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1997 Volkswagen Cabrio VR6

I’ll get this right out of the way: at GCFSB, we don’t like “stanced” cars. Okay, so what is this Cabrio doing here? Well, as we’ve done before, occasionally there are cars worth taking a look at because perhaps they can be saved. This Cabrio is a good case in point; a lower mileage example with a clean VR6 swap, but riding a little too low for most people’s taste. No problem, it’s supported by air, so you can crank it up a bit:

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Year: 1997
Model: Cabrio
Engine: 2.8 liter VR6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 77,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

This auction is for a 1997 vw cabrio vr6 highline with 70k ORIGINAL miles on the VR6 engine, transmission and all undercarriage parts and ONLY 88k on the car itself. This car was purchased off ebay 2 years ago in an ALL ORIGINAL state in next to flawless condition. When I bought it, it had only 63k on it and was purchased from a dealer with an existing warranty. Although the warranty has expired by now this car hadn’t had any issues. Soon after purchasing the car I decided to totally transform it by installing a VR6 motor with only 58k original miles on it that I had saved for years that came out of my 1997 Drivers Edition GTi that prior to install had all maintenance work done including the timing chains and guides as well as all new gaskets, a newly decked head with a three angle valve job and a mk4 head gasket as well as all new hardware, o-rings, hoses air and cabin filters, spark plugs, wires, complete coolant flush with G12 and a brand new expansion tank and coolant pipe (crack pipe) and brand new thermostat. During the motor swap I also installed a brand new fuel pump and fuel filter. During the install the motor mounts were all replaced with BFI .5 solid mounts. The motor has been changed with Mobil 1oil every 4,500 miles and has no leaks and does not burn oil at all. I also installed a brand new full jetex exhaust from the cat back to keep it quiet while also adding 12 HP. This combined with the stock air box modification which has proven gains of a small but helpful 2 HP gives the car a really nice european car sound. The ECU was also upgraded with a C2 cam tuned chip to power the CAT 262 cams that were installed while building the motor prior to putting it in the cabrio. Also while installing the 5 lug conversion ALL the bushings were replaced with solid rubber and or R32 hybrid bushings as well as all 4 wheel bearings and new tie rods, tie rod ends, vr6 axles and ball joints. I had also replaced the rear stub axles and all 4 disc brakes were replaced with cross drilled and slotted rotors and brand new pads all around as well as all red drivers edition calipers. The pads were changed again about 2 weeks ago so that the new owner will be set for a while. The suspension is set up with an Airlift mk3 air ride kit with all new shock/strut tower poly bushings and electronic management with a single pump and 5 gallon slim airtank mounted in the trunk of the car. the wheels are a rare set of porsche club sports that were totally refinished and machined for a semi polished shiny but clean look and are 16×9 all around and the tires have just been replaced with new yokohama s.drives and are 195/40/16 all around. I also installed a set of euro bumpers and a euro trunk as well as custom fit euro fenders with oval repeaters/blinkers and a jetta hood and hella e-code/european headlight with white city light set up and a early vento grille as well as an OEM euro rad support and very rare hella all red tail lights, also installed is a set of brand new votex long fogs with HIDs euro blinkers and a euro headlight switch. I then custom retrofit a set of euro VR6 textured molding that is totally one of a kind and custom made to fit on the cabrio WITHOUT having the need to run the fender flairs. I have never seen anyone else do this and I cannot say any other car in the US or overseas is running this set up. I had also installed a brand new navy blue canvas top and the super rare obsolete VOTEX cabrio roof rack!! with this rack you can still put the convertible top up and down with ease just by unclipping the rack and folding it forward. then you simply put the top down, fold the rack back and clip it into place! I also installed a set of super rare original authentic projektzwo mirrors with power heated blind spot blue glass. Next the complete interior was swapped from beige leather to FULL black 2002 mk3.5 leather interior incuding the dimple dash board all 4 door cards and chrome handles and accents and a brand new OEM black carpet which is said to have been the very last one available and red stitched OEM floor mats. all the lighting in the car was swapped from green to red and the cluster surround was also swapped with the 2002 cabrio to have the blue LED lights while using the VR6 160mph gauges. the steering wheel was also replaced with the 2002 mk3.5 model 3 spoke wheel and airbag. the radio has been replaced with a JVC touchscreen model witch gives the car hands free bluetooth and CD player. All the speakers were upgraded to mb quart with crossovers and a 5 channel mb quart amp that is subwoofer ready, I never felt the need for bass so I never installed one. The two front seats were also swapped out for a set of 2004 R32 OEM full leather seats in flawless condition. Considering I daily drove this car it is in excellent shape and only has minor scuffs on the bumpers from parking and a small dent on the fender from when a rubber piece of truck tire popped into the fender liner and bounced around for a second before coming out and leaving two small dings on the fender 🙁 . This car has NEVER given me ANY issues ever and has NO check engine light. I am only selling this car because I have moved on to a 4 door mk3 jetta because I simply need more room nowadays and have no space for two cars. The car has a fresh battery and starts right up with no hesitation at all and runs and drives flawlessly with perfect shifting and smooth driving. This car also has NO rust and has perfect rockers with no dents or crushed parts the motor has only seen 93 octane mobil shell or sunocco gas.. . never cheap or subpar gasoline. If you are familiar with VWVORTEX you may know this car or you can ask anyone who has seen this car, its a pure gem. I guarentee you that whoever purchases this car will be extremely happy with no regrets. I have photos to document ALL parts that I purchased for this car brand new and photo documentation of the swap while I was doing it. I guarantee you will not find a better all around mk3 that has all these rare and sought after parts for a great price which Im sure you will be getting on this car. I would also like to add.. .

. ..I will be happy to sell the car for a lesser price if you would like it with out mirrors..wheels..air ride (have stock suspension and coilovers available) R32 seats can be replaced with a set of Mk4 front leather seats instead..minus the radio anything you would like to take off the car the price can be adjusted accordingly.. .

please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the car or if you are local and you would like to come take a look at it and go for a ride to see for yourself.
I am entertaining any and all reasonable offers.

I will consider trades plus cash BUT ONLY for a 1993 CORRADO SLC with black leather interior and must be in comparison to this car condition wise.

** Im sure I have left some things out and will edit them in as time goes on.. . **

There’s a lot of work that’s gone into this car, from the Mk 3.5 cabrio black leather swap to the donation of most GTi VR6 bits to the drivetrain. I actually really like the Porsche wheels and how they’ve been machined – just, not on this car. Were it me, for stealth I’d probably try to source the original Speedline Driver’s Edition wheels to complete the donor package. The “R” spec seats with TVs in the back are also a bit much for my liking; but outside of that and raising the ride height a bit, this is a neat conversion on a clean car. I have to say I’m not a fan of the Jetta/Vento nose conversion (as I’ve mentioned before), but that could probably be overlooked in what otherwise is a clean package and should be entertaining to drive. Perhaps we can start a new “Unstanced” movement to return this clean examples to real driver status? I may be on to something there…