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2007 Audi RS4


In 2007, Audi fans had a giant reason to celebrate. No, they weren’t jumping for joy because their insurance company finally sent them their check for their B5 S4 that was stolen for the fourth time. Audi was bringing back the RS4. Even better, it was coming to North America. After taking a sabbatical in the B6 generation, the legendary RS4 was coming. 6-speed manual. 420-hp direct-injection V8. 8000 rpm redline. 58/42-percent front-to-rear weight distribution. Flared fenders. Honeycomb grille. This was it. Carbon-buildup be damned and yeah, it wasn’t the avant. This was it. Finally the AWD super-sedan was coming. Nine years later if you are still dreaming about the RS4 without the nearly $70,000 price tag, this example in Michigan might be right up your alley.

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Year: 2007
Model: RS4
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 110,854 mi
Price: $32,000 Buy It Now


I have a 2007 Audi RS4 forsale. I am the 4th owner. This is 1 of 2000 RS4’s that were imported to the US. This particular car is 1 of 30 with this color Spring Blue and interior combination. 6 Speed Manual as audi only offered this car in manual. The Sprint blue is flawless on this car. vehicle has been well cared for. Only driven in summer. Has fully adjustable KW Coil overs all around. Brand new RS5 wheels and Brand new Hankook eno2 V12 tires. Full Magnaflow exhaust with cat-less down-pipes. Makes this car sound amazing!!! Carbon clean performed 2k miles ago. Only use Vpower Shell fuel and Liqui Moly Oil. I have had zero issues since owning this vehicle. Have stack of papers of work performed on vehicle. Has catch can that was just installed after carbon clean to pervent any futher carbon build up. That along was 1k dollars. Have 4k in just wheels and tires. No money has been spared on this vehicle as it is a serious driver vehicle. The 4.2FSI motor is a beast in all aspects of the road. Handles like a dream. Some features include heated front and rear seats. Navigation. 6 disc cd changer. XM radio. Hands free controls on steering wheel.

Exterior is a 9.5/10. just had front bumper resprayed for rock chips. no dings or dents. 2 rock chips on hood and fender that have been filled with matching touch up paint. Interior is 9/10. having the seats and carpet cleaned before vehicle is picked up by new owner. no tears or rips in seats. no worn out buttons. excellent condition just like exterior

The RS4 was vinyl wrapped pearl white for 2 years of its life. Preserving the paint and protecting it.


This RS4 seems to check all the boxes. Sprint Blue is one of the more rare colors offered on the RS4 and it usually comes with a price premium. It’s modified, but all of it seems reasonable. The RS5 wheels look right at home on this car and show off those massive front calipers quite well. The biggest thing I like about this car is that the carbon cleaning was already completed. The owner states the car is ready to go for it’s 5th owner and from the few photos, the condition looks really good for almost 111,000 miles.

At $32,000, this is one of the cheaper RS4s I’ve seen for sale. Unless it’s a total wreck, I’ve never seem them dip into the 20s. I hate throwing around the word “investment” on modern mass-produced cars, but it’s tough to go wrong owning a B7 RS4 in the long-term. It’s rarity combined with a 6-speed manual, high revving V8 and flared fenders has been proved to be a recipe for success. I think we will soon be at a point where these cars will reach a basement price and not go any lower. With Audi teasing the B9 RS4 maybe coming to America in twin-turbo V6 and a DSG transmission, this is the last of it’s kind.



  1. allenman
    allenman June 4, 2016

    Grteat looking car…. but $32k with 111k ? Methinks he might need to lay down and regroup….

  2. MDriver
    MDriver June 4, 2016

    waaay over priced by a long-shot…while the CB has been addressed what about the V-belt & tensioner??

  3. Paul B
    Paul B June 4, 2016

    Regarding the tensioner belt; it is not an issue with the RS4.
    And, with my limited experience with high-end performance cars, it has usually come to being disciplined with maintenance and the car will serve you just fine.

  4. MDriver
    MDriver June 5, 2016

    the tensioner belt is only an issue on the S4 V8??

  5. Reid Simonton
    Reid Simonton June 6, 2016

    I’ve been watching and pricing RS4s daily for 18 months. This car should likely be priced around $28.5k including any premium for the color. $32k will get you a 70k mile example. Sweet RS4 but yeah, overpriced.

  6. Reid
    Reid June 6, 2016

    I’ve been watching and pricing RS4s daily for 18 months. This car should likely be priced around $28.5k including any premium for the color. $32k will get you a 70k mile example. Sweet RS4 but yeah, overpriced.

  7. Eric Saenz
    Eric Saenz August 30, 2016

    This is actually my car and i did not list this. its forsale for 29,500. so they listed and jacked up price hoping to buy it from me and resell to the customer.

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