1975 Mercedes-Benz O309D


Here’s a new one to add to my growing list of possible vehicles for when I forsake this overly-busy life and decide to strike out on the open road indefinitely. Someone in Alaska has apparently already done it in this car, but was of the (proper) mindset that big repair bills would were just part of keeping it in great running order. That doesn’t mean beautiful – this proto-Sprinter O309D has a few blemishes and some needs – but the right care has been to taken to keep it ready for what I see it as made for: living in and covering tons of miles. It won’t get there fast with a terminal velocity of 65 mph, but it returns an alleged 24 mpg on average from the 3.8l turbodiesel 4-cylinder, which is insane for a vehicle of this size. With Westfalias commanding insane multiples of $10k, this is priced right for someone to start/make/restart a life in.

Click for more details: 1975 Mercedes-Benz O309D Van on eBay

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1975 Volkswagen Rabbit Swallowtail

By the time the late 1960s rolled around, Volkswagen saw the writing on the wall when it came to the Beetle. It was time to plan for its replacement. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Golf (or Rabbit as it came to be known in the US), was one of the first mass produced front engined, front-wheel drive, transverse engined compacts to gain success after the introduction of the trailblazing Mini in 1959. In 1978, Volkswagen began to produce this compact hatchback in the US at the Westmoreland, Pennsylvania manufacturing plant under the Rabbit badge. But before the domestic Rabbits began to roll off the line, the very first Rabbits to appear in the US were distinguished by their curious rear bodywork, with a drooping panel line around the rear tail lamps. These early Rabbits became known as the “swallowtail.”

It’s rare to come across these early Rabbits, but this 1975 model for sale in Florida is one of the earliest we’ve featured here on GCFSB, with a build date of December 1974. For the purist, this is certainly a chance to snag what has to be one the earliest, most well preserved Rabbits on US shores.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 1975 Ruf Carrera RS

Without a doubt, Ruf is the supreme tuner of Porsches – notably the turbo models. Their legendary performance is the stuff of dreams for enthusiasts and nightmares for competitors; Ruf simply defines the market. Ruf Automobiles is also one of the few select tuners which carry their own build tags, renaming the original Porsche-manufactured cars to be known as Rufs when they leave the factory. But as with all companies, Ruf started on a much smaller scale in 1975, turning out modified 911s that hinted at their future as a premier tuner. Today there is one such model for sale, a early Ruf-modified Carrera RS:

Year: 1975
Model: Ruf RS
Engine: 3.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 10,000 mi
Price: $98,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1975 Ruf Carrera RS on eBay

Original ´75 RUF Carrera RS. One of only 5 ever built !


Build in 1975 by “the” Porsche spezialist in Germany,

starting with a whole new chassis from the Porsche Factory !

Delivered with its original 911/83 Engine, modified to 2.8 Liter by RUF !

– original RUF certificate existing !

Complete rebuilt in 2007:


Car has been completely disassembled, Body has been stripped to bare metal,

galvanized and cavity preserved. Racing enhancements had been welded in.

New allover paint job in “grandprix-white”

Bumpers, fenders, hoods are fiberglass.

Heigo–rollcage welded in. Has FIA approved padding.

60 Liter fueltank with hood fueling, catchtank, two fuelpumps, emergency shut-off,

racing hood latches, racing tow-hooks, FIA-proved fire-extinguishing system.

Windshield in glass, all other from Makrolon.


Strut-brace welded in, hollow torsion bars 22mm in front, 28mm in rear.

Alloy trailing arms on adjustable controlstruts.

Adjustable stabilizer-bars 22mm, Bilstein Clubsport shocks.

Fuchs rims 8×16 in front, 10×16 in rear, roadlegal racing tyres.

Suspension has been balanced on the Nürburgring and Salzburgring !


Porsche racing-brakes with 911 Turbo brakepower-assistunit,

racing pads, brake-balance-adjuster front/rear !


Lightweight carpet, Recaro Pole Position seats, FIA approved safety-harness.

10.000 rpm tachometer, Momo-racing steering wheel, lightweight RS door-panels.


915 all overhauled, 5 gear with 8:35 ratio, Quaiffe limited slip differential.


Original 911/83 engine, all overauled and extended to 3.2 Liter short stroke !

Double-ignition, perfect matched PMO 46 carburators, lightened flywheel,

ported cylinder-heads, racing-cams,lightened and polished rods, new forged racing pistons

10,3:1, new Nikasil-coated alloy cylinders. 265HP und 301NM torque – dyno report existing !

RSR frontoilcooler, RSR racing headers and exhaust.

The car is extremely rare and has a one of very few original RUF VIN-Number ! TP……..

A road-driveable racing car with extreme value-enhancement-potential !

We will assist in shipping world-wide!

The original 2.7 RS is a bit of a legend, and combined with the upgrades from Ruf you have a formidable combination. Having undergone a full restoration this car certainly looks the part. Despite this, the asking of this Ruf creation is only around a third of what a real RS would set you back. Is it worth it? While some of the originality has been lost, this Ruf will certainly out perform the original RS in just about every measure. Were it my money, I think I could certainly live with the difference, but then I’m well out of my league looking at this ride. Still, a man can dream, and I think this is a dream-worthy ride by anyone’s measure.


Top of the Market: 1965 Porsche 912 and 1975 BMW 3.0CS


While we here at GCFSB usually try to find the best deal for your hard-earned money, the reality is that sometimes it’s hard to find mint-condition cars at a budget price. Increasingly it seems that we find lots of examples of really nice cars that investors and speculators are trying to capitalize on by setting the price in the stratosphere. Such is the case today; two lovely examples of two very opposite cars that are both priced well outside of their respective markets. The question is, what is uniqueness and perfection worth? Let’s take a look at the first, an impressive restored condition 912:


Year: 1965
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 68,935 mi
Price: $59,980 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1965 Porsche 912 on eBay

1965 Porsche 912 – Excellent condition, rust-free car with a fresh restoration. Rare 5-speed transmission. Shows beautifully and runs like a champ. Refinished in original Champagne Yellow with Green Leatherette interior. 68935 actual miles. Original motor redone during restoration; transmission was replaced with a correct 5spd. Recent Michelin XZX tires installed. Certificate of Authenticity included. An all-around stud that needs nothing to drive and enjoy.

Original Factory Options:



2 Headrests – Leatherette

Tinted Glass All Around

Ventilated Chrome Wheels

Talbot Mirror

Wheel Caps w/Crest

5 Speed Transmission

Dunlop Tires

Call or Email us with any questions

Financing available for well-qualified buyers

Clean Exotic/Sports car trade-ins gladly considered

We can assist with arranging enclosed shipping anywhere in the world

SwitchCars – Toll Free 866-672-CARS, or local/international, +1-216-453-0507

Switchcars is the enthusiast’s exotic car dealership. We buy, sell, and consign cars we like. We specialize in clean modern and vintage Porsche, Ferrari, and Lotus products, as well as other limited-production exotic cars, and are an authorized Trailex aluminum trailer dealer.

Switchcars gets our cars from private collectors, customers, and dealers/wholesalers with whom we have an established relationship – never from auctions. We strive to verify the history and condition on every car we purchase to the best of our ability, and only buy from trustworthy sources. We have a wide variety of cars for sale – some are concours winners, others are track toys, but all are described accurately and honestly with as much documentation as possible. We encourage buyers to verify condition on any car we have for sale, and we have a good network of independent and factory-authorized Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Audi, Aston Martin,and Lamborghini mechanics that service our vehicles and can handle any pre-purchase inspections or service throughout your ownership.

This is a beautifully restored car even if it isn’t the most popular color combination. Rob has written up several 912s recently like this 1969 912; I agree with him that there is a beauty and simplicity about the original 901 design that makes it very special. The 912 captures that innocence well. As 911 prices have risen they’ve pulled the more-affordable 912 along with them. However, at roughly double the going market rate for even a really nice example of a 912 and well above Hagerty’s top value estimate, is this the 912 to buy? Well, if you want a show-ready car, perhaps it is, though I still think it’s priced too high. Speaking of priced too high….


The BMW E9 is another steadily rising star in the classic German motoring world. Long considered one of the best looking BMW designs, finding good condition 3.0s is very difficult. This car is the polar opposite of the 912; big six in front, Taiga Green on the outside and tan inside. It certainly looks fantastic with the deep front airdam, Euro bumpers and trunk lip and BBS alloys. The green is also a really unique and period correct color for this example. However, as Paul showed with his recent 3.0 CSi post, value on these cars lies in between $35,000 – $45,000 for some of the better examples. While this example looks splendid, the seller claims the mileage may be off and the paint was redone, making you question the quality of the restoration and what – if anything – it was covering up. Still, it’s drop dead gorgeous, so take a look:


Year: 1975
Model: 3.0CS
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 9,168 mi
Price: $63,900 Buy It Now




3266 Post Rd

Southport, Ct 06890

203 256 9800



VIN 4300610

The Classic Car Gallery is proud to offer this 2-owner (2nd owner for the past 24 years) 1975 BMW 3.0CS coupe. The car was brought over from Europe in 1984, is a very low mileage original EURO car, in her correct TAIGA GREEN (she shows 9600 miles, but judging by condition, we believe her to have approx. 40,000 miles). She has not been driven more than 1000 miles in the last 15 years (we have documentation verifying this). The car recently underwent a comprehensive inspection by noted BMW E9 RESTORER MATT McGINN OF SPORTS CAR RESTORATION in Plainville, Ct. In lieu of a description, I have included Matts review of the car below;

Hi Steven,

I’m at the shop after a long day, I did forget your card at home, hope this generic email off your site gets to you.

We had a good time looking at the coupe yesterday, thanks for calling us in on this mission.

I am working on the written impression of the car, but as I am trying to really nail every detail that Dennis, Tim and I took in, it is taking longer than I’d hoped.

In short, you can quote me on any of the following if you have buyers prior to be sending you the report.

Car is in top ten percent of e9 coupes from a body/paint perspective. Driving up to the shop and seeing the car in the lot my first impression was positive. Period-correct Mahle wheels, the CSL wheelarch trim, color, cleanliness all spoke. I can’t say the year/proximity to end of production adds value necessarily to me, as they were serially-produced, but the euro bumpers on a late CS are great and the color is great.


Engine has compression leakage through piston rings into crankcase. As a weekend car, not something likely to cause major oil consumption or fouling plugs, etc. More driving may help the rings seat better. Plugs looked good when removed, not black and rich, not white and lean. We could not test on-road manners of car but a buyer can do this. Brake sticking issue may be solvable by fitting new front calipers, but double check the master cylinder and/or pedal linkage to make sure there is not a hydraulic issue (MC) or just a physical binding issue (bad bushing in the linkage) keeping some pressure on the calipers. Just a little pressure in the MC or linkage equals much more binding in the front brakes than the rear by nature.

Color is re-sprayed but likely original color and done well. Glass-out, doors-off good comprehensive repaint. Not cheap, now or ever.

Car has never had a panel changed, and has never had rust repair and does not need either as a high-level driver car. Rust areas in front of doors are an “option” fix as they are not likely to grow given a typical classic car’s use. It will also not spread to adjacent panes. As a driver-level car, you leave that spot alone.. Areas of concern (front structure, frame rails) are dead-original, never-repaired, never-rusted and need no repair. Slight surface rust on isolated spots on floor pan. No evidence of repair. Rocker panels are original.

Trim, seals and interior excellent. Replaced with BMW factory parts and in great condition and fit well. Dash is excellent, no cracks. Wood veneer on dash, door-panels have appropriate age. Speaker grille on dash has original fabric behind grates. All seat trims, especially the seat rail covers excellent. Appears to be original upholstery. (I am researching this as this is one aspect of the late coupes I am not 100 percent familar with.)

I saw on your site that the car was for sale for $XX,XXX. You’d asked yesterday about my opinion on the value. That’s tough for me as we’re focused on building cars for owners, but I can tell you this, if you got a complete donor car for free, you could not build a car of this caliber for $XX,XXX. it would be double that, triple that for something REALLY nice And to boot, you’d have to really find a rust-free, never-hit survivor to build from, and even then then you could not do it.

Thanks again, much more to follow.


Since Matt’s inspection, we have rebuilt the carburetors, installed new front brake calipers, brake lines and master cylinder. The car now runs and stops as she should. These E9 COUPES are among the most collectible cars of the 1970s’ and is bound to appreciate. This particular car is stunning in its originality, (THEY ARE ONLY ORIGINAL ONCE!!!) and it may be the nicest original 3.0 CS on the market today. Feel free to call 203 256 9800 or email Steven@classiccargallery.com if we can answer any of your questions.

The 3rd party inspection of this car is interesting and unique to include, but the question remains as to whether this car is worth 50% more than most similar models? Well, again, if you want this color combination in a show ready vehicle, here you go. Preparing vintage cars to this level is not a cheap proposition, and as the 3rd party inspector notes you could easily spend 2-3 times the sale price on a free vehicle trying to make it perfect. For me, I think I’d rather have a slightly less perfect example that I’d be happier to drive, but since neither of these cars are museum quality the future owner could likely enjoy occasional trips without really negating value. Does that mean they’re a good deal? Well, at the top of the market, no they’re not – but if you want to take the easy way out, this is how to do it. Spend a little more up front and get the best car you can and it’ll save you headaches in the long run. For me it would be a tough choice between these two, but I think ultimately I’d choose the 912 over the 3.0 just because it seems a little more honestly presented and has less questions than the BMW; though I have to say, I think the BMW is the better looking of the two by a margin.

Which would you choose?


1975 Porsche 911 2.7 Euro Carrera Coupe

Here in the US, the 1974-1977 911 is the red-headed stepchild of the 911 lineage (at least among collectors). These cars featured neither the original long-hood design of the pre-1974 911 nor did they possess the fuel-injected 3.0 liter engine and 915 transmission of the 911SC. As such, they remain confined to no man’s land. There is, however, an exception: the Euro 2.7 Carrera, which utilized the 2.7 liter MFI engine from the 1973 Carrera RS. Rather than the 173 hp produced in the top of the range 911S of the period, the Euro model’s engine produced 210 hp and had the same widened rear fenders and lower weight as the RS Touring. Which brings us to the car featured here: a Lime Green(!) 1975 Porsche 911 2.7 Euro Carrera Coupe.


Year: 1975
Model: 911 2.7 Euro Carrera Coupe
Engine: 2.7 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 86,685 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1975 Porsche 911 2.7 Euro Carrera Coupe on eBay

Beautiful and rare Lime Green 2.7 RS MFI Carrera in Excellent condition throughout. Recently imported from ideal European climate. Older, very nice paint. Excellent interior. 7 and 8 inch Fuchs wheels with new Pirelli P6000, Legendary 2.7 Mechanically injected 2.7 RS runs and drives very strong. More pictures here: Porsport.com


The seller of this car has left the buyer to do a lot of the leg work to determine this car’s present state. It looks good and the Lime Green paint is such an eye-catching color on the classic 911 body. The interior is…interesting. I’m not sure I’ve come across a scotch plaid interior so it’s certainly rare! Otherwise, the interior looks to be in equally good condition as the exterior and given the cleanliness of the engine compartment I would hope this is a well maintained example. It needn’t be stated that any serious buyer will want to know the full state of the mechanicals and make sure that the service history has been suitable. I have seen these cars listed anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000 so I will not hazard a guess at a reasonable price for this particular car, but bidding is currently at $70,100 with reserve still on. Value aside, this a rare and eye-catching car that would be a joy to drive, but will likely come at a very steep price. I definitely will have my eye on this one to see if it sells.


1975 Mercedes-Benz 450SL

I’ll confess, I’m a huge fan of 1970s culture. A lot of this enthusiasm boils down to the music I listen to, whether it be disco, punk or the grand orchestral arrangements mixed with soul and funk overtones that epitomized the Philly Sound. While the automotive scene in the 1970s was a bit of a wasteland, there were a few bright spots. Key of which was the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL, which lasted a full decade longer after the seventies came to a close. We’ve featured many R107 SL roadsters and C107 SLC coupes on GCFSB, but this 1975 450SL in Cayenne Orange is an eye-opener and brings you right back to the period of lava lamps, leisure suits and Led Zeppelin.

Year: 1975
Model: 450SL
Engine: 4.5 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 142,000 mi
Price: $15,750

1975 Mercedes-Benz 450SL on eBay

1975 Mercedes-Benz 450SL R107 Roadster. The W107 chassis of the 280, 350, 380, 450 and 560SLs was one of the longest running production bodies in the Daimler-Benz AG’s line, and W107s are extremely well built and collectable. It is also the first V8 powered two-seater to be built at the Stuttgart, Germany factory. 450SL’s are plentiful, but it’s very hard to find one with this rare and highly desirable color combination, that is unmolested, and has been meticulously maintained, and documented!

Only 142,000 original and documented miles. That is only 3,700 miles per year! You will see there are some “low mileage” SL’s out there, but do they have records supporting the stated mileage, how long ago odometer stopped working (big problem with older Mercedes), is it original cluster??!! Truth is, many will have no records supporting their mileage! In this case mileage is correct and documented including all stampings and service records (in excess of $28,000!)

This beauty also comes with all original books and manuals as well as its original data card and its tool kit. It’s original and highly desirable and rare Cayenne Orange Paint shines beautifully and combined with Parchment Interior this Classic German roadster looks stunning! Its original Cayenne Orange (#406H) paint has a beautiful shine and luster and it makes this German roadster look timeless! Chrome is in beautiful condition, complete with healthy luster and this beautiful roadster is a head turner and conversation piece everywhere it goes.

This Mercedes is only a two owner car and it was California Vehicle its whole life. Current owner purchased this beauty from his best friend in 1983 and owned it and cherished it until this day! Being California car its whole life, it is very solid and its undercarriage is all original, unmolested and most importantly it is rust free! Body is also straight and solid and all doors, hood and trunk are operating with ease, with everything lining up as it should. It has been always garaged, pampered and kept away from rain and bad weather. Factory VIN # stamping on the front radiator support is another sign of originality of this car. (please see pictures)

There is not a lot of 450SL’s out there in this solid and amazingly kept and preserved condition. It comes with both soft top and the hard top! Chocolate Brown Canvas Soft top is like brand new, in excellent condition and it is very easy to operate. Back Plastic windows are crystal clear. Hard top is also in excellent condition, including all original Sekurit glass and the headliner which is clean and rips and tears free! Another sign of originality of this beautiful car is stamping mark on the Hard Top (7284) which reflects the last four digits of the vehicles data card number.


Its original and elegant Parchment interior is in wonderful condition. MB-Tex seats are in excellent condition, new looking and they are very supportive and comfortable. This Mercedes comes with power windows and they are working as they should. Just take a look at the pictures and you will get an idea about the condition of this car, how nicely it is kept and how beautiful it is.

-Engine & Transmission

4.5 Liter V8 Engine is strong and powerful as ever with only 142,000 original and documented miles. All of its maintenance and mileage is documented and there is over $28,000 in documents and receipts, as it owner wanted to make sure that his baby runs just as good as it looks. Whatever this car needed, it was always addressed without a wait or expenses spared. Automatic transmission shifts smoothly and effortlessly through every gear. This German roadster handles great at the high speeds and it is very comfortable. Air conditioning works as it should and this car is ready for some topless fun! There is nothing better than driving down the road with the top down and the wind in your hair!

This beautiful roadster comes all complete with its original maintenance books and manuals, original tool set, and its original production data card. Original spare tire is still in the trunk, and when you take a look at it, you will notice ORIGINAL green dot on the Wheel (please see pictures), which indicates that this spare tire NEVER touched the road. With its rare and desirable color combination, being only two owner California car (current owner owned it for over 30 years!!!), plus documented maintenance (over $28,000 in receipts) there is not a lot of 450SL’s like this one on the road!


Value of this car is increasing from day to day, and unlike stocks, this is only investment that can be your investment and your “toy” at the same time! Just checkout NADA (www.nada.com) values below and the best thing is, value of this car will only continue to appreciate, as cars in this condition are getting harder and harder to come by!


High Retail Price: $23,100

The seller has been pretty reasonable with the Buy it Now figure. Top prices for SLs of this vintage can land anywhere in the $20,000 to $25,000 range. While this car does have high mileage, the continuous record keeping and extensive maintenance performed by the previous owners adds a lot of value to the equation here. If the car looks as fresh in person as it does in these photos, this would be a car I would put at the top of the list for those in the market.


1975 BMW 2002

Meet my new all-time favorite 2002. I shall call him Bandit.

From the black-and-gold theme to the Metric Mechanic 2.4L to the immaculate everything, this car combines classic and unique in a way many strive for but few achieve. It has the looks inside and out, a consistent but not overdone theme, and enough well-chosen go-fast parts to make your gearheart burst. Will the $26k Buy-It-Now bust your wallet? Maybe, but I might start looking into a loan…

1975 BMW 2002 for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 9.08.32 PM

1975 BMW 2002 with new upgraded drive train from Metric Mechanic. The engine is their 170 HP 2.4L Rally Engine with all the upgrades, 87mm stroker crankshaft, tri- metal bearings, forged pistons, moly rings, blue printed oil pump, oil pan baffle and windage tray, ported 18I cylinder head with bronze guides & bee hive valve springs, sport camshaft and single row timing chain. Dual 45 DCOE Webers, Tii mechanical advance distributor, MSD 6AL and plug wires, IE Motorsports step header, 325I lightened flywheel with 228 mm clutch. CR245 transmission with rare dog-leg 5-speed conversion from metric mechanic and their 3.25 ratio variable limited slip differential with new drive axles and drive shaft. The cooling system is upgraded as well with an aluminum radiator, Spal electric fan and programmable electronic controller, silicone hoses, Carter electric fuel pump, Optima Red Top battery and the car has been completely re-wired using a new Painless Performance wiring harness. The suspension has been upgraded as well with the addition of Bilstein shocks and struts along with Ireland Engineering front and rear sway bars and strut tower brace, BBS style wheels with Kumho 215 45 ZR16 tires. The interior is in great shape with Porsche Recaro seats with netted headrests and a McIntosh head unit with 4×6 Infinity speakers all being driven by a JL Audio amp and 10” sub woofer. The exterior of the car shows and shines well in black with nice striping and no noticeable dents or dings. This car runs and drives great. All this work has been completed within the last year and less than 1,000 miles on it, no expense spared. Please contact me with any questions: 214-906-2424, John.

I have 17k in receipts from metric mechanic for the motor, trans and rear end NOT including new weber carbs, intake, ignition system, cooling and exhaust system, wiring, stereo and suspension. you can not build a car of this quality for this price! This car was built to drive not to turn a profit, the owners interest has changed so his his loss is your gain.

My tastes quite obviously lean towards the 80s, but holy moly this car just makes me want to grow a mustache, listen to Pink Floyd and bask in the false light of refined coca leaves. It’s perfect, and apparently a whim sell rather than an act of profitability. Bummer for him but lucky for the buyer. Seeing any one of the pictures should make you want to buy it, from the epic exterior to the restrained-but-insane interior to what is perhaps the most impressive facet, the undercarriage. The fact that this all exists on one fantastic 2002 makes it worth the cost in my book.


1975 Porsche 911 S Carrera Tribute

The New Year marks fifty years since the introduction of the Porsche 911. Of the many generations which have worn the iconic number, the one period in 911 history that gets glossed over a bit is the 911 2.7 from the mid 1970s. This was a bit of an in between model, succeeding the classic originals from the 1960s and preceding the SC, or Super Carrera, with its technical upgrades. Nevertheless, for those seeking a bit of a sports car bargain, these 911s should not be written off. This 1975 911 2.7 for sale by North Shore Autosport in Chicago has been done up in the style of a period Carrera S and has been converted to Weber carburetors and has 3.0 SC cams.

1975 Porsche 911 S Carrera Tribute

1975 911 S Carrera Tribute. Rebuilt 2.7 liter motor & 5-Speed manual transmission. VIN: 9115201014. Finished in Light Yellow (code 117) with Black leather seats and classic Carrera script applique.

Carrera Modifications & New Additions include:

Lightweight Interior (Door panels, Felt Carpets, Manual Windows)
New seats & Leather Upholstery
Weltmeister front and rear adjustable sway bars.
Bilstein Shocks & H&R Springs.
Factory steel rear SC quarter panels
3.0 liter SC Camshafts
Weber Carburetor Conversion
SSI Exhaust and Danske muffler.
CD Player

Original deck lid included as well, window parts, door locks, original camshafts, rear sear backs and some spare parts. Runs excellent and strong. Incredibly good looking and hard to tell from a real Carrera car. Virtually flawless paint and new drive-line, this is a great driver for those who refuse to spend double or triple for the real thing.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff with any questions, shipping quote or to schedule a test drive. (312) 884-1149

As the seller’s description highlights, this is a great car for someone wanting a lot of classic 911 style on a budget. Prices for good, driver quality 911s of this vintage tend to hover between $15,000 to $25,000, so we’re about on point in terms of price; with the original and spare parts that come with the sale, its an added bonus. For someone in the market for a 911 they can actually use and look good while doing so, this car would be a good choice.


1975 Mercedes-Benz 240D

A friend from high school recently wrote me asking for car-buying advice, which is obviously one of my favorite pastimes. He wants something “old, rad, German, efficient and semi-reliable.” While my normal predilections tend towards 80s and fast rather than efficient and semi-reliable, his parameters instantly brought a car to mind: Mercedes W123 diesels. Motoringconbrio’s recent guest article had these cars fresh in my mind anyway, and helps show how truly badass these cars and look and be. If only Mercedes brought more manuals to the US! The best diesel on eBay right now is actually the slightly-earlier W115, but is just as classic and badass. If you’re less concerned with revs than cruisability and efficiency, this is mean machine.

1975 Mercedes-Benz 240D

1975 Mercedes-Benz 240D. This fine automobile, “Good Ol’ Blue,” is a wonderful example of the very desirable Mercedes W115 chassis. This is a one family vehicle with 103,259 original miles and has been safely tucked away in a garage, covered and lovingly cared for. My father purchased this Mercedes from Leo Payne Pontiac-‘Jeep’-GMC Trucks in Lakewood, Colorado on July 28, 1975. I have the original bill of sale and all original owner’s manuals, maintenance log and parts catalog.

My mother drove this car for years, literally to and from Wal-Mart or the beauty parlor. Several years ago, she decided to quit driving and gave the car to me. I’ve stored it in my garage and have driven it occasionally (mostly for nostalgia) on Sundays (and only in good weather!). The car still turns heads and I always get compliments on it. See the fourth row in the chart below for information on this particular Mercedes. This car was number 93,528 or 131,319 ever manufactured.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a very pristine Mercedes 240D class. The car is mechanically sound and starts easily and runs great. It has the original paint job – Robin Egg blue – and factory original parts (other than routine maintenance required). These cars are very desirable with the automatic transmission and it gets good fuel mileage, depending on how its driven.

The interior is immaculate (factory original) with the exception of a minor tear in the driver’s seat back and a small crack in the center of the dash. The carpet, floor mats and rest of interior are in extraordinary condition. Glass, chrome, rubber, tires, hub caps all in great condition too.

If you have any questions about the car, please email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and a will also be happy to return your call if you’ll leave your number (and a good time to call). If you need additional photos, please let me know.

This car will be sold as is and without warranty. Buyer is responsible for all state and local taxes and the pick up of the Mercedes 240D. $750 non-refundable deposit due on close of auction with full payment due within 72 hours. I have tried to describe in detail and with high quality pictures. Please keep in mind that this is a 37 year old one family-owned car. Minor signs of wear may be present under close inspection. Pre-sale inspections are wanted. I would not hesitate to make a cross country trip in this car today. Good luck and happy bidding! This is a one of a kind beauty!

I am a 100% diesel believer. My next car will be diesel, and I think a Jetta TDI Wagon would be a great replacement for the truck and a complement for the M5. If I wanted a cruising sedan though, it would be one of these. The blue here is fantastic and I love the matching hubcaps of this era. A little lower like the one on MCB would be extra mean, but nothing is needed to make this Benz Diesel badass. Reserve is off at $5,100 with over a day left. Prices are really steady on these, and with just 107k miles this is a 37 year-old baby. Anything under $10k is a very fair deal on this classic Benz.


Bright Blue 1975 Opel Manta 1.9

This Manta has been repainted in a bright blue all over to give a monochromatic look. This helps the U.S. safety bumpers blend in a bit.

The car is listed as having 8,100 miles, but that most certainly would be 108,100 do to the 5 digit odometer on the Manta.

The owner states the car has plenty of upgrades and new parts. It sits on modern 15″ wheels, but the stock 13″s come with the car. It has some exhaust work, which should make the 4 cylinder sound nice.

The larger 1.9 liter mated to the 4 speed manual is the setup to have in this the last model year of the Manta A.

While 90 horsepower isn’t much to play with the car is fairly light and the four speed should make it fun.

I wish this add had a bit more description in it. The bidding is up to $2,125 with a reserve not met.

Bright Blue 1975 Opel Manta 1.9 on eBay