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2023 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS models are finally starting to roll out and people can not get enough of them. Well, those who can afford them. Just to refresh, these had a starting price of just a tag over $150,000 and the sky is basically the limit in terms of options. Naturally, the Weissach Package adds a quick $13,250 and several other things you wouldn’t think would cost a bunch of money, but actually does. Then of course is the markup. On the secondary market, sure, you can expect that. However, a Porsche dealer retailing the car as new with just 18 miles? Wait until you see this asking price.

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Year: 2023
Model: 718 Cayman GT4 RS
VIN: WP0AE2A82PS280329
Engine: 4.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 7-speed Doppelkupplung automatic
Mileage: 18 mi
Location: Riverside, California
Price: $342,981

2023 Porsche718 CaymanGT4 RS5 Miles
Stock #:14058P
Exterior Color:SHARK BLUE
Interior Color:BLACK/DEEP SEA
Body Type:Coupe
Fuel Type:Gasoline Fuel
Engine:4.0L H-6 Aluminum

First off, what a bizarre choice to go with the $1,180 bespoke decal set and to pick the numbers “356”. One because the Cayman really doesn’t have any roots to the 356, and second those are literally the placeholder numbers that come up with configuring the car. You can literally have any number 000 to 999, and someone just picked the placeholder. Bizarre. Of course, the dealer won’t post the window sticker because of this insane asking price.

$342,981 for this. Doing some quick math, I think the sticker on this car is probably around $190,000. That means this dealer is looking for a $150,000 additional profit on a car with a bunch of really unique things and an option that literally plasters the side of the car with a random graphic. What a world we live in!

– Andrew


  1. Jane Doe
    Jane Doe January 20, 2023

    From what I understand, Porsche doesn’t allow their dealers to mark-up new cars (same with Ferrari). So what the dealers do, is they’ll either (1) title the car so it’s now “used” so they can mark it up or (2) “sell” it to a customer who will immediately sell it back to the dealer so it’s now “used”.

    Porsche dealers also act like Ferrari dealers and won’t allow anyone to order one of the “hot” models, you have to have a “relationship” with the dealer and constantly buy every new model that comes out, even if you don’t want it, just so you can have the opportunity to get on the list for a GT3, 918, etc.

  2. JA
    JA January 21, 2023

    Jane Doe – Porsche DOES allow it. They don’t like it, but they allow it. You are talking about what Rolex dealers do 🙂 I watched the mark-up climb from $50K to $125K on the GT3 and GT3T. You don’t have to buy EVERYTHING to get allocation. But you do have to work your way to GT and RS allocations through history. Porsche actually blew it w/ the 918. They started a “VIP deal” and IF you bought at 918, you got allocation on ALL the GT and RS cars w/ one purchase. Pissed off long-time GT/RS buyers. Porsche ended that program due to the issue. Long-time loyalists now beat “whales” w/ Porsche again. As for this car, $150K over is the ask of the moment. GT3s have fallen back down to $50-$70K over. ASKS to get an 911 GT3 RS or Sport Classic allocation peaked at $200K over.

  3. Sequential
    Sequential January 21, 2023

    What a waste of $ unless you are at the track every weekend

  4. Arun
    Arun January 23, 2023

    An RS without buckets ?

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