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1995 BMW M5 Euro

I remember in elementary school when “Barney Bashing” became the pre-teen version of gang-banging. You like Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Cool, we’re going to give you a swirly, piss on your Barney backpack, or rip apart your Barney Books. Well, folks, today we have a BMW enthusiast who brushed all that off and continued his dedication to absurd purple possessions. The ad is sparse, but the 1995 model year and 340hp designation indicate this is a Euro model of the E34 M5, which also means it comes with the seriously beasty S38B38. An extrapolation of the E28’s S38B35 and the early E34’s B36, this monster 3.8L inline-6 is a force to be reckoned with, producing the torque of the 540i and the most BMW horsepower until the E39 M5. Whether you can handle the purple, price, or unanswered questions for $16k is up to you.

1995 BMW M5 Euro for sale on Craigslist Yakima

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.47.39 PM

Hello, i’m selling my baby because I don’t drive it very much anymore, I need the space and cash more then the car. Do your homework first this car is a collector’s car, 340 hp out of the straight 6 cylinder with a 5 speed! It is a street legal race car! It is Daytona Violet (purple) with Grey Seude interior. The car has 75,035 miles as of February 2, 2013.

I’d be interested in trades only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!
I’d be interested in half trade and half cash again, only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!

If you want an inspection done on the car, I will drive the car to your mechanic at the desired time and place. I will also watch your mechanic do the inspection and if this is a problem for the mechanic then he/she is not a person I want touching my car! Please contact me for any questions you have. If you want a test drive, I drive while you are in passenger seat.


I’m actually kind of into the Daytona Violet. I’m less into the fake E46 wheels and the weak ad copy. S38B38 and 75k miles sound really good though and working the seller down closer to $14k would make this a good buy. At $16k, it’s a bit too much money with too little information, but a Euro M5 is some great Bavarian rare even just for the engine. If the seller fully disclosed the Euroness and specifics of the car, it might be worth $16k, but he didn’t, and until then it’s just another E34 M5.



  1. Dallas
    Dallas February 7, 2013

    “I’d be interested in trades only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!
    I’d be interested in 1/2 trade & 1/2 cash again, only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!”

    Lighten up, Francis! 😉

  2. KevinR
    KevinR February 7, 2013

    Second sentence and the seller has already lost me; I’m not going to bother reading any more. He can hop in his little Barney-mobile and take a hike.

  3. John
    John February 7, 2013

    I love the color. Pretty rare in the USA. It’s a “93 euro. “95 euro models came with the following:
    The final evolution of the E34 M5 entered production in May of 1994 and included the following upgrades:
    -Getrag Type D six-speed manual gearbox
    -Enlarged brake rotors with two-piece “floating” front calipers
    -Thicker rear anti-roll bars (19mm on sedans, 20mm on Tourings) from the discontinued Nürburgring Package
    -EDC mode switch from the discontinued Nürburgring Package
    -Staggered 18-inch M Parallel Spoke wheels with 245/45ZR18 tires
    -Widened front “kidney” grilles with revised hood to match
    Info via the bmw m registry.

  4. Joe
    Joe February 7, 2013

    “If you want a test drive, I drive while you are in the passenger seat.”

    Sorry, not the kind of person I’d ever do business with. A test DRIVE, not a test ride, is a basic expectation when buying a car.

  5. Wes
    Wes February 7, 2013

    a. I don’t think that “gang-banging” means what you think that it does.

    b. Technoviolet is butt ugly. I don’t care that it is a factory color and is M exclusive, it is still a nightmare.

    c. Test ride? What?

  6. Greg
    Greg February 7, 2013

    Hate the color but a fair asking price if car passes a thorough inspection. Meaning no rust, no accident history, no major mechanical issues, good compression and leakdown test, copies of EPA and DOT release paperwork. Love the cloth interior. Sunroof? I hope not but can’t tell from pictures. And I’d be hesitant to ask the seller as it seems he is a bit tightly wound!

  7. Raymond
    Raymond February 8, 2013

    Comments from the owner strongly indicative of someone with whom I would never do business. When you are buying a used car like this, you are, in many respects, buying the owner. So, ideally, you want someone who is an enthusiast, educated (in general and about the car), has a few bucks (so as to be able to afford the care and feeding of this expensive toy), reputable, and polite. This individual strikes me as more akin to someone who should be driving a late 1980s Camaro IROC, but then again the BMW scene has widened unfortunately to include a lot of idiots and morons who previously got their automotive kicks with IROCs and riced-out Civics. It is what it is.

  8. motoringconbrio
    motoringconbrio February 8, 2013

    Why those wheels on this car? My eyes…

  9. MDriver
    MDriver February 13, 2013

    there is just SO much wrong with this ad and the car where do you begin!
    1st off the 3.8/6 was never imported into the USA…Canada saw them..but then you would have to federalize the car for SMOG….
    as someone mentioned the M-Parallels are missing..and on the 3.8 cars those wheels were forged!..very expensive and tough to find now.
    the biggest thing w/S38 motor is the maintenance…and this guy mentions nothing about it…
    maintain these beauties and they will go for a long time….skimp and you & your wallet are in for alot of pain.

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