint, so for the right person not looking to redo the red exterior this could be a reasonable deal – just make sure this isn’t a prettied up nightmare underneath.



  1. Rene
    Rene March 3, 2014

    Do these have a galvanized body like the type 44s?

    And yes an under-hood and under-carriage picture would help you understand if the car was infested with the rust belt tin worm.

  2. Carter
    Carter March 3, 2014

    Yes, they’re galvanized; but the suspension parts are not, so you could have subframe repair to deal with if it was really bad – which it doesn’t seem to be, but again hard to tell.

  3. Peter
    Peter March 3, 2014

    There is a thread on Motorgeek about this car. Evidently the clearcoat has started pealing, the front spoiler has been painted (stock lower is black) and the ABS Light is on, and the odometer is broken, and the rear muffler may need replacement So the car isnt as “clean” as the ad would lead you to suspect…all fixable, especially if you do your own work. I would definitely ask for undercarriage pictures before making a drive to check it out. Might be a great purchase for a knowledgeable, informed buyer, especially if the dealer comes down in price. At the asking price i would expext the issues to be fixed.

  4. Carter
    Carter March 3, 2014

    Hey Peter,

    Yes, the lower rear was also painted. From the factory, if it’s Tornado Red it shouldn’t have a clearcoat (T Red is single stage) which probably explains why it’s so shiny if it was a total repaint. Not necessarily a bad thing, since so few of them are still in good shape 14 years later, but you’re right, there are some unanswered questions and the price is pretty high.

  5. Mario
    Mario March 3, 2014

    @ Carter, not 14 but 24 years later.

  6. Carter
    Carter March 3, 2014

    Haha! Coffee helps, but apparently not enough. Yes, 24 years later. Hard to believe these are on the verge of being “antique” in Rhode Island.

  7. Dallas
    Dallas March 3, 2014

    “Price change is subject to primary lenders.” WTH is that supposed to mean?

  8. Jayson
    Jayson March 3, 2014

    “Price change is subject to primary lenders.” means most sub prime banks probably will not lend the $7k the retailer is asking, but some one with good credit would be able to finance the asking$. .

  9. Dan
    Dan March 7, 2014

    I looked at this car awhile ago and it’s NOT as nice as it’s said to be. Definitely not worth their asking price and will need some work. The paint was OK and looked as if it was a quick paint job. There appeared to be some over spray on some of the interior pieces mainly in the trunk area. The interior was worn but should be expected for a car this age. The LCD instrument cluster was dead and questionable if the other gauges were working properly. I was unable to drive the car because it was covered with a bunch of junk (including a good layer of dust) and was tightly wedged into their shop. Maybe they were using it as a new workbench? The guy I was dealing with did start it up but it sounded to be running rough. I did a carfax and the car was in an accident earlier in its life. So with the high price, exaggerated condition, potential repair costs, and mixed reviews of the dealership I passed on it.

  10. Carter
    Carter March 7, 2014

    Dan, great feedback and unfortunate to hear it’s not as nice as it looks. Appreciate the detailed response though, and thanks for reading!

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