1995 BMW M3

The E36 M3 was an admirable performer in every guise, even with the disappointingly detuned inline-6s we received here in the US. The 240hp that both the S50 and S52 produced was decent, but knowing that just a few thousand miles separated us from 80 more horsepower was like a kick to the groin during a warm embrace. Alas, it is what it is, and I prefer to think of the E36 as the fun, quick, and outstanding handler that it was, rather than the over-popularized or under-powered car that its detractors make it out to be.

Low-mileage examples have been on the rise recently as they become the minority amongst a sea of abused or neglected examples. Today’s Daytona Violet coupe is certainly a looker – BMW’s violet colors are uniquely subtle and gender-neutral – and I’ve always loved the M Double Spokes. Sub-50k mile E36 M3s have always been a tasty proposition, but not too long ago they’d bump the price up to $15k from $10k. Sure, M-cars from the pre-X5M era are receiving a bit of nostalgic love these days, but does a 43k-mile S50’d coupe really demand $25k already?

Click for details: 1995 BMW M3 Coupe on eBay

Year: 1995
Model: M3
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 43,609 mi
Price: $24,990 OBO

Up for sale is a pristine rare 1995 BMW E36 S50 M3 with only 43609 pampered miles,Daytona Violet over Dove leather, excellent condition, this is about as good as it gets. This is the clean, well-kept, collectors’ E36 you have been looking for. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Comes with all books, original keys and remotes.

Manual Vader Seats, Full On-Board Computer, Cruise Control, Power Sliding Sunroof. The condition of this E36 M3 is among the best remaining in the country! The exterior paint shows awesome without significant flaws or blemishes! The interior is also very nice with supple leather, clean carpets. Solid body + undercarriage.

Service which includes: Engine Oil + Filter Change, Transmission Fluid Change, Differential Fluid Change, Coolant Flush, Brake Fluid Flush, Power Steering Fluid Flush, Engine Air Filter and Fuel Filter Replacement. New Tires and Brakes. Responsibly Adult Owned and Properly Maintained. Non-Smoker. All original body panels with VIN tags intact!

Pre-Purchase inspection are welcome and encouraged if desired at potential buyers cost. If you wish to have a pre-purchase inspection done please contact me to arrange prior to submitting an offer or using the buy it now option.

No Stories/Accidents whatsoever. All original car.

More pictures are available upon request.

· 43609 original miles

· Garaged entire life; adult/enthusiast owned

· No accidents or stories whatsoever

· Absolutely no blemishes/scratches/curb rash on wheels;

· Exterior in excellent condition; paint shines like new.

· Interior in excellent condition; like-new dash, carpets, leather.

. New tires just installed and New brake pads and rotors.

As you can tell, there are absolutely no issues with this car. It has been well-maintained and kept in like-new condition its entire life. More high-resolution pictures are available as requested by serious inquiries. This M3 has been enthusiast owned and it should go to a new home where this last-of-it’s-breed machine will be treated the way it deserves

It’s definitely a sweet car, but the seller’s last sentence betrays their delusion. How, in any sense, is this a “last-of-it’s-breed machine”? It was the first year of the US E36 M3.. the E36 M3 was the first M-car that wasn’t hand-built… and the first M3 that had an inline-6. There are now three generations of M3s after this, and while I wouldn’t bat an eye at someone calling an E46 M3 the “last of its breed,” this M3 is clean but not that special. This claim underscores their silly asking price, which is at least $5k too optimistic. You could get the vastly superior E46, and one in similar condition, for this price.

Pretty color though…


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  1. nice find!…I was not brave enough to order a Daytona Violet back in 95 chose the blah Cosmos…
    the color grows on you…Dove Grey interior will be a bitch to keep clean with much driving..would like to see a picture of the driver’s side bolster for wear….the bolster’s never lie!
    that said…25k is very steep for this car…I wouldn’t pay it but that is me…IF it were Estoril & Dove or AVUS & Dove…maybe just maybe…..
    will be curious to see what this trades for..

  2. Love Daytona. I really was a huge Avus fan on the ’95/’96, but if given the option I’d totally drive this. Not at $25K, mind you!

  3. It’s the same seller as the overpriced E36 M3 the other day, this is his new alternate photography location. Maybe they grew tired of him at the docks. Lol


  4. Ps – Nate, the seller obviously copies & pastes a great deal of his description for each listing, his blowhard hyperbole in the last sentence about it “being treated the way it deserves…the last of its breed,” caused you great consternation (deservedly so) in each of your posts. At least your reactions were new and unique, definitely not copy & pasted each time! 😉

  5. I think 20K max but who knows. Probably just me but I hate seeing a strut brace on a really low mileage example like this. MDriver, look at EAG site for a mint Avus recently arrived.

  6. $25K is highly optimistic. There was nice one with a bit more mileage for sale a month or so ago and I think it went for around $16K.

  7. @John,,, yes I saw the car with the lightweight forged alloys…nice car but I still have my E36 M3 it is my track day car now…and I just sold my E34 M5 this past August….my sights have turned to something Italian or from Stuttgart

  8. I tried to clarify earlier but maybe my post got messed up, this is the same seller that was featured last week in front of the cargo containers with another outrageously priced car. Looks like he’s making some baby steps to inch up his car selling game. Like the barely visible garage door behind his new white backdrop, or the perfect reflection of two dudes with a tripod and camera in his first pic. Baby steps! 😉

  9. Thanks UrS – I spotted that one too and it’s on deck for this afternoon!

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