Reader Ride: Guards Red 1982 Porsche 911SC

Update 2.13.2012:The owner reports this car is now sold. Congrats on the sale! -dc

You can buy a worn out SC all day long.  Bad paint, worn interior, and a shot motor.  Something like that could run you about $13k.  You would have a 20 footer that would smoke like a refinery, but hey you saved a few bucks.

Or, you can spend a little more and have something like this…

1982 Porsche 911SC:

From the seller –

“1982 Porsche 911 SC Sunroof Coupe, Guards Red, Black leather

Approx. 97,000 miles, (replacement speedo installed, I have broken one)

Southern car, only one season in New England garaged, never driven in bad weather.

I believe I am 3 or 4th owner.

Have records back to 1990 or so, all indexed in a spreadsheet.

Car was a Euro Delivery, driven for 3-4 years in Belgium, have all records for Euro service.

Orig. owner’s manual with services performed in Belgium

Improvements include:

Top end rebuild 10,000 miles ago

Carrera chain tensioner upgrade, head studs

SSI stainless header, heater boxes

Pop off Valve

Momo Steering wheel

Fuchs 16″ with Black petals

Lowered to Euro ride height

New Yokahama S Drives

Updated AC compressor

Respray approx. 8-10 years ago, looks like a glass out job. Paint 8/10, nice 10 footer.

Full leather interior redone 10 years ago, in excellent condition, including headliner, new dash top.

New fuel pump

New clutch cable

Replaced heater hoses with Aircraft Scat silicone

I looked for a 911 for a year; probably saw 10-12 cars before this one.

Previous owner was Porsche guys, owned 5-6 before this one, drove it sparingly for 7 years.

I purchased in the Fall of 2010.”

Rebuild, re-spray, and newer interior would be reason enough to consider this SC.  Records, recent maintenance, and a knowledgeable owner is just icing on the cake.  As mentioned above you can always find something cheaper and dump a bunch of your own money into it.  Or, you can find a car that has been loved and just drive it.  $18.5k is no bargain but a good value if you are looking for a turn key SC.

Best of luck to the seller.


No-Reserve, low-mileage 1982 VW Rabbit Diesel

It takes something special to draw attention to a Mk1 Rabbit Diesel. Known for utility and Prius-shaming mileage more than outright desirability, they are usually overlooked in favor of the legendary GTI. Today’s example though caught my eye immediately with its SoCal look, clean tan exterior, roof-rack, and awesome 16-inch steelies. In addition to the If you’re looking for an awesome and efficient cruiser that would be a great fit at VW show, this could be a great opportunity to take advantage of a no-reserve auction.

1982 VW Rabbit Diesel for sale on eBay

Seller’s summary and extensive list:

Up for auction is my 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit LS Diesel. 4 door, 4 speed, 82k miles. Non-A/C, non-sunroof. I purchased the car about a year ago as a project. The car was running and being driven on a daily basis by the previous owner. Shortly after buying the car I began replacing nearly everything in order to make it safe. Please keep in mind that if you’re in the market for an early watercooled Volkswagen, expect to replace most or all of the braking and suspension components is common.

I know little on the history of that car other than it has a clear Florida title. I believe it may have lived in Wisconsin at some point in its life because there’s still a Milwaukee Police sticker in the back window. The car is 99% rust free, with the only exception being a small spot on the passenger side front fender. The car originally had fender flares and it appears as though the elements made their way behind one. Other than that the car is completely solid with no perforations. The interior is original and in excellent condition considering its age (probably an 8/10). It was detailed about two months ago, but the carpet could use another shampooing. I’m not exactly sure what the toggle switch is for on the passenger side dash panel, but I assume it’s related to the “vintage” 80’s alarm system the car had.

The only potential negative is that the car may have been in a low-speed fender bender at some point. There is some light wrinkling on the passenger fender and core support. Good news is this is the same fender with the small rust spot … easy replacement. Frame horns have been measured and are true. The hood was also replaced and the re-spray on it was a cheapo job. I high speed polished it, but it’s luster is not equal to the rest of the car. With the exception of the hood, the rest of the paint is 100% original! It has recently been clay-barred, high-speed polished, and sealed. Other than that the car is electrically sound and 100% ready for the road.

This project has been a labor of love for the last year. It’s an absolute blast to drive, but it’s time to move on … other projects wait. I’ve always been an early Watercooled Volkswagen enthusiast and have owned several of these cars. The new owner will not be disappointed! Other than a few cosmetics, this car is done. Complete if you desire, or start taking it to VW shows and enjoy.

The following is a list of the work I’ve performed on the car in the last 500 miles:

Basic Maintenance
– Timing Belt
– Water Pump
– Head Gasket (block was inspected for cracks, head checked for trueness)
– Early Scirocco radiator
– New G12 coolant
– Oil change (Shell Rotella T6 5W-40)
– Remanufactured Bosch Alternator
– Rebuilt Vacuum Pump
– Front brake Pads & Rotors
– Rear brake Drums & Shoes
– Rear brake cylinders
– New ATE Super Blue brake fluid
– Front & rear wheel bearings
– All new rubber brake lines
– Majority of hard lines are new as well
– Clutch cable
– Mk2 Inner Tie Rods
– Mk2 Tie Rod ends
– Control Arms
– New drivers side seat bottom foam
– OEM drivers side passive restraint seat belt
– New rear hatch seal
– New rear tray upholstery
– 3 New Bosch Icon wiper blades
– 2 New FLAG mirrors
– Suspension alignment

Aftermarket/Performance items
– Early Scirocco steering wheel
– Techtonics 2¼ exhaust
– New Rokkor height adjustable Coilovers (3-year warranty)
– Front & Rear hubs/rotors/drums have been re-drilled to accept both 4×100 & 5×100
– Mk3 front knuckles, calipers, & 10.1” vented rotors
– OEM GTI Front & Rear sway bars
– Full Prothane Urethane bushing kit
– 16×6.5 New Beetle Steel Wheels (new silver-chrome powdercoat)
– 4 New Yokohama S-Drive Tires (195/40/16)
– New early dust cap and lug covers
– Tucked Front & Rear bumpers
– European GTI deep duckbill front spoiler

He’s not kidding when he says this has been a labor of love. Other than a few blemishes, the car looks truly great. The no-reserve auction is already moving with 10 bids pushing the price over $2k. With that kind of interest, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this oil-burner move into the high-single-digit thousands. It’s unique look is not subtle, but it’s not outrageous either. A lot of hard work has been put into making this Rabbit jump, and from a practical side, it has literally hundreds of thousands of miles left on the engine!


1982 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Estate With 52k Miles

Low mileage W123 chassis Mercedes-Benzes are rather uncommon, as they were workhorses. These cars were employed as taxis the world over and beloved by folks in underdeveloped nations for their durability and comfort. Occasionally you see an under 100,000 mile example of a coupe or sedan come up for sale, but rarely the sought after T-Modell, or estate. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief then, when I spotted this impossibly immaculate 300TD for sale on eBay out in San Francisco.

1982 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Estate on eBay

The seller states:

This wagon is a prime example of why the W123 is one of Mercedes most successful and desirable vehicles.

These cars are meant to be driven. Purchased from the estate, this wagon appears as if it were in a time capsule the past 29 years. The original owner put less than 1500 miles/year on her car, and never let it see a drop of rain or snow. The car and its original owner lived at the gates of Yosemite Valley, and despite her love of fly fishing, never once used the car to haul anything but herself to the market or church. The car looks and feels like new.

Since acquisition, the car has been driven, almost as-if it were being broken in the first time. Everything works the way it should, the car starts the first time every time, there are no oil leaks, no squeaks or leaks. Drive it now, keep fresh oil in it, and it’ll likely become a part of your estate someday!

* All Documented Repairs and Maintenance since purchased new from Rudi Motors in Merced, CA
* Garaged its entire life
* All original equipment
* All window and door seals are new
* Most of the pucker molding has been restored or replaced
* Engine is bone dry, and averages 26-28 MPG on Diesel Fuel
* All Fuel lines Bio-Diesel safe
* SLS system that works – car is level and rides like a Benz
* Heating and AC work!
* Original Becker Radio (newer MP3 type unit currently installed)
* Original carpeting is spotless
* All seats are spotless
* All glass is intact – not a spot of rust anywhere
* Original Invoices, Manuals and First Aid Kit in place
* Third Row Jump Seat has NEVER been used.

Bidding is a little over $15,000 with about three days to go, and it hasn’t met its reserve. I know it sounds crazy, but I would have no hesitation paying that much or more for a car so impeccably maintained with such little mileage. You could easily drive this for the next several decades, as long as it was maintained. I know it sounds cliche, but they don’t build them like this anymore.

Having seen W123s pressed into action in such disparate places such as New York City and the remote villages of Portugal, it wouldn’t surprise me if the longevity of these tanks on wheels might outlast the earth’s own energy supply. One can wonder…


Restored 1982 Alpina B7S for sale

What a shark we caught today, readers! This E24 comes directly from reader Lawrence, who is parting with this extremely clean, extremely rare piece of Teutonic perfection. Alpina’s always get me going, as I think they accentuate the best elements of BMWs, especially those from the 80s. Distinctive, simple wheels, Tron-like decals, and sharky body kits are where it’s at. Add in some healthy power upgrades and BMW’s GT becomes an 80’s supercar.

Lawrence’s pages have some great info, so I’ll let him give the B7S Turbo Coupe history:

The Alpina B7S Turbo Coupe is most powerful (330hp), the fastest (0-100km/hr in 5.8 sec and 280km/hr top speed), and the rarest of all the Alpina 80’s cars. Very few Alpina cars ever made it to North America, as they had to be federalized like the Porsche Turbos and Ferrari Boxers. Alpina made a special edition of their 5 and 6 series cars in 1982, offering 60 B7S Sedans in Alpina Blue with a Blue Cloth/Leather interior and 30 B7S Turbo Coupes, all in Alpina dark green metallic with a green tartan cloth/leather interior. There were only a few cars that differed from the B7S colours-a pair of B7S, a coupe an sedan were painted in Anthracite Grey for members of the Quant family, and there is this car which kept the Alpina green, but had a very special interior in full leather with the top of the line Recaro Ortho C seats.

#14 of just 30, this is a very special BMW. Lawrence provides a great, detailed history of the car worth reading for those interested, but it’s well-summarized thusly:

This Alpina BMW is a unique car. It is the only example of the B7S Turbo fitted with a full leather interior, and the only example fitted with the top-of-the-line Recaro Ortho seats. This is the only B7S that was sold new into North America, and to the collected wisdom of the Alpina community, it is still the only B7S on this continent. Apart from the Alpina race cars, it is arguably the rarest and most collectible of all the Alpina BMW’s.

It has unquestioned provenance, matching numbers and Alpina authentication. Being a California car for most of its life, and given a comprehensive body restoration, it is completely dry and rust free.; It has had a fresh cosmetic restoration done to a very high standard. Mechanically the car was given signifiant upgrades in the mid-90’s at a cost of $17,000. It has just had another $25,000 spent on cosmetics. The car runs and drives perfectly. The Pierburg injection system functions properly and shows no signs of fuel leakage or any other problems. The car has run reliably for the last 10 years and 10,000 miles according to the previous owner, who has only needed to give the car normal servicing-It has done several long distance trips without fault. It remains a truly fast car today, and a very capable Grand Touring machine.

It says a lot that this 1982 6-series, normally a cool car but worth single-digit-thousands, is pictured with Ferraris and Bentleys and currently sitting at $35k. With the provenance, rarity, and restorations, the seller is probably looking for a bit more than that. Too rich for my blood, but an amazing and unique example of German tuner culture in the 80s. The next owner will belong to an entirely different club than the guy in the 550i he rolls up to at the stop light, a club that appreciated sharky clean lines, mechanical purity, and gold and green as a color combo. I like that guy.


1982 BMW 345i Dietel Alpina Widebody

Editor’s note: Another encore performance car, we posted this one before shortly after it sold at Barrett Jackson Scotsdale. See the old write up here, ~Evan

Jon Voight got a bad rap for allegedly owning a Chrysler LeBaron on Seinfeld. It appears that Christopher Cross had better taste. Continuing on with the tuned BMW theme of late, here we have a very special Alpina E21, developed by Alpina’s US distributor, Dietel Enterprises.

The seller states:

You are bidding on a one-of-a-kind, 26,000 mile, 1982 BMW 345i Dietel/Alpina widebody (VIN # WBAAH310XC7454911). This special vehicle is well documented, and has a unique place in BMW/Alpina history. I have all of the documentation, which is organized in a custom made Alpina briefcase. I also have original copies of the magazines that this car has appeared in, which have been signed by Mike Dietel (Additionally I have two posters which have also been signed). The car is in very good condition, and I have not had any problems with it since I purchased it in January. Since I know you will ask, I am selling the car because I have purchased an Audi S5, and cannot afford to have both cars.

There are no problems that I am aware of, and the car looks and drives like you would expect of a 1980’s era car. I have listed, in detail, the history and specs on this car below. I have also copied the text from the 1984 Petersen Magazine article, which does a better job explaining the car than I could.

Car History

Dietel Enterprises was the sole Alpina distributor in the US during the 1980’s, and this particular car was specially built for popular singer Christopher Cross. Additionally, this car represents the final car built by Dietel Enterprises. Starting with a Euro spec 323, Dietel spent over $70,000 to create this unique 745i turbo powered E21.

Car Highlights

Magazine Appearances
1984 – Peterson’s Sports Car Graphic – Cover car 1984
2004 – Appeared in Roundel Magazine – July, 2004
2005 – Appeared in Total BMW Magazine – January, 2005

Special Features
– One off custom widebody fiberglass body work
– Chrome moly chassis reinforcements
– 3.3 liter 6-cylinder, KKK intercooled Turbo, Alpina adjustable boost
– 310 horsepower, 367 ft.lbs
– Euro 5 speed, 75% limited slip racing differential with special cooler, pump and filtration system
– 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, 0-100 in 14 seconds
– Fully adjustable Bilstein/Alpina coil over suspension
– Variable rate springs
– Adjustable custom strut rod and swivel drop link front sway bar system
– Adjustable rear sway bar
– M1 front brake rotors, with Lockheed Martin magnesium 4 piston calipers
– Vintage BBS 3 piece (restored) racing wheels
– Customized 6 series rear subframe
– Braided stainless lines throughout
– Full gauges
– Turbo heat shields and exhaust from cats back to large stainless steel Magna Flow mufflers with stainless steel chrome tips
– Very rare reconditioned Beige suede pigskin interior, ASS German seats

Vehicle Specs

BMW 345i
Vehicle Manufacturer BMW / Dietel Enterprises
Vehicle type: Front-engine, rear-drive, 4-passenger sedan
Curb Weight: 2,980 lbs
Price: $70,000 (est.)

Type: Inline 6-cylinder
Displacement (ci/cc): 3210/1958
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Induction: L-Jetronic fuel injection
Valve gear: Singe overhead cam
Max. horsepower (SAE net): 310 hp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum torque (SAE net): 367 lbs/f ft @ 2600-4000 rpm
Redline: 6350 rpm
Emission control: Lambda sensor / 3-way catalytic converter
Fuel requirement: Unleaded premium

Transmission: Alpine close-ration 5-speed
Transmission ratios:
1st 3.42:1
2nd 2.07:1
3rd 1.47:1
4th 1.1.6:1
5th 1.00:1
Axle ratio: 3.07:1

Dimensions and Capacities
Wheelbase (in): 100
Length (in): 171
Width (in): 68
Height (in): 52.5
Track, F/R (in): 55/56.5
Minimum ground clearance (in): 4.6
Curb weight (lb): 2980
Weight distribution, F/R (%): 57/43
Oil capacity (qt): 6
Water capacity (qt): 11
Fuel capacity (gal): 13

Body and Frame
Chassis Unibody: Body Welded steel
Suspension: Front Independent, lower arms, strut/rod adjustable swaybar
Rear Independent (6-series), trailing arms, gas shocks, adjustable swaybar
Type: Power-assisted rack and pinion
Overall ratio: 21.2:1
Turns, lock-to-lock: 3.5
Turning radius (ft): 15.6

Front: 11.8-inch power-assisted vented disc
Rear: 10.5-inch power-assisted vented disc
Swept area (sq in): 473.88
Swept area per ton (sq in): 318.04

Wheels and Tires
Wheel type: 3-piece alloy
Wheel size (in): 15×9 front; 15×11 rear
Tire manufacturer & model: BFGoodrich Comp T/A
Tire construction & size: 225/50VR-15 front; 285/40VR-15 rear

0-30 (sec) 1.95
0-40 (sec) 3.00
0-50 (sec) 4.42
0-60 (sec) 5.50
0-70 (sec) 8.00
0-80 (sec) 10.02
Standing ¼-mile 13.75 sec @ 99.5 mph

Lateral acceleration (g): 0.85
Stopping Distances:
30-0 (ft/sec): 34/1.43
60-0 (ft/sec): 141/3.30

Fuel Economy
EPA estimate (mpg): N/A
Actual (mpg): 18 combined

Usually the first generation of a vehicle overshadows its successors, but the E21 3er is outshone by the legendary E30 3er that followed. This particular E21, however, has me looking at the first generation 3er in a whole new light. If you would run into this car on the street and happen to glance at it from the side, you might mistake it for a garden variety E21, especially with its sublime color. Look a little more closely, however, and it draws you in. That is, until it, it takes off and shows you those wide rear tires and dual exhaust.


1982 Mercedes 300CD concours condition

This very fine all original Mercedes two door is up for sale on eBay. The red paint looks brilliant and the tan interior looks as new. The turbo diesel has covered only 60,000 miles, which is basically just break in on the beyond reliable 5 cylinder.

Bidding is up near $10,000 with the reserve not met. Compare that price with general 80s Benz prices and you can see the premium being paid for the low miles and the rarer coupe configuration.

The seller says the car is too nice to drive daily and that it should be in a collection.


1982 BMW 323i Widebody w/ 2.9 stroker

This 1982 323i was stock in 1999 and has since been built up into a one of a kind custom BMW. The car was purchased and built up in Germany before being imported. The stock engine was replaced with a 2.0 liter from a 1978 320i and that was stroked to 2.9 liters.  90,000 miles are listed, presumably as being on the chassis. The car has a fiberglass for looks on the outside. On the inside there is tons of electronic gear.

There is so much done to this car. It falls more on the show car end of the spectrum, rather than daily driver or track car. The complete package looks well put together and isn’t lacking or haphazard. Originality police stay away, but those looking for a stand out ride for your local coffee and cars show, opening bid is $14,500.

From the seller:

Motor Swap from 1978 320i
2.0L worked to 2.9L Stroker
Ported and Polished
Light Weight Flywheel
Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler
E30 M3 Clutch
K&N Air Filter
AC Schnitzer Headers
Racing Resonator Replacing Catalytic Converter
3in Exhaust Split into 2.5in Duel Exhaust
Stainless Performance Mufflers W/ Double Square DTM Tips
Steel Braided Cooling and Vacuum Hose Covers
Orange Wire Loom around Wiring w/ Orange Wire Ties
Intake Manifold and Valve Cover Painted Black w/Polished Lettering
BMW M Logo Oil Fill Cap

3 Speed Automatic to 5 Speed Manual Conversion
Short Shifter (From 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe)
3.64 LSD Differential W/ Gear Change to 3.91

Manual Rack and Pinion Steering Upgraded to Power Rack and Pinion
65A Alternator Upgraded to 95A (From 1991 BMW 325i)
Optima Blue Top Battery
Silver Positive and Negative Battery Terminal Clamps
Remote Start w/Door and Trunk Solenoids and Smart Power Windows

Ground Control Coil Over Kit w/ Eibach Springs
Bilstein Sport Shocks
Red Polyurethane Rear Control Arm Bushings
Red Polyurethane Rear Sway Bar Link Bushings
Hard Rubber Rear Sub Frame Mounts
Front Shock Tower Brace

Brembo Drilled Rotors
Pagid Blue Racing Brake Pads
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Front and Rear)
Calipers Painted Orange

Winter Sport Tuning Fiberglass Body Kit w/ Spoiler
Lamborghini Pearl Orange W/ Gold Flake in the Clear Coat
Shaved Door Handles and Locks
Exterior Trunk Latch Removed
Side Body Trim Removed and Holes Welded
Polished Aluminum Flush Mount Fuel Door
Rear Body Trim (Between Tail Lights) Removed and Welded Flush
BMW Hood and Trunk Badges Removed and Filled
Trunk Retaining Rods Removed and Replaced with Shocks
Air Vents Cut into Front of Hood and Backed w/Black Mesh
Front Air Dam Vents Backed With Black Mesh
Turn Signals and Tail Lights Painted From the Inside for Smoked Effect
BMW E30 Head Light Conversion w/ Angle Eyes and HID
7 Color LED Underbody Lighting

ATS Classic Wheels Powder Coated Smoked Chrome W/ Metallic Flake
15×9 (Front) 15×12 (Rear)
Hankook VENTUS R-S2 225 45 15 (Front)
Pirelli P-Zero 345 35 15 (Rear)

Black / Orange Lambskin Interior (Originally Blue Cloth)
Black Carpet (Originally Blue)
Black and Orange Racing Seats
Black Headliner (Originally White)
Corbeau 3-Point Retractable Harness Belts
BMW E30 M3 Black Leather Rear Seats
Diamond Plate Floor Mats
Custom Center Console Wrapped in Black Vinyl and Orange Lambskin
Custom Black Leather E-brake Boot
Black Leather Shifter Boot
NRG Innovations Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle
MOMO Italy F16 EVO Shift Knob
MOMO Italy 280mm Steering Wheel
MOMO Italy Pedal Set
Carbon Fiber Look Single Gauge Pod
Carbon Fiber Look Triple Gauge Pod
Faze Performance Volt, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure Gauges
Orange Gauge Bezels
Custom Instrument Cluster Gauge Faces
Power Window Upgrade (From 1986 BMW 735i)
Pop Out Rear Windows (From 1980 BMW 320i)
Folia Tec Chrome Look Window Tint
Billet Aluminum Light, Turn Signal and Wiper Control Knobs
Aluminum Door Locks
Speedometer Converted From KPH to MPH/KPH
Carbon Fiber Look Lighted Power Window Switches
3 Socket Accessory Receptacle

Custom Console for Three Head Units Wrapped in Orange Lambskin
Sony Xplod Navigation Head Unit
Eonon DVD Player
Eonon 7in Motorized In Dash Monitor
7in Sun Visor Monitor x2
Sony Xplod 5 ¼ in Component Separates Front and Rear
Sony Xplod 800w 4 Channel Amplifier
Sony Xplod 1200w 2 Channel Amplifier x2
Sony Xplod 12in Subwoofer x2 in Sealed Box
Sony Xplod 15in Subwoofer Mounted in Spare Tire Compartment
25 Farad Capacitor
Cooling Fans x2
Rear Component Speakers Mounted on 3/4in MDF Rear Deck
Trunk Wrapped in Black and Orange Lambskin


Cheapest BMW 7 series out there 1982 733i or BBS RS 005 rims with a free car

Yes we strive to find the finest and the most unique cars out there for you, but sometimes I like to sneak beasties like this into the mix. Its fun for me to have the extremes, I’m following this post up with an amazing Dinan 333i.

No reserve, 177,000, ran when parked 4 years ago, doesn’t start now. It is a New York car and it looks like rust has set in but….

Those gold rims appear to be genuine vintage three piece forged alloy BBS RS 005s or RS 006s and if so they alone are well worth the current high bid of $431. Basically buy yourself a matched set of BBS RS005s or RS006s (hard to tell the size from the photos) and get a free car.

As for the car spend your black Friday shopping money here and have big safe car to give as a present to that mechanically minded highschooler in your family. The later e23 7s have some expensive technological bits, but unlike newer 7s this one can probably be brought back to an acceptable level of service and daily drivability without a trunk load of cash. Get it started, check the brakes, drive it until something major falls off, and then sell it for what you bought for. At this price you can afford a roll of tape and a can of black spray paint to patch the rust spots.

Someone save this one.


1982 VW Rabbit Truck for sale

This Rabbitamino is just about exactly what I would have liked to have done with my first car, a white 1981 VW Rabbit Truck.  The light pickup body and communicative steering made me first enjoy “driving slow cars fast,” as I once heard it aptly put.  And slow they usually are, fitted with anemic but efficient gas and diesel engines.  This seller solved that with plenty of go-quick bits from GTIs and Sciroccos that conveniently follow the VW tradition of LEGO-like parts interchangeability.

1982 VW GTI Truck for sale on Madison, WI Craiglist

A detailed but concise description from the seller:

Up for sale is my 1982 VW Rabbit Sport Truck. This is a super rare truck that is in awesome shape. The original 1.7 motor has been replaced with a single ohc 1.8 gti motor with a g-grind cam. Also has the gti trans, scirocco brakes with stainless steel brake lines, corrado recaro seats. The interior of the truck is in really nice shape with the exception of the headliner which I removed because it was falling down. The paint, as typical with this gen vw, is fading but there is hardly any body rust, no bed rust, no strut tower rust. Almost new winter tires on 15″ wheels to fit the scirocco brakes. I just had brand new 2 inch exhaust installed from the header pipe back. I have a matching tailgate but the handles does not work, I also have a bumper with hitch ball mounts. I love this truck I just need something with more seats so the kids can cruise with me.

Despite Wisconsin roots, notorious for devouring all things metal, this GTIchero has minimal rust and none in the most common problem areas.  The pictures show a pretty beat tailgate because the original has a broken latch, but that’s an easy fix.  For $3600 this would a fun, efficient, and useful little truck.  I love the style, the big steelies, the great interior, the OEM+ upgrades.  Well done to the seller, and cheers to whoever buys and appreciates this funky take on the GTI.


1982 Volkswagen Scirocco project needs saving

This poor VW looks like someone ran out of time, money, or interest on it. It needs an engine and needs to have the interior reinstalled. It comes with some extra Euro and 16v parts for the reassembly. 82,000 miles on the body. Anyone want to finish this one? The ask is $1200, I suspect that it could be had for an even grand.