1993 BMW ItalDesign Nazca

The M1 left a lasting impression on BMW. In 2008, BMW rolled out the M1 Homage Concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este near Lake Como in Italy and it got people wondering whether BMW will dabble in the supercar market once again. Back in the 1990s, there was similar chatter after a concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro hit the scene with a mid mounted 5.0 liter V12. With only three prototypes built, it certainly isn’t every day you see a Nazca up for sale. This particular one for sale in New Zealand is advertised as a 1993 model and has an Alpina tuned V12 producing 379 horsepower. Three versions were produced, including a Spyder in 1993, this was a departure from the usual one-off mentality that surrounds concept vehicles.

1993 BMW ItalDesign Nazca

One of only 3 ever Produced. Design styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro. BMW 5.7 litre Alpina V12 Engine (Top Speed 203 mph). Blue with Blue Leather. Right Hand Drive. 5 Speed Manual. Unregistered, still new with factory Delivery Kms Only

While this car is advertised as a 1993 model, it is modeled after the 1991 M12 version of the Nazca. This is because this particular example was manufactured by Italdesign for the Sultan of Brunei, who specified the higher horsepower Alpina V12. The pictures don’t do this vehicle justice, as it shows a lot of dust and dirt on the car. I would hope for a better presentation when spending $1.1 million USD on a vehicle. Personally, I would be surprised if this car eventually sells at that price, given the amount of supercar that buys these days (ahem Veyron).


1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport For Sale

Too bad you can’t drive it, I am sure glad the seller got that out of the way early in the advertisement.  In translation this means, “I have always wanted one of these cars so I purchased one thinking I could get it federalized myself.”  Fast forward a few years and the seller found that is easier said than done.

I won’t re-hash the wiki dump the seller placed in their ad but I will say this is a very special car, something you almost never see in the states.

1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport:

From the seller –


I listed her as a 1980 since EBAY would not recognize the VIN of a Euro model produced after 1981!


This is a very rare model that was produced in limited numbers by Porsche from 1993 – 1995. This particular model has an extremely rare combination of options and delete items.

Speed Yellow ( Speedgleb )

NO Sunroof

NO Undercoating

NO Power windows

NO Airbags

Rear Seat Delete

Factory Sport Recaro Seats Left & Right, Painted in Body Color

Rear Wing Painted in Body Color

Porsche Cup 17″ Magnesium Wheels Painted in Body Color

Sports Suspension (Adjustable Coilovers) and M030 Brake System with Drilled Rotors

6 Speed Transmission with Limited Slip Differential

Front Strut Brace

Options added later:

Hidalgo ( Company succeeded Matter ) Full Roll Cage

I imported the car with full EPA and DOT exemptions and you should note that the car IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be licensed and driven on US roads. I do have the vehicle insured under my State Farm Collector car policy and in theory, one could drive the car with a dealer tag. I have put less than 500 miles on the car since importing it in 2011. It drive great and is very quick and incredibly well balanced.

There are only a hand full of these in the US and the values of these cars is increasing (particularly for the rare examples with great options). This car is in excellent original condition and shows NO signs of accidents and absolutely NO sign of any rust.”

If I had a top 5 list of cars I would import if time and money didn’t matter list this car would be on it.  Which is saying something because there are all sorts of cars I or any enthusiast would consider.

A quick scan of the car and it seems to be in fine shape.  The gaps in the hood are a bit off which could mean it needs adjusting or it was repaired poorly.  Prospective buyers would want to have that checked out prior to bidding.  The equipment is spot on with what I would order if given a chance.  There is a great deal to like here.

So the question then becomes what is a car you could not license or drive worth?  Being a dealer I could actually make this work which is all kinds of torture but that is not the case for everyone.  Doing a quick scan of used CS’s in Europe they would translate to $35-40k here.  But they can drive them anytime and anywhere they please.

I think this CS is rare enough to get whatever the seller is looking for.  Sadly the closest I will get is staring at the poster I have of this exact car in my garage.



1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 Sportline 5-speed manual

Before AMG took over as the sporting arm of Mercedes-Benz, we had Sportline for those seeking a bit more performance. For the US market, the Sportline option was available on the W201 190E 2.6 for 1992 and 1993 and the W124 300E/300CE and E320/E320 coupe between 1993 and 1995. Features such as a quicker steering box, lowered ride height, tuned suspension and larger anti-roll bars made it into the mix, making this a rare case of less flash and more substance. The Sportline Mercedes-Benzes have lived on in relative obscurity, known only to the true Mercedes-Benz faithful. Finding one in good condition is rarer than the proverbial hen’s tooth, so this final year 190E 2.6 is an uncommon treat, especially given the fact it is made even more unique with the 5-speed manual transmission.

1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 Sportline

1 of 700. Sportline LE. 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 5 speed. No it’s not a clone! Just Look at the speedo and rear seats. The Sportline option consists of these items and a few more not listed!

Sport seats front/rear 4 Seater
Different lower control arms and bushings
Different shocks/springs
Different wheels
Smaller diamater steering wheel
Sportline shift knob
Quicker ratio steering box
Larger front/rear sway bars and different bushings
Sportline front fender badges
Different rear sub frame mounts

You Could Only Get It In Black! RUNS & DRIVES VERY NICE!

Equipment: Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette, Cruise Control, Leather, Dual Air Bags, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, & Power Windows!!! Brakes work well. Everything works as far as we know! All glass & mirrors look great – no cracks. The interior condition looks NICE! Seats and floor are somewhat well kept. There is some very light wearing on the seats and floor. Dash & console are nice! Outside light covers look good. Paint looks real nice. (There are some small little door dings and some very small scratches).

I’m impressed with this cars condition given the 168,000 miles it has covered. Usually, you see issues crop up such as sagging rear bumpers or interior door trim that is warped or fog lights that are cracked or pitted. It goes to show you how well a car can look after 20 years if you simply are a bit careful and maintain it properly. I really like this car, but I think if the asking price was about $1,000 to $1,500 less, it would be garnering a little more interest. If it had closer to 100,000 miles on it, I could almost rationalize the asking price, but when you are bearing down on 200,000, no matter how clean the car is, there’s always an issue or two at a minimum that will arise and it’s hard to estimate what that will set you back.


1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E

The 500E is one of the most complete cars I’ve ever driven. When I was in college, I was fortunate enough to test drive this legend at a specialist dealer. Even though the car I drove had 110,000 miles on the clock, in true Mercedes-Benz fashion, it felt solid as a rock. The suspension in this car alone was a revelation; comfortable enough for highway cruising yet tight enough when you wanted to be aggressive. To explain how the engineers pulled this off would probably be as hard to explain how gravity works. This car left an impression on me and every time I see one come up for sale, the little devil on my shoulder tells me to forget about the maintenance, fuel and insurance costs….just do it. This 1993 500E is for sale right in my backyard and it’s calling my name.

1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E on eBay

1993 Mercedes 500E: A joint production between Mercedes and Porsche. Here is the chance to own one of the cleanest and most cared for 500Es.

A little history, the prior owner received the car as part of a settlement many years ago and she spared absolutely no expense caring for it, none! The car was stored in a garage on 5th Avenue nearly all its life, it was always serviced at MB of Manhattan or EuroMotorcars in Bethesda on occasion. I have paperwork on the car that includes all the maintenance performed since its original purchase in addition to the owner’s manual svc stamps since ’93. I have all the major services documented since original purchase, including the latest 60k maintenance performed at the dealership to the tune of $1,100+ when the car had 57k; transmission flush was performed at 52k. Documented engine harness and water pump replacement.

All major equipment/parts on the car are 100% original i.e., engine, transmission, and body… Engine runs super smooth and transmission shifts like butter. Everything functions inside/out, cassette deck has the occasional hiccup but radio and cd player work perfectly. A/C blows ice cold and heat works great. It has never been driven in rain or snow, no rust/corrosion anywhere and the car lived a sheltered life as stated. No accidents/bodywork and paintwork is all original. Interior shows no signs of wear w/ a few minor blemishes on wood that is merely unavoidable on these cars. I have all three original keys, owners manual, documents, and MB dust cover. When I took possession the dealership recommended as general maintenance to update some parts, so I did right away. Below I will list what has been updated:

Parts & Service

New updated O.E.M. MBenz Engine Harness- Originals were known to deteriorate over time ($1,300+)

Front Rotors and Brake Pads
Caps and Rotors
Windshield Washer reservoir pump
Interstates best battery that came recommended for this car
Mobile One Synthetic
Car just passed a stringent VA Safety and Emissions inspection last month.

I know this is an extraordinary example of a very rare car, only serious buyers please inquire, I will do my best to answer your questions. Pictures do this car no justice so once again serious buyers please feel free to set up an appointment with me.I will do my best to assist with shipping if required in any way that I can. $1,500 deposit will be required at time of purchase. I have set a low reserve on the car considering what I paid and money I personally invested thereafter.

Over the past couple years, I’ve seen some 500Es advertised at stratospheric prices, sometimes close to or over the $40,000 mark. Usually Mercedes-Benz sedans command less than their coupe and convertible brethern, but this is one special Mercedes and enthusiasts know. This car’s asking price is refreshing; well within reason given the mileage and condition.


Beautiful & Stock 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale

Boy ‘oh boy you have to sort through a ton of questionable Rados to find something like this.  My want list for a Rado starts with a bone stock, SLC, with lower ‘ish miles, and lovingly maintained.  Check, check, check, and freaking check.

1993 Volkswagen Corrado:

From the seller –

“Seller has 24yrs of experience as a certified Volkswagen mechanic at the VW dealership I work for. This car is immaculate and garage kept. I photographed the car and drove it, it is a solid car. I only noticed the Neuspeed intake, I am unaware of any mods. This is an extremely OEM car. Excuse the glare in the photos, this car looks much better in person!

-86k original miles
-original clutch
-new front brakes
-new sunroof assembly
-new windshield
-new headliner
-new driver window regulator
-newish pass window regulator
-charged AC
-2yr old distributor
-new coolant flange, thermostat and coolant temp sensor
-new ignition switch
-10 disk changer comes with car
-original rims w/ tires come with car
-2 keys and 2 remotes”

That is a lot of pictures but I am pretty smitten with this car.  As a much younger man I remember taking a new SLC home for the weekend to wrap my head around buying it.  Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, what does a starving college student need with what was a $23k car at the time?  It would have been financial suicide.

But, the Rado did not make it a easy choice.  Superb handling, fantastic build quality (for a VW), and the willing VR6 made for a very tempting proposition.

This particular Rado is in wonderful condition, loved, and owned by a VW tech.  If you have been looking for a Rado this may be the one to act on.  Price has been reduced to $10.5, which is a lot of German goodness for the money.



Rare Lagoon Green 1993 E34 BMW M5 For Sale

E34 M5’s are gorgeous automobiles but most are black, red, or white.  I am not sure I have ever seen one finished in Lagoon Green, and I typically don’t buy cars based on color, but when they are as rare as this you have to take notice.

1993 Lagoon Green BMW M5 For Sale:

From the seller –

“I have been good at documenting the car in my build thread over the last 8 months. It is the nicest E34 I have ever seen in person. Very clean, COMPLETELY rust free, stack of documentation from previous owners. If you have interest in a E34 M5, there will be no disappointments here. Its about as good as it could get. Pictures tell the story how clean and nice this car is. I have owned 7 E34’s and know what to look for when I buy them. It took me close to a year to find a E34 M5 this special. I spent 6 months in contact with the previous owner before I pulled the trigger on this car. Compression test prior to purchase showed 180, 180, 170, 180, 180, 180.

This is about as cool as US Spec M5’s get. Car is Lagoon Green/Black sport leather interior. This car is 1 of 8 ever made in the US in this color. I only know of 2 others that still exist and they both have Grey interiors. Total world wide production of E34 Lagoon Green was 22 cars. The car has Black Birdseye Maple wood grain. The door panels show zero delamination. The Black headliner is tight and looks great(slightly getting loose underneath the visors). Car currently has 168k miles, and feels like a brand new car still.

Factory OEM Shadowline
Factory Black M5 Door Sills
Factory Black Birdseye Maple
Factory Tri-Stitched Steering Wheel
Factory Msport Side Mirrors
3.73 LSD
Servotronic M5 short ratio Steering Box

Blue Cloth in the Tool Kit
Triangles in Tool Kit
OEM Flash Light in the Glove Box
OEM M5 Tape with Owner Manual in ///M Leather Case
OEM ///M Key, with 2 other spare keys and 2 OEM Keyless Remotes
I could list stuff forever
Factory BMW Cell Phone
Factory Rear View Mirror
Factory 6 Disc Changer

Perfect HELLA Smilies with 6000k 55w HID’s
Brand New HELLA Projector Fogs with 6000k 55w HID’s
LED 6000k City Lights
All Lens’s are covered in 40mm Laminx Clear Film
Newer Dinan Adjustable Front Sway Bar
Newer OEM M5T Nurburg 20mm Rear Sway Bar
Racing Dymanics Front Strut Bar
BMC Carbon Dynamics Airbox
Complete Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit
New ZHP Weighted Shift Knob
UUC SSK with DSLR(will need to confirm the DSLR but pretty sure it there)
Very nice Alpine Headunit with iPod hookup in the glove box
OEM E38 M-parallel’s in full Polish with brand new ///M badges 18×8 ET13, 18×9.5 ET25
BavAuto SLS Delete Kit
H&R Springs with Billy Sports Front, Koni Sport Adjustable Rears
TMS Performance Software Chip
Self Tinting Rear View Mirror

New Bosch Waterpump
New Oil Fitler and 20w50 Synthetic Oil
New Mann Fuel Filter
New OEM Continental Belts all 3
New OEM Fan Blade
New OEM Fan Shroud
New OEM Intake Elbow
New OEM Butterfly Vacuum Caps
New Lemforder Rear Pitman Arms
New Meyle HD UCA’s
New Meyle HD LCA’s
New Meyle HD Center Link with Idler arms
New Meyle HD Tie Rod’s
New Meyle HD Sway Links
Newer Michelin Pilot Sports PS2’s 225/40/18, 255/35/18
Received a new OEM Transmission 5 years ago.”

The seller does go on to say “this is sort of a feeler” but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  Obviously this car has been loved and has received thousands of dollars of loving maintenance over the years.  The seller is right, you can buy a $8k M5 and put $10k into it or you can buy one that is all sorted.  Well, as sorted as a E34 can be that is.

With that $15k seems fair, but you have to really want something like this for that sort of outlay of cash and garage space.  The color does not do anything for the value of the M but it sure makes for interesting conversation.  Best of luck to the seller on selling your beautiful M.



Well Sorted Porsche 993 For Sale

It has been a year and a half since I sold my E39 M5.  It just does not make sense for me to have a car since I always seem to have several around I can drive.  The problem is none of them could be considered “enthusiast” vehicles by any means.  Frankly I am surprised I have held out as long as I have.

While it makes no sense whatsoever I have been having sinful thoughts about Porsche 993’s.  Maybe I will just get one for the summer.  Hopefully by the fall I will have come to my senses and I can go back to driving worn XC90’s and spunky MINI Coopers?  The problem is I don’t have the time to restore one, I need something turn key and ready to go.

A little something like this…

1995 Porsche 993:

Here is a great description from the seller –

“I figure I’m going to have to write this if I intend to sell the car, so here goes: Speed Yellow 993 C2. Never been smoked in, never been in an accident, never been in snow, and has VERY rarely seen rain. I shipped it in from California, where it was religiously maintained at High Performance House (650.364.6234). I have most records since new. It’s immaculate. Without getting into specifics, it pulls very hard, stops very well, and handles great.

Definitive “reluctant sale.” I don’t have to sell the car, and I’m finding that it’s killing me to write this. Porsche guys talk about buying cars that are “fully sorted” – this car is definitely that. Only thing it could use is a center taillight piece. I have the Autocheck (which is clear) and the VIN if you’re interested in doing a Carfax (which is clear) instead. The car has been maintained by Taylor Chapman (of Chapman Auto Works – 703.467.9130) since its arrival in Virginia. I would think that either shop would vouch for the condition 993 in a heartbeat.

Here’s the list.

Car (OEM):

1995 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera Coupe

Speed Yellow (almost perfect – couple of tiny nicks in the clear bra and one on the rear fender – see photos)

Black Interior (perfect and immaculate. No sun warping, genuinely rare condition)

Six-speed manual (shifts smooth)

Limited Slip Differential

Sport steering wheel (v.rare)


Carbon Fiber/Aluminum shifter/e-brake package (v.rare)

Motor Sound Package

111,2xx miles


“Big Red” twin-turbo brakes

Pagid Orange brake pads

Motul SuperBlue fluid

Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines

Functional front brake ducts

H&R coil-over suspension (springs, shocks) (Less than 500 miles ago)

H&R sway bars (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS endlinks

Polyurethane sway bar mounts

Elephant Racing fully-heim jointed/spherical bearing suspension (very streetable, shockingly)

Aligned/corner balanced to Carrera RS Clubsport specification. Handles brilliantly.

993 Carrera RS Steering rack bracket added

993 Carrera RS strut tower brace


Weltmeister short shifter/brass Carrera RS bushings

993 Carrera RS engine mounts

993 Carrera RS clutch

993 Carrera RS flywheel

Redline synthetic gearbox oil

Fabspeed dual SS high-flow catalytic converters (Less than 500 miles ago)

GIAC Chip programmed by Steve Weiner


Recaro Pole Position seats (as in 993 RS), leather/alcantara, aluminum mounts

Mounting points for 5-point harnesses installed, will include harnesses separately if desired

New OE battery installed; Optima Yellow Top new in box (Less than 500 miles ago)

Brushed aluminum interior door handles installed


Custom-made Forgeline wheels, 18×8, 18×10 (Less than 500 miles ago)

Flat black interior powdercoat

Gloss black lip powdercoat

Titanium fastening hardware

Nitto INVO, 235/40R18, 275/35R18 (Less than 500 miles ago)


993 Carrera RS Clubsport rear bumper (OEM)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport front lip/taco holders (Duraflex) (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport rear wing (Duraflex, with OEM seal) (Less than 500 miles ago)

993 Carrera RS Clubsport side skirts – custom fitment by Piper Motorsport

Parts professionally painted to match by Mr. Spoiler in Manassas, VA

3M Clear Bra

Paint Correction, detailed (Less than 300 miles ago)

Recent Maintenance:

Sunroof seal replaced (preventative, less than 100 miles ago).

Excellent leakdown/compression – pulls very hard (Less than 500 miles ago)

Valve cover gasket job just done – car does not leak a drop (Less than 500 miles ago)

Oil change just done (Mobil 1 synth) (Less than 500 miles ago)

Professionally serviced by Taylor Chapman – no $ spared.

New slave cylinder (Less than 500 miles ago)

New O2 sensors (Less than 500 miles ago)

Complete tune up including new Beru spark plug wires, Bosch plugs, distributor caps/rotors (Less than 2,000 miles ago)

DME Relay replaced (Less than 2,000 miles ago)

Catalytic converters replaced

ICV cleaned

Could Use:

A new taillight center bit (see small chip in photos)

Price: $37,500.”

Sure yellow would not be my first choice and I would want to go with the stock deck lid but other than that there is so much right with this car.  The brake upgrade, exhaust, spotless interior, and wheels compliment this very nice 993.  The asking price of $37.5k is not out of the realm of possibility either and I am sure $35k would get it sold quickly.

This 993 looks like a car that costs twice as much and has the performance to back it up.  Here is to hoping it finds a good home.


1993 Mercedes 500e Hammer For Sale

I typically leave all things Benz to my peers here at GCFSB.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I am quite smitten in fact.  It’s just that they are all so damn knowledgeable I figure it best to leave these cars to the pros.

However, for every rule there is an exception.  The Mercedes 500e “Hammer” is the exception to that rule.  Built as a joint venture between Mercedes and Porsche this partnership involved shipping these cars back and forth between factories during each 18 day build.

The result was a world class sedan powered by 5.0 liter V8 capable of 0-60 sprints in the 6 second range.  That is so very quick for a car that weighs almost 3,800 pounds.  Here is an excellent two owner example for your viewing pleasure.

1993 Mercedes Benz 500E Hammer:

More about this car –

“This auction is for a beautiful 1993 Mercedes Benz 500E HAMMER. It has 105k original miles on it.

Clean Title * CarFax Certified  * 2 OWNER CAR!!!

This 500E is in excellent condition. All of the electronics work correctly.


The suspension feels tight, the motor and transmission run very strong, and the car drives perfectly.

This Mercedes has been meticulously maintained. I have most of the Service History





The paint color is Bright White and is in excellent condition. The interior is Light Grey Leather.


The interior shows very little to almost no wear.



This looks like a fantastic example.  The exterior still shines like new and the interior looks like a car half its age.  Bidding currently sits at $13.1k with the reserve not yet met.  The seller has it listed for $17k elsewhere so I have to think $15.5k could get it done.  That is a lot of German engineering for the dollar.  I will be curious to see where this one lands.


Dueling Black-on-Black E34 M5s for sale

Polish reader Piotr pointed us towards these shockingly-similar E34 M5s for sale on eBay right now. As if black-on-black E34 M5s were common, these are 2 of rare 1993 models. Just 261 M5s came to North America that year before the 6-year break to the E39 M5. Both have about 150k miles and are close to $14k. The main differences are number of owners (3 vs. 1), presence of a spoiler, and coast of the US.

1993 BMW M5 for sale in California

Pertinent points from the seller:

This is a exceptionally tight and well kept specimen of the E34 M5 breed. Only 261 of these E34 M5’s were sold in the US this last and perfected model year of 1993.
To find any of these 261 cars for sale at any price and in this condition would be a challenge but here we are!

The BMW M5 is an inspiring driving machine and a true mechanical masterpiece. The E 34 M5 cars were the last generation of BMWs that were personally
hand built by serious (German) men with mustaches and names like Fritz and Günter.

This particular vehicle has only 3 previous and caring owners.
It comes with records since day one, down to the original $63.300 window sticker.
Actually, I even have the original BMW M5 cassette tape tutorial!

It is meticulously maintained with mature driving, it has a history of enthusiast owners and is serviced only at the most knowledgeable and reputable shops available.
Please note the exceptional condition that this car is in, furthermore, consider the milage of this vehicle and you will understand the unique quality of the E34 M5 model
and the level of maintenance and attention to detail that the vehicle has experienced during every day of it’s life.

In this case the mileage is just a number, not a level of deterioration (153k miles which equals 8k miles per year on average!).

Despite it was 19 years since Fritz and Günter rolled this car out from its birth place at BMW M GmbH in Garching, Germany, it is still is in this amazing condition.

It is a daily driver so I am not talking concurs a la Pebble Beach, but the pictures tell the story.

The M5 is now looking for a new home with a caring and responsible owner who knows how to passionately continue to pamper this rare and stunning beast.

Factory equipment:
– Rare elegant color combo with Jet black exterior / black leather interior / dark birds eye maple
– Speed sensing steering
– Motorsport mirrors
– Cruise control
– AC is factory delivered with R134a
– Onboard computer (all pixels working)
– Sport front seats (all electric, including lump bar and head rest)
– Shadow line exterior trim parts
– Motorsport embossed door grips
– Sport suspension
– It still smells genuine German leather inside. It´s a non smoker, no cats, dogs or rhinos has ever sat their paws inside (don’t know if Rhinos has paws but anyway).
– Sunroof
– Full size spare wheel

– Perfect maintenance records, I even changed the O2 sensor in preventive service
– All new bushings, trans mounts, engine mounts, rear sub frame, suspension top mounts etc etc
– All new steering rods
– New cooling hoses
– New valve adjustment, and all was with in specs from previous adjustment.
– New full maintenance with oil and filters
– Timing chain inspection, all was with in specs.
– Oil consumption over the last 3.000 miles is less than half a quart (which is excellent).
– Updated coolant system
– Brakes are very good and recent
– A binder full of receipts

– 4x Brand new Performance Bridgestone Potenza RE760 tires all round
– Dinan Chip
– Dinan Stage 1 Bilstein dampers
– CD changer
– SLS delete
– Becker Headunit Becker makes the best sounding head units on the, they deliver factory systems to Porsche and Ferrari)
– iPod/ iPhone charger and audio hookup

– The car is extremely tight and pleasing to drive
– Clean title
– No rust – anywhere –
– Originally sold in Texas 2nd of April 1993. Has been in California the last 9 years, has never seen, snow or salt
– Few owners (all previous owners names are available)
– Passed recent smog with flying colors
– Leather and interior are in exceptional condition
– Tags are good until December 2012

1993 BMW M5 for sale in Pennsylvania

A more removed description:

From the way the car drives and looks and the year of the vehicle – most of the miles on the car are highway miles. The car has been garage kept.

There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is very strong and provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW and runs extra smooth. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and the transmission is in excellent condition! The suspension that’s on the car feels very nimble and comfortable at the same time.

The A/C works well and blows cold air! We had our mechanic check the car and no problems were found with it. All in all, the car really runs great!
As you can judge for yourself from the pictures – the interior is clean and looks great!
No electrical problems were found. The check light of the diagnostic computer reads ok. The engine compartment clean, and free of any leaks.

This BMW is equipped with a climate control system. The power locks, windows, seats and roof all work and are in excellent condition. All the power controls and buttons work.

The car also comes with VERY nice all season tires have plenty of tread life left. The tires have been rotated, balanced.
This is an exceptionally looking vehicle – Loaded with tons of extras and is in great condition.

The first seller says “To find any of these 261 cars for sale at any price and in this condition would be a challenge.” Well, if that’s a challenge, then this is E34 Everest. With the claims being as similar as they are, only an in-person inspection would really let you know which one was for you. From afar, fewer owners could make the difference, or a few less cracks in the seats, or whether or not you can handle a spoiler. Personally, my dislike for spoilers on any post-80s BMW is outweighed by one owner and a $1250 price advantage on the Pennsylvania model. Either way, if you’re interested in a black-on-black 1993 BMW M5, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have this many to choose from again.


Low Mile 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC + Tons of Goodies For Sale

I have this recurring dream where I have a garage full of rare and obscure VW parts and a great car to put them on.  Don’t like your interior, swap it out with something different.  Want to try a another exhaust, that’s OK I am sure I have a few more laying around.

Enter this low mile Corrado with a donor car and gads of parts.

1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC:

From the seller –

“12/31/11: Been away from the forums for a few months, back on here now and even more motivated to sell than ever! NOW CONSIDERING TRADES TOO.

8/16/11: Lowered price. $9,000 takes it all. That leaves you room to sell what you don’t need and have a killer corrado for an amazing price. Let’s see someone step up and give these cars a good home.

8/14/11: Added gallery of parts car: http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/…1%3A1345526819

8/13/11: Added a few old photos of Car #2 to the photo link, added descriptions to photos & added ballpark prices (up for discussion) to last post in this thread
So, the time has come for me to sell the Corrado stuff I’ve been hoarding for the past 6ish years. Before I dive into the description, I wanted to let people know that I’m looking for a buyer who can take ALL of the below. For now, I’m not going to be entertaining ANY offers to sell off any parts from the collection or piece things out. Please don’t ask. Even if I have to lose a bit of money, I prefer to sell it to someone who can come and take it all away in one haul. If you can get it sooner, I’m willing to bend even more on the whole price for everything.

The cars are located at my parents’ home in Maryland. It has been almost 4 years since I was active in the Corrado community or went through all of the stuff, so my memory may be hazy about some of the details about everything. If you have questions, I’ll try to get you answers ASAP.”

$9k for all of this, I have seen lesser cars than this go for more than this.  Take it all, sort through what you want, sell the rest and drive your Rado with pride.  Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal if you ask me.  But I am a sucker for this sort of thing.

Click through the link for all the details on the Rado, the parts car, and the goodies.  Bravo to the seller for a thorough description of the pros and cons of both cars.  The seller seems to want it all gone, and soon.  Does $7.5k get it done?  If so you have a head start on making a very nice Rado nearly perfect.