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1992 BMW M5 3.8 Touring

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BMW’s second generation M5 followed the same recipe as the outgoing E28; manual transmission, rear-drive, howling inline-6 under the hood. But the E34 was far from a copy of the car that was really credited with being the first super sedan. BMW upped with power first with the 3.6 liter version of the S38; though the increase in displacement was a scant 82 ccs, the result was impressive. BMW Motorsport GmbH fit a new cam, a higher compression head, and a new engine management system to yield 311 horsepower at a rev-busting 6,900 rpms. They weren’t done.

In 1992 M upped the capacity again, this time to just 5 cc shy of 3.8 liters. Even higher compression, a further revision in electronic management, and a few other odds and ends now netted 340 horsepower and 300 lb.ft of torque. Again, they weren’t done. Perhaps tired of Audi cornering the go-fast-5-door market with their 200 20V Avant, in 1992 BMW launched the M5 Touring. Production began in March 1992 and ran through 1995. All E34 M5 Tourings were left-hand drive 3.8 models, and a total of 891 were produced.

BMW opted not to bring the enlarged motor or the M Touring model to the United States, as the 540i took over the top rungs of North American production. As a result, this car has been the subject of many M enthusiast fantasies until today, when you can finally buy and drive them here!

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Year: 1992
Model: M5 Touring
Engine: 3.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 254,345 km (157,421 mi)
Price: $42,500 Buy It Now

This 1992 BMW M5 Touring is powered by a 3.8-liter DOHC inline-six and reportedly belonged to a member of the Renault F1 team before being acquired by the selling dealer. The previous owner modified the car with upgraded fuel injectors, Brembo front brakes, modified rear brakes, an aftermarket camshaft, and a stainless steel exhaust system. A November 2017 service conducted by Munich Legends included replacing the gearbox output and selector seals, along with replacing a differential input shaft seal, checking the power steering system, installing a new M5 badge on the tailgate, a compression test, and installing new lower door moldings all around. This E34 M5 is now being offered with a clean New Jersey Title.The factory 17″ Style 21 wheels wear staggered width Michelin Pilot Sport tires up front and Bridgestone Potenzas out back. The seller reports that the front brakes have been modified with 345mm Brembo discs and four-piston calipers. The rear brakes were also reportedly upgraded using Porsche 944S four-piston calipers and Porsche 928S4 discs.All gauges are reported to function as they should, and an aftermarket radio has been installed. Features include M-Tech cloth seats and door panel inserts, along with an M shift knob and a three spoke steering wheel. The digital odometer shows 254,345 kilometers (~157,421 miles) and is believed by the seller to be acxurate The S38 inline-six was rated at 335 hp from the factory and uses six individual throttle bodies. Modifications are said to include include F1 injectors and a camshaft that increased lift to 12mm. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a Getrag 5-speed manual gearbox, and no service records are available.

For probably more than a few of you, this car will seem familiar as it was twice on Bring A Trailer, most recently ending as reserve not met at $27,500. The seller did some service in 2017 to bring the car up to spec, then went through the process of importation and titling. Anyone seriously interested in it should probably view the last BAT auction, since the car had numerous pictures and video walk-arounds that aren’t present in today’s listing.

Though not stock and not perfect, this car represents the heavy lifting necessary to get models not originally imported here completed. Interesting are the claimed F1-associated history and modifications. I’m not sure either help value, but they also probably don’t hurt. The seller is looking for a pretty big premium over where bidding ended at BAT. It’s not necessarily unjustified; I think this car compares pretty favorably to many other M products trading in that price range. But that the car didn’t crest $30,000 is also a bit of an indication of the ceiling of the market right now.



  1. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer April 3, 2018

    The equivalent condition 200 20v Avant would be worth 5k…sad its a fantastic car, in any weather condition.

    BMW invested in these cars and their own heritage by continuing to provide replacement parts unlike Audi’s NLA F-off policy. Shame.

  2. Brian A.
    Brian A. April 3, 2018

    It’s a shame this car hasn’t been detailed and marketed properly..there is a lot of “pop” missing from the photos, let alone the preparation of the car itself.

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