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1994 Audi 90CS quattro

For such a relatively short-lived and obscure model in the U.S. market, the 90 model sure went through a substantial amount of changes. It makes nearly every model year unique in some way, and so few come to market they’re always neat to see regardless of the generation. The 90 replaced the 4000 for the 1988 model year with the upgraded Torsen-based quattro, the new B3 body and interior and the updated 2.3 NG 10V motor for the 88-89 model year, and was sold alongside the technically identical but less upscale 80 model for the same time. 1990 saw the introduction of the short-lived double-overhead cam 7A motor and some other minor changes, but scant numbers were brought over. Technically, there’s no ’92 90, but there are still some floating out there because…well, Audi. Then officially in ’93, the “B4” chassis arrived, with revised rear suspension, body bits and a new 2.8 liter V6. Even then, for the ’93-’95 B4 quattros, each model year was a bit different – surprising, given their very limited numbers. Available only in “CS” upscale trim, the 1993 90CS quattro, 1994 90CS quattro sport and 1995 Sport 90 quattro only combined for 2,855 examples. They’re pretty hard to find, though admittedly there are even fewer ’90-91 20Vs or ’92 80 quattros floating around.

Most of these cars were upscale and featured either the Speedline-made 10-spoke 15″ wheels or the later Ronal-made Votex 5-spoke design. A raised spoiler and limited badging were hallmarks of the later ’94-’95 sport models. Though generally not as desirable as the ’95 Sport model, the ’94 is more rare and just about identical to the ’95 model. So, when they arrive in near perfect condition with under 100,000 miles, the bids start rolling in for the devoted fans who love them:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1994 Audi 90CS quattro on eBay

Year: 1994
Model: 90CS quattro
Engine: 2.8 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 99,068 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

99,068 Miles

VIN# WAUEJ88C6RA134094

Original Books and Owner’s Manual

Original Window Sticker

Two Keys

Super Nice Pearl White Metallic Paint

All Factory Options

Very Presentable Original Paint

Non Smoker


Timing Belt Just Replaced

Unmolested and Cared For

Working A/C

All windows and Electrics Work*

*Fuel Gauge Fluctuates

​​​​​​​Questions? 917 774-2562

It’s genuinely pretty surprising to see the bidding over $5,000 with still a few days to go. Condition is pretty outstanding overall and shows even less mileage than the very low (for an Audi) current reading. The color combination is typical for the period; Pearlescent White Metallic over Ecru sport seats was popular, but again isn’t as highly sought because of its frequency compared to the Jaquard sport cloth. The Speedline wheels aren’t as good-looking as the later Ronal 5-spoke units, either. But overall, the presentation of this 90CS is outstanding, and the market recognizes that. Bidding is currently at $5,300 with a few days to go – the most I’ve seen one of these hit in a while. I’d argue that you’re right on the border of getting into a really nice and faster B5 at that point, including some budget S4s. While more numerous and not as well-built as the B4, keeping them going and buying parts is much easier at this point than the early and unsupported Audi lineup. Though technically more powerful than the 7A, I also really get a lot more excited to see a clean 90 20V instead of the later 90CS. Still, it’s hard to not like this car and how it is presented, and it looks as though it will sell for an amount that will make current owners contemplate listing theirs.



  1. Ricky
    Ricky June 14, 2018

    Love this model. I think its one of the most under-rated Audi’s. Im not sure if Id rather have this or its A4 successor.

  2. McLoffs
    McLoffs June 15, 2018

    I had one of these and an A4, and their ownership overlapped by a couple of years. We preferred the 90 — just felt like a more solid car.

  3. GroupB
    GroupB June 15, 2018

    I drove a ‘94 90 CS quattro Sport from 1998-2004. Recently I had AoA run the production numbers and they came back with a total of 145 for that model year, which was way lower than I expected.

  4. Jonathan Linn
    Jonathan Linn June 15, 2018

    Bidding is up to $7,500. I think I would rather have a B4 S4 at that price

  5. audifan
    audifan June 16, 2018

    Living in Seattle from 1991 until 2001 we had, amongst other cars, a 1994 90 CS Quattro. Since I really dislike the ecru interior, I had to search nationwide to find one with black leather. We found one in the midwest in pearlwhite metallic with black leather. It was a great car, especially in winter with non-studded European snow tires on steel rims. I don’t remember ever getting stuck on one of the passes. In 1999 we replaced it with a 1993 100 CS Avant Quattro which was definitely not as reliable as the 90 CS.

  6. Brad
    Brad June 17, 2018

    This is a real beauty inside and out. I appreciate the contrasting interior colors; monotone is too ubiquitous after this time period. I prefer the 20v engine-wise and bumper-wise. I would buy this specimen were I in the market.

  7. KrautHammer
    KrautHammer June 18, 2018

    Man I miss mine. Solid car, definitely more “substance” feel than the B5 that followed. If this was ever offered with the AAN 20vt we would all be fighting over them on BAT right now.

  8. Carter
    Carter June 21, 2018

    Sold for $7,800

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