1980 Volkswagen Jetta with 8,700 miles

While we’re on the subject of vintage Volkswagens on offer in Germany, how about this Mk1 Jetta with a mere 14,000 km (~8,700 mi)? Over the past several decades, the Jetta has emerged to be a bestseller in the US market for Volkswagen, where cars with a traditional trunk are favored over the hatchback. This museum quality Mk1 Jetta is for sale near Aachen, Germany. Since many of the Mk1 Jettas have disappeared from the roads worldwide, seeing this car in this kind of condition simply transports you to a different era.

Year: 1980
Model: Jetta
Engine: 1.6 inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 14,000 km (~ 8,700 mi)
Price: Auction, No Reserve

1980 Volkswagen Jetta on eBay.de

We present a real rarity, the top opportunity for collectors, original 14,000 km! Hardly been used, and the interior is especially like new. Inclusive of VW cars from 33 years ago. Includes original board folder along with service book. The following inspections were entered in the service log:

Delivery inspection at 0 km by VW
Inspection at 1530 km by VW
Inspection at 5120 km by VW
Inspection at 5863 km by VW
Inspection at 9716 km by VW
Inspection at 10,774 km by VW
Inspection at 12,000 miles through VW
In addition, an inspection at 12,500 km, but this was not carried out at VW.

Along with the entire board folder is the original “service coupon” for the first Volkswagen service available, which VW offered at the time free of charge. Colour Name: Diamond Silver Metallic (Lacknr. L97A). Due to his age, the good owner over the last ten years was barely able to drive his beloved VW. After death, the vehicle was then released for sale.

The piece was then in 11/2012 for a check-up along with a new timing belt & oil changes. Likewise, a new TÜV demonstration together with H-approval (vintage). There even the original tires from 1980 (with 14,000 miles) were mounted, which we leave for reasons of originality on the vehicle. It comes from the first owner. Since the VW dates back to the us from directly neighboring Belgium, he has to get us one day admission (to German approval).

The interior is especially remarkable. Experts know how vulnerable these delicate, thin upholstery were and that they were worn since the eighties. The cushion is flawless and found only in specimens that were partially used (VW Museum). It is the same with the dashboard, which is something that is known to crack. In this car, this is absolutely spotless, including headliner, all switches, controls and so on. Almost like new. This specimen benefits from being a 100% non-smoking vehicle.

Even the exterior is more than just above average beautiful. After toggling you have to look very carefully, meticulous perfectionists will find but one or two minimal flaws. Thus the exterior is in as perfect shape as the interior. In possession of the good owner, the vehicle was repainted in its original paint. Since we don’t know otherwise, this can not be assured without accident damage. In some corners and also in the engine bay is even the factory wax preservative. It would look nice if you removed this, but that would be pure blasphemy. The handling of the VW only can be described as perfect! It’s an incredible experience to move a vehicle this model year that feels and drives as if it were brand new!

Location: 52146 Würselen (NRW/Germany)

Collection please within five days, with a down payment of 25% and a pickup within one month is possible. Disclaimer: Despite the excellent condition, one can assume this 33-year old car has no warranty or the like.

With no reserve and about two days left in the auction, we’re closing in on $5,000 USD. I’d suspect this unbelievably clean Jetta will probably pull somewhere between $6,000 and $7,000. In silver with the Euro headlamps, this Jetta has a fresher look to it than its US market counterparts.


1980 Alpina B6/2.8

I love how the BMW E21 3-series perfectly completes BMW’s early 80s lineup, sharing design language with the E23 and E28 while introducing the 3-series nomenclature as a diminutive sports sedan. It was a good start to a model line that became great, but it was definitely more entry-level than we know the 3-series as today. How to fix that? Not that difficult – a bigger engine and a legendary name. Hence the Alpina B6/2.8, giving the 3-series E30 M3 power starting in 1978 by shoehorning the 528’s M30 into the tiny engine bay. Add some technolines, spoilers, and the best wheels ever made, and you’ve got a bonafide Alpina classic. Extra points for being a Euro import, tiny bumpers included. This may be one of the cheapest ways to get into a genuine Alpina out there.

Year: 1980
Model: Alpina B6/2.8
Engine: M30 2.8L I6 – 197hp/183lb-ft
Transmission: 5-speed
Mileage: 43,223
Price: $8,300 at time of writing, reserve not met

1980 BMW Alpina B6/2.8 for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.05.24 AM

This is one of only a few original and authentic Alpina B6/2.8 models in the US. Based on the BMW E21, with the ‘big six’ M30 engine & injection from the 528i installed by Alpina along with many other upgrades, it’s as fast & rare an ’80s car as you can find. The wide-striped velour interior is in very good condition (w/rare A.S.S. seats). It has a 5-speed close-ratio trans, a limited-slip differential w/cooling fins, Alpina suspension & brakes, extended-range fuel tank, rare A/C & power windows, very low miles, and the wheels, spoilers, stripes, steering wheel, shift knob, emblems, mud guards, etc. that make an Alpina stand out from the crowd like it does.

The body is free of any dents or visible rust. The clear coat was failing on the horizontal surfaces, so those surfaces only were repainted in October. The rest of the car still has the original paint, inside and out, which on some panels shows faint scratching or crazing in certain light. The mechanical condition is very good. The car has recently undergone a thorough inspection, servicing, and replacement of worn parts as necessary. Everything works on the car except for the A/C, which has a leaking condenser that needs replacing. All import documents necessary to register the car in any state, including exemptions from both the DOT & EPA, will be provided to the buyer.

This must be a hoot to drive. Maybe not quite the same panache as the E24/28-based Alpinas, but you’re getting about 90% of the Alpina effect with low miles for what appears to be a good price. It’s hard to say exactly what the market is here, but the nicest normal E21s have gone for up to $14k, so anything under $15k seems like a good deal if you want a rare E21.


1980 Mercedes-Benz 350SL 4-speed manual

The offbeat Mercedes-Benzes are coming out of the woodwork this week. Following the 4-speed manual 280SLC we featured on Wednesday, here is a rare, V8 engined, 4-speed manual R107 SL. This 1980 350SL represents the last year for the 3.5 liter V8 before the switch to the 380SL with it’s 3.8 liter V8 engine known for timing chain reliability issues early on in the production run. The 3.5 liter V8 has 200 horsepower and a slightly higher compression ratio than the larger 4.5 liter V8 offered solely in the US. This 350SL for sale in Oregon is in amazing original condition and looks sumptuous in gold metallic over a very period brown interior.

1980 Mercedes-Benz 350SL 4-speed manual on eBay

1980 Mercedes 350SL. Rare in the US. 3.5L V8, 4 speed manual. Original paint, 54K original miles.

Up for bids is this rare Euro version of the venerable R107 Series – a 1980 350SL that was imported to US in 1984. Quite a bit of paperwork was involved to bring the car into the US, one obvious reason for all that work is the 4 speed transmission that this car features. When Mercedes transitioned from the W113 model to the new R107 they left US customers without the option of a manual gearbox. The manual transmission adds a simplicity to this model that hearkens back to the W113 cars, yet the car offers the modern safety features that defined the R107 series – kind of the best of both worlds. The European market cars also enjoyed livelier motors, more svelte bumpers, and of course the integrated one piece headlights that these cars wear so well.

The car comes with a complete set of EPA, DOT and Customs paperwork detailing the importation process, right down to the bill of lading from the Wallenius Lines ship, “Tosca.” The car was imported with 66,160 kilometers, or 41,109 miles. Once in the US, the car was brought in to Fairway Engineering to complete the legal conversion, including installing a MPH speedometer, which was specifically set at 41,109 to reflect the actual mileage. I have dated DMV paperwork that verifies this, as well as all of the car’s owner history, back to the first owner in Velbert, Germany. The car has had 3 owners, included are copies of the Bills of Sale each time the car was sold, a copy of the original German title, and a clear Oregon title at present. Always garaged, this car has been in the hands of dedicated enthusiasts from new.

The car is painted in rare “Champagne Metallic” code 473H. The paint is all original and still looking fantastic. Aside from a few minor scratches and door dings, the paint finish is glass smooth and the body arrow straight. The car shows no rust issues anywhere, no areas of past problems, the good thing about cars with original paint is that they’re an open book. Tires are Kumhos with good tread.

The bumpers add a look to this car that is just simply missing from the US market cars with their ungainly 5mph bumpers, this is the way these cars were designed to look. The bumpers are in good shape front and back with excellent chrome and no damage to the rubber moldings. All lights and lenses are in excellent shape on this car, clean and clear with no fading. The grill assembly is excellent as well, with no damage or broken fins. In addition, the lower valance and grills below the bumper are straight and true, these are prone to getting tweaked by careless drivers, not the case with this car. This SL has excellent panel gaps throughout, the doors close with a vault-like feel.

The car has some of the typical scratches you find around the perimeter of where the hardtop mounts, not very visible in the photos. The biggest flaw on the car is a scratch above the passenger side rear wheel arch. The windshield is original and is in good shape. The hardtop is in terrific condition, it transforms this car into a true all season vehicle. The 3rd photo shows the bottom of the hardtop, this is a common area to find rust, but not in this case. The soft top is original and still looking good. The OE “Wopavin” back window is clear and pliable, the top opens and closes with ease. All weatherstripping on both the hard top and soft top is in good, original condition.

The storage well for the top is clean and rust free. The perimeter weatherstipping is original and fantastic, with none of the wear or fraying normally found on the forward sections. The trunk contains the factory jacking equipment, tool kit, and safety triangle. Another spot to check on these cars is beneath the carpet on the right side of the trunk – no problems here. The interior continues the theme of low mileage survivor, it’s in excellent condition throughout and again, all original. The driver’s seat has the optional orthopedic adjustment. The aftermarket rear seat is useful for children, or adults skilled at yoga. Both sills are crisp and clean, along with the carpet, seatbelts and seat hardware.

All gauges work correctly including the clock, whick keeps good time. The radio does not seem to be getting power. The heater, fan and plenums all operate correctly – the car’s heater is very effective and makes top down motoring possible even at this time of year, at least here in Portland. The wood trim in the interior is terrific, entirely free of cracks or hazing. The fragile integrated speaker grills are both in great shape. The dash pad has no cracks or splits.

You’ll definitely like the way this car drives. The car starts easily and runs strongly with no smoke, leaks, or issues. The 3.5L V8 provides plenty of power, and delivers it in a more lithe and efficient manner than the detuned US market 4.5L V8’s. Please note that this is the last year of the 350SL, not to be confused with the 380SL, which was known for having timing chain issues. The car’s ride quality is very nice, steering and suspension are tight with no slop, this car handles very well. The car shifts flawlessly, with smooth and positive engagement. The car runs cool, shows good oil pressure, tracks straight, brakes well – it basically behaves as you would expect of a Mercedes.

The car comes with an owner’s manual in German, as well as an abundance of paperwork detailing its importation and owner history. The undercarriage shows no sign of rust and all 4 jack ports are perfect. No signs of accidents or past repair. The car has had recent exhaust and brake work, the oil is fresh and all fluids have been checked and filled – the car is ready for the road.

An original, low mileage US market 450SL of similar vintage might bring $15,000 to $20,000 at the high end. With the higher compression, smaller capacity engine and the manual transmission, this represents a bit more of a lively drive than the more relaxed 450SL. That could be a plus for some and a detriment for others. Personally, I’m a big fan of this car and love the idea of the manual transmission mated to the V8 engine, as most manual transmission R107s you see have the six cylinder engines. I’d suspect somewhere around $15,000 would represent a reasonable value.


1980 BMW 733i

We featured a pair of BMW 733i sedans back in July and I thought it was rather curious these cars surfaced almost simultaneously. Unlike the E24 6 series, 2002 and E30 3 series, these cars just aren’t out there in volume like some of their more popular stable mates. Just a few months later, here we have another 733i with a 4-speed manual transmission for sale in Florida.

1980 BMW 733i

1980 BMW 733I 4-door sedan. Florida owned, stunning gray exterior, parchment leather trimmed interior. 3.3 fuel-injected inline six engine, Getrag 4-speed manual transmission. Additional creature comforts include supple leather, AM/FM stereo cassette player with power antenna, full power accessories like mirrors and windows, power sunroof, climate control with A/C, check control panel, central locking system, heated rear window, tilt steering column, trunk mounted tool kit, central hydraulic system, double pivot front axle, 6-way manual adjustment front seats, removable rear headrests, alloy wheels and more. You are bidding on a pristine 1980 BMW 733i with just 28912 miles.

The best 733i out there might fetch around $10,000. With the manual transmission, this car may or may not be more appealing to certain folks, but it’s a shame this car has the 4-speed gearbox and not the 5-speed. With a starting bid of $7,500 and the reserve not met, I would say there isn’t much room here to go up. If anything, this might be a $6,000 to $7,000 car all day long.


1980 Mercedes-Benz 280CE

There’s a generally accepted rule of thumb with Mercedes-Benzes. Coupes and convertibles typically bring more money than sedans and estates. However, this clean, two owner W123 coupe is flying in the face of convention. This 280CE is being offered at a price below what many W123 sedans and estates have been trading hands for lately. While many of these coupes arrived in the US as the 300CD with the 3.0 liter inline 5 cylinder turbo diesel, this is an earlier model equipped with the 2.8 liter M110 inline six cylinder engine. While the European version of this engine had about 182 horsepower, the US version had to make due with 142. For sale outside of Pittsburgh, this pillarless coupe looks timeless in the ever popular silver over navy blue color combination.

1980 Mercedes-Benz 280CE on eBay

Pictures were taken only days ago at the 2012 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at the Mercedes Benz Club tent. Very affordable all original rare low mileage coupe offered for sale. All service and sales records from original owner to present. Amazing condition and drives beautifully and best of all, everything works from the A/C to the original Becker radio. Exterior finish show no signs of fading or cracking, only very few nicks which have been touched up, interior is near perfect. Feel free to contact me for more details and pictures. Price is negotiable, cash preferred.

For a two owner W123 with all the service records, $7,000 represents a real good opportunity for one of the most durable, legendary Mercedes-Benzes to roam the planet. While it may not have the fuel economy and bulletproof persona that the diesel models had, the six cylinder engine in this car affords a bit more power to go along with the sleeker, two-door lines. For those looking with a little style to go along with heaping loads of durability, this is a good place to start.


1980 Volkswagen Scirocco

I was looking over Hagerty Insurance’s Threatened, Dangered and Extinct list for 2012 this evening. The carrier examines how many insurance policies it has for a certain vehicle which gives a bit of color on just how rare certain collector cars are becoming. Alarmingly, the 1975-1981 Volkswagen Scirocco made it on the endangered list. While Brian found an impossibly original Mk1 Scirocco on The Samba last week, I thought it would be a while before seeing another Scirocco that would catch my attention quite like that one had. While not original, this Scirocco for sale in California has been treated to some tasteful upgrades and was featured in Eurotuner Magazine back in 2005.

1980 Volkswagen Scirocco on eBay

Super clean and well cared for mk1 Scirocco originally set up to be a track car. Featured in April 2005 issue of Eurotuner Magazine, which I have and will give to new owner. Selling because I just got a promotion and will now be commuting 50 miles a day roundtrip. Have an old Mercedes as well, and need to get a basic commuter instead of a fun toy like the Scirocco. It is a very comfortable car though. Rides smooth and nice, and pulls hard in every gear! Does not have cat on at present but the car would pass smog with a stock cat and if you want to have the car BAR’d you’d just need the stock exhaust manifold for a MKIII VW with a 2.0L ABA and the stock airbox.

1980 Scirocco I 2.0 8V (A1 2 Door)

Mileage: 82,000 and change
Body/Paint: 8/10
Engine/Transmission: 9/10
Reliability: 10/10 (Has never let me down. Driven daily, and up and down CA on several 600+ mile trips)


-Euro bumpers
-H4 headlights w/ French spec high beams
-Zender Rear Wing
-Rabbit small duckbill
-TT antenna
-Smoothed rear wiper, antenna hole, and mouldings
-Glass moon roof
-Red tinted rear blinkers


-Corrado Leather Seats w/ matching re-covered rear bench
-Golf/Jetta A2 fuse box, dash harness, switches, and instrument cluster w/ functional MFA
-Mk1 Scirocco steering wheel and horn button (black)
-Momo pedals
-Custom black vinyl Headliner w/sunroof
-VW snowmats
-Rabbit ‘L’ center console
-Optima battery relocated to trunk with cut off switch
-TMI carpet kit w. dash cover
-Kenwood CD/stereo w. front aux input & Boston Acoustic 5.25″ 2-way speakers

Engine, Trans & Exhaust:

-CE2 engine wire harness
-Bosch EFI (Motronic 5) with GIAC chip
-50k miles on refreshed, balanced and blueprinted ABA block w/ SCCH stage 2 ABA head, TT High lift valve springs, Titanium retainers, Mk4 lifters, Adjustable Cam Sprocket, Custom intake manifold with ABA Throttle body, external oil cooler.
-Eurosport 4-2-1header and exhaust
-Diesel motor mounts w/ poly front snub mount
-New clutch cable 06/2012
-9A tranny w/100m Axles, Missing Links shift linkage, ACT Pressure Plate, ATE Vented/Slotted rotors w/ EBC green stuff pads, New brake vaccum booster

Suspension, Wheel & Tire:

-KW Variant 2 damping adjustable coilovers (needs 2 stripped collars replaced – ride height not adjustable in rear at this time)
-Autotech Solid Rear Swaybar (28mm) (comes with front 19mm off car)
-Eurosport Upper Front and Rear stress bars
-16V Lower Tie Bar
-Poly Rear Axle and Front A-arm bushings
-14×6.5 BBS Basketweaves with 185/60R/14 tires


-Brakes need new pads at some point soon. Not urgent, but at some point in the near future.
-Paint looks very good, but does have rock chips in a few sections. Mainly at front of hood and behind front wheels.

I like the way this Scirocco is done up. Period items such as the Zender spoiler and BBS wheels combined with the Euro bumpers and other interesting touches give this car a fresh look. Oftentimes tuner rides are way overdone and this car is tasteful while different enough to stand out from the crowd. If I had to take a stab, I’d say somewhere between $6,000 to $8,000 is where the final bid will land. Overall, a very nice example of a Volkswagen model that is becoming less and less common.


Amazingly fine 1980 Mercedes 300TD no reserve

Our motto to some degree is finding the finest examples we can and while we do eschew that to post up some oddities that we come across we do try to seek out a mix of attainable drivers to unbelievably fine  and expensive specimens. This 300TD splits the range, a car that you would think could be a daily driver as it is not original, but has been restored to such a fine state you would be nervous having it out on the road.

We have watched the W123 Benz diesels, cars that are perhaps one of the most prevalent in the world, creep into what a few years ago would seem to be stratospheric prices. The car being sold here has just about everything going for it to bring top dollar, not the least of which is the 4 speed manual transmission. When you only have 80 or so horsepower to push you around having the manual can help you eek out the most performance.

The 121,000 miles are a drop in the bucket for the 5 cylinder engine. This car started life as a Euro car that has gone through the federalization process, but the parts were then refitted by the current owner back to Euro spec. The car has the desirable light weight aluminum Mercedes rims, though I probably would not have placed the whitewalls on this car, really the only thing I can knock on this car’s restoration.

The owner has put a lot of money and effort into fixing and replacing parts. The engine bay is super clean, as is the interior. Even little things have been made to right, a beautiful metal and wood roof rack, a working idle control knob, even the brush in the back to sweep out the cargo area, it has all been taken care of. The car also features the factory tow package. The car has a new repaint in the original color, the old paint was stripped before hand. This is a great color for this car and the paint job looks like a quality one.

Just an all around great example from an owner who clearly cares about the car. Bidding is heavy and up to $20,000. With no reserve we’ll see once again the amazing prices these Benz wagons can bring from their cult following.

Fine restored 1980 Mercedes 300TD on eBay


Ruf Something Or Other For Sale – 1980 Porsche 930

So… if I am the kind of guy that has a Ruf car in his/her garage I am going to know exactly what I have.  Here we have a Ruf tuned 1980 Porsche 930.

What level of tune, I have no idea.  CTR?  BTR?  Not sure, but it has 475 horsepower whatever it is.

1980 Ruf Porsche 930 For Sale:

From the seller –

“ruf 1985 930 911 turbo 475 din .hp power very fast car one of the fastest cars of the 80 top speed 200 Q mile low 12 mint condtion have owned fore 17 year very rare car call bill 774=249596. TH CAR IS A 1985 GERMAN CAR IS A RUF HAS MA TITLE SO SAME CAR GO THROUGH BARRET JAKSON FOR 129000.”

What?  I am not even sure what this means.  My guess it the seller bought a 1980 Porsche 930 and had some Ruf updates installed.  This is not to be confused with a factory built CTR or BTR.  Those cars can cost anywhere from $60-130k.  This is a very nice car and very very fast.  Probably a $50k car all day long.

You know what would be nice, some more detail.  I hate having to guess at what we are looking at.  But other than some cryptic pictures we don’t have much to go on.  The exhaust and wheels are Ruf spec but without a motor shot there is no way of knowing what level of tune we are looking at.

Potential buyers, it’s time to start asking questions.  The ambiguity of the ad might make for a good buying opportunity for the right person.

Be careful out there!



13k Mile ‘ish 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Caddy For Sale

I am not sure what my fascination is with these cars, er, I mean trucks.  They aren’t fast, they aren’t pleasing to the eye, they are just cool I suppose.  Cool is a difficult thing to quantify and varies wildly from person to person.  I guess in this focus group of one that is what matters most.

What we have here is a stock 1980 Caddy with 13k or so miles.  I say “or so” as you never quite know with the older 5 digit VW odometers.  But from the looks of the vehicle that claim seems plausible.  The LEER canopy is a nice touch of 80’s goodness.

1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Caddy:

From the seller –













With cars like this you have to assume they have more mileage than the seller claims and current bidding seems to agree.  Even if everything points to the lower number.  This Caddy is sitting at $2k with all kinds of time left.  With no reserve I can see this Caddy fetching $3.5k.

My hope is this Caddy finds a good home and the new owner does not hack it to bits.  This is a very nice car as she sits and will make someone a capable driver for years to come.



Mexican 1980 VW Jetta GLS for sale

Foreign-market cars are always interesting, whether it’s custom trim or a model completely absent from the US market. The Mk1 Jetta was certainly sold in the US, but I’m guessing you’ve never quite seen one like this Mexican example. I love the GLS striping, and overall this is an extremely clean example of the great original Jetta. You may be wondering about that elephant in the room though… Just how big are normal wheels on all cars these days? Check out these stock “Detroit” style wheels from a 2010 GTI making the Jetta look like a donk (definitely a “box,” not a “bubble”) I’d see in Oakland. Just another reason I think brand-new cars are merely caricatures of when they were simpler, better. Well, enough ranting, it’s certainly a new take on “OEM Plus,” and I kind of like it. Other than being grossly oversized, they fit the overall scheme of the car. The 1.8l with a 3-speed auto must have a hell of a time getting those ferris wheels turning, but the great part of old VWs is that a remedy for that is almost as accessible as switching the wheels.

1980 VW Jetta GLS for sale in Mexico

Description, in English and Spanish!

Up for Sale is a VW Jetta GLS MK1

Engine size is 1.8liter
Automatic 3 speed Transmission
Disk Brakes on all wheels
18″ Rims coming from a 2010 GTI
Brembo Disk Braking system
Good overall body and Paint
133,000 Kilometers
HID LIghts
No frame damage or accidents
Sold As Is with no warranty.

Vehicle currently has a Mexican Title under the state of Jalisco in Mexico.
Don’t know what it would if possible, take to make this car legal here in the US.
Buy at your own discretion.

This car is currently being used as a commuter car, engine runs strong with no oil leaks.

All original moldings and accessories.

Tengo de Venta de Oportunidad un Atlantic gls 1986 Jetta mk1,
Motor 1.8 Automatico , Vidrios traseros automaticos solamente
Frenos de disco Brembo en las cuatro llantas
Rines 18″ de modelo gti 2010
Buena Pintura sin garantia
133,000 kilometros
Luces HID y nunca chocado
Pintura en optima condicion.

4 bids have budged the price up to $560, but the Buy-It-Now is $4000. Factoring in that the wheels are worth at least $1k and it has just 82k miles on it, and I think $3,000 would be a nice price for this. Getting it into the US may hold its own problems, but it really is a clean Mk1 Jetta for someone looking for low mileage. You may be able to redo the stickers under the hood and the giant wheels, but then you wouldn’t have the story of being this hilariously awesome Jetta from Mexico!