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Restomod 1965 Volkswagen Buses


The Volkswagen Type 2 “Bus” is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, perhaps second only to the Type 1 Beetle. They draw smiles everywhere they go, and are perfectly acceptable as rusty survivors and perfect, climate-controlled-storage classics. The one my brother drove for a while was of the no-muffler beater variety, but today’s examples are gorgeous, show-quality items that will blow minds with both their looks and their prices. Both are modified to take on the look of the desirable “21-window” bus, but the first one has significantly more than that…

Click for details: 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 Limousine on eBay

$_57 (1)

Year: 1965
Model: Volkswagen Type 2 Limousine
Engine: 2.1 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 1,600 mi
Price: $220,000 OBO

$_57 (3)

This is a golden opportunity knocking on your door. The question is, are you going to answer?

For sale is the world’s only 1965 Volkswagen stretch microbus with 33-windows and a ragtop sunroof. This bus was built by a VW-only restoration shop in Southern California for use as a limousine on the island of Maui, Hawaii. It can hold up to 12 passengers. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece took two years to complete, and was finished less than three months ago. It has approximately 1600 miles on the odometer. It runs and drives perfectly…tracks down the road straight as an arrow. And, best of all, this listing includes ownership of the fully-licensed limousine company that owns the bus, including State of Hawaii Public Utilities Commission licensing, company website, company logo, company telephone numbers, and embroidered Tommy Bahama drivers uniforms. The company (Endless Summer Limousine) is a turn-key operation that is garnering a ton of interest in its first two months of operation, and already has bookings well into 2015. In case you did not know, Maui is the number one destination wedding spot in the world, with over 7,000 weddings every year. With its unique niche in the marketplace, this company has limitless potential. Although it is a very difficult decision, sudden personal family issues are necessitating my relocation to the mainland and the sale of the company.

As stated, this stretch microbus was professionally built by a VW-only restoration shop in Southern California. No expense was spared during its two-year rotisserie restoration. Every single nut, bolt, and part is new…I mean absolutely everything. And, the parts are not swap meet Chinese junk. Only the highest quality parts that money could buy were used to build this vehicle (Wolfsburg West, Wolfgang International, Aircooled Accessories, etc.).

This bus is 100% rust-free, and the paint and body are incredible. The PPG paint was sprayed in original colors from a 1957 Chevy…tropical turquoise and India ivory. The entire bus, including the interior, frame, undercarriage, wheel wells, inside and bottom of doors, etc. was coated with POR15, a rust preventative. I had anticipated it would spend its life in Maui, so every precaution was taken to prevent rust from ever forming on this beauty. Wherever you live, rest assured this vehicle will remain in pristine condition despite the weather (or salt on the roads).

The bus was also covered throughout the interior with Fatmat sound deadening material…no excessive road noise to bother the passengers (or the driver). The Fatmat also makes the high-end stereo system sound impeccable (Alpine head unit, Alpine amp, 6 JBL speakers).

The bus is powered by a VW 2074cc engine that is a bullet-proof torque monster, with dual port, single carburetor, and custom modified venture. As part of the PUC licensing, the bus had to be weighed…it came in at just under 3900 lbs. The custom engine moves this bus very effectively, even with a load of 12 passengers. The bus was driven from San Diego to the port of Long Beach at 65mph and it had some pedal left (top speed here in Maui is only 55mph).

Here is a non-inclusive list of high-end parts:

Front Safari windows – stainless steel (from Wolfgang International)
Rear Safari window – stainless steel (from Wolfgang International)

14 Side Pop-Out windows with Large Spoon Latches – chrome (from California Import Parts)
Chrome front door window frames (chrome-plated at California Plating in San Diego, CA)
Polished deluxe trim on beltline and bumpers with black rubber inserts (from Aircooled Accessories in the UK)
Front disc brakes (conversion from VW bay window bus so parts are readily available)
Gene Berg performance shifter with reverse lock-out (added feature as a theft-deterrent)
LED headlights (from Truck-Lite)
LED custom tail lights (fabricated to fit inside OEM housings)

LED third-brake lights/directional signals mounted in rear window
Vintage Speed exhaust system
Blaze-Cut automatic fire suppression system
Viper alarm with custom sensors and remote notification
Ultima Red Top battery (to run the bus) and Ultima Yellow Top battery (to run the electronics)
RGBW LED light strips running the entire length of the interior of the bus on both sides (can be changed to ANY color)

Custom wood flooring and wood interior

American-style bumpers (powdercoated RAL9016 traffic white)
15″ VW original crows foot rims (powdercoated RAL9016 traffic white)
Good-Year Custom Super Cushion 2-3/4″ whitewalls (205/75R15)
German-quality VW stainless steel hubcaps
Custom 17″ wood steering wheel

Restored speedometer
Custom 2-tone brown interior with white piping and hidden pleats
Chrome door pull handles
Chrome interior grab handle
Chrome drink holder in front cab

Stainless steel drink holders in passenger area
All new rubber and glass throughout entire vehicle

LCD screen with reverse back-up camera in license plate

Back up siren (120db)

Reverse back-up lights from 1960’s VW beetle mounted to rear bumper

Custom gauges (oil temp, cylinder head temp, and oil pressure)
Gerson metal (green metal) used for all rust repairs

The list literally goes on and on and on…in all honesty, the only thing missing is a VW bus clock in the front cab…I have not found one in good enough condition to warrant installing it in this masterpiece.

Every single part on this vehicle is brand new, from engine lid hinges to wiring harness to complete brake system to mirrors and everything in between. The engine, transmission, and gear reduction boxes were all completely disassembled and rebuilt using only new parts. If you are a serious buyer, please contact me and I can send you a link to over 600 pictures of the build. I also welcome any inspection and test drive.

Considering the costs of donor VW busses, the high-end parts installed on this masterpiece, and the two years of custom shop time during the restoration process, it would cost over $250,000 to recreate this vehicle. Of course, that price does not include the time and money invested in getting the limousine licensing from the State of Hawaii, as well as other company assets.

The listing price for the company and the vehicle is $220,000. I will also consider selling just the vehicle separate from the company if you are not interested in owning a fully-licensed limousine company in Maui.

To gauge your expenses, if you are interested in having the vehicle shipped, it will cost approximately $1,100 to ship it from Maui to the port of Long Beach, California via Matson Ocean Services.

$_57 (5)
Not just a bus but an entire entrepreneurial pursuit if you want it! It is beautiful done, and not just in the extension – I love the wood and dark leather interior. The purple LEDs are a bit much, but this is a Hawaiian party bus after all. It’s a sad story for the seller, heading to the mainland after putting in a crazy amount of time and effort on making this amazing Bus. I’m skeptical of the little boxer’s ability to really move this machine, but I guess you probably don’t want to be going to anywhere too fast with that wheelbase anyways. I doubt he’ll get his asking price, but I do hope someone picks up this amazing and unique limo and uses it well.

$_57 (1)

Click for details: 1965 Volkswagen Bus on eBay

$_57 (2)

Year: 1965
Model: Volkswagen Type 2
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 67,842 mi
Price: $49,999.99 OBO
$_57 (4)

1965 VW 21 Split Window Rag-top
Please remember this is investment, It is better then Money in the Bank. Stated Value Classic Car Insurance Comes in at $85.000. Please confirm this with your Classic insurance.

Up for Sale is a 1965 21 Split Window Rag-top, that was restore. This is Not a Off-Frame Restoration. It is Sold As IS . But a job well done. To bring this beautiful 1965 VW back to its glory. Listed below will be all of the New Parts. Or Rebuilt Parts, that were installed on the VW Bus. I would encourage you to Please Check with the Classic Insurance Co. For the Stated Value of this Vehicle. The Appraisal Value came in at $85,000. These Vehicles are only going to Increase in Value in time. Having this vehicle, in your garage is better than, Money in the Bank. The VW bus was, not a original it was converted to a 21 Split Window Rag-top. A true 21 Window would be sold at above $100.000. Please check the details that were taken to bring this Bus to its glory, like the Interior, Head Liner, Seats, Safari Windows, & Original VW Windows. Below is going to be a list of all New or Restored Parts that were added to the VW Bus.

New or Restored Parts:

Rebuilt Engine 1600 , 1 1/2 Year ago.
Spark Plug Cables & Points
Generator not New, But Functioning
Suspension All New & Replace
Gas tank clean and painted
Sending unit replaced

Brake wheel cylinders front and rear
Soft and Hard brake lines
Hand Brake Boot
Accelerator Repair Kit
Brake Line
Shifter Rod
Tie Rods
Drag Link
Swing Lever Kit
Shoes Pads
Master cylinder , main line to the back.
Wheel bearings were replaced or repacked
Shocks front and rear
Steering Clo-um with a Rebuilt Steering Box
Steering Wheel & Cap
Steering Damper
New Tires
Chrome Hub-Caps
Wire harness
Engine Seals
Radio Plate, Chrome Ash Tray

All Original VW Windows, Expect For Back Rear Hatch Window
Safari -Windows (Don;t Have VW Logo)
Pop-out Windows
Paint job Color is Blood Red (KR558) & Light White. Clear was given 3 coats
Luggage Rack
Lights & Lenses, Front & Back. Head Light
Tail Light Assembly
Sky Light Bullet Lens
12 -V Interior Light Back & Middle
New Wiper & Wiper Holder
Seat Belts on Front Middle & Back
Chrome Pop-Out Latches
New Battery & connections.
Speedometer Cable.
Accelerator Cable
Chrome Handles
Chrome Exterior & Interior Handles
Outside Mirror & Rear Mirror.
Chrome Side Trim
Deluxe Chrome Trim & Insert
VW Emblem
VW Logo
Jail Bars added.
Dash Border Knobs,
Deluxe Chrome latches for Windows
Dash Handles
Bulk Head handle
Headliner & Headliner Beading
Front Mat, Middle & Back
Grab Bar Handles For Middle Seats
Body Rubber Seal Kit Doors for & All Windows & Rear
Panels All Around
Seats were Reupholstered.,
The front & back seat frames were repainted
Seats were Reupholstered
Springs were replaced
Video on You Tube:


This bus looks pretty amazing and is almost as over-the-top as the limo, sporting Blood Red paint and surfboard/rack accoutrements. It would certainly stick out and draw nearly as much attention on the street. It was a standard bus redone to ape the 21-window’s airiness and desirability. A claimed valuation of $85k may seem high, but he’s correct that a real 21-window would be over $100k. A few odds and ends that would seem simple to fix need some attention, raising my skepticism. If you love the postcard-style looks of this Bus, go for it, but I’d probably skip the boulevard cruiser and spend my $50k on a Type 3 Syncro Westy!



  1. Harrison
    Harrison January 15, 2015

    220k for a Bus with an engine that won’t even push it along in a normal model?

    No thanks.

  2. Woodie Man
    Woodie Man January 15, 2015

    Both of these sellers need to get off the mota. While the crazy run up in prices of 21 and 23 window(s) almost guaranteed that someone would build a replica window bus and a stretch. the ideas that these are an investment is just crazy; more like a bubble. I sold my cherry ’67 21 window, with an original Westphalia interior I installed, for six thousand dollars in 1983. And I thought that was a lot even though it was well worth it as an original Cali bus. I still have a set of original VW squibbed and tinted roof glass. I better put them in a safe deposit box!

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