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2001 BMW Z8

Nearly every BMW Z8 I run across is silver. Colors like silver and black are popular choices for German cars and a safe choice for resale. For a high performance machine like this roadster, however, I’d prefer something a bit more flash. The red on cream combination here is certainly gives the Z8 a bit more presence, looking as if it arrived straight from the streets of Miami Beach. This particular car for sale in Ohio is for sale at a price that is almost spot on to its original MSRP.

2001 BMW Z8 on eBay

Beautiful 2001 BMW Z8 in bright red with cream leather interior and only 13,500 miles. These Z8s have become instant collector cars and this one is equipped with: navigation, heated seats, CD player. A true one owner car with full documentation including the original window sticker, books, two remote keys, car cover, hard top and the hard top stand.

Recent sales and auctions have proved that the Z8 is one of those rare instances of an modern classic that never lost much of its original value. Still, the asking price of almost $130,000 is a bit rich. Even though red is an uncommon hue for this car, I doubt it adds much to the value. Most Z8s on the market have low mileage as well, so the 13,000 this car has covered is par for the course. As it sits, this car might bring between $90,000 to $100,000, which is just about what this car sold for new.



  1. Colin L
    Colin L October 23, 2012

    To drive your point home about the silver one’s, I saw a silver one on the street in DC
    about an hour after reading this! As for a z8, I’d rather have that brute of an engine in a super clean e39, and save a 100k. My dad does, but I never get to enjoy it 🙁

  2. miek
    miek October 25, 2012

    good styling on this, who hired BMWs former designers so I can see what they are up to these days? I know someone who makes this up clearly no longer works for them.

  3. Paul
    Paul October 25, 2012


    The Z8 was designed by Henrik Fisker, who went on to Aston Martin after this project. I certainly can see a few hints of the Fisker Karma in this car. This car is certainly desinted to be a future classic, if not one already.

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