1992 BMW M5 Euro Spec

While Audi was on a quest to redefine the executive sports saloon in the early 1990s with the S4 that Carter just featured, the Motorsport division at BMW was busy on the second iteration of the fast five, the E34 M5. While the US variant received a 3.6 liter inline-6, those fortunate enough to procure one on the home continent were treated to a 3.8 liter engine with 340 horsepower. The E28 M5, or Ur M5 as some have called it, have started to climb a bit in value over the last year or two. The E34 which followed, however, is still a relatively affordable choice if you are looking for some serious early M machinery.

Year: 1992
Model: M5
Engine: 3.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 113,300 mi
Price: Reserve auction


Offered at for an appreciating new owner is this ultra rare 1992 BMW M5 EURO sedan! Finished in Avusblau metallic over light silver grey leather, this stunning E34-chassis M5 sedan has been driven less than 6,000 miles per year since new [for a total of just over 113,300 original miles]. It sports the 340 horsepower 3.8 liter inline six cylinder Motorsport engine mated to the 5 speed manual transmission, four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock, ice cold air conditioning, electric heated seats, tinted windows, 18″ staggered-size E38 M paralells with excellent rubber, in-dash cd stereo, tinted windows, new Bilstein “SPORT” shocks with custom valve compression and rebound, H&R springs, new E36 M3 short shifter and bushings, “Depo” Euro head lights with xenon 6 bulbs [EXTREMELY bright!], Mark’D DME/ECU chip stock inside the glove box and powder-coated valve cover. This splendid euro M5 sedan is 100% U.S. AND California legal with all BAR stickers/vin tags and associated import documentation papers and is being sold with clean and clear California title and current regsitration AND just passed stringent CA. smog testing last week. This M5 is a great find for the Bimmerphile or classic car collector for about the cost of the sales tax alone on a new, quickly-depreciating M5!

PLEASE SEE THIS LINK FOR MANY MORE DETAILED PHOTOS OF THIS CAR: https://picasaweb.google.com/116946797322409050180/1992BMWM5?noredirect=1#


The exterior of this car is in GOOD, presentable 99.9% rust-free condition overall. I would call this car a “perfect ten-footer” with gleaming and striking avusblau metallic paint. Upon closer inspection, you will find a typical smattering of rock chips on the front nose of the car along with some thinly worn paint spots especially along the seams which have been buffed through over the years. There are also miscellaneous minor blemishes, nicks and the like. Please keep in mind that this is not a brand new car or concourse-restored specimen but still a very handsome attention-garnering classic M sedan!

The interior of this non-smoker car is in VERY good to excellent all original condition overall with beautiful crack-free dash, elegant suede headliner, excellent silver grey leather electric and heated sport seats, upgraded in-dash CD stereo with M logo, COLD air conditioning, electric sunroof and windows, OBC and more. Overall, this is a very handsome cockpit which stills show pride of ownership almost a quarter century later!

This classic BMW starts, runs and drives EXTREMELY well with excellent acceleration from the superb-running [and very willing to rev to and past redline] 3.8 liter six cylinder engine, smooth and very crisp-shifting transmission, superb and straight braking with good pedal feel, VERY firm clunk or rattle-free suspension with excellent grippy handling and wonderful steering feel. Overall this M5 provides a supremely satisfying driving experience!


A good E34 M5 can bring anywhere between $9,000 and $15,000 these days, when you look back at the examples we’ve featured this year. If you can get your hands on the more powerful Euro market M5, expect to pay a bit more if you can find one that’s legal to register here in the US. Given the mileage, I’d suspect this one will probably bring somewhere between $14,000 to $15,000, given where bidding is heading. We’ll see if that’s enough to meet the reserve.


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  1. nicely presented car….Yes AVUSBLAU is a great color and not all that common….
    while the seller says that the car is SMOG Cali & 50 state legal federalized….I would like to know from where this car came???…is it a Canadian M5 or like the Daytona Violet 93 with slightly more miles is it from Japan?…and who federalized the car?….
    if all is as it appears…..these cars do get a premium over my 91 with similar miles and looks(I have M-Parallels as well)….if this car trades for 15-17k it was well bought IMHO…

  2. I know for some of the Audis, they got a “pass” for being close to other models that were already fed-legal. I’m not sure that this holds true for the Euro M5, but considering it’s mostly the same car, it would make sense. In those cases, I believe it’s just a case of getting it here and filing the proper paperwork rather than earlier examples that actually had to be modified…..

  3. @Carter, I can’t speak to the Audi….maybe their emissions & safety equipment was the same as what was imported here….but I can tell you from experience that a Euro M car meant for anywhere but the US market needs to be federalized….it is not a huge deal….and not crazy expensive…
    for instance the reason why ALOT of these M5’s make their way into Canada is that in Canada a car from overseas can be imported if it is 15 years old or more…hence Skyline R32’s all over Canada…

  4. I love these. I would want to see EPA/DOT letters to prove it was federalized. Also would need to do a PPI and inspect for crank bearing wear, as these long stroke S38s were hard on the bearings.

  5. My only beef with this particular car is the horrid light silver interior that along with Lotus white plagues many BMWs from late 80s and early 90s. I am not sure what they were thinking when they came up with this interior color. Full disclosure I did buy a new 1992 325is Montreal Blue with light silver leather.

  6. @ MDriver and anyone else interested:

    Here’s an interesting breakdown…


  7. @Carter
    thank you for the info.
    I received mine from JK Technologies in Maryland…..they are well respected and have been doing this for 30 years….their site offers great insight on the “little details” like the DOT & Custom fees etc.

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