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2016 Porsche 911 R

Where have you gone, 911 R? In terms of value, of course. The most heavily speculated Porsche 911 in a long time had a wild ride of instant value rise up to $600,000 and sometimes $700,000, only for it to crash and burn after Porsche announced a GT3 Touring with a 6-speed manual. Suddenly, we were seeing sale prices on 500-mile cars for only $35,000 over sticker, not $350,000. Still, there are few enough 911 R examples out there that dealers can collude to keep prices high, until a private owner needs money and decides making $50,000 for doing nothing is good enough. Today’s example, a car with 2,000 miles up for sale in Florida, still has a giant asking price.

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Year: 2016
Model: 911 R
VIN: WP0AF2A90GS195222
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 2,053 mi
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Price: $339,900 Buy It Now

2016 Porsche 911R. one of 991 made. White with red stripes and brown and black tartan interior. 2053 miles.

This is a one owner car that is in perfect condition and loaded with all the right options including single mass flywheel and front axle lift.

Leather interior in black/Tarpan brown Luggage net
Extended range fuel tank Air conditioning
Single Mass Flywheel Light design package
911R limitation number Sport Chrono package
Front axle lift system Floor mats
Fire Extinguisher Sport design mirror upper trim in Carbon Fiber
Seat belts in black Headlight cleaning cover in White
911R stripes in red Door sill guards in carbon fiber, illuminated.
Authentic leather Windshield top tint
Side stripes with Porsche script in red Aluminum model designation plaque
BiXenon headlights in Black

Don’t get me wrong, I love the 911 R. I love that it’s unsuspecting. I love that you can option it to bare bones. I love that Porsche even considered building this because they certainly didn’t have to. However, I don’t believe it is worth $130,000 over sticker. Not with the GT3 Touring existing for under sticker. This example seems to be one of the stripped models with just the front-axle and radio. The only thing “special” about the car in terms of specs is the brown buckets with matching houndstooth inserts. That is it.

Like mentioned, this one is $339,900. Why? No idea. It is a completely made up number that really has no legs to stand on if you try to justify it with comps. There area few for sale in Europe right now a little under this price, but again, that is totally a shot in the dark. I’m sure if you started turning over enough rocks you’d find some private owners willing to sells theirs with the first number starting with a 2.

– Andrew


  1. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston October 28, 2020

    I would rather try to find one of the 4L 997 GT3’s as those drive better. These 991’s just have no feedback. The 996 was a bit raw, even I will admit that. The 997 is the sweet spot. I hated the 991 GT3 rental I had on the Nurburgring. It was like trying to drive on a Playstation. The steering was the worst. The chassis didn’t do much better. I was really surprised Porsche would do that. Also, does 991R really not have air conditioning? That would be awful.

  2. JA
    JA October 28, 2020

    @Ricky, agree, the 4.0 is SO special. While the 997 is likely the real world “sweet spot”, I predict for NORMAL GT3s, the 996 will rise to the top of values (lights aside). Why? 1) the “first”, 2) the most “pure” and 3) the most rare (in the US). As the ROW got the 996.1 GT3, they won’t see the same values as the US. Purity, first and rarity is the P-car value formula.

  3. Ricky weston
    Ricky weston October 30, 2020

    @JA agreed regarding 996 gt3’s. I got to drive a 2004 (might have been an 03) gt3rs at the nurburgring on touristfahrt and two private track days and to this day that is my favorite car. If I had to live with one car for life it would be that. The whole experience was perfect. It was an RSR Nurburg car. With cup suspension, exhaust and semi slicks. Absolute perfection.


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