Feature Listing: 1986 Audi Coupe GT Commemorative Design

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  1. Looks good. Must resist. But I would like to see a video of the digital dash, as that is going to be a hard to fix/replace part.

  2. Resist indeed @ Christian. The upholstery work is very nicely done; it looks almost like the original. By that I am mean the seams and general work around the shape of the seats looks to be very well done. This car is clearly owned by an enthusiast. This car really is a beautiful example. It would be good to see a few more images under the hood as well as that video of the dash wroking. Having had the 4000CSQ with this package and colors, I can report that it one of my favorite color combinations.

    @Carter – you have an uncanny knack for hitting my funny bone

  3. @Christian – there are actually a few folks well versed in the digital dash and capable of repair should something go wrong. It does appear to have a little pixilation flood on the left panel.

    @Early8Q – agreed, that interior is spot on and works better with the Graphite than with the white I think. And thanks for letting me know, glad you enjoy!

  4. There are still times I miss mine…! This ones pretty indeed!

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