1989 BMW 325is

As a former owner of a 1988 325is, you’ll find me preaching the E30 gospel often. While the original M3 has reached cult status in the last few years, the 325is hasn’t gained as much attention. This is a shame, because they are fantastic cars in their own right. Here is a clean, lower mileage example for sale in Milwaukee that presents well in Lachsilber metallic.

1989 BMW 325is on eBay

For sale is my 1989 BMW 325iS with 96,000 original miles.
Lachssilber (salmon silver) metallic with Silber (light gray) interior.
Fully equipped with leather seats, power sunroof, on-board computer, rear view mirror with integral map lights and ellipsoid headlights.
This is one of the nicest surviving E30s you’ll find anywhere!


2.5 liter SOHC inline 6 cylinder. Maintenance is current, valves just adjusted. Runs great and happily winds out to redline with no issues.


The 5 speed manual transmission shifts perfectly. The shift lever action is nice & tight with none of the bushing sloppiness found in most E30s.


The body is in superb condition with no dents and only a few nicks & scratches. This car has never been in an accident and has always been garaged and cared for The paint is original except for the hood, the lower part of the driver’s door, and the driver’s side rear quarter panel. These areas were repainted in April 1994 to repair dings and scratches. No body work has been done since then. There are a few minor spots of surface rust (see pictures): below the Roundel on the trunk where it was pried off by a thief long ago, around the left license plate light, and on the rocker panel behind the right front wheel where there is a stone chip. The paint on the downward-facing edge of the plastic lower front valence is scuffed. There is a scratch & scuff on the black plastic impact rail of the rear bumper.


The interior is every bit as nice as the exterior. The original leather seats have no cracks or tears and have never been re-dyed. The carpet is free of spots & stains and is clean even under the seats. No french fries or candy wrappers! The dash is completely crack-free. The headliner has a couple small dirt spots which I’ve never bothered trying to clean. The center console storage compartment ahead of the ash tray has a small blemish in the right corner (see pictures.) This car has never been smoked in.


All equipment and options work correctly including power windows, sunroof, door locks, mirrors, rear defrost, all on-board computer functions, and check control system. It has the original Alpine “infrared” cassette stereo with BMW Sound System, all in proper working order. The A/C blows cold even on the hottest, most humid days.


It has the original BMW cross-spoke 14″ wheels (including the spare.) Contrary to what everyone else says, these wheels were made for BMW by Lemmerz, not BBS. The tires are Sumitomo HTR H4 205/60-14 with about 13,000 miles on them. They have more than 50% tread remaining. The wheel balance weights are the correct BMW/Mercedes 2-piece type.


The previous owner made several tasteful period performance modifications including: upgraded front sway bar, BMW adjustable-camber upper front strut mounts, Koni adjustable shocks all-around, and braided stainless steel brake lines. All windows except the windshield were tinted (not too dark) when the car was new and are still in great condition with no peeling or purple fade. I’ve installed an HID Xenon headlight retrofit kit with no modification of any kind to the wiring — they work great with the ellipsoid projector headlamps. I have also installed a Mercedes-Benz AGM battery, which is the same size and terminal configuration as the OE BMW battery.


I bought the car from a friend in Summer 2007; he bought it off-lease in October 1990 with only 18,732 miles on it. We are both BMW enthusiasts who have owned many BMWs from the 1980s onward.
I am a professional Mercedes-Benz mechanic specializing in models from the 1950s -1980s with a focus on preservation and originality.

With a couple days left, bidding is strong. If I had to guess, I think anywhere from $7,000 to $7,500 would probably be realistic. The sellers description is rather comprehensive and should help answer the important questions. I hope this car goes to a home where it is appreciated, because it is truly one of BMW’s greats. As much as the original M3 is a legend, the 325is is a legend in its own right. It has a completely different character than the M car, but the inline six is a fantastic motor. The handling and responsiveness also reminds the driver of what things were like in the days before electronic controls took over.


1980 Mercedes Benz Euro 380SE AMG very early

This is a very early W126 380SE, perhaps the earliest in the country.

The W126 wasn’t available in the states in 1980 so this car is a grey market model so you get the nice flush headlights.

The car has had an interesting past as the owner says it was sold by the the Southern California Police Department. It appears the car has seen some extended time in storage, but has since had some maintenance work, $3,000 worth, to get it back to road worthy status. It has covered 77,000 miles, always questionable with imported cars without good records.  The car has some AMG parts, rims, body kit, AMG look steering wheel. It also has white faced gauges and upgraded front seats, as well as a rear sun curtain. The stereo has been replaced with a more modern unit. I’m not a big fan of white cars, particularly ones with gold accents as this one has with all the gold badging. I do like the monochromatic look though with the painted grille, window trim, and wheel faces.

The ad is pretty weak, the seller doesn’t once mention the model Merc this is. The vin indicates it is a 380SE. Under the hood you can see the compact V8, it is missing a piece of the intake snorkel. There also appears to be an aftermarket alarm siren on the left side. It looks like a little cleaning under the hood could make things look a little fresher.

The oddest thing I notice from the pictures is there appears to be something funky going on with the passenger side panel fit. Maybe this is a photo artifact, but things look a little wavy and I’d want to look at that more closely and judging by the description that comes off as a little inexperienced, I’d want that looked at in person or by an agent rather than by the seller.

The ask price is $7,500 with a reserve. The seller will not get any bids at that price. Maybe a $5,000 car at small time classics dealer lot with an in person transaction as an impulse by. On eBay, even with it being early, under 100K, and with the AMG parts, $7,000 will not be happening for at least a few more years.

Good looking car that still doesn’t seem 32 years old.

1980 Mercedes Benz Euro 380SE AMG on eBay


2001 BMW 740iL

Black and silver are safe colors for large, German luxury sedans. Highly desirable and easy to sell on. However, a few cars slip through the cracks with more flamboyant hues, inside and out. While this BMW 740iL has a relatively understated Midnight Blue exterior, the interior is what sets this car apart. The Oyster leather with navy blue piping, blue carpeting and other blue and oyster accents appear to be straight out of a high end yacht. I think it looks great on this particular E38, a model that is still revered by many enthusiasts.

2001 BMW 740iL on eBay

2001 BMW 740iL. Rare Oyster Interior. There is still plenty of tread left on the tires. The paint has a showroom shine. This vehicle is fully-loaded. With just 75962 miles, this car is barely broken in. 100% CARFAX guaranteed! 100% AutoCheck guaranteed! Very clean interior! Still has the new car smell! The transmission in this vehicle shifts very smoothly. All electronic components in working condition.

The buy it now price of $16,000 is a few grand overpriced. If this was a perfect car, owned by a collector and fully documented, I could possibly see it. But given that it’s just another dealer who happened to get his hands on a unique 740iL, well, there would have to be some concessions in order to offset any repairs and maintenance that might need doing in the near future. Given a good tidying up and a clean bill of health, I would love to have something like this. The E38 is one of those timeless designs that will be an icon of luxury for years to come.


2001 Porsche 911 RUF RGT 13,000 miles

Not the fastest, nor, despite only 17 being produced in 2001, the most exclusive RUF model, but a RUF RGT is certainly both fast and exclusive.

The RGT is a great car, a GT3 Porsche available in the early 2000s for cruising the streets. One of the things that makes the RGT so appealing was the potent power, close to 400 ponies, coming without lag from the turbo free 3.6 liter engine.

While a casual observe may mistake this for one of the myriad of odd Porsche editions, those who recognize the RUF badge will know that only a mere handful of these cars exist.

New price on these was in the $250,000 range and this 13,000 mile model is being offered at $67,500. This is a pure driver’s car for the enthusiast who wants rarity and speed that comes from a wheels-up, factory built tuner car, not a stock Porsche saddled with various bolt on bits with questionable longevity. A new owner here can expect many miles of trouble free track and street performance and it is almost a necessity to get a car like this out to the track to let it stretch its legs.

2001 Porsche 911 RUF RGT 13,000 miles on eBay.


Mexican 1980 VW Jetta GLS for sale

Foreign-market cars are always interesting, whether it’s custom trim or a model completely absent from the US market. The Mk1 Jetta was certainly sold in the US, but I’m guessing you’ve never quite seen one like this Mexican example. I love the GLS striping, and overall this is an extremely clean example of the great original Jetta. You may be wondering about that elephant in the room though… Just how big are normal wheels on all cars these days? Check out these stock “Detroit” style wheels from a 2010 GTI making the Jetta look like a donk (definitely a “box,” not a “bubble”) I’d see in Oakland. Just another reason I think brand-new cars are merely caricatures of when they were simpler, better. Well, enough ranting, it’s certainly a new take on “OEM Plus,” and I kind of like it. Other than being grossly oversized, they fit the overall scheme of the car. The 1.8l with a 3-speed auto must have a hell of a time getting those ferris wheels turning, but the great part of old VWs is that a remedy for that is almost as accessible as switching the wheels.

1980 VW Jetta GLS for sale in Mexico

Description, in English and Spanish!

Up for Sale is a VW Jetta GLS MK1

Engine size is 1.8liter
Automatic 3 speed Transmission
Disk Brakes on all wheels
18″ Rims coming from a 2010 GTI
Brembo Disk Braking system
Good overall body and Paint
133,000 Kilometers
HID LIghts
No frame damage or accidents
Sold As Is with no warranty.

Vehicle currently has a Mexican Title under the state of Jalisco in Mexico.
Don’t know what it would if possible, take to make this car legal here in the US.
Buy at your own discretion.

This car is currently being used as a commuter car, engine runs strong with no oil leaks.

All original moldings and accessories.

Tengo de Venta de Oportunidad un Atlantic gls 1986 Jetta mk1,
Motor 1.8 Automatico , Vidrios traseros automaticos solamente
Frenos de disco Brembo en las cuatro llantas
Rines 18″ de modelo gti 2010
Buena Pintura sin garantia
133,000 kilometros
Luces HID y nunca chocado
Pintura en optima condicion.

4 bids have budged the price up to $560, but the Buy-It-Now is $4000. Factoring in that the wheels are worth at least $1k and it has just 82k miles on it, and I think $3,000 would be a nice price for this. Getting it into the US may hold its own problems, but it really is a clean Mk1 Jetta for someone looking for low mileage. You may be able to redo the stickers under the hood and the giant wheels, but then you wouldn’t have the story of being this hilariously awesome Jetta from Mexico!


2009 Mercedes-Benz E63 Estate

I give a lot of credit to Mercedes-Benz for their willingness to let a select group of US buyers special order the last generation E class AMG wagon. The E55, introduced in 2005, featured the 5.5 supercharged AMG V8 that cranked out 469 horsepower. With the phasing out of the 5.5 liter supercharged engine, it made way for the E63, which brought us a family estate with over 500 horsepower.

These are rather unique cars, as only a few hundred were sold new. This 2009 E63 represents the last year for the W211 AMG estate.

2009 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate on AutoTrader

CARFAX Certified one owner. The most rare car on the road, only two for sale in the whole United States for 2009. 507 HP, black on black, leather seats. Third row seating. Low miles. Navigation, Harman-Kardan Sound System, Xenon lights, all service completed. This E63 is immaculate. It is powered by a 6.2L 507 HP engine. No dents, scratches, non-smoker.

Multi-Zone A/C, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Heated Driver Seat, Heated Passenger Seat, Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Power Door Locks, Heated Power Mirrors, Variable, Rain and Speed Sensing Wipers.

The seller’s description in this ad was so bad that I had to massively edit it for the site. If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s dealers that try and sell unique cars like this and try and pass them off as your usual ex-rental Corolla. Also, I’d like to know how the Mercedes emblem on the tailgate was broken (there’s no ring around the three pointed star). All in all, a car of this stature deserves of a better presentation. With issues like these, it makes me wonder what else could have happened in this car’s past. When you spend this kind of money for a used car, you’ve just got to get it right.


2 owner, Lower-mileage 1991 BMW M5 for sale

E34 M5s hold the weird middle ground between the original and the Beast. Not as historical as the E28 that started it all, nor as insane as the 400hp V8-powered E39 that completely changed the supersedan game, haters might call it a sophomore slump. I still think it’s a great looking car with one hell of an inline-6. Today’s has covered just 72k miles over 2 owners, and is looking good on BBS RCs.

1991 BMW M5 for sale on eBay

Not a lot of info from the seller:

1991 E34 M5 for sale. 72k original miles, black on gray, always garaged, all original except for Dinan chip and 18″ BBS RC wheels. No accidents, all fluids recently done. All maintenance have been done and up to date. I am the second owner since 1996. Car was originally purchased in Arizona by the first owner. Let me know what questions you might have. Car is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end the auction early. Thanks for looking.

Definitely would need more information to determine what kind of miles those 72,000 have been. Even if it really has been babied, I think the $15k is a bit optimistic.


Gorgeous 1985 VW GTI for sale

80s German cars are wonderful in their simplicity, and accordingly, are best modified with restraint and cleanliness. Today’s GTI is a fantastic example of these concepts. Plenty of work has gone into making this GTI quick and beautiful, yet it remains so subtle and unostentatious that the uneducated would still pass it off as an ignorable 80s econocar. But the details make it special for VW fans, from the single-round headlights to the badgeless grill, the shaved moulding to the BBS RMs, not to mention the extensive work under the hood. It’s Volkswagen enthusiasm at its finest, resulting in a car that epitomizes the clean styling of the 80s while going the extra mile to make it special.

1985 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

A complete description from a very invested seller:

Up for sale is a clean Volkswagen GTI 16v. As you can see in the photos, this car has been taken care of. Please take the time to appreciate some of its features:

Engine: 4cyl. 2 Ltr 16v (refreshed by Dynamic Racing Solutions about 45k miles ago). 1.8 16v head, ported. Always used high end oil like Motul, Redline, or Lubromolly.

Intake Manifold: European 50mm.

Transmission: 5 speed manual (3.67 RP, Velocity bolt-on LSD upgrade) Rebuilt by Transaxle Engineering in Southern California (Less than 200 miles!)

Exhaust: Techtonics stainless steel, with a Borla Muffler (2.25″)

Wheels: BBS RM 15″

Tires: Kuhmo Ecsta XS (almost brand new in front, little wear in rear)- Super grippy tire, used by SCCA.

Interior: Two sought- after stock Recaro seats in great condition. Replaced headliner in excellent condition. Black leather Momo steering wheel. Sparco shift knob. Modified to “Power On” toggle switch and “Push-to-start” button: eradicates ignition switch problem. Car has late-style instrument cluster which shows a lower mileage, actual mileage is higher and is shown here. I will include the original stock instrument cluster with the car. The rear seats were not included when I bought this car, therefore, they are not available when it sells.

Exterior: 16v front splitter, Bonrath mono-wiper, rear wiper modified to lay down, shaved moulding, Bonrath front badgeless grille. Euro H4 headlights (single round conversion. Fender flares removed. Rear badges deleted. 16v roof antenna. Euro rear smoked tailights.

Shocks: Bilstein Sports

Springs: H&R sports.

Brakes: Upgraded to Volkswagen Corrado 11″/ Ferrodo pads.

Other New Parts installed within 200 miles: Spark plugs, oxygen sensor, water temperature sensor, distributor rotor, parking brake lines, fuel filter.

Things to be aware of: The hood latch lever inside the car has become loose, and does not work properly. It is possible to open the hood from outside the car. There is a scratch located on the driver side fron fender, which is visible in the photos. Considering the age of the car, these are minor flaws which the new owner can attend to.

Final Comments: It would cost thousand of dollars to replicate this build. This car is not your typical POS, that is converted into a nice car. This car has been in our family for over 15 years, and was bought from the original owner, who kept it garaged in his home in La Habra Heights, CA. This car is currently driven approximately 5-10 miles a week, and is always garaged. THIS CAR IS A MUST SEE: VERY UNIQUE.

I do love this GTI. Though I love fender flares, their removal furthers the clean theme, as does the single wiper, shaved badges, etc. The mechanical work is equally impressive, and the refreshed engine and new transmission with LSD make the 223k miles a little less worrisome. I do think the seller is falling into a common trap though of thinking that money on mods directly increases the value of the car. While this GTI is great, I think the $9k Buy-It-Now would be too much for this car. Conversely, the $5k starting bid is probably a bit low, however, and I would see $6k, maybe $7k making this a great buy for a VW enthusiast.


1978 Multicar M25

And now for something completely different. It’s easily forgotten that before German reunification in 1990, quite a few vehicle manufacturers existed in East Germany. VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau, makers of the Trabant, was one of the more prominent manufacturers. But there was also a handful of smaller, less well known companies, such as this tiny truck produced by VEB Fahrzeugwerk Waltershausen.

I was surprised to find this Multicar exists in the township right next door to my parents home in Pennsylvania. I’ve never seen it around up there. Then again, with a two liter four cylinder diesel good for a top speed of 35 mph, anything outside of neighborhood streets would be a chore for this truck.

1978 Multicar M25 on eBay

Here is your opportunity to own both a unique vehicle and a piece of Cold War history. The Multicar M25 is a small, specialized equipment truck that was manufactured in Waltershausen, in the former communist East Germany. As a result of its design and capabilities, the M25 is often referred to by former East Germans as a “piece of equipment on wheels”. Coincidentally, Multicar is the only former East German vehicle manufacturer to survive “the fall of the Berlin Wall”.

Besides being a fun vehicle to drive with its distinctive shape and European diesel sound, this garage maintained Multicar is probably only one of only a handful in the USA. The M25 is titled in Pennsylvania, thus registering the vehicle in any state should be an easy process. Additionally, the Multicar recently passed its Pennsylvania State Inspection and has a current inspection sticker that expires in October, 2012.

With a 2 liter diesel engine and a top speed of 35 mph, this multifunctional truck is ideal for both residential and off-street use. For those unfamiliar with an M25, as a result of its lower gear ratio, the Multicar is not intended for long term high speed use on a highway or interstate, such extended high speed use could result in overheating. Please remember that this communist made vehicle is basically a “workhorse” in accordance with communist philosophies and not a race car. With that thought in mind, the Multicar’s dual wheel axle and controllable differential allows for a 2 ton payload capacity.

The vehicle currently has 47,860 original Kilometers (29,765 miles) on the Odometer. Every effort has been made to maintain this vehicle in its original condition. Keeping that in consideration, the overall condition of the Multicar varies from good to very good condition for its age.

The exterior is in good to very good condition. The fenders, bumpers, rims and truck bed were repainted 3 years ago. At the end of communist times, the sides of the cab were painted a slightly different green to cover over communist markings and the fruit orchard’s name who originally owned the Multicar. Through polishing, the orchard’s name has been restored. Since the cab still has the original communist fruit orchard’s name on the passenger side door and I wanted to maintain its original integrity, the cab has not been repainted. For those interested in doing so, I have the matching green acrylic enamel paint for the cab, which I will be including in the sale, thus the cab could be repainted with very little effort.

In addition to the paint, I will also be including in the sale an copy of the M25 owner’s manual and a copy of the M25 Repair Manual in German. The interior is in good condition. The seats, with the exception of some age induced cracking at the top of the each seat and a stress crack on the driver’s side seat; are in good condition.

The tires are original East German manufactured tires and although they may still have plenty of useable tread available, they are aging. Thus, if you would be intending to carry loads approaching 2 tons, I would consider replacing them.

Judging from the slightly washed out signage on the side door, it seems this truck served as a produce delivery vehicle of some sort in Crimmitschau. I could see a little truck like this serving a multitude of purposes. A landscaping company could use it as a handy hauler for smaller jobs. A golf course would also be a good fit with its lower top speed. Or, possibly, a truck like this would be perfect in a downtown area like Center City Philadelphia or Manhattan for a number of small businesses, such as flower or pizza delivery. Sourcing parts could be an issue, however, Multicar is the only vehicle manufacturer from the former East Germany that survived reunification. The company is now operated under the name Hako-Werke GmbH. So getting parts might not be as hard as first assumed.

With a little under a week left in the auction, there’s been some bidding interest. The buy it now price seems a bit steep, but overall the truck looks to be in pretty good nick for a utility vehicle.


1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE < 40,000 miles

The W112 and W111 Benz coupes are some of my favorites in terms of looks. This German market car still sports the European headlights, a German D sticker and the unique rear fog light option. What makes this one catch my eye is its very original condition and the less than 40,000 miles it has covered. Mercedes offered a number of their two door cars with two tone paint, the dark tops often giving the car a convertible appearance. I’m not a huge fan of white cars, but the white and navy blue of this one with the saddle interior is a good look. The wood on the dash shows signs of some improper cleaning, but there are several places that refinish Mercedes and other automotive wood to amazing looks.

The owner states the car was shipped stateside, to NYC, in 1980 and has spent a number of years, since 1994, stored in a garage in Florida. There is going to be a need to go over a few things, but the car comes with all receipts since 1980, which is very helpful. The owner says it has a new water pump, starter, alternator, and gas tank. These cars had the air ride suspension and it is very clear from the low rider look in the photos that this is going to need some attention. The bellows may need to be replaced amongst other things. This can be costly as not every local car shop will want to work on the system.

The inline six is a proven power plant perfect for sedate driving in this machine.

These cars are investment opportunities with this low mileage and original shape.  This one has bids up over $12,000 with the reserve not met. The seller has no eBay feedback so caveat emptor.

1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE on eBay


Caveat emptor