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1995 Audi S6

By 1995, it really seemed that the large fast executive sedan was leaving the U.S. for good. The E34 BMW was replaced in 1997 with the E39, but there was no word of an M5. Indeed, the 540i was considered so close in performance to the outgoing M5 it seemed BMW wasn’t planning one. The era of hand-constructed M-cars was over. The 500E had also left us in 1994, with the W124 chassis also on its way out. That legendary car and chassis still haunts the dreams of many enthusiasts both in and out of the marque. For Audi, it was also the end of an era with the demise of the turbocharged inline-5, an engine that had defined the company’s success in motorsport as well as the unique individuality of the brand. That motor last appeared in the United States in the 1995 Audi S6, like the other super sedans a high water mark for the brands whose memory would not be easy to shake. Now over two decades after its introduction in the 1991 200 and 1992 S4, the 3B/AAN motor is still a growing legend amongst Audi fans. Many of these super sedans were used hard and well over their life, providing countless memories of effortless overtaking and miraculous drives through snowy conditions. For those who haven’t yet experienced the great C4 chassis mated to the phenomenal motor that the WRC helped to create, time hasn’t run out. There are still good examples of the C4 chassis floating around, and unlike good examples of the E34 M5 and W124 500E, they’re quite affordable. Take this black over grey S6 for example:

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Year: 1995
Model: S6
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 136,000 mi
Price: $5,000

1995 Audi S6 Sedan Black/Grey. One Owner Since New. All stock; never modified in any way, 20 Valve Turbo 5 Cylinder with Stick shift, (all 1995 S-6 were stick shift),factory spoiler added when new. Regularly Serviced, no mechanical issues. 136,000 miles. New Dunlop All Season tires. Interior is in excellent Condition. Body has a crease in the LF Fender (a used fender is supplied with the car for your paint and installation), and several chips on the rear bumper (covered up). Front bumper is presentable and looks good except it has some cracks down low that are well covered.
The car has no mechanical issues. It had a timing belt at 100k, it was just tuned, all new front brakes and rear calipers and pads. New rear shocks and front strut mounts. new brake lines…..this car runs great and goes like crazy in the snow with Quatro AWD and a locking rear diff. for traction at low speeds. Spare factory and aftermarket wheel sets available. Robert 617.930.0007

Original books and delivery papers documented since new. $5,000.00

$5,000. That buys you a tremendous car with even more tremendous potential. The car is quite low miles by S4/S6 standards, is completely original and is offered with the rare grey leather interior – a pleasant surprise compared to the often-specified Ecru that wears poorly. There are some needs, but this car appears mechanically sorted and carries the original Fuchs-made wheels that look best on these cars. With the timing belt, brakes and tune up done along with newer tires and suspension, this car is just looking for a new driver to take it through the next several hundred thousand miles in style. In terms of German motoring, there aren’t many better deals out there right now than what this car represents. Snatch them up while you can, because finding good examples will become increasingly difficult and pricing will be heading up soon.



  1. Cool hulk
    Cool hulk February 9, 2014

    It’s a well priced tuneable ride for someone in the New England area ..looks like its life on those salted roads is catching up with the chasis ..if its spent its life it a better climate with current miles & one ownership it would be a great bargain ..but it’s the classic Winter Soldier so it’s doing its duty…

  2. UrSDriver
    UrSDriver February 10, 2014

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the Fuchs 16″‘s, were very nice wheels specific to he C4 S4 but non-standard to the C4 S6, they either had 16″ Avus or Speedlines as winter option. Also the 3-spoke steering wheel has been swapped for a S4/100s version, not cool. The service history sounds solid, but the rust on the strut tower brace and towel on the floor do nothing for consumer confidence, I suspect this car was maintained on a budget an possibly ready for a valve stem seals/top end refresh. Still it is priced accordingly for a solid winter driver but I would look outside the rust/salt belt for similar money.

  3. Carter
    Carter February 10, 2014

    UrS, they weren’t specific to the S4. Many of the S6s got them, too. I’m not sure what the rhyme or reason was there, though. Also, are you sure all the S6s got the sport wheel? I’m not sure that they all did.


  4. UrSDriver
    UrSDriver February 10, 2014

    I looked into it, some late 94, early build S6’s did have Fuchs and 4-spoke from the factory, phased out by December 94, both were phased in by the 95 model year. Did not know that.

  5. Joe
    Joe February 10, 2014

    Correct. My early 1995 came with a 4-spoke wheel. Direct swap to the much more attractive and functional 3-spoke.

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