1993 Porsche 968 Coupe

Cars are much more than the sum of their parts. They are touchstones in life and can bring back fond memories of years gone by. It’s the cars that hail from the early 1990s that do this for me, right around the time I was learning how to drive. Before the days of the Internet, I would peruse the pages of car magazines and lust after the Porsches I’d come across from the period. Especially the 968. There was something about this car that hooked me. A lot of the attraction was due to its rarity in comparison to the ubiquitous 911, being a sort of “alternative” Porsche but keeping the hallmarks of what drew people to the brand. Thankfully, the 968 is a relatively affordable proposition today and remains high on the list for me. When I find myself in a situation with more plentiful parking, this could very well be the brother to my R53 MINI Cooper S.

John from flüssig magazine brought this Wimbledon Green 968 Coupe to our attention. Much like the 1993 928GTS we featured last month, this is one of those eye catching colors from the heyday of colorful Porsches. After speaking with Jeff Coe, 968 guru and owner of the Mint Green 968 Cabriolet, he learned this particular 968 Coupe was one of nine produced in this color combination with these options.

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Year: 1993
Model: 968 Coupe
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 50,929 mi
Price: $11,995

This 1993 Porsche 968 Coupe features a 3.0L 4 CYLINDER 4cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 6 Speed Manual transmission. The vehicle is Green with a Beige Leather interior. It is offered As-Is, extended warranty is available.

1993 Porsche 968 Coupe
6-Speed manual, Clean Carfax report, leather seats, new radio, all accessories operable including the air conditioning, power seats, and power windows. Call for more details.

This vehicle comes equipped with Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Leather Steering Wheel, Power Drivers Seat, Power Passenger Seat, Clock, Tachometer, Sunroof, Moonroof, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Security System, Rear Defogger, Fog Lights, AM/FM, Cassette, Leather Interior Surface, Heated Mirrors, Rear Wipers, Vanity Mirrors


The ad copy for this car is a bit sparse and there’s no mention of history or records, so a thorough PPI would be in order for anyone considering it. However, the condition seems consistent for the mileage and it’s not everyday that you see a 968 in Wimbledon Green. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I think it is an attractive, period correct color. If everything checks out, the price on this one is rather reasonable, making me kick myself that I don’t have an extra parking spot at the present time.


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  1. Great car….I want one…not in that green though

  2. Great price. Color won’t suit everyone but remember the view you see most often is from the inside out 😉


  3. Great color for this car.

    Seems like a good price for the miles and uniquie color.

  4. ’90s were big for shades of teal…Arizona Diamondbacks & Florida Marlins original logos, to name two!

  5. These photos are taken in the odd light and are not representing the color well!

  6. @Brad – that’s what I hate about looking at paint colors (whether for cars, or house paints) on a piece of paper (or LCD screen). It makes me sound kind of like a hippie but color has a lot of personality that can only be perceived in the flesh and under varying light conditions.

    That said – the prolific use of bad camera phones and questionable photography intuition does certainly sabotage a lot of ads online as well!

  7. Don’t like that colour, but for whatever reason – these odd colours always look good on most Porsches. I’d take it as is, love the camel interior as well. Bring on the “whoa, what kind of car is that? never seen one before…”

  8. The price actually seems low for the miles and condition.

  9. “Rather reasonable”? Any 968 I’ve seen with this kind of mileage in this kind of condition has an ask at least twice this high. And from a dealer no less. I can only say that if the condition checks out, this is a smokin’ deal. The color could grow on me.

  10. That price, at those miles, assuming the condition is as good as it looks, is terrific. A thorough PPI is necessary, but it looks a though someone could get a great deal on this car.

  11. Oh yeah, it this car checks out mechanically it is the deal of the year. Somebody grab it quick!

  12. Long gone guys! The one night I don’t check this site and look what appears…

    A beat up one in the same color combo went on eBay a month or so ago for around $7,300 if I remember correctly. Had well over 120K and a mess of an interior.

    Deal of the year for sure, and a nice change from the current 911 insanity.

  13. Just from recent 968 posts right here on GCFSB:

    1993 968, 85K miles, $18.5k (Oct)
    1992 968, 119K miles and a bit shabby, $9,995 (Sept)
    1992 968, 32K miles, $24.9 (Aug)
    1994 968, 55K miles, $19.5 (July)

  14. Hey atnorman,

    Good looking back! Just for clarity, only one of those cars listed actually sold that we can see. The $9,995 was sold for “best offer” somewhere below the asking price. The other three never sold on eBay. Here’s what we do have from Hammertime – actual sale prices:

    968 (1992-1995)
    9/2015 1994 968, 166K, $6,800
    4/2014 1992 968 Cab, 118K, $11,400
    1/2014 1994 968, 134K, $6,411

    We’re back-filling as we go!

  15. I love the outside color of this car, but could not live with the dog-poop leather color.
    For somebody who likes the interior color it’s the deal of the year.

  16. True Carter. I was just going on asking prices. But there is something to be said for a comparison of common asking prices. People shop by asking price, assuming most will negotiate to some extent. But when one comes along in this condition, with such low miles, at a price that is noticeably lower than market…well, we saw what happened. Those that you list here don’t give us much of a comparison as the mileage on each is double to triple. And as we all know, prices on many cars go up exponentially as the mileage bottoms out. But as a more recent comparison, I just checked Autotrader:

    1992 with 36K miles, Tiptronic, $17.9K (private party)
    1994 with 115K miles, $14K (pp)
    1992 Cab with 60K miles, “partly restored condition”, $25.9K (pp)
    1994 with 116K miles, Tiptronic, $11.5K (pp)

    Granted, these are all “asking prices”. But, they are also all private parties, which tend to be lower. Tiptronics suck a lot of the desirability and therefore value out of the 968s. And depending on who you talk to, the value of cabs to coupes is at best hard to determine. With all that considered, the closest thing to this example here in terms of mileage and condition that a quick search finds is the ’92 Cab at $26K. Or the closest thing to the same asking price is the ’94 Tiptronic with more than twice the miles. I’m guessing whoever was the first to call on this Wimbledon Green example didn’t bother trying to negotiate price.

    This is just my way of making myself feel worse for not moving more quickly when something like this (or Buzz’s A8L) comes along. 2 of the three cars on my wish list, could have been in my garage right now, both for a grand less than the MSRP on a brand spanking new Nissan Versa SL with no options. And to make it even worse, my wife is smacking me upside the head wondering why I don’t buy? That’s the kind of masochistic life I lead.

  17. the 968 is def. a very under appreciated P-Car…especially in Wimbledon Green!

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