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2000 BMW 540i


You’ve probably all read Tavarish’s Jalopnik article, “Four Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW E39 540i Right Now.” By this point, the E39 540i is the worst kept secret in the German car world. Offering something approaching the performance of an M5, but with much lower maintenance costs, these cars make for fantastically involving daily drivers and can be had for not a lot of money. The taut and communicative chassis is well served by the torquey V8 motor and, when combined with a manual gearbox, just begs to be put through its paces on a drive through the twisties. Hailing from the pre-Bangle era of BMW design, the E39 is also an attractive car. Its sophisticated and somewhat conservative lines have aged well, with the result that these cars look equally classy and at home whether parked at the shopping mall or the country club.

This 540i for sale in Maryland is a “sport” rather than an “M-sport” model. While it therefore lacks the full M-tech bodykit offered on later cars, the manual transmission and attractive wheel and color combination arguably make up for it and add to the car’s Q-ship appeal.

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Year: 2000
Model: 540i
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 65,449 mi
Price: $16,990 Buy It Now or Make Offer

Very rare Biarritz Blue Metallic 540i 6 speed manual with only 65k miles. Call for more information.

All original example.

Recent service to include:

New Valve Cover Gaskets
Brake Flush
Differential Flush
Cooling system flush
Manual Transmission Flush
Recent Brake pads and rotors
Recent Michelin tires.

Everything is in good order and turn-key.

Please call 202-258-2428 if you have any specific questions etc.


This low mileage example, which looks lovely in the rare color of Biarritz Blue Metallic, sits upon handsome Style 32 multispoke alloy wheels (among the best looking wheels BMW have ever made, in my opinion). Both the interior and exterior look to be in great condition: the (non-sport) gray leather seats look largely free from wear, with the exception of a small amount on the driver’s seat, as does the dash and wood trim, and the paint shines well in the photos. This car is powered by the 4.4 liter M62TUB44 V8, good for about 286 hp and 325 lb·ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. Some maintenance history is given in the ad, though potential buyers would want to press for more details, particularly to see if there are any rattling sounds upon startup that might indicate a failing timing chain tensioner (a common fault on these engines).

Because this is a pre-facelift car, it doesn’t have the angel eye headlights, LED taillights, clear turn signals or the widescreen navigation unit of the later models. All of these accessories could, of course, be added to the car if one were so inclined. Perhaps more sorely lacking are the highly sought after M-tech bodykit and M-Parallel wheels that would arrive as part of the the “M-Sport” package in 2003. The car does, however, have Xenons, shadowline trim, M-sport suspension and an M-sport steering wheel. This relatively spartan specification could ultimately prove a problem for the seller: the asking price is high and is really only premised upon the low miles and unusual color. While those are nice features, for $17k one could certainly find a newer and better specified car, albeit one with more miles, probably even a later, full “M-sport” model. As a result, I suspect this car will sit for a while and ultimately go for several thousand under the asking price.

– Craig


  1. JC
    JC June 1, 2016

    At first blush, a beautiful car, but if we are at $17k for a 2000 540, I’ve given up.

    No M parallels, dull gray interior, the only things this car has for it are the color and the miles.

    And, quite frankly, an average of 4,000 miles per year scares me. coughdeferredcough

    But, really, I agree with you: this price is pie in the sky BS.

  2. Z
    Z June 1, 2016

    Like that scene from a movie but with a little different wording: I’d like to smoke what that seller’s smoking.

  3. Brad
    Brad June 1, 2016

    What a let down! The gray interior looks like a dead possum. Love the blue, though. Would prefer the previous body, though.

  4. Carter
    Carter June 2, 2016

    My first 540i 6-speed experience was a similar Sea Green Metallic pre-facelift model. It was lovely and also quite unique, such a departure from the proliferation of gray, black and white. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen in that color. Alas, it was far out of my price range then (was effectively new at the time).

  5. Trip
    Trip June 2, 2016

    Ok so for the life of me someone please explain the lower maintenance justification of the E39 540i over the M5. I am an M5 owner and while I’ll admit the parts can be expensive I don’t see a 540i providing significant savings. In some cases the 540i costs MORE than the M5 such as the WATER COOLED ALTERNATOR on the 540i that is easily double the cost of the regular M5 alternator. It’s still a complicated BMW V8 engine! The valve covers and everything else rubber will be just as likely if not more likely to give way on the 540i as the M5. In my opinion if you’re spending $10,000+ then go for the M5 because at least then every time you drive it you won’t be thinking about the maintenance.

  6. Howard S
    Howard S June 3, 2016

    I k now of one for sale in VT with 72k on it for less than half the price of this one. Its not quite as nice but with some of the 8 grand you save it would be nicer.

  7. Wheels
    Wheels June 3, 2016

    The M62 does have issues with the timing chain guides (plastic) getting chewed up by the chain when the tensioner fails. I wish more owners would change the lower chain tensioner as part of scheduled maintenance. Doing so would save the guides. The tensioner costs about $50 and can be changed in a matter of minutes, the longest part of the process is removing the airbox.

    There are many BMW models on the value upswing. Many E39s are just used cars, but nice examples are definitely in the appreciating group.

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