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1998 Audi A4 2.8 quattro

By 1996 and the launch of the new B5 chassis A4 model, Audi had decidedly lost the sport from its U.S. model lineup. There were only three models available from the brand in that year, and with the demise of the S6 all featured the venerable if relatively underpowered and underwhelming 12 valve V6. For the new A4, there was no “Sport” model – a little surprising considering the lengths that Audi went through to race the sedan in Touring Car competitions, where it was very successful. The Sport package, which had debuted in the B3 90 20V sedan and continued in the B4 V6 model for 1995, was reintroduced into the B5 model for the U.S. market in 1997 with the launch of the 1.8T 20V turbo model. As it had with previous generations, that included slightly more distinct wheels and Jacquard than the standard model, but the 1.8T at that point still only produced 150 horsepower and lugging the all-wheel drive A4 around meant the early 1.8Ts were anything but quick. With mid 8-second runs to 60 m.p.h., they weren’t much faster than the 4000 quattro had been a decade earlier. However changes and added sport came in 1998 to the A4 run when Audi moved the 5 valve technology into the V6 motor. Now in AHA 30 valve form, the output of the V6 bumped roughly 20 horsepower and 20 lb. ft or torque up and was a closer match to the European competition, and acceleration and especially highway feel were finally befitting a “sport” designation. Audi also gave these sport models the same 3-spoke sport steering wheel the 1.8T model had received, as well as introducing a new wheel design. The 7-spoke “Swing” wheels would begin the differentiation between the sport equipped models and the standard A4s and while they were the same 16″ size as the non-sport wheels, the design somehow looked considerably more special. Audi also began offering the 1BE sport suspension in the B5 model, with a slightly lower ride height and stiffer springs giving the A4 a more menacing presence. Audi further offered some more unique interiors and exteriors to help set their A4 apart; the “Cool Shades” had debuted with the 1.8T and were carried on to the V6 model in 1998. Along with some revised tail lights, the ’98 V6 model could be made very special indeed, with unique interiors as well:

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Year: 1998
Model: A4 2.8 quattro
Engine: 2.8 liter V6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 186,598 mi
Price: $4,995 Buy It Now

We are pleased to present this absolutely amazing 1998 Audi A4 Quattro for your consideration. We recently acquired this A4 from a car dealership where it was traded in by its owner on a brand new car. This Audi has had only ONE loving owner since it was new, and they took remarkably good condition of this car. In fact, I would venture to say that this may be one of the nicest B5 A4 there is in existance! It’s definitely the nicest one we’ve ever had! The exterior and interior of this car are nearly flawless. Thare are hardly even any dings or scratches on the car! It is getting very difficult to find these cars in such good condition, and this is the absolute top of the line for 1998. It has every possible option including the very expensive Pearl White Paint with Ecru/Blue Interior and the sought after sport package, and is the highest trim level with Quattro All Wheel Drive. The 30V 2.8 V6 combined with the ZF 5HP automatic transmission and Torsen all wheel drive is a completely bulletproof combination. With just minor maintenance, these cars will run forever and ever. These are the cars that I personally recommend that my friends buy because of their reliability and their “bang for the buck” factor. There is no other car on the road where you can get all of the features for such little money. On top of all of this, this car is STUFFED with options and packages including the ultra-desirable sport package, premium package, cold weather package, conveinance package, very special multi-stage pearl white paint, and incredible two tone interior with blue trim and ecru (off white) seats. That is as loaded as one of these cars get! On top of all of this, it is the 1998.5 model which has many upgrades including a more advanced ABS and AWD system, more attractive tail lamps, a much better sound system, and much more!

The interior of this A4 is in FLAWLESS condition. In fact, overall, this is one of the nicest interiors we’ve ever seen in one of these cars. The Ecru color leather seats are in perfect condition with no tears and no cracking. They are piped in navy blue which matches the navy blue dash and carpets. The seats are still very soft, and feel great. They’re also heated for your comfort. Everything in the interior works. Even the cup holder isn’t broken! The car has the BOSE stereo system that includes a 6 CD Changer and Cassette player. It’s easy to use, and sounds excellent. It also has a power moonroof. The previous owner of this car was definitely a non-smoker. The cigarette lighter hasn’t been used, nor has the ash tray. There is a cup holder that accommodates two beverages in the console. This Audi has dual front airbags, as well as front side airbags. Because it has the climate package, it does have heated front seats, as well as heated exterior mirrors, heated windshield washer nozzles, and heated door lock cylinders. It also has a ski sack in the center seat pass-through. The rear seats do fold flat for hauling large cargo. There is a set of “monster mat” rubber floor mats included which are in perfect condition. Even the carpet in the trunk is incredible. It also has absolutely stunning Vavona Redwood real wood inlays on the dash, console, and doors. This is very rare and the contrast of the wood with the dark blue interior color is absolutely stunning.

The exterior of this A4 is in equally flawless condition, and is Pearl White in color. This color cost more than any other available color on any Audi at the time. The outside of the car literally doesn’t have a single door ding, and is very free of scratches. There are even hardly any stone chips on the front end. It has very nice “Swing” alloy wheels which are exclusive to the cars that came with the sport package. The sport package also includes sport suspension consisting of springs with a higher spring rate, more aggressive dampers, a slightly lower ride height, larger sway bars, and a 3 spoke sport steering wheel. The car’s ride is still extremely smooth. Overall, this car could easily pass for a new car! It’ is incredible. The car has had only one owner since it was new, this owner serviced the car exceptionally well. I just can’t say enough how amazing this car is! The carfax shows 62 service records all from the Audi dealership.

The tires are all in nearly new shape with excellent tread life remaining. They are matching brand name tires. The brakes are in good shape and the car stops as it should. The legendary 2.8 Liter 30Valve V6 cylinder engine runs flawlessly and is very smooth. This is one of the smoothest engines made by Audi, and it is likely the first thing you will notice upon driving the car. The transmission also operates properly. It’s very smooth shifting with no abnormailities. It does feature audi’s tiptronic mode with controls on the steering wheel. All of the car’s accessories work including the power windows and moonroof. These cars rarely have major mechanical problems. The costly timing belt service was most recently completed at 174,251 miles by Day Audi in Monroeville, PA.

This car includes a 3 Month 4500 Mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge. The warranty can be used at any repair shop in the United States, no matter where you live. This warranty covers the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. This is in place in order to provide peace of mind when purchasing a car via the internet. Additionally, this warranty can be adjusted to cover nearly every component on the car, and can be extended up to four years and unlimited mileage. Contact us for details on this affordable upgrade in coverage.

This A4 was about as loaded as you could make an A4 in 1998; it had the optional Sport package which gave you the aforementioned features, the optional Convenience Package (which effectively replaced the “Sunroof Package” and included the sunroof and remote locking), and the Cold Weather Package which gave you the Audi quattro signature ski-sack, heated seats, washers and locks. Bose sound was an additional fee as well, and this car also had the optional 6-disc changer. The 3-spoke wheel also had Tiptronic controls for the first time and of course the automatic transmission was an optional extra. It appears to have the trip computer as well which displayed on the remarkably un-pixilated dash – a typical B5 problem. The car also features two visual options; the Pearlescent White Metallic paint was optional as was the leather interior which was only available on 2.8 models. The leather in this case is what makes this example special, with the Ecru/Royal Blue combination really standing apart from the normal dark tones these A4s got. From what I can tell, the only optional extra that car could have gotten that it didn’t was front sport seats, which frankly wouldn’t have been in character with how it was optioned. Effectively, this was the most expensive A4 sedan you could buy in 1998. It appears to have been loved by the previous owners, judging by the near perfect condition which belies the nearly 190,000 miles accrued. Look hard and you’ll spot some condition issues, but in comparison to how these cars normally come to market the presentation is amazing. This example won’t really light your fire if you’re looking for the best sports sedan available but if you want a really special feel commuter with all-wheel drive capability, it’s certainly worth considering. Though nearly 20 years old, these early A4 models haven’t moved into collector status – and frankly if you turned up at a show in this example most would be scratching their heads. But as a clean, original, and fully loaded example in a unique color combination and exceptional condition this is a potentially neat future classic for a devoted Audi fan.



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