Regan-Man: 1979 BMW “645 CSi Turbo”

Update 7/08/19 – After raising and lowering the price several times, this very unique “645i Turbo” is back on the market in 2019 for $19,900 today.

I really love how these cars sometimes send you down the rabbit hole. What attracted me initially to this E24 was that it was a European-spec car and it had a pretty high asking price at nearly $23,000. Alone that wouldn’t be enough to warrant a post, especially given that from the first photo I glanced at, it doesn’t look spectacular.

But there’s a lot more than meets the eye when considering this car, and it has a lot more to do with the personality behind it than the current condition.

The name Albert Mardikian probably doesn’t mean much to you. Mr. Mardikian is a partner and the Chief Technology Officer behind ReGreen Organics, a company which deals with a lot of shit, for lack of a better term. I’m not being flippant. They’re an organic solid waste management company.

And it is in this capacity that Mr. Mardikian’s philosophy is particularly interesting when considering this car. He proclaims that he has a “passion for bettering our world”, yet his past would seem to have little to do with environmental improvement. That’s because in a past life Mr. Mardikian was also the proprietor of Trend Imports. Ring a bell? If not, perhaps a perusing of the Tom Cruise movie Rain Man would help you out. Mr. Cruise’s character’s subplot – an importer of exotic cars held up by the EPA – is based upon Mr. Mardikian. Because if you were in L.A. in the early 1980s and you wanted a gray market car, Trend Imports was where you went. And just like the main character in the movie, Mardikian got in quite a bit of trouble for the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce and other models he imported by skirting EPA emissions laws.

Though his troubles with emissions laws dated back to 1981, Mardikian continued to be the turn-to source for ultra-exotics in the early days of importation. He also built custom convertible versions of some of the most famous 80s icons – Mercedes-Benz 500SECs, Lamborghini Countachs, Ferrari 512BBis, Porsche 930s. How about those replica Daytonas for Miami Vice? Mardikian. And he made more more neat creation – he married the turbocharged M102/6 from the European version of the BMW E23 745i with the slinky shape of the E24, creating his own “745CSi Turbo”:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1979 BMW 645CSi Turbo on eBay

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1984 BMW 633CSi

I find it pretty interesting that while the E30 and E28 market have really heated up, for whatever reason the E24 market seems to be relatively stagnant. For some time the big coupes held a price advantage over their siblings, but look in the right spot now and you can find a pretty good deal on a nice one. Case in point is today’s late run 633CSi. Now, I’ll admit that at least on paper the 633CSi might be the least appealing of the E24 lineup; the earlier 628 and 630 models were a bit prettier in their simplicity and 1970s style, the later 635 and L6 models were quicker, sportier and more luxurious and the M6 has the name and motor you want. But bear with me, because there’s actually quite a lot to like here:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 BMW 633CSi on eBay

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Honorable Mention Roundup

The “Honorable Mention” post from last week seemed to be a popular choice, so I’m back this week with another selection of cars we didn’t get a chance to get to. We’ve got one from each major manufacturer this time around which makes for an interesting and diverse group. Which is the one that deserved a better look this time around?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 Audi Quattro on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 1977 BMW 633CSi ABC Exclusive Widebody

It’s a day for storied 1970s modified BMWs apparently, and from one very expensive but tastefully modified BMW we travel on to one very expensive but…well, let’s just call it period piece and be done with it. Widebody cars were the rage of the 1980s, especially amongst top-flight German cars. Built to mimic their racing counterparts, everything from 560SELs to Porsche 928s got the treatment. There were several manufacturers who were notable for widebody conversions; Strosek and Konig are probably two of the most famous, but not to be outdone a small tuning firm from Bonn – ABC Exclusive – also got into the 1980s cliches. Did you want a glitzy, over the top 6-series? ABC could deliver, replete with color coordinated dashboards ripped straight from the Space Shuttle and champagne flutes hidden in the refrigerated seat section in the rear. Have you ever ridden the rear of an E24? I have, many times. Let me tell you, not many people capable of drinking champagne are capable of sitting back there comfortably. Perhaps that explains the champagne, then. But ABC wouldn’t just end there, because if you wanted a different sort of over the top 6-series, they had two more options; you could chop the top off and get a flexible-flier CSi for your trips to the Riviera, or you could opt for the outrageously flared widebody conversion:


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E24 Face-Off: 630CSi vs. 633CSi vs. 635CSi

As the 2002we featured yesterday was getting ready to ride into the sunset, another two-door BMW chapter was just beginning: the E24 6 series. Today we’ll look at a trio of E24sm beginning with this early 630CSi for sale in Texas. While I generally am a fan of the later E24s, early models such as this one in a decidedly period metallic green have a strange way of drawing me in.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1977 BMW 630CSi on eBay

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Rare Shark Sighting – A Trio of low-mileage 633CSIs

I still remember when my father purchased his first German car. It was a 1982 BMW 633CSi in metallic grey with tan leather and a 5-speed manual, with the original BBS Mahle wheels. It was otherworldly to me; long, lean and low compared to the Toyotas I was used to being carried around in, the BMW had a feel of quality that the other cars I had been in couldn’t match. It snarled with a wonderfully raspy exhaust note and I felt invincible inside. The 633 was also the first car I displayed at a show myself; in that case, I proudly spent hours cleaning it and getting it ready for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in 1993. At that point, the 6 was still a pretty new car – but even then, it was rare to see 6 series and since then it’s even more rare to find them. The best of the bunch are arguably the ones that came after my father’s car was made and got the post 1983 E28 chassis updates. Although considered the lesser model due to the lower displacement motor, in fact the 633CSi was only 1 horsepower short of the 3.4 that made its way into the 635CSi replacement for the United States in 1985. Today, there are three lower mile examples of these clean coupes up for sale – which would you choose?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 BMW 633CSi on eBay

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10K Black Friday: 1985 Porsche 944 v. 1983 BMW 633CSi

For a bit of a twist on the normal 10K Friday, today we’ve got 10K Black Friday – and while the deals are good it’s more the color I’m speaking of. The last time we have a 633CSi in the “Big Coupe-off” it lost pretty resoundingly to the 560SEC. Will today be the same as it comes up against a Porsche with half the engine of the 928 it faced last time? Time for you to decide who will win this showdown. Let’s start with the 1985 944:

Year: 1985
Model: 944
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 109,000 mi
Price: $ 9,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Porsche 944 on eBay

1985 ½ Porsche 944 former show car. Multi-time Porsche Club of America Street Class Concours winner. Beautiful black on black. Outfitted with Porsche 911 C2 three piece chrome wheels, 245 x 18 front and 255 x 18 rear tires. Alpine 175 watt stereo system. Leather sport seats. 109,000 Babied miles. Service history includes water pump, clutch, fly wheel, all seals, all belts, battery, brakes and rotors, restored rear upholstery, upgraded AC (requires charge). This is just a partial list. Service records available (meticulously serviced by PSH Ltd.). Consider the others then bid seriously for this one.

The car appears to look nice from the outside, but little detail is offered for the interior. Despite this, it’s clear it’s probably not currently a show car – but that’s okay with me, I think I’d prefer a driver anyway. With service records available and claimed recent maintenance, this could be a reasonable deal though I think the price is probably high. I’m also not a fan of the wheels, which are claimed to be C2 wheels but look to me to be RH Cup replicas. Outfit the car with some Turbo phone dials or black Fuchs, though, and this could be a nice little car for someone with a dark side. Is it enough to overpower this 633?

These 6-series coupes are starting to appreciate again from the looks of things, with few decent examples trading hands for under $10,000 these days. This car appears to be mostly original in it’s black over tan configuration:

Year: 1983
Model: 633CSi
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,695 mi
Price: $9,995 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 BMW 633CSi on eBay


AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Cassette Player, Cruise Control, Defrost, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Fuel Injection, Heat, Leather Seats, Numbers Matching, Owner’s Manual, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, Seatbelts, Sunroof, Telescopic Wheel


The BMW 6-Series isn’t a recent invention, and in the ’70s and ’80s, cars like this 1983 633CSi were the top-of-the-line in personal luxury transportation with a sporting flavor. Today they’re growing in popularity as collector’s items, and nicely maintained, unmodified examples like this are sure to be on the short list of European car fans everywhere.

Shockingly, this long, sleek coupe still wears its factory paint. The black finish is still extremely nice and for a collector, that counts as a big bonus. It’s also a testament to the quality of the original finish, as it still shines up beautifully and looks fantastic under any conditions. That original paint also means that this car has never been hit or rusty, and even in the ’80s, BMW’s build quality was impressive. Sleek styling made the 6-Series the envy of the industry, and there weren’t many competitors on the far side of the pond, and over here it was competing with totally different machines like the Cadillac Eldorado and Lincoln Mark VI-hardly an apples-to-apples comparison, wouldn’t you say? The bumpers are in excellent shape and haven’t been cooked into a dusty gray mess by the sun and all the chrome is still good, needing nothing more than an occasional buff to remain shiny.

The tan leather interior boasts some of the era’s most comfortable bucket seats, because BMW’s reputation as a driver’s car was firmly established in 1983. Again, it’s all original and while there’s minor wear on the seating surfaces themselves, there are no splits or cracks in the leather and the materials underneath are still supportive enough to be all-day comfortable. The black dashboard is rather dramatic, with a pod ahead of the driver hosting a full array of highly legible white-on-black instruments, and an upper tier with the A/C vents. The center stack has the controls for the A/C system (which has a fresh compressor and R134a refrigerant), the original AM/FM/cassette stereo, plus a fully-functional trip computer! The dash pad shows a few minor cracks, which is typical of these cars, but on the plus side the back seat looks almost completely unused. The 6 also offered a spacious trunk that carries its original mats and a complete factory tool kit.

BMW’s famous line of inline-six engines were the foundation of their lineup for years and years for good reason. The 3.2-liter six was given Bosch fuel injection and electronic controls in 1980, making for a substantial boost in power and reliability, and for turbine-like smoothness, it’s hard to beat. Extensive recent service work includes a full tune-up with cap, rotor, plugs, and freshly cleaned fuel injectors, so it runs superbly. It’s backed by the highly-desirable 5-speed manual transmission that makes the car a joy to drive, and the supple yet athletic independent suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes guarantee that it’s always entertaining to drive. The front control arms were recently replaced and the rear end was re-sealed and serviced, and the brake calipers have been rebuilt and new cross-drilled rotors help shed additional heat. It currently wears 15-inch BBS wheels from a later 5-Series, but the original 14-inch alloys are included with the sale.

A very impressive car that’s gaining traction as a collectable. Buy this one now and be ahead of the curve and have an extremely enjoyable car to boot. Call today!

Like the 944, this car appears to be well cared for and shows recent maintenance, as well as functioning air conditioning – a plus on a black car. Personally, I’m not a fan of the busy 540i sport wheels on this design; I’d strongly prefer getting some Alpina replicas if I wanted to stay on budget. Otherwise, the only thing on the U.S. bound 6s that I don’t like are the bumpers, and in addition I’m not a fan of this car’s tint.

For $10,000, which car would I rather have? I think for me, if I was serious about the 944, I’d probably be more interested in a cleaner and later 924S, such as the one I wrote up the other day. As such, by default the 6 wins my vote, though I do have to admit it’s not my favorite 6 series. I’d prefer to hold out for a clean grey-market car or a late 635 with the cleaner bumpers, but overall this one looks pretty nice. Which would you choose?


1982 BMW 633CSi

In a world of $40,000 E30 M3s and $20,000 E28 M5s, where is one to turn when it comes to vintage BMWs that offer affordable thrills. One car to scope out is the E24 6 series coupe. This car is a bit of a curiosity, as they are well loved and praised for their shark nosed styling, yet prices have yet to skyrocket. Is it only a matter of time? This 633CSi for sale in Arizona is a two owner car with the 5-speed manual gearbox.

Year: 1982
Model: 633CSi
Engine: 3.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 105,300 mi
Price: $9,800 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1982 BMW 633CSi on eBay

In Spring of 1977 BMW introduced a replacement for the aging 3.0CS and 3.0S models. The introduction of the all new E24 chassis 6-Series and 7-Series models marked a turning point for the company. A very contemporary and handsome styled Coupe’ and Sedan were offered to the public which was more in line with offerings from Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The 6-Series was a handsome business man’s Coupe’ and was offered in automatic or manual transmission mated to a very strong and reliable 6-cylinder BMW built engine. By 1980 the engine management saw improvements to the heating and the overall running of the system, it was more efficient and more powerful now offering 194hp. By the 1980’s, cars became more about consumer comforts and ease of driving and the 6-Series became more of a GT car as opposed to a sports car. Most of the 6-Series of the 1980’s had automatic transmission leaving the 5-Speed a very rare and desirable option for the 6-Series enthusiast.

European Motor Studio is very proud to offer this exceptional 2 owner Lapis Blue over Parchment leather 1982 BMW 633CSi 5-Speed Coupe’. The 633CSi left the BMW factory in November of 1981 and was then invoiced to BMW North America. The car was then sent to Don Rasmussen CO. BMW of Portland Oregon where it sold to its first owner. The car was taken to Carmel Valley California where it lived most of its life until coming to Southern California sometime in the late 90’s where it lived under the second owners care until European Motor Studio acquired the car. The car has traveled only 105,300 original miles and is in completely original untouched condition. The beautiful Lapis Blue paint (code 173) is all original and in superb condition, showing very few tiny stone chips in the front. There is one spot on the back trunk lid (pictured) that is scratched and has been touched up with BMW touch up paint.

The interior is finished with its original Parchment leather interior (code 0110) and shows almost no wear. There are a couple tiny stress cracks in the driver’s seat but there are no creases or tears of any kind. The original dash board is still intact, soft and pliable showing no signs of age. All of the carpets are completely original and stain free. The original BMW floor mats are in excellent shape and show no signs of age. All of the switchgear, chrome and trim pieces are all in outstanding condition showing no signs of wear. Only other place that shows some age are the rear humps behind each headrest in the back seat shows some discolration. All of the exterior trim pieces are intact and still in beautiful condition. The rubber bumpers are still nice and pliable and are not all dried out like most have when they are exposed to the sun. All of the black trim surrounds on all of the glass are still finished in their original matte black finish and are not all faded like most have over the years. The only thing that does show some issues is the rear chrome finish on the bumper. Some pitting on the chrome had developed but it still looks presentable. All of the glass is original, clear and crack and pit free. The original BMW radio is still intact and working as it should along with its correct factory antenna which still operates. All of the electrical equipment on the car are still operating as designed including the windows, power door locks, power sunroof, headlights, taillights, dash lights, exterior lights, headlights, turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights and even the boot and bonnet lights are still operating.

The only thing I have noticed that sticks is the gas gauge; it is sporadic in its reading. The AC is in proper working order and working on all of the fan speeds. The heater is in good working condition and still heats the car on the different fan speeds. This beautiful 6-Series runs and drives as good as it looks. The car starts right up and idles very smooth and is free from any smoking. The engine is very strong and runs exceptionally well, there are no issues with acceleration or overheating. The transmission feels very solid, it runs through all of the gears with ease and the clutch pedal feels very tight and solid with no slipping. BMW’s world renowned fine tuned suspension is all original and in superb condition. There are no rattles or thumping when the car is in motion. The steering is still tight and precise and free from any vibrations or drifting. The original BMW wheels are still on the car and the tires are the correct size. The tread is still excellent and the tires are free from dry rot or cracking but I do believe they are older tires.

All of the original owners manuals are present with the car including the dealer and warranty books, the service book is all stamped by the BMW dealership with all of its services. Two original BMW keys are present with the car, the original BMW tool kit is present and complete in the trunk along with the original spare tire. Inside the glove box the original BMW flashlight is still present in its proper charging station. The body is completely laser straight and rust free. This BMW has been meticulously maintained to a very high standard and has just undergone a full engine tune up including, plugs, wires, injectors, fuel lines, radiator lines, a mass airflow sensor, an engine speed sensor, and a full oil service. The car runs and drives superb and has never been involved in an accident and comes with a clear title. If you are looking for a no excuse, well maintained rust free California BMW 633CSi this is it. Especially in this beautiful and rare color combination mated to the even more rare 5-speed manual transmission. These older generation 6-Series have become increasingly hard to find in this kind of condition and are very desirable for the BMW enthusiast.

Please call or email if you have any questions on this exceptional 1982 BMW 633CSi 5-speed Coupe’. 480-310-8814

I tend to prefer the later E24 coupes, especially the ’88 and ’89 635CSi models, but in dark blue, this early 6er has me rethinking that. The simpler details of the earlier model work well with this darker hue. The asking price in this case is fairly reasonable, considering the later 635s and M6s will cost considerable more. Sure, the earlier cars aren’t as feature laden as the later E24s nor as graceful as its predecessor, the 3.0CS, but for some enthusiasts, this package is just right.


1979 BMW 633CSi

Shark Week gave us all a chance to look back in appreciation at the various iterations of the E24 6 series coupe. These luxury coupes of the late-70s and 80s remain excellent opportunities for buyers to experience a combination of performance and refinement for pretty reasonable costs. Here we have an early example of the series that appears very well maintained and in an unusual color: Topaz Brown. In 1979 the 633CSi replaced the 630CSi as the entry level 6 series in the US market and featured a 3.2 liter engine that produced 181 hp.


Year: 1979
Model: 633CSi
Engine: 3.2 liter straight-6
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 71,199 mi
Price: Reserve auction (Buy It Now $13,500)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1979 BMW 633CSi on Ebay

1979 BMW 633 CSi

Up for sale is my 1979 BMW 633 CSi. Simply elegant. Imagine the smell of supple leather and the warm breeze as you drive with the roof and all four windows open. A magnificent touring coupe.

It has just over 71,000 original pampered California miles. This car has been a lifelong “garage queen” which was originally ordered and purchased in Beverly Hills in the extremely rare color of Topasbraun, or, Topaz Brown, which is a bit of a misnomer, given that the color is really a metallic orange. The paint is mostly original, with the exception of the hood and roof which I had expertly matched and painted by the highest quality autobody shop in Rhode Island, AutoPaintRI. For whatever reason the hoods and roofs of these cars (I owned a low mile 1989 model once, same thing) are prone to fading.

This car has four new Michelins mounted on the original 14″ crosslace pattern BMW Mahle alloy wheels.

Its engine compartment is immaculate as you can see.

It has the original toolkit and all of the tools remain unused.

It has the optional original Bosch driving lights which have the integral bumper mounted stone guards.

Exhaust system is up to date and finished off with chrome tips.

No cracks on the dash and the interior is not faded, and the original leather seats are in amazing condition.

Sunroof works perfectly, opens and tilts.

It has the original carpets, headliner, interior, and the trunk compartment is in amazing condition. Spare has never left the car, an original Michelin tire mounted on an original Mahle wheel. This rare “big coupe” has always been immaculately maintained at the BMW dealer, and has always been garaged. These cars were more than $35k in 1979. It has the high quality original leather interior in tan, all the power options – locks, windows, AM/FM Blaupunkt radio, air conditioning, e.g.

All of the following service is up to date:

· Brakes
· Battery
· Alternator
· All fluids changed (oil every 2500 miles, trans fluid, transaxle, rear end, brake fluid flush, e.g.)

I am relocating soon and won’t have space to store my cars. This vehicle needs absolutely nothing but a new fanatical owner or BWW enthusiast. It comes with all of the manuals, keys, e.g.

This vehicle is in Rhode Island and is sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty, expressed or implied. I am a private owner, not a dealer. Rhode Island does not issue titles for cars of this age but I have copy of previous California title and current Rhode Island registration to show proof of ownership.

These cars are beautiful, elegant, extremely well made and this is one of the finest examples of an E24 you will find. These are the next classic BMW’s to skyrocket in value and just look at what the earlier versions (2800, 3.0 Cs, e.g.) of BMW’s “big coupe” are going for. The original design of this car came Paul Bracq of BMW and Wilhelm Karmann, whose company launched various pioneering designs for Porsche, VW and BMW, drove one of these himself. The first batch of these “E24’s” had bodies built by Karmann before BMW took production in house).

This is famously considered one of the most elegant and timeless designs of all time, and it is very hard to find such an example which has been pampered. I require a nonrefundable deposit of $1000 immediately via PayPal at the conclusion of the auction, with the balance due in the form of a bank check in five business days. This car is a bargain which will only provide enjoyment and capital appreciation in the years to come.


The 633CSi isn’t in quite the demand of the top of the range M6 or 635CSi, but that just means a lower cost for a car that still should be capable of providing plenty of enjoyment. While I’m sure most of us would prefer this car with a manual transmission, an automatic provides for easy touring that is part of the appeal of a car like this, and on a non-M edition certainly shouldn’t be viewed as a deal-breaker. Bidding is currently at $6,100 with the reserve still on and a Buy It Now price of $13,500. I expect bidding to come up a bit, and while the Buy It Now price is perhaps on the high end for a 633CSi with nearly 72,000 miles, given the rare color and apparent condition we might see that number eclipsed.


Shark Week: 1983 BMW 633CSi

Here we have an example of one of the early sharks, the 633CSi. For 1983, the sun was setting on this model in favor of the more powerful 635CSi, which progressively gave buyers more luxury features over the years until this coupe would be discontinued. This 633CSi for sale in Washington state has been a West Coast car all its life and looks sharp in metallic gray with the contrasting black center BBS rims.

Year: 1983
Model: 633CSi
Engine: 3.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 191,793 mi
Price: $7,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 BMW 633CSi on eBay

This is the last year of the classic BMW 6-series dubbed “Long Nose.” I am a BMW enthusiast. Previously I owned a 1980 320 is and a 1981 733 csi. This is the 3rd BMW I have owned. I purchased this car in 1990, when it was 7 years old from another BMW enthusiast in San Diego whose children had outgrown the back seat – he moved into a new BMW 745. The car is CLEAN; no snow, no rust, no accidents.

What is damaged? (left turn signal return tab, small [3/16”] tear in headliner at edge of sunroof, small rock chip [paint fill] in front of hood, and a very small [hard to find] door ding [no chipped paint])

Everything on this car works – except as noted on this page. The car was 1st sold in Southern California ($42,000) and has accumulated most of its 191,793 miles during many trips between San Diego and Washington State. When I bought the car it was 7 years old with 90,000 miles on it. Over the next 5 years the car was driven often between San Diego and LA’s San Gabriel Valley via Interstate 15. After 95 it made several trips between Southern California and Spokane Washington. I bring this up to point out the high mileage is mostly from Interstate driving. I have always used Lucas Oil Treatment and the car uses less than 1 quart of oil between its consistent 3,500 mile oil changes.

I enjoy the front hinged hood designs of the early BMW’s – safety was the main reason, but access to the engine compartment is really a plus. The Hella fog / driving lights work perfectly and include the optional lens guard brackets which work well to protect them from parking stops and curb damage. The wheels are the rare 3-piece BBS design – 5 are included with the car. The wheel center BMW logos were replaced a couple of years ago – hard to find.

The engine compartment is clean – all filters and service maintained – the engine runs GREAT! Included is the engine reset tool; allowing you to reset the computer and monitor lights with each oil change. The big red wire on the firewall provides 12 volt to the trunk – previously for a trunk mounted cell phone – now for a CD Changer.

Plug wires, plugs, O2 sensor, hoses and belts have been changed within the last 5,000 miles. The radiator, heater core and hot water regulator have also been changed during the past few years. The battery is on conditioned power and pulled for winter storage. I have most maintenance records and receipts for parts used to maintain the car since 1990. Even the rear of the 633 has classic lines. All lights and markers on the car work. Exhaust tips are new (3rd pair I’ve replaced). The exhaust system was replaced with a new factory system in ’98; about 20,000 miles ago.

You got to love the BMW trunk space – LARGE. In the photo the wooden box carries the repair manuals and provides for secure mounting of a Panasonic 6 CD changer which integrates with the OEM Blaupunkt stereo radio. The BMW tool kit is truly remarkable – one can fix most anything on the car with the tools in this simple kit. All items are described in the Owner Manual. You will also find extra lamp bulbs and fuses along with the wheel lock in this compartment.

Included are; Original Owners Manual, BMW Blaupunkt Radio Manual, BMW Factory Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Bentley and Clifton Service Manuals, along with an assortment of additional (good) parts (starter) and new gaskets (as I figured they will eventually become unavailable I have a new sunroof seal [the existing is fine – just in case] and other weather seals).

The doors are in first rate condition. All windows are electric, no cracked or chipped glass. Electric mirrors on both doors. Doors lock and unlock remotely with Ungo electronics. Polished aluminum door thresholds and striker panels. The interior is like stepping back into time. As this BMW was a 1st Generation ‘computer car’, there are many interesting instructional functions the main computer will perform as you drive, including: distance to destination, average speed, outside temperature, average speed, over speed limit chimes, stop watch, and ‘on demand’ miles per gallon.

The computer panel to the left of the steering wheel provides constant checks for fluid levels, failed bulbs, brake system and washer fluid. The automatic 3 speed transmission is 1 to 1 in 3rd gear; no sluggish 80% overdrive here! The brakes would stop a Mac Truck – careful! A panic stop WILL lock up ALL 4 wheels NOW. The left turn signal return is missing 1 tooth and so for short radius turns you have to lift the turn signal up and back to center. For full turns the lever returns by itself. The part for this is readily available from any BMW dealer.

The OEM Charcoal floor mats are in very good condition (front and rear) and I purchased the heavy sheep skin seat covers back in 1991 – and they were quite expensive back then (over $900). However, good quality lasts and these seat covers are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and soft just like they were new.

By the way – the leather seats are also in great condition. In 1991 I had the front seat stuffing replaced with new horse hair padding – the leather is in GREAT condition. NOTE – No cracks in the dash! Interior view from the passenger side. The glove box includes the optional ‘flashlight’ which was a unique item to early BMW’s.

The Blaupunkt Radio is unique – the feature ‘metal’ tape used in conjunction with the FM stereo really cranks full range. the radio was rebuilt by ‘Radioman’ in San Diego in 2007 – replaced all interior lamps and rubber belts. So, this is a fully working Cassette Tape player along with AM and FM Stereo Radio.

Also in 2007 I replaced the OEM speakers with Boston Acoustics (see photo of real speaker retrofit). Also at that time I added the Panasonic CD player which hand controller back-light matches the OEM orange night lightening – very cool! I recently picked up a Blue Tooth adapter in the form of a tape cassette for another car I own – works flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. So, the possibility of keeping a 30 year old classic ‘original’ with the technical features of 2013 are here!

The visors are not cracked; the mirror visor vinyl did shrink back so I colored the visor black to match – the car has been garaged since new. The AC functions as new and is fully charged. Wipers and controls all work, Sunroof works too. The back seat of the 633 set many standards for future sports coups – no sliding around here! Note the condition of the leather. Also note the polished door jambs. Close up of BBS 3-piece wheel. Toyo tires have about 3,000 miles on them.

I am hoping to find someone that really wants the best of the classic BMW’s. While there are many BMW’s of this vintage for $2,500; as I’m sure you have already seen most were driven hard and put away wet. With a just a little work this car would be a true showroom condition car and over time will be worth much more. Thanks for your time – and happy BMW hunting!

Want a shark of your own but not prepared to pay the price of what a late model 635CSi or M6 may run you? A 633CSi may be just the ticket, then. For its age and mileage, the condition of this car is impressive. Given the extensive list of things the owner has taken care of or done to the vehicle, it isn’t surprising. I’ve never been a fan of the square fog lamps with their protective housing on BMWs from this era, as they look a tad clunky to me. But they do serve their purpose, especially in the region in which it is for sale. Some may be turned off by the automatic transmission, but a lot of people in the market for a long distance cruiser would want this option. At $7,000, this is a reasonable price for a lot of big coupe goodness.