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1993 Audi S2

One of the most popular tuning swaps in the Audi world until quite recently was to slot a 3B/AAN turbocharged 20V motor into a B3 coupe. The “Ersatz” (replacement) S2 required a fair amount of custom engineering, but you got a sleeper package that was capable of some serious performance that the U.S. bound Coupe quattro with its normally aspirated 7A 20V inline-5 lacked. For an effectively an entire generation these custom turbocharged examples have held a special place in the market, worth more than generally every other Audi from the period, but that’s changing. Now it’s 2016 and the market has awoken to the original Quattro; really pristine examples have shot through the roof in terms of pricing. But the bigger thorn in the side for custom-made S2s is that the real factory built S2s are now importable to the U.S.. While that’s not the easiest road to travel, if you search around you can find some real budget examples of the real-deal original S2 for much less than the asking price of U.S. bound replica cars. While this 1993 is still a few years from legal importation, it certainly gets me thinking about what could be:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Audi S2 on Classic Driver

Year: 1993
Model: S2
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 153,728 mi
Price: $13,866

Exterior: white pearl ,

Swap or partial payment from SFr . 138 .– possible ! ! ! ” Classic Driver ”
Alloy Wheels
Heated seats
Limited-slip differential
Sport seats

First off, screw everything else – I want to throw money at my computer screen when I see those seats. WOW. I’ve seen a few of the late Euro Jacquard sport cloth interiors, but never in green – and man does it pop. Pearlescent White Metallic wouldn’t be my first choice but it looks great with the original Ronal wheels. Those were replaced later in the run by the more familiar Speedline “Avus” design wheels, but the chunky Ronals that are reminiscent of the R9 wheels from the 1980s still look great. European B3 and B4 models are so much cleaner in design than the U.S. bound models, looking tighter and lighter. This car has had some paintwork – notably, the lower trim should all be black, but it presents very well. If you really want to import one of these, it’s probably worthwhile starting to look now and waiting to find the right post 1992 model that you can bring over in 12 months; 1992 saw revisions including the move from the 3B to ABY 20V Turbo, good for 227 horsepower. 1992 also saw the introduction of the 6-speed instead of the 5-speed 1991s were equipped with. These S2s were produced in low numbers; rarest is the sedan, followed by the Avant version, with the Coupe being the most common. But all of them are relatively rare compared to models like the M3, and for short money you can have a superbly built highway mauler that has a tremendous amount of style.



  1. Brad
    Brad January 3, 2016

    So very yes.

  2. Early8q
    Early8q January 3, 2016

    Love those seats!

  3. varia
    varia January 3, 2016

    green (and red) Jacquard was offered in 1990 for the 10 year anniversary of quattro
    they had custom dashboard badge as well, signed by Piëch

  4. Maxwell Rich
    Maxwell Rich January 3, 2016

    Take my money already!

  5. Carter
    Carter January 4, 2016

    @varia – cool bit of trivia, thanks!

  6. audifan
    audifan January 4, 2016

    I have never seen green Jacquard interior in an Audi. I just love it. That’s the most beautiful Audi upholstery I have ever seen.

  7. oSam
    oSam January 12, 2016

    “First off, screw everything else – I want to throw money at my computer screen when I see those seats. WOW.”

    LOL, funniest line on GCFSB. Very funny. Keep up the good reviews, Carter.
    There have been some beautiful VWs lately.

  8. Christian Long
    Christian Long January 22, 2016

    Enough already, someone import this so I can buy it.

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