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1979 Mercedes-Benz 240D

There is always something satisfying about the Mercedes-Benz W123 chassis. Even more so when it is preserved like today’s example. This 1979 240D up for sale in Florida is finished in the wonderful Caledonia Green with matching hubcaps and a light beige interior. The odometer says 68,000 miles but I usually only trust these odometers as far as I can push them; though, all things considered, this one might actually be a low-mileage car. It’s all roses until you see the price.

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Year: 1979
Model: 240D
VIN: 12312106315
Engine: 2.4 liter inline-4 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 68,581
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Price: $29,900





Runs flawlessly with no issues

Super Clean

Super beautiful and pampered condition

The interior is exceptional and beautiful. The paint shines beautifully and is exceptional as well. It’s clearly been pampered and garage kept. The exterior shows cosmetically as beautiful as you’d hope from a garaged and pampered car. Inside the car, all of the exclusive appointments are also very beautiful and its smells fresh and clean. There is an external gas tank in the trunk that was installed professionally.

It truly amazes and shows beautifully. Study the pics and you’ll see just how exceptional it is.

Let’s get the point here and address that this one has an asking price of $30,000. In my eyes, it takes a lot to be a $30,000 240D and I don’t know if this one is. The giant aftermarket fuel tank gives me pause as to the reasoning for it because if this is a 68,000-mile car, what does it need a long-haul fuel tank for? These can easily pump out 400 miles a tank, which is about 7 hours of driving, so it isn’t like it was needed. Also, I think for this kind of money I’d want an original stereo, not a decades-old cassette player.

While I think this one is probably worth a whole bunch of money, maybe not $30,000. Just another dealer thinking they hit the jackpot.

– Andrew


  1. mygti
    mygti January 19, 2023

    This must be just dreadful with the automatic. A friend had the 300d w auto in high school. I remember thinking it was the perfect car for him: slow, built like a tank, reasonable economy. Auto w 240d has got to be bordering on unsafe to use as a daily. I guess at this price though, it’s a collector’s item?

    FYI, my buddy’s 300 was dark blue with light blue interior, including carpets. Just gorgeous. Bring back color!

  2. Christian
    Christian January 20, 2023

    That fuel tank sure has me confused. Maybe the old tank rusted out, owner couldn’t source an OEM one, so they just stuck a random tank in the trunk. The fact you have to open the trunk and drip gasoline all over their carpet demands that $20K be taken off the asking price.

  3. Sequential
    Sequential January 20, 2023

    Why not go for a 280E if you want something of this vintage ?

  4. Mark Jawdoszyn
    Mark Jawdoszyn January 24, 2023

    Does anyone know why these and the 80’s MB wagons are all of sudden in demand?

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