Another 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Following up on Paul’s recent 190E find here is another one that is less expensive and with less miles that was pointed out by reader John C.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 on Craigslist Portland

1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16v6

Year: 1986
Model: 190E 2.3-16
Engine: 2.3 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 75,000
Price: $8,500

I won’t go into specifics about the 190E since we have actually discuss these great pocket rockets many times before on this site. As Paul states and I have mentioned before the prices on these are not keeping up with the E30 M3, but you are getting a car of similar craftsmanship, performance and rarity. Also like the M3 it is tough to find one that hasn’t been beaten or customized to within an inch of its life. Good original examples will rise in price.

This U.S. spec model looks to be a good daily driver. The owner says the clear coat is starting to come up in a few places. The car is in Washington state so I’d like to take a peak around the sills and underneath to see what the rust situation might be.

The car has a long list of receipts, the seller mentions a bunch of things that have been done, but isn’t exactly clear how long ago those maintenance items have happened. The list includes things like bushings and engine mounts, which on a car like this that is fun to throw around winding roads is good, you want things nice and tight. It is great that there is a lot of receipts with the car $16,000+, but again $10k in maintenance work done 10 years ago doesn’t mean as much as $5k done last week.

U.S. spec headlights the bane of my Merc enjoyment hurt the look. A set of practically obligatory 17″ AMG rims give a little back. The stock rims are included.

The 75,000 miles and an $8,500 puts this car right in the heart of the hmmm this might be the one price for the enthusiast. If the car checks out and looks as good in person as it does in the photos that is a fair ask. Maybe knock a little off for the paint, keep it waxed and enjoy it as is. A few drives with a tuned up free spirited Cosworth engine mated to a dog leg 5-speed and who cares about the paint.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16




1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Carat by Duchatelet Limousine

The limos that have come through our pages before always attract a very specific type of buyer. They are a hard sell. The types that can afford a limo usually want a brand new one for status points. Old limos often show signs of abuse or have weak points if they were assembled poorly. We’ve seen old limos turned into campers, but really you have to want to be a chauffeur to buy one.

Year: 1987
Model: 560SEL Carat Duchatelet Limo
Engine: 5.6 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 39,000
Price:  $29,500. Buy It Now

1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Carat by Duchatelet Limo on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

This Duchatelet customized Benz shows classic understated looks. Not nearly as ostentatious as a modern two tone Maybach or as crazy as many of the other 1980s Mercedes tuners. This style is something that Duchatelet was known for. The Belgian based company did extensive work on interiors of Mercedes vehicles, but their conversions we almost always done in a tasteful and functional manner. Though not their main job they did however offer gullwing door conversions.

The company, whose motto was “Nothing great was ever born of compromise,” worked on the full line of Benz cars. They would do security and interior packages for stretched W126 cars or interiors on W124 chassis cars. The only thing they didn’t do was performance modifications, instead they focused their energy on making some of the most exclusive and expensive interiors for very high end customers.

In looking at the pictures you can see that the fit and finish of the interior custom work looks like it came straight from the factory. The look is one of elegance and not cobbled together prom night limo. Custom touches extend to the door sills and gauge cluster. There is a lot of extra wood and leather and some extra electronics including a retractable divider. The car appears to have been updated with a more modern flat screen television screen which tells me that the car has been cared for. The ad states that several maintenance issues have been kept up so the car is ready to go. It does have the hydropneumatic suspension for a smoother ride, but look out for potential higher costs in terms of servicing if not maintained.

There are only 39,000 miles on the machine so it hasn’t been used much. When you think what this custom work cost new some owner had some very expensive dollars per mile with this car. The setup of the interior is designed for the business person, not the party wagon with limited seating.

The ad listing doesn’t provide much description about the car, it doesn’t even say what model it is, but a look under the hood shows this is a 560SEL based car. Which makes sense since that would have been the top of the line Benz sedan of the day. The 5.6 liter V8 should be providing plenty of power to move the car along at highway speed despite the extra weight.

Not a bad car, and at that mileage it should have plenty of life left. If you want to be carted around, but can’t let go of the 1980s this is your car. The price is a bit steep at $29,500. I doubt there will be any takers at that price. You could get yourself a really nice 750il or newer S class at that price. While they wouldn’t have as much leg room they might be more practical choices unless you really want to run a livery service.

1987 Mercedes 560SEL Carat by Duchatelet Limo on eBay


Sbarro Gullwing Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 powered

Here is an interesting situation. I posted this car on this blog almost exactly three years ago and now the car is back up for sale and the seller has copied the text of that post to use as description in the ad. Here is the original post.

Sbarro Gullwing Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 powered on eBay

1979 Sbarro 6.9016Year: 1979
Model: Sbarro Gullwing
Engine: 6.9 liter V8
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Mileage: 9,100 miles T.M.U.
Price: Auction with a $21,995 Buy It Now

These are pretty unique cars and like many custom cars could be had in multiple flavors. What is surprising though is that Sbarro built the same car on different Benz chassis depending on the engine option that was chosen. This car having the awesome M100 6.9 liter V8 comes on the W116 chassis from the 450SEL.

While later twin turbo 5.0 liter Sbarro Gullwings could be had with a 5 speed manual, this car has the Mercedes 450SEL 6.9’s 3 speed auto built to handle the gobs of low end torque the powerplant generates.

We didn’t get mileage figures from that listing three years ago, but with the odometer showing just over 9,100 right now the car hasn’t traveled far. Pictures show the odometer listing 8,894 so the car has traveled a bit with this seller. The seller is calling that figure true mileage unknown, which is refreshing to see a seller actually come right out and say that. Chances are that mileage is accurate.

Three years ago this car had an ask price of an unreasonable, despite the rarity, $90,000. Now the seller has a much more sane $21,995. It appears the current owner is the same owner who had the car three years ago, but now the car appears to be at a dealer being sold on consignment. The seller gives the history of the car as being ordered by a member of the Seattle Supersonics before being sold to a Washington state businessman. The current owner purchased the car in 2002 and spent five years restoring it with a claimed $85,000 invested.

The underlying mechanical being from the 450SEL 6.9 don’t make finding parts quite on the level of unobtainium as you might expect with a custom coach built car. However it is worth noting that upon looking under the hood you can see the hydraulic reservoir that would indicate this car has maintained the 6.9s somewhat costly to fix hydro-pneumatic suspension rather than the far less complex, but ultimately not as cool or smooth, standard spring setup on the run of the mill W116 cars.

I had mentioned in the comments of my earlier post that I have documentation on previous sales of these cars. One of those sold in 2002 and I had thought it was a different car than this one, but with the seller of this one saying it changed hands in 2002 I could be wrong, how many Sbarro 6.9s changed hands in 2002. The photos don’t quite look the same. If the car is in as good an operating shape as it looks the price seems fair, look at what some W126 AMG coupes we have listed have sold for, twice this price. I have one of these changing hands at $40,575 so perhaps not an invest back then, but at this price making a little $ down the road seems much more likely. The car is just a bit too much of an odd duck with polarizing styling to bring the kind of money that similar era AMG cars have brought.

As I said in my previous post I’d probably axe those wheels and replace them with something more in line with the 80sriffic look, not because the wheels are on it are bad, but a car with such crazy 80s look styling needs wheels that also come from that time. I hope this car finds a good home, it is special and true Benz historians will recognize what it is. With bidding currently sitting at just over $7,000, I’m tempted to throw a bid in on this; as a 450SEL 6.9 owner, I appreciate the engine and I’m not holding out for the other famous tuner Mercedes Gullwing, the Isdera.


1979 Mercedes 300SD Crayford Estate

I’ve posted a couple of these unique wagons in the past both of them were 1977 450SEL versions. You can see them here and here. This one that has popped up is a similar W116, but based on the 300SD instead.

Year: 1979
Model: 300SD Crayford Estate
Engine: 3.0 liter turbo inline five
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 62,000 mi
Price: $54,000

1979 Mercedes 300SD Crayford Estate

1979 Mercedes 300SD Crayford

I find it interesting that all three of the Crayford cars we’ve posted all share the same paint color. They all have had slightly different outside appearances though with one showing Euro lights and U.S. bumpers, one with U.S. lights and U.S. bumpers and this one with U.S. lights and Euro bumpers.

As any custom coachwork car would be, Crayford cars are scarce and they appeal to those fanatical Benz estate fans so they don’t come cheap. With Benz not offering the W116 as a wagon it does seem logical for someone to make an attempt at doing so as future success of Benz factory wagons have indicated.

With the indestructable 3 liter turbo five diesel under the hood this car was made for long haul travels for family vacations. For the economical minded this car would be better suited than the V8 cars listed above. I’ve seen in person one W116 estate conversion that was done on the mighty 450SEL 6.9, but it wasn’t a Crayford conversion, but rather one done by a firm called Brinkman.

This car is located in Austria it has covered a solid 62,000 miles, enough to no its been enjoyed, but that is nothing for a 300SD. The ask price is $54,000. That is a lot of money so a new owner would be buying this for the rarity not the functionality. The car has been restored and the interior is super clean for a station wagon. The seller says the car is highly optioned and it is notable that it has ABS.  It would provide the owner with quite a nice niche in Mercedes history. What is baffling with this dealer listing is that they didn’t bother to include a photo of the customized rear boot as the Crayford conversions could be had with the rear modified to the customer’s liking.


1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Test Car Prototype?

UPDATE 2: The car has been relisted with a lower AU $10,000 price, apx. $10,300 U.S..

Relisted auction listing on eBay here.


Here is one of the more odd advertisements we’ve come across of late.

The ad is for a 1967 Mercedes 300SEL that appears to have the 3.5 liter V8 underhood. While we have spoken of the goodness of the 3.5 liter Mercedes V8 in the past, that engine was not available in 1967.

Year: 1967
Model: 300SEL 3.5
Engine: 3.5 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: N/A
Price: $15,600

1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 Test Car
1967 Mercedes 300SEL 3.5 test car

What is utterly unexplainable is why a seller, with what appears to be a pretty unique car, advertises it as a factory test car, as opposed to an early model with a privateer engine swap, but then provides zero documentation and one of the lamest ad descriptions we’ve seen in awhile. The ad is all of one sentence long about the car.

The only thing I can think of is that the seller has a buyer lined up already that has done the research, but wants/needs to sell through eBay for some added protection either as a seller as a buyer. Obviously all car ads don’t have to cater to those who are curious, but boy if you advertise a test car don’t just tantalize us like this.

The car is in Australia and as such is a right hand drive model. It sure looks pretty. If any of our readers out there have more info or documentation on the car or explanation of the remarkably thin advertisement description please post it in the comments.

The mileage isn’t given ask price is $15,600.

Update: It looks like the guys over at the M-100 Group, which has a strong Australian contingent, are on the case to get some docs.


2004 BMW 330i ZHP Supercharged

I’m a Benz guy through and through, but in one bay of my garage sits an E90 330 and even I have to admit that where Mercedes got away from some of their timeless designs in the late 1990s and early 2000s on their most popular models, BMW’s baseline 3er continued to be a design that will age well.

This E46 330i has a design over a decade old and it still hits the right notes.

Year: 2004
Model: 330i ZHP Supercharged
Engine: 3.0 inline 6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 46,500 miles
Price:  No reserve auction opening price: $21,000, Buy-It-Now: $24,900

2004 BMW 330i ZHP Supercharged on eBay

2004 BMW 330i ZHP Supercharged

This car has seen some very tasteful modifications to set it out from the crowd.

The photos here don’t completely do this car justice as the Orient Blue paint is coming across as black in the shadow and this really is a nice shade of deep blue. There are plenty of other photos of this car on the net if you search around.

The ESS Tuning TS2 Supercharger is the gem of this piece and with some of the other mods should up the horsepower to north of the 350 ponies range. That also is about a $7,000 kit just for the parts if you were to buy it new from ESS.

Unlike some tuned cars out there this one has the complete package with uprated suspension bushings, strut and sway bars to help the car really perform in more than a straight line. A shorter 3.46 rear diff makes sure this car jumps off line. The 3.46 upgraded is a common one as it is a stock part from automatic BMWs, the manuals got taller gearing. So while this will cut a few MPH off the top end you are getting about 15% shorter ratio with the swap.

The car is setup to shift as well with a BMW Performance short shift kit with double shear selector rod and an extended clutch pedal bump stop.

A Magnaflow exhaust bolted to headers ensure the car sounds right and surely frees up more power as does the BMW Performance intake.

The full list of upgrades from the seller includes:

ESS TS2 Supercharger
VMR V710 19″ staggered wheels
KW Coilovers
3.46 differential
BMW Performance Big Brake Kit
BMW Performance Strut Brace
BMW Performance Intake
AEM Boost Guage
HID Driving Lights
Stainless Steel Braid Brake Lines
OEM M3 Mirrors
OEM M3 RTAB w/ Vorshlag Limiters
Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount
EMP Stewart waterpump
Turner Motorsport Sway Bars w/ adj. links
BMW Performance Short Shift Kit/DSSR
BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Splitters
Swain Tech Coated Magnaflow Headers
Magnaflow exhaust

A lot of work has gone into this car and it looks to have been done right. If you don’t like thrill of making the mods yourself here is an opportunity to get a turnkey package and save some dollars from what it would cost to do this from scratch. At $21,000 you are looking at twice what a decent daily driver 330i will run you. Despite the mods and the nice look I suspect this won’t sell at this price as folks looking to spend that kind of money are moving to the E90 or high mileage E46 M3 market. If the price could get down under $20k it would look a bit more appealing for someone to actually make the commitment. We’ll see if it gets any bids, nice car that will be a blast to drive regardless.


1972 Mercedes 350SLC 4-speed

I’ve always liked the SLC model Benzs more than their removable top SL brothers and when it comes to the R107 and C107 chassis the 350SLC is one of the rarest of the breeds outside of the 450SLC 5.0/500SLC, which are significantly more scarce and the most expensive Benz you could buy at the time outside of the 600.

Year: 1972
Model: 350SLC
Engine: 3.5 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 105,756 miles
Price: Dealer, $9,950

1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SLC at Beverly Hills Motor Cars via Hemmings

1972 Mercedes 350SLC 3.5

The 350SLC contains one of Mercedes lesser known engines, despite it being the first major, high production volume V8 in Mercedes line up. (Though the M100 engine predates the M116, it wasn’t exactly a high volume engine when the M116 came out, just high displacement)  The high revving 3.5 liter V8 is often over shadowed by the more common 4.5 liter V8 of the same era. The smaller engine though is the more desirable of the two with the 3.5 liter being a compact powerplant that generated power in part by having a near 10:1 compression ratio, higher than the 4.5. With the 3.5’s high compression combined with earlier, non-emissions strangled production, it generated more power than the 4.5 as well. The 3.5 could put down a bit over 200 horses and was generating power at very strong horsepower per displacement ratio, there weren’t a whole lot of other regular road cars squeezing so much out of so little back then.

What sets the SLC apart from the SL is not that the hard top is simply fixed as many people mistakenly believe. The SLC is actually a bigger car and was designed as a 2+2. Compare an SL next to an SLC and you’ll see that the space between the door and rear wheel is noticeably longer on the SLC. As such the SLC is actually slightly heavier than SL.

Distinguishing between the 3.5 and the 4.5 can be tricky at first look since they are pretty similar. The 3.5 is a M116 engine and the 4.5 an M117. These engines are so similar that a trick for extra jump in your 4.5 is to take heads from a 3.5 and bolt them right on. This swap takes the 4.5s lower compression ratio and turns it up to 11 as in 11:1. The identification is also complicated by Mercedes breaking with the normally accurate, for the time, tradition of putting the badge on the lid that corresponded with the engine size. I say this because some U.S. market 350SLCs retained the 350 badging, but to meet emissions requirements had the less rare 4.5 under the hood. If you purchased a North American bound 350 series coupe or sedan it would come loaded with the 4.5 and you could be given an envelope with the correct 450 badging for the dealer to install if you wished, many cars never had the badges corrected so buyer beware if looking at a stateside 350.

A look at the tachometer is one way to see what you have. The 3.5 liter engine had a pretty crazy RPM red line of just under 7,000, again like its power to liter ratio, this sort of revving wasn’t seen too often from street V8s. The 4,5 SLs and SLCs will have red mark south of 6,000, while you can see on this car it is above. The seller mentions the higher red line in the post. The way the seller words the listing they suggest that there is something special about the engine that gives the car the higher redline, but I suspect what is meant is simply that the car has the 3.5 under the hood so the engine internals are probably stock, but having the 3.5 in a “U.S. spec” 1972 is unique.

The seller says this car was delivered special for Pan-Pacific Rally. The SLCs had a great rally career in some serious rallying events. The rally prepped cars that competed in the dirt and mud looked a bit different then the car here. I would like to see the documentation about what the seller means, was this car intended to compete, was it a press car, etc.. This car has been for sale before and generated similar questions from aficionados. It is interesting that this car is not equipped with A/C as that was standard fare for the SLC. A car delivered for a rally in parts of Mexico would have to be somewhat serious to not be fitted with A/C.

Without seeing the car in person from what I can tell the only thing special about the car is that it is an early stateside 350SLC with the 3.5. Of course it does come with a manual transmission, a 4 speed mated to a rev happy V8 will be fun. The manual in the 350SLC was not rare in the rest of the world, the auto was actually the option, but seeing any Benz with a manual in the states is generally thought of as at least slightly special and desirable. Give this car a performance exhaust to open it up a bit and it would provide your ears enjoyment as well.

This car is listed at a dealer at just under $10,000 with 105,000 miles. Not a spectacular deal if you are looking to land a 70s SLC or SL, but with the rarity of the 3.5 and 4 speed combo that ask isn’t out of line for dealer pricing (there is another dealer currently listing a Euro spec model with 180,000 on the clock for $14,900). The car also hasn’t been saddled with later ugly safety bumpers.


1981 BMW 320i Callaway

This one is up in my neck of the woods and it looks like a real nice example.

Year: 1981
Model: 320i Callaway
Engine: 2.0 inline four turbo
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 73,835
Price: $16,491

1981 BMW 320i Callaway at Geneva Foreign & Sports1981 BMW 320i Callaway

The Callaway isn’t really a name most folks associate with BMW, but apparently Mr. Callaway himself drove a trusty 320i and thus his fledgling company developed a turbo system for the car.

The seller dealer doesn’t provide too much information, but does suggest that less than 100 of these were built. Some searching around shows up several other examples that have sold in the past few years, but none look as nice as this one here.

The car has covered 74,000 miles. Stock the four cylinder was putting out 125 horsepower, with the turbo setup like this maybe we are looking at 175.

There are supportive looking seats and bigger Compomotive rims for spirited driving. The car also has some accents that show someone has done some work, a Neuspeed strut bar, Alpina steering wheel, Momo shift knob, and Bosal Brospeed chrome exhaust for instance.

I wish the car was in Euro trim, with the smaller bumpers, but it still is a good looker.

With the dealer asking $16,500 you are paying a lot for that Turbo and Callaway badges, but at least unlike some rides you get an actual working boost gauge and turbo to back up the stickers. The dealer suggests, perhaps half jokingly, that this would make a good track car, someone spending that much for an E21 in this setup, probably is more likely to take it to car shows and play up its rarity. If it is a track car that is wanted money would be better spent on a shell and a true for the track engine.

This will turn heads at a few car shows.

1981 BMW 320i Callaway at Geneva Foreign & Sports



2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate

Last minute catch, but this E63 Wagon is up for sale with no reserve.

Year: 2007
Model: E63 Estate
Engine: 6.3 liter V8
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Mileage: 36,360 mi
Price: Auction – No Reserve, Sold at $38,900, buyer couldn’t pay, relisted at $42,900.

2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate on eBay

2007 Mercedes E63 Estate

AS RARE AS THEY COME, Only 67 E63 AMG Wagons were sold in the US in 2007 and this is the best color combo they made. Black on black, pure stealth bomber status. AMAZINGLY FAST WAGON, 6.2 liter V8, 507 hp @ 6800 RPM, 465 lb-ft @ 5200 RPM. Only one senior owner from brand new, this car was a special order direct from Germany. Fully serviced only at Factory MB Dealer, last service was just this week to prepare it for sale. It has Mercedes DVD players in the rear headrests complete with separate headphones, a must if you have kids. The Car is stunning and needs nothing except a new owner. Both keys, manuals, all weather mats etc. Rare opportunity. These cars are highly coveted among the AMG enthusiast crowd. They don’t hit the market often and when they do, they always bring a big following. Pics are not the best and don’t do the car the justice it deserves, i will take better ones this week the first decent day we get. No paintwork or accidents, clean Title / carfax. You may be able to extend the Mercedes Benz factory warranty pending certain restrictions, contact me for more info. Must be seen and driven in person to be appreciated. No scratches / dents / smells / stains or curb rash on the wheels. Has to one of the cleanest E63 Wagons in existence, inspections welcome!! These things are very rare, even rarer to find one with this color combo, options and low mileage. They almost have a cult following in the car world, not a lot of car companies make a sporty wagon these days, definitely not many making a 507 Horsepower V8 Monster!!! This thing will embarrass most Italian Supercars, a real sleeper, keep them guessing!

Time is about to run out on this listing, but I thought it was worth a post since we love to track market values and no reserve listings are a great way to do this. This black uber wagon has only 36,300 miles. With over 500 horsepower on tap and paddle shifters the E63 AMG makes one awesome and practical car. This is a scarce ride so it will be interesting to see where the price ends up, we’ve noted before that these monster German wagons have cult like followings.

Bidding is up to $38,900, that is a lot of depreciation.


1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V with 58k

As the seller of this Cosworth powered Benz state, if you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas why not spend some of those checks from grandma on this low mileage car.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 on eBay

This very clean 190E has low mileage having covered less than 58,000 miles since 1986. We post a fair number of these great pocket sport sedans. They appear on the market fairly regularly despite relatively low production numbers.

There aren’t that many out there with this kind of mileage and this good looking shape. This one isn’t a collector car, but a driver as it has been gone over with some new parts and paint. The car hasn’t been customized into boy racer status though so while the originality police will stay away the average person with a hankering for 190E 16V will find this one attractive.

The seller, in his much hated around here all CAPS description, states the car has a recent service of brakes, A/C, tires, suspension(?), starter, motor mounts, alternator, starter, battery and a few others. A potential new owner should look for receipts on these items to see what exactly was done and how recent. When we see cars that have had the battery, alternator, and starter replaced all at the same time it raises alarm bells of possible parisitic battery drain from an electrical problem and/or a car that has been sitting for awhile not being driven. Not saying that is what is going on here, but it is worth looking into.

A potential owner will want to run through that dog leg 5 speed a few times to see how it shifts, the seller says things are nice and tight.

The ask price is $12,900. That is the high end of most eBay 190Es that aren’t particularly special, but most eBay 190Es look a lot worse for wear and appear to be driven a lot harder and put away wetter. The nice flat face headlights, chrome exhaust tips and uncracked body kit are also a selling point of this one that help it present well.