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Porsches For Sale Right Now That Look Like Good Value: 911SC and Boxster

I featured a couple of BMW‘s models that are worth keeping an eye on for good value, but how about some Porsches.

Porsche 911SC

Ask any air cooled 911 owner what the best value in the range is, and 9 times out of 10, they’ll tell you to consider the Porsche 911SC from 78-83. Visually, it’s nearly identical to the later Carrera which commands quite a bit more cash, yet still retains a modern-classic look with body details that dates back to 74. And it’s no slouch with around 180hp. I’ve had the pleasure of driving my good friend Paul’s 1980 911sc on numerous occasions.

Here are a couple I spotted surfing Craigslist that caught my eye.

1980 Porsche 911sc Sweet Condition. Red Rocket! – $18900 (Boise, 85k miles)

1979 Porsche 911sc – $16500 (Eugene, 97k miles)

Early Porsche Boxster

Watch the reviews and it’s obvious the Boxster is a classic already. With prices well under $20k for well equipped models, they’re a serious consideration if you’re in the market for a sporty drop top.

2000 Porsche Boxster with only 46k miles – $16500 (Seattle)

1999 Porsche Boxster – $17000 (Beaverton, Oregon, 38k miles)

I had started a Porsche Boxster S FAQ at my old blog, but it’s still worth referencing for any early Boxster purchase. My buddy Paul tells me working on these cars is a PITA, but damn, it’s hard not deny the appeal and versatility of these cars.

As with any car I’d seriously consider buying, I’d do a Pre-Purchase Inspection and CarFax history report to begin the background check. But for under $20k you have your choice of either a classic 911 or a modern-classic Boxster to fulfill the Porsche fantasy.



  1. Jim
    Jim October 24, 2008

    I am not a boxster fan…. the SC is good value but not at 18k, never would I pay up for an SC to that price. Look for really good SC values below 15k and closer to 10k with a bit of your own work can be excellent daily drivers and cheap to own and enjoy for a year or two

  2. admin
    admin October 24, 2008

    I guess I just haven’t seen many SC’s that have a strong color combo like these have, but you’re probably right that it doesn’t justify the extra several thousand asking.

    I have a $10k SC I’ll be posting later this weekend that’s local.


  3. Jim
    Jim October 24, 2008

    Red Sc is not hard to find, no one is paying up for RED. At 18 grand I would buy a Carrera or maybe even an 87-89 Carrera with the g50 trans.

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