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2001 Audi S8

I’ve recently been engaged in an email exchange with one of our readers comparing the V8 quattro that I love with the later D2 A8/S8. As much as it pains me to admit it and I love that early D11 V8, the reality is in nearly every measurable way the A8 and S8 are probably just a better choice. First, they’re the best part of a decade newer, and while the styling isn’t DTM worthy the D2 is certainly a great looking car in pretty much everyone’s book. The dimensions are right, the stance is great, and the presence is enormous. The D2 also benefited from the developments of the D11 chassis, and while it’s missing the virtually unstoppable Torsen setup of the V8 quattro, the D2 gained in pretty much every other department; refinement, quality, ride comfort, performance, fuel economy and safety. The top of the heap is one of our favorite cars, the S8 – touting 360 horsepower and a stiffer suspension, this is the one to have:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 Audi S8 on eBay

Year: 2001
Model: S8
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 84,014 mi
Price: $14,950 Buy It Now

360 HP!


ESP -Electronic Stabilization Program!


Fully serviced by AUDI dealer (see service records on the bottom of the listing)

ONLY 80,014 Original Miles!
Black on Black – most desirable color combo

Four matching “MICHELIN” tires
Tire size: 245-45-ZR18
Recently Inspected by the STATE!

($900 just invested – GREAT VALUE !!!)

BOOKS AND MANUAL! AWD Quattro! All around heated seats! NAVIGATION SYSTEM! ParkTronic! Dealer Serviced!
You are looking at a fully loaded luxury car that has been well kept; it’s an all around great looking vehicle. This gorgeous S8 has been highway driven. The history report is clean This is a great car which combines superior luxury and comfort and sport sedan performance. This is a-never-smoked-in beauty that looks and smells new. The car was garage kept.

The cars exterior is black that’s got a deep sparkling shine to it and combined with black leather interior make this car look great!

The engines is one of the finest German engines ever created – a 4.2 liter V8 that runs and feels smooth and provides abundant power. The transmission shifts like on a new car, no skips or slips on shifts.

The famous Quattro all wheel drive provides superb traction weather its winter fall or summer. Rain or dry – you will get superior traction and security.

The interior is spotless while the leather shows almost no wear at all (the pictures clearly show the interior is good condition). The interior also has REAL WOOD trim! The front seats lean all the way back to the rear, so you can actually sleep rather comfortably in the car!

The seats are extra comfortable with 16-way driver and passenger seat adjustments including Power driver + passenger 4-way lumbar adjustment provides variable lower back support.

All electrical systems seem to be in good working order, while the engine compartment clean, and void of any leaks. First-rate running condition of everything!

Audi S8 rates very high in safety, it’s not a light car, and has a lot of specially engineered alloys along its frame to dampen any possible impact. The SIDEGUARD Curtain and Rear Side Airbags provide the safety you and your family require.

A very good climate control system is present in this car, with not only front seats control, but you also have ice cold A/C blowing directly at the back seats, while the passengers are able to adjust how much airflow they want!

Heated seats are all around, this model having heated seats in the front as well as the back. The car is equipped with the premium BOSE Audi Symphonic 16 speaker audio system as well as a factory installed Navgation system! The vehicle is also equipped with an original Audi Navigation system!

As you can see from the pictures, the rims are in good condition and the tires on this auto have been rotated, balanced and still have plenty of tread left. The car is also equipped with projector headlights and the high pressure headlight washers add a nice luxury touch. The washers also de-ice in the winter.

The trunk is very clean and roomy as you can see from the pictures. The previous owner used it sparely and it looks as if it were new.

This is a unique hard to find automobile, has every option available, and the most popular black on black color combo makes it even more attractive.

This seller is no stranger to Ebay or our pages; I’m always drawn to the great photographs they take of some of the best condition late 90s/early 00s Audis that they come across. This example is no exception – looking ready for both the racetrack and the cruise to the black tie event in double black, this S8 shines like few 2001s do these days. Gone are my favorite thin-spoke 18″ Avus alloys, replaced by what look to be Moda wheels with Audi centercaps. Though not what I’d choose, they look pretty good overall and give a more aggressive appearance. About the only thing I see out of place is the slightly askew front S8 badge. Recent brake work is a plus but as many will note you should look for timing belt service and transmission services on these cars, or expect them soon into your ownership. Miles are lower for a 2001 these days and condition is great for sure, but the pricing puts it squarely into the more desirable 2003 model year price range; if you can deal with a few more miles and less pristine condition, you can get into a 2001 S8 for well below $10,000 these days. Still, cheaping out on a complicated luxo-cruiser like this isn’t the way to go – if you’re in the S8 market, buy the best example you can afford. This particular one looks like one of the better ones.



  1. MDriver
    MDriver January 16, 2014

    channel your inner Ronin!
    I like these style S8’s….saw a Ming Blue one recently nice shade….these work best in black/black
    service records mean everything with this….

  2. Ry
    Ry January 16, 2014

    Lol @Mdriver. I saw Ronin in the theater and am pretty sure I spit out some of my beverage when the NOS tank was revealed in the trunk. Please may I never see that in real life in an Audi of any kind. 😉

  3. John
    John January 16, 2014

    Looks like this one has the “comfort” seats and not the sport seats. Also the 2002-2003 models have the “sport” mode on the trans which the 2001 don’t. P.P.I. is always a must.

  4. Mike
    Mike January 17, 2014

    I was just going to say that…
    i have been looking at Ebay ads by europa-online for a while. the cars always look amazing but apparently these guys are better at photoshop and word descriptions than they are with the spanners (excuse the edd china reference…)
    Apparently they are just about scammers, messing with the coding to cover warning lights that go off 50 miles into your first drive, buying flooded vehicles and making them look great online, while they are total junk…i have been tempted by them for sure but i would NEVER buy from someone like that. read the review folks. if it looks too good…

    Has anyone actually ever bought anything from them?

  5. Ry
    Ry January 17, 2014

    I’m not defending them, I’ve never done business with them, but I have noticed their good photography and usually above average level of interesting inventory. I’ve also seen that they will stick with their 20-40% above market prices and relist a vehicle many, many times.

    I believe they’ve been on eBay for over a decade and have 23xx feedback w/ 100% positive rating. It would be interesting to compare their sales, eBay feedback, and off eBay complaints to other niche dealers. Again, I’m not defending them and have never seen any of their cars in person nor have I spoken with anyone that has bought any of their cars…but to sell 23xx vehicles and have only 6 people complain on the ripoff report is probably pretty average (in my experience as an eBay user since ’98 and seller of low double digits personal vehicles and perusing of thousands and thousands of eBay motors ads over the years).

  6. Mike
    Mike January 17, 2014

    I would agree that 6 complaints are no biggie for sure. i am not scared by the fact that 6 people complained, but about what they complained…they paint the picture of a real scam, involving flooded vehicles and photoshop, which can be done over and over again if you know how to do that.
    Someone also mentioned that they cover their bad-car sales by diverting people off-ebay by offering discounts and cheap shipping rates.
    so lack of negative feedback on ebay is not necessarily guarantee that all of their transactions were good indeed.
    On the other hand, you can easily fake a lot of positive ratings on ebay…just have a buddy of yours buy a car that hasn’t received bids/will likely not sell, post positive feedback and then relist it 2 weeks or 2 months later. heck you can do it yourself, if you have multiple ebay IDs.
    if you are a volume seller…you can do this on a volume basis.
    Some of their cars do LOOK amazing, so i guess one would have to actually go there before settling on one of them and bring a good mechanic along…to go over the car in super detail…
    i would be interested to hear from these alleged happy buyers…where are they?

  7. Ry
    Ry January 17, 2014

    @mike, maybe I got lucky but I have googled some of the VINs in their auctions and found out some more history on a couple of their cars at one point (like where & when they got them and for how much).

    And I agree that the eBay feedback system is heavily flawed, it would take them so little to tweak it so that it’s much more useful, for buyers and sellers, but eBay just seems to want to do more auctions regardless of the auction integrity & satisfaction. 🙁

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