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Feature Listing: 1986 Audi Coupe GT Commemorative Design

I’m pretty sure that I’ve written up more B2 Audis for sale than any other site out there. You won’t get an unbiased account from me, but they truly are a great design. They’re handsome, comfortable, reliable and fun to drive in just about any iteration. They’re more rare to see than both period Volkswagens or BMWs, too. And while they’re not without their quirks, they’re the type of car that certainly rewards ownership and makes you feel special. Obviously, I’m a fan of the Audi Coupe GT. I’ve owned five over the past 23 years and get joy out of seeing each one. But there are a few configurations of the GT that really stand out.

There weren’t many special editions of the GT produced, but in 1986 Audi made an entire run of “Commemorative Design” cars. The 4000CS, 4000CS quattro, Coupe GT and 5000 models all got special upgrades and each were slightly different. The closest were the 4000 quattro and Coupe GT, which shared paint colors and interiors. Option code 761 got you the Special Build package on the GT (750 for the 4000CS quattro). The exteriors of both were either LB7V Graphite Metallic or L90E Alpine White, but inside they shared the same lipstick red “Mouton” leather (92). While the quattro got the slightly uprated JT code 115 horsepower 2.2 inline-5, the GT relied on the KX code motor with 110 horsepower. The difference lay in the exhaust manifold; the GT unit was a 5-1 cast manifold, while the quattro had a beefier 5-3-1 exit, along with a larger diameter exhaust. However, the lighter GT was quicker than the all wheel drive variant; and thanks to the nature of the GT versus the quattro market, more of the 750 special 1986 models have survived. The ’86 CE models also received the notorious digital dash, and if you selected Alpine White, they had color matched wheels, mirrors and rear spoiler. But the Graphite over Mouton color combination really makes the sharp Giugiaro lines stand out:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1986 Audi Coupe GT Commemorative Design on Washington, D.C. Craigslist

Year: 1986
Model: Coupe GT Commemorative Design
VIN: WAUBD0855GA111965
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 196,000 mi
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Price: $5,000

1986 Audi Coupe GT
Commemorative Edition
Graphite Exterior
Michele Mouton “Lipstick Red” Interior
202,000 miles
Audi Digital Dash
5 speed manual

This is a great example of a hard to find vintage Audi. The Commemorative Edition was a limited production and only offered in 1986. This car runs and drives very well. Starts every time with no issues.

The front and rear seats have been reupholstered and match the factory door cards very well.

Clutch was replaced within the past 2,000 miles.

The clear coat on the roof and trunk are fading, but to be expected with a car of this age.

Come take a look at this great piece of Audi history.

As I hoped it would, recently the Coupe GT has gotten more market recognition with a few special examples trading for respectable sums. The Commemorative Design cars and 87.5 GTs usually bring the strongest bids, and one 141,000 mile one-owner Graphite CD sold for $7,600 in 2018. How does it compare?

That car was a bit more original, but also had the deteriorating clearcoat that plagues nearly all of the LB7V Graphite cars. I have yet to see an original paint example without some damage, and as the seller notes it’s rather unfortunately to be expected when you’re considering one of these. The seller informed us he has a set of the NLA reflectors for the front bumper which are included in the sale – he hasn’t mounted them so as to avoid damage. This sounds crazy until you’re a Coupe GT owner and you watch one break or fall apart (ask me how I know…two times over!) The seller also has documentation running back for the last decade and overall this looks like a nice example. In particular the refinished seats are quite stunning and set off well against the dark gray exterior and the B3 Nardi wheel is a great addition. In all, this is a rare car that has been preserved well and could be taken to the next level without breaking the bank. That’s the beauty of the B2 Audi, and this one certainly is pretty.

You can email the seller directly by clicking HERE!



  1. Christian
    Christian August 21, 2019

    Looks good. Must resist. But I would like to see a video of the digital dash, as that is going to be a hard to fix/replace part.

  2. Early8Q
    Early8Q August 21, 2019

    Resist indeed @ Christian. The upholstery work is very nicely done; it looks almost like the original. By that I am mean the seams and general work around the shape of the seats looks to be very well done. This car is clearly owned by an enthusiast. This car really is a beautiful example. It would be good to see a few more images under the hood as well as that video of the dash wroking. Having had the 4000CSQ with this package and colors, I can report that it one of my favorite color combinations.

    @Carter – you have an uncanny knack for hitting my funny bone

  3. Carter
    Carter August 22, 2019

    @Christian – there are actually a few folks well versed in the digital dash and capable of repair should something go wrong. It does appear to have a little pixilation flood on the left panel.

    @Early8Q – agreed, that interior is spot on and works better with the Graphite than with the white I think. And thanks for letting me know, glad you enjoy!

  4. Hal
    Hal October 21, 2019

    There are still times I miss mine…! This ones pretty indeed!

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