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2007 Z4 M Coupe

With all of the praise being heaped on the E36/8 M Coupe recently, its successor has gotten lost a bit in the shuffle. The Z4 M Coupe is just as capable of a tool, however, even if its looks are a bit more funky than its already individualistic predecessor. This Z4 M Coupe for sale in California looks like it’s ready to be cast in an action thriller, with a mean stance accentuated by its black paintwork and titanium colored wheels.


Year: 2007
Model: Z4 M Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter inline six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 33,800 miles
Price: $38,600

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2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe

Introduction Per Edmunds

For Hitchcock, dialing “M” meant murder. BMW has been known to dial M, as well. But in this case, any screaming you hear will be due to overloaded tires or passengers with wild eyes and death grips on the door handles.

As most automotive enthusiasts know, the letter M refers to BMW’s subsidiary motorsport division. Through it, select BMW models are modified into serious performance machines and given distinct nomenclature. Though it has no number associated with it (as with the M3 or M5), the 2007 BMW M is, in fact, based on the Z4 sports car. In daily lexicon, it’s usually referred to as the M Coupe, though some people also use “Z4M.”

The car’s high-revving 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine develops 330 horsepower and sends its power to the rear wheels through an exclusive six-speed manual transmission and a beefy limited-slip rear differential.

The M cars sport a wider front track, a stronger rear subframe, hydraulic power steering for better feel (the Z4’s is electric), 18-inch wheels and 225/45 front and 255/40 rear performance tires. The springs and dampers are sport-tuned, and the brakes are the same as those used for the old M3’s Competition package. Even the stability control system has been altered to be less intrusive.

Yet what’s really impressive about the 2007 BMW M Coupe and is that it goes beyond the numbers. Of course, it’s relatively lightweight (about a 3,200-pound base curb weight for the Coupe), has near-ideal weight distribution and can post blindingly quick acceleration times. But it also provide some of the best thrills you can get from a non-exotic sports car. Visceral and extreme, it bring out the driver’s inner hooligan. Every departure from a stoplight is an opportunity to hit 8,000 rpm, every corner a chance to hang the tail out wide.

Interior Design and Special Features

The cockpit features a pair of aggressively bolstered sport seats, a chubby M edition steering wheel and a Motorsport-spec tachometer with a variable redline that settles at 8,000 rpm when the oil is fully warmed up. The speedometer reads to 180 mph, but the car’s computer will cut you off at 155 mph. There’s no iDrive and the dash’s knobs and buttons are exactly where you’d like them to be.



If I had to choose, I’d probably skip the Z4 M and go straight to an S54 engined E36/8 M Coupe. I much preferred the breadvan appearance over the more fastback styling of this car. However, I do like the color on this Z4 M, as it hides a bit of the fussy details in the styling. I certainly don’t think this is a bad looking car, but some of the surfaces are just way too overdone for my tastes. As is the case with a lot of ads we see, it would have been nice if the seller included some more information about this specific car rather than what was on the Edmunds website. The asking price for this car, considering its mileage, is a bit high. Most Z4 M Coupes can be had in the high $20,000 to low $30,000 range.



  1. Wes
    Wes June 4, 2013

    If I were looking for a late model M car to keep for posterity this would be it. It was produced in low numbers and, unlike the 1M, it has an actual M engine.

    edited to add: I wouldn’t buy THIS specific car as it is overpriced but I would be looking for a Z4 M coupe.

  2. Larry
    Larry June 4, 2013

    Paul, you are right on the mark about the “fussy details” on the Z4M Coupe. The regular Z4 Coupe is more clean and attractive – at least to my eyes. That said, I’d be willing to suffer the M Coupe looks to have the M engine.

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