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2001 Audi S8

The S8 has been Audi’s flagship for nearly a decade and a half, offering top notch luxury combined with 335 bhp and performance upgrades. The S8 is the gentleman’s sports car. This low mileage fixer upper for sale in Edison, New Jersey is a good opportunity to get in to a clean S8, and satisfy your need to tinker (if you have one).

2001 Audi S8 on

Check out this 2001 Audi S8 with only 50,712 miles! Please be advised that this car does have the check engine light on and have several codes stored including O2 sensor, ABS unit, etc. The customer stated that the cowling backed up with water and leaked in the car (yes, this was a pretty common issue with this model if not cleaned properly). This car is being sold as a fixer upper needing repairs and show be towed off the premises. Because of the age, this car is being sold as-is no warranty expressed or implied. This is the perfect car for a technician to purchase and fix up and drive for years to come. Again, the body and interior are very clean. Check out the pictures! These S8s are getting very hard to find and even more so with very low miles like this one!

As an Audi owner I can say that the repairs being advertised in this ad are easily managable by the average garage mechanic.  Audis of this generation were still relatively easy to repair and parts will be readily available, either second hand, or in the aftermarket. The issue with the cowl, for example, is common on all Audi models and is remedied with a shop vac, a hammer, and a 12″ rachet extension.

In going to look at this car I would recommend bringing a VAG com to scan the codes to see exactly what they are and do your homework. With only 50K miles and at a price of $12,661, there is still a bit of haggling to do. If the repairs on this car are extensive, the price of $9K is more realistic. Depending on what the car needs, with a bit of money and good old fashoined elbow grease will get you in to an amazingly clean luxury sedan.



  1. Wes
    Wes November 28, 2012

    “…and show (sic) be towed off the premises.”

    Ouch! That sounds like more than a simple fix. Maybe a good project for someone who works as an Audi tech?

    USDRIVER November 28, 2012

    A VAGCOM scan is imperative, if this problem went unchecked the main wiring harness could be fried and require major $urgurey. That said a burgundy D2 S8 is a beautiful, elegant and fast car, I curse Audi for not bringing them stateside in manual transmission every time I see one.

  3. termite
    termite November 28, 2012

    I called on this car and first was told that the price was $14000 [!]; when I said that the price online was $12.6k, the sales person expressed surprise [how is that even possible?] but then said that they would ‘honor’ the internet price…she also said that the car was drivable and knew nothing about the codes. before i saw this post, I actually offered the $9k and was told that they were very aggressive on their pricing and that they were sticking w/ the asking price. you all should read the dealership reviews for this place on ouch…

  4. Larry
    Larry November 28, 2012

    It’s very telling that an Bell Audi made the decision to take a huge profit hit by selling an otherwise clean, low-mileage S8 as inoperable.

    Clearly, they’ve assessed the car’s real needs, and determined it would take a very large investment to warrant merchantability – an investment that they apparently couldn’t recoup selling it at market value. That should tell you something about what lucky buyer has to look forward to…

    So, the only way they can sell it is by labeling it inoperable. Otherwise, all kinds of legal and financial liability attaches. Considering this car was on Bell’s lot in New Jersey during “Superstorm Sandy,” and factoring their well-known reputation (I used to live near there)…I’d recommend running away from this one. Quickly.

  5. Carter J
    Carter J November 28, 2012

    Considering you can get a functioning 01 S8 for less than they’re asking for this non-functioning one, I’m failing to see how this is any kind of reasonable deal. That, and the S8 was rated at 360hp I believe. The 335hp motor never came to the states.

  6. David
    David November 29, 2012

    On eBay right now, there is a 2002 S8 w/ 78k miles with a BIN of $12,800 in a claimed “excellent condition” but no mention of service records. There is also on eBay another 2002 S8 w/ 89,873 miles with a ask/best offer of $13,900 that had a belt change at 69k miles and has records.

    The D2 model is my favorite of the S8, if for no other reason than it was driven with abandon in the film Ronin.

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