1989 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

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I’m not really a big car kind of guy. But if I was going to go for a large, executive sedan, a Mercedes-Benz S class would be at the top of my list. This is the car of celebrities, dictators and captains of industry. Of all the S classes over the years, the W126 is quite possibly the one most loved by collectors. When it was launched at the outset of the 1980s, it was not only technically advanced by carried the legendary Mercedes-Benz build quality enthusiasts had come to appreciate. This 1989 300SE for sale in New Jersey is part of a dying breed, as many of these sedans were run for hundreds of thousands of miles, leaving mint examples few and far between.

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Year: 1989
Model: 300SE
Engine: 3.0 liter inline six
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 83,000 mi
Price: $9,950

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1989 Mercedes Benz 300SE W126 S-Class Sedan. $1,400 service with full inspection by J&J Automotive: “The most solid best-driving 126 I’ve seen in years, needs nothing.” The only short-wheelbase version of the Series 2 W126 imported to the US. ONE owner for 24 years. Clean carfax and AutoCheck. New exhaust system, new Michelin tires, new headlight surrounds, new rubber antenna seal, several new window switches. Original Black Pearl Metallic (Dark Charcoal Gray) with Dove Gray Leather interior. EVERYTHING ON THIS CAR WORKS.

Exterior presents beautifully as shown. There are three TINY dings that will come out with Paintess Dent Removal; Road nicks and scratches have been touched up. Interior upholstery, carpeting and wood is gorgeous – no rips, cracks, tears, stains. The Series 2 was among the last of the nearly hand-built Mercedes and rare original low mileage examples are now appreciating in value. Shown by appointment. Relocating later this year and unfortunately must sell Mercedes collection: a 1987 190e and 1987 560SL also avaiable in similar condition. Call 862-251-1518 or email with questions.

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For someone who wants a little bit more space than what an E class offers but with similar fuel economy, this short wheelbase W126 represents the automotive version of Goldilocks. It’s just right. For a 300SE in top notch condition, expect to pay somewhere around $10,000 to $12,000. This 300SE is undeniably nice. The black metallic paintwork over gray leather is probably one of my favorite color combinations for this car, as it adds to its stately air. A price of around $8,500 to $9,000 might be a little more realistic than having it glance the $10,000 mark, but if this car is as described, I could personally see stretching that little bit extra to make this mine.


1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

After owning two Mercedes-Benzes over the space of a decade, I’ve become a big fan of the marque. However, the current models, much like those over at BMW, don’t really spark my interest as the modern classics do. Case in point, this 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE, the last year for the W126. Along with the W123 and the Geländewagen, this is one of those Benzes that have surrounded themselves with an automotive cult of personality, so to speak. Known for their quality and durability, these S class sedans were the gold standard in their day for VIPs the world over. By the time the production run came to an end, the Japanese had begun to step up their luxury car game with Acura, Lexus and Infiniti arriving on the scene to challenge the establishment. Over twenty years since Mercedes pulled the plug on the W126 range, these cars still are an attractive buy for those seeking a classic that can match the safety and drivability of modern cars. This 300SE for sale in California has seen just over 50,000 miles at the hands of one careful owner.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

1991 Mercedes 300SE (W126) One Owner, 51,400 miles, Absolute Impeccable Condition. Desert Taupe metallic over Parchment interior. All orig, untouched. Paint is outstanding, interior is literally as it was on the showroom floor, “incredible”. Wheel wells, engine & underchassis are showroom as well. Not one nick or scratch on front or rear bumpers. ALL rubber, door moldings, door jams, dash, rear shelf, headliner, just absolutely mint. Last year of mfg with passenger side airbag, factory CD in boot, upgraded factory Becker stereo, all books & manuals. I have installed an “orig set” of Bosch Euro headlights that where brand new in their orig Mercedes boxes, orig headlights will also be included with sale. Tires are near new with maybe 100 miles on them. Orig rims are in outstanding cond with no curbing, the spare has “never” touched the ground. Orig valve stem caps on all four tires & spare are still intact. Car drives outstanding ! You just do not find a no stories, outstanding timewarp car like this. Perfect Carfax, clear title in hand. Needs to be seen in person. If you’re a collector, this is what you are looking for. Located in Sherman Oaks, California & can be shown anytime.

If this car was on the opposite coast, I must say, it would be a tempting proposition for me. One of the first cars I considered buying after I got my license was a then 14 year old 1981 380SE. While this car offered a bit more power than the 300SE we see here, I would rather have the 300SE, as running costs would be more reasonable. The 3.0 liter inline six wouldn’t make it the fastest car out there, but once up to speed, these are especially pleasant cruisers. The mileage racked up is an added bonus, as it isn’t too low to suggest it has been kept under lock and key for the past two decades. Rather, with one owner, the mileage suggests careful use. Late model six cylinder S classes are running around $7,000 to $10,000 these days, so the asking price here isn’t too far out of line considering the condition and mileage.


1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

I never get tired of talking about the W126 Mercedes-Benz S class here on GCFSB, mainly because they are one of my favorite Teutonic cruisers from an era where engineering ruled the day at Mercedes-Benz. They were employed in a multitude of ways, from taxis to limousines to vehicles for heads of state. This short wheelbase 300SE for sale in Florida has 80,000 miles on the clock, which is just broken in for one of these beasts.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

This is a fantastic 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE which is incredibly hard to find this nice with only 79,904 original low miles that has been kept in above and beyond condition. Rarely will you see an older vehicle so nice with such low miles and one that drives so good. Everything works perfectly including the cold air conditioning, cruise control and vacuum systems. The exterior is gorgeous and aside from a couple of small chips on the rear bumper and some of the panels the exterior is awesome looking. The interior is even nicer showing a vehicle that belies its age. No cracks in the dash. Trim that looks amazing and overall incredible shape. There is one small tear on the door post (pic) but that’s it. The rear cap looks amazing and overall I do not think you will see many other vehicles of this age this nice. If your looking for that needle in the haystack then do yourself a favor and call me. Please note that the brake light is on and this is being caused by the emergency brake pedal needing adjustment and this has been taken care of by us and is now repaired.

For under $6,000, there are few cars out there which come to mind that would not only last the test of time like a W126 S class, but give the impression at first glance that you spent a lot more than you did. The W126 is one of my bucket list cars and unlike some, I’m more partial to the short wheelbase six cylidner variant. If I was in the market today, this particular car would be on my short list. Even factoring in maintenance and repairs over time, a car like this would be worth the investment. These are not just another luxury sedan. They are a durable good.


1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

Fewer cars exude more authority and class than a black Mercedes-Benz S class. It’s the vehicle of choice for celebrities, diplomats and dictators alike. My absolute favorite generation was the W126, known for its vault like build quality and durability. Many of these cars still roam about today, and some diesel versions have gotten a new lease on life via fuel system conversions to biodiesel. This particular W126 for sale represents the short wheelbase, “entry level” S class; the last year this generation was on sale. With two owners and 80,000 miles, it’s lead a relatively easy life by Mercedes-Benz standards.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

1991 300SE. Excellent, close to new condition, very rare low mileage garage kept vehicle. I have owned this car since 1999 and it has been and is a pleasure to drive. Vehicle is in excellent running condition. AC and heat work excellent. All original inculding radio. Brakes, tires, engine, trans all excellent. Pristine condition vehicle which can be driven anywhere. Last of the truly beautiful S class. Selling because I have purchased a new vehicle and would hate to leave this vehicle outside and not in garage. Interior is flawless. Minor quarter size dent on rear left quarter by the tail light which is hardly noticeable. See Picture. Car is a great highway cruiser. No accidents, no issues, paint is original and shines like new. You will not be disappointed.

For less than the price of the cheapest new car available, you can have a stunning example of Mercedes-Benz engineering at its finest. Granted, these 300SE models aren’t the fastest cars out there, but they were not engineered to a price, such as most cars these days. To obtain one with this kind of mileage in this condition, it would be perfectly feasible to drive this another decade. With regular maintenance and the inevitable repairs, you would hardly come close to the cost of a new luxury car of the same caliber. And like a fine vintage watch, you would have something that much cooler.


1988 Mercedes-Benz 300SE with 36,000 miles

Low mileage Mercedes-Benz 560SLs from the late 1980s are fairly commonplace, but the days of locating low mileage W126 sedans with ease are over. Occasionally you find a few examples with under 100,000 miles, but finding one with less than 40,000 miles is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Here is a short wheelbase 300SE for sale with 36,000 miles in the popular shade of Smoke Silver.

1988 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

Smoke Silver(702) with Burgundy Leather. Six cylinder, short wheelbase 126 series ‘S” Class sedan. US Model delivered new 05-13-1988 from Sutherland Motors in Spokane, WA. Electric Sliding Sunroof. Protected and preserved from the day it was delivered. Currently in spectacular, unaltered museum quality inside and out. An immediate MBCA show winner. Spectacular paint with no evidence of respraying. Spectacular leather with essentiall no evidence of use.

Perfect carpets, perfect headliner, perfect package panel w/original safety kit. Non-smoker car. No interior odors other than that of new leather. Front seat sheepskins virtually since new. Perfect exterior brightwork. As new paint depth and gloss. Spotless engine bay. Spotless undercarriage. Spotless inner wheel arches. Original unused spare tire w/direction card. Tool roll. Recent tires.

All body tags in place, No evidence of hood, door, trunk lid hinge bolt disturbance. Original windshield. Full handbook and literature packet including original window sticker ($50,550 Suggested list). Spare keys. Spotless wheels. Spotless bumper faces. Runs and drives essentially as a new 300SE.

The seller has this S class listed on Mercedes Heritage for $14,900, which is fairly reasonable for an old school, over engineered Mercedes with a lot less mechanical and electronic complexity than later models. Some may consider this a slow car with the M103 inline six engine or rather pedestrian given the car’s color, but I’m attracted to these cars because they are restrained in their styling and have an air of old money about them. I have a feeling that more modern Mercedes-Benzes with their ersatz chrome trim and prodigious use of LED lighting may not stand the test of time as well as modern classics like this 300SE.


1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

In the aftermath of World War II, Mercedes-Benz was a shining example of the German Economic Miracle. In such a short period of time, Germany mobilized its people and began rebuilding their country from the ground up. From buildings to factories, almost everything had to be rebuilt in the wake of mass destruction. Within ten years of restarting production, Mercedes-Benz had a mixed bag product lineup, consisting of models like the unibody Ponton sedan, 190SL roadster, 300SL sports car and the large 300 sedans, coupes and cabriolets.

The new Heckflosse, or Fintail models, bowed in 1959 and were the beginning of Mercedes-Benz’s push into the modern era. At the top of this range was the 300SE sedan and coupe. These models included more chrome, power steering, pneumatic suspension and automatic transmissions were standard. A little over 5,000 examples of the 300SE emerged from the factory between 1961 and 1965, making these über fintails quite rare, but overshadowed by successors such as the 300SEL 6.3 and later 4.5 models with the new generation V8 engines.

1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

If you are looking at this auction you probably already know what this is. The top of the line Mercedes sedan from 1963, the 300SE W112 has a similar body style but a completely different drive train from the W110 and W111 cars. If you are a lover of this body style, this is just about the the best model that you could aspire to own. All aluminum fuel injected 3 liter engine, four wheel disc brakes, four wheel independent air suspension and a multitude of other refinements that distinguish it from the 220S, 220SE and other lower model cars. This particular car is a solid example of the W112 sedan. It is far from perfect, but it has been operated continuously, though sparingly, throughout its life. It has 137,500 miles on it and I have enough history to say that I am confident that this is accurate original mileage.

Though there were many options available for these cars, this one only has a few. Most importantly (a requirement for any serious enthusiast) it has a sunroof. Also, it has the white trim package for the inside, the steering wheel, shifter knob and blinker knob. Also, and very oddly, it has a hydraulic fan clutch. This is an option that one would expect on a car that was not to be sold in America. However, there it is. I had a leak in the unit and put a standard drive fan on. I have since sourced a rebuild fan clutch but have not installed it. The exterior color is DB190g also known as graphite grey. The interior is read leather, with option code 204.


The paint work on this car is partly original (I think) and partly respray. It has been fixed here and there over its life so that it continued to be presentable. For a perfectionist, it needs to be repainted. For a driver it is acceptable. It has dings, dents and scratches throughout though no major blemishes. There are two spots where there is rust. One spot on the rear rocker and another spot is just behind the rear passenger door in the inner fender. I will have to send pictures of these as they are pretty impossible to describe. Also, anyone who actually is serious about buying this car had better some see it first!

The interior of the car has what I believe to be the original wool carpet. The doors and seats are original though the back of the drivers seat has been replaced. It was replaced when you could still get the correct stuff from mercedes, so it is perfect factory replacement, but in much better shape. The interior is worn, there are stains, tears and many split seams. However, having owned this car and seen many others like it, it is one of the best preserved original interiors I have seen. Most of these cars end up sitting and as a result the interiors are destroyed. I would NEVER even consider replacing it. That is partly because its still ok and also because the original leather has a smell that could never be duplicated. For someone much more motivated that me, you could probably work wonders on it with the leatherique restoration products. The headliner has bee replaced with something other than original I think. I believe that this would have had a wool headliner. It now has the white with the small perforations. The wood is all in good condition. Some of the wood has been refinished in a color very different from factory, but it goes nice with the red. You can see both the original color and the new color on the picture where the back door is open.

Note on the pictures:

In one photograph the front passenger side blinker lens is broken, this has been replaced. The mechanical parts of this car have had extensive work done by me and my other 300SE loving friends. All the air bags have been replaced, the water pump, replaced the injection pump was rebuilt, the rear axle was removed and all the rubber parts replaced, the drive shaft rebuilt, the radiator boiled, the engine has been out, and in and out (and thankfully in again). I have very extensive documents and notes for the past 14 years, though I have only owned it for ten. The air valves all hold air. This car can sit for EVER and not leak down. All the gauges work, the original radio works. The clock doesnt work anymore, but it used too. It has been converted to pertronix electronic ignition. The transmission has been replaced though I dont have any documents for that. If anyone has any questions about what I have done, please ask. I cant remember everything right now. I have probably spent about $6,000 in parts that I have put on it, not to mention the time that was spent. I took as good of care of this car as I knew how for many years.

Sadly I have lost interest and I have had it parked in the garage for a few years. It needs the touch of a new enthusiast. I have a few parts that I never put on that it needs and it needs a good fine tuning. It runs and drives and can drive anywhere you want it to go. I am VERY reluctant to sell this car. It has been a constant part of my life for ten years and I hope that it goes to a good home. If you are interested, I also have a1964 Long Wheel base 300SE that I am interested in selling.

These 300SE sedans have a cult following amongst Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, and from the looks of it, it appears the current owner is one of those people, given that he also owns a rare long wheelbase version. The suspension in these cars is complex, so it’s heartening to hear that both that system and the rest of the mechanicals are in good working order. Cosmetically, it leaves a bit to be desired, but as they say, it’s only original once and it appears that most of what we see is how it was when it left the factory. With a little bit of cosmetic refurbishment and elbow grease, this would be a nice, practical classic and would certainly garner interest at the next Mercedes-Benz club meeting.


1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE < 40,000 miles

The W112 and W111 Benz coupes are some of my favorites in terms of looks. This German market car still sports the European headlights, a German D sticker and the unique rear fog light option. What makes this one catch my eye is its very original condition and the less than 40,000 miles it has covered. Mercedes offered a number of their two door cars with two tone paint, the dark tops often giving the car a convertible appearance. I’m not a huge fan of white cars, but the white and navy blue of this one with the saddle interior is a good look. The wood on the dash shows signs of some improper cleaning, but there are several places that refinish Mercedes and other automotive wood to amazing looks.

The owner states the car was shipped stateside, to NYC, in 1980 and has spent a number of years, since 1994, stored in a garage in Florida. There is going to be a need to go over a few things, but the car comes with all receipts since 1980, which is very helpful. The owner says it has a new water pump, starter, alternator, and gas tank. These cars had the air ride suspension and it is very clear from the low rider look in the photos that this is going to need some attention. The bellows may need to be replaced amongst other things. This can be costly as not every local car shop will want to work on the system.

The inline six is a proven power plant perfect for sedate driving in this machine.

These cars are investment opportunities with this low mileage and original shape.  This one has bids up over $12,000 with the reserve not met. The seller has no eBay feedback so caveat emptor.

1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE on eBay


Caveat emptor

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

The 1991 model year marked the last year for the W126 Mercedes-Benz S Class. This car was a lot of things to many people. The company car of Wall Street. The choice the world over of diplomats and dictators alike. A star in many Hollywood features and television series. Even though it had many advances over it’s predecessor, the W140 S Class that followed somehow missed garnering the cult following of the W126.

Here’s a low mileage, final year 300SE for sale in Miami.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

You are viewing a stunning, low mile 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE. Only 66k miles. Mint condition. Only two owners. Autocheck certified. Clean history. Completely Rust Free. Always garaged kept, original factory paint. Last year of the W126 chassis. It will not be easy to find another one like this. This vehicle is in showroom condition. No dents, dings or visible scratches. Everything works as it should, including A/C. Drives excellent, smooth engine and transmission. Ready to drive anywhere. Don’t let this one pass you by.

This W126 caught my eye for a few reasons. First, it’s the short wheelbase which makes it a little more reasonable size wise for every day use. Second, black is the perfect color for a W126, no matter what the year or model. Third, the 3.0 liter straight six is more reliable and cheaper to run than the bigger V8s. Last but not least, this is the final year for the W126. My current vehicle and the vehicle I owned prior to that are/were final production year models. Even though the W126 S Class had it pretty much together from the get go, the later models with their subtle updates are more desirable to most buyers.


Clean, Low Mileage Mercedes W126 S Classes on eBay

Paul is another new author on the site and as you can tell his taste matches ours perfectly. Welcome aboard Paul!

All of a sudden, a glut of mint condition W126 have cropped up on eBay.  Spanning a production run from 1979 through 1992, these cars have attained a cult like status and clean examples are becoming more difficult to find as years pass.  Here are two different models, each with around 60,000 miles on the clock.  This equates to barely run in when it comes to what could be considered the most revered of all S Classes.

1989 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

Introduced in 1985, the 300SE offered the smooth, venerable M103 single cam inline-six in the short wheelbase package.  While this could be considered the entry level point of the S class range at the time, it is an optimal choice for those wanting a somewhat smaller, more efficient package while still offering all the bells and whistles that big Benzes are known for.  This particular example comes with a bevy of receipts, key for anyone considering one of these young classics.

The seller states:

The car has 60,000 miles and looks and drives like it has 10,000 miles. The paint is stunning. The interior leather is soft and supple. Smells rich and new.

The ivory over parchment leather color combination may not be optimal, there is no denying that this is a car that could last someone well into the next decade.

1987 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL

This particular S class represents the last year for the W126 sedan.  This 420SEL is the long wheelbase model with the 4.2 liter V8, pumping out 221 horsepower in US catalyst guise.  The navy over blue leather is a more conservative color choice, however, the V8 engine will undoubtedly cost more to run in the long-term.  This can be attributed to not only fuel economy but maintenance items such as the timing chains.  If these are not looked after as needed they can prove to be a headache, both mechanically and financially.

The seller has this to say:

This Magnificent Low Mileage 420 SEL Is Simply Stunning In Every Detail. An Immaculate One Owner Vehicle That Is Sure To Please. This Beautiful Collector’s Dream Car Has Been Driven Only 2,000 Miles Per Year Since Purchased New!  A Local New Car Trade In That Comes Fully Equipped With All Power Including 4.2 Liter Fuel Injected V-8 Engine, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, Four Wheel Disc-Brakes, Anti-Locking Braking System, Fully Independent Suspension, Power Sliding Sunroof, Wood Interior Trim, Leather Seating, Dual Power Seats With Drivers & Passengers Seat Memory, Electronically Ajustable Front Seat Headrest, Climate Controlled Air Conditioning, High Performance Sound System AM/FM/Cassette Audio System With Power Antenna Mast, Power Telescopic Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Power Windows And Locks, Power Passenger Side Mirror, Visor Vanity Mirrors, Fog Lamps, Anti-Theft Alarm System, And 15″ Forged Alloy Wheels.

These are both very splendid W126 sedans.  The vast amount of chrome, wood and leather in these cars takes a beating over the years and these two examples seem to have been well cared for.  On the other hand, they are not garage queens which is a good thing, as they have gotten the regular exercise they have needed.  Of the two, I am particularly fond of the short wheelbase SE model, as they are rarer in the US and a bit easier to handle around town due to the shorter length.  You don’t give up much in space and the bulletproof Mercedes inline six is guaranteed to crest a quarter of a million miles if cared for properly.

– Paul

The 280SE 3.5 and its siblings, value added.

Rarity and classic lines can make prices of some vehicles sky-rocket. When most people think of ultra expensive vintage Mercedes the 300SL gullwing springs instantly to mind or they may think of really old models like the 540K. The previously sleeping beauty of vintage Mercedes in my mind is the 1971 280SE 3.5. Several years ago these cars could be had for far less than their almost unbelievable $100,000 to $200,000 sale prices the cabriolets now bring.

With the 28SE, opposite the gullwing, the cabrio is far more valuable than the hard top coupe. So right now non-convertible 280SE 3.5s can be had at a small fraction of the cost. You still can have all the classic lines and purchase a car that, in my mind, is a fantastic investment. Just don’t by a hard top with the intention of turning it into a convertible, that sort of shenanigans frowned upon. Beware of nice looking outsides with scary rusty under body.

The 108 coupe body style could be had as a 250SE, 2.5 liter inline 6, 280SE, 2.8 liter inline 6, or 280SE 3.5, 3.5 liter V8. Just over 1000 of the 3.5 cabrios were made and all 280 3.5 models combined totaled less than 5000 during their run.

The similar 112 chassis 300SE is also a place to look if this design appeals to you, but the price of the 3.5 does not.

Here are a couple of nice no reserve examples on eBay of several of these models.

Euro spec 1972 280SE Coupe hardtop

Unique black over red color combo. Mercedes occasionally made black roofed cars (My 1970 250C was black over silver), which added to an illusion of being a convertible, particularly when the windows are all down in the pillarless coupe.  This one appears well maintained. The no reserve and low starting price will guarantee a sale and provide a view of market value. Less than 100,000 miles can be considered low, my 250C ran strong and quiet with 200k. The 2.8 from this era was quite indestructible, (the same can’t be said for the later twin cam 2.8 model) and provides a wonderful thrumming yacht/cabin cruiser like sound. Tell me this isn’t a pretty car:
1972 280SE1972 280SE21972 280SE3

1966 250SE Coupe hardtop with 4 speed manual

German diplomat owned vehicle here so you can be sure it was optioned out. Again another example of the two tone paint job here with cream on top. An amazing 24,000 mile original being sold at no reserve, with a low starting price. Not as powerful as the 280, but the look remains. Interior shows class with wood, cracking can be a major problem, that still looks great and has a working Becker radio.  The four speed adds to this car’s already great value.
1966 250SE1966 250SE21966 250SE3

And for the high end a pair of stunning 1971 280SE 3.5 cabriolet models for sale to you at a bargain $139,000 for the first and a mere $175,000 for the second.

Both are restored column shifted automatics, you could get it with a floor shifter which is more fun. Very neat compact V-8.

The 63,000 mile car:
1971 280SE 3.51971 280SE 3.5 21971 280SE 3.5 3

The 35,000 mile car:
1971 280SE 3.5 blue1971 280SE 3.5 blue21971 280SE 3.5 blue3

The movie the Hangover brought these beautiful cars back into the attention of the masses as the ultimate Vegas boulevard cruiser, though the producers insanely thought it was necessary to destroy at least one for the films “intricate” plot to be properly told. Photos courtesy of locutus on fuzzyshot.com:

While it is always nice to buy the best example you can afford, Mercedes paint on cars like this during this era can be exceptionally well done from the factory. Finding one that has lost its luster and at first looks sad and faded may be a perfect opportunity for a deal. Spending a good amount of time with a series of correct polishing compounds and elbow grease can yield stunning results on faded Mercedes paints. Check out these photos courtesy of M-100.cc:
Mercedes paint1Mercedes paint2Mercedes paint3