1975 Porsche 914 1.8

Rob is on holiday this week, so I’m going to take it upon me to throw a few Porsches out there in his absence. The 914 was the predecessor to the 924, itself another close collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche. Offered in both four and six cylinder trim, this 1975 1.8 liter for sale in Florida represents the second to last year for this model, one which is often forgotten in the annals of Porsche history. Kermit the Frog said once “it ain’t easy bein’ green.” Perhaps the same is true on being a 914.

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1976 Porsche 914

Porsche fans can be, at times, a curious lot. No matter what new model the company unveils, those into the marque will always judge it against the almighty 911. The Cayenne SUV has been their sales savior, the Panamera sedan has been deemed ugly and the Boxster is for those who can’t afford a real Porsche. We’ve heard all the stereotypes. Back in the 1970s, Porsche devised an entry level car with the help of Volkswagen in the form of the mid-engined 914. Powered by a flat-4, these were badged both as VWs and Porsches, and later on exclusively as Porsches. This 914 in astoundingly original condition is for sale in Florida and a perfect runabout for soaking up that state’s rays.

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1973 Porsche 914 2.0L

In the Porsche world the 914 has become, I don’t want to say forgotten but, a bit of an afterthought. The 914 served as the replacement to the 912 as Porsche’s entry-level automobile and like the 912 it primarily came with a flat-four engine delivering power to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. However, that is where their similarities would end. While the 912 was basically a 911 with a smaller engine, the 914 was an entirely different design altogether: a 2-seater mid-engine Targa. While Porsche eventually ceased production of the 914 in order to make way for the 924 (an entry-level coupe that went in an entirely different direction), the 914 was well regarded, and sold well, due to its simplicity and balance. During the first few years of production, the 914 was also available with the 2.0 liter flat-six of the 911T, but due to poor sales that model was discontinued prior to the 1973 model year. Its replacement was the car we have featured here: a 1973 Porsche 914 with a 2.0 liter flat-four, rather than the standard model’s 1.7 liter engine.

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1973 Porsche 914

When the Porsche Boxster arrived on the scene in 1997, it brought Porsche ownership to a lower price point. After the disappearance of the 924 after the 1988 model year, the lineup was left with the 944/968 as its entry level model, and at the close of 1995, the 968 and it’s larger, front engined brethren, the 928, left the scene, leaving the 911 as the sole carrier of the Porsche torch. There has been some talk about a small, sub $40,000 Porsche roadster appearing in the near future, possibly with a flat four engine. How low will Porsche go, though, in attempting to reach new markets. I never gave the 914 much of a second glance over the years, but these mid-engined targas are endearing in their own right, loved for their simplicity. This orange 914 for sale in Portland, Oregon was stored away for many years but has been resurrected, ready for a new home.


Year: 1973
Model: 914
Engine: 1.7 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 70,450 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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1973 Porsche 914 1.7

Fuel Injected
Signal Orange
Appearance Group

Hello eBayers! Welcome to my auction. Today I have a great find for those of you interested in getting a super nice and clean RUST FREE 914 with super low original miles. I bought this car out of dry storage. It was tucked away in a clean and dry garage where it had been for many years. The previous owner had purchased the car from this Porsche’s original owner with the hopes of doing a few of the mechanical fixes it needed along with some cosmetic needs. He had always wanted a Signal Orange 914. Unfortunately, life got in the way of his dreams and the car just sat.

When I found the car it was not in running condition, but a total survivor. 70,450 original miles too! Factory Fuel Injection still intact. Factory engine and transmission too. The gas had gone bad and all the injectors were gummed up. The original paint had some primed areas where prior dings had been repaired, but never painted. The interior was very nice, but the driver’s seat cushion was torn. Even at this stage though, I could tell that this was a fantastic find. The car was/is as dry as any I have seen. The floors are original and perfect and rust free as are the hell hole areas. The period correct Italian Murretti wheel seven had the original center caps. I wish I could find cars like this more often.

After purchasing the 914 I had it towed to my shop where we removed the gas tank, had it scoured and sealed. We then removed all the injectors and sent them out to be rebuilt. Next we went to work on the obvious. We adjusted the valves and replaced the gaskets. We also replaced the spark plugs with new oldstock 70s Bosch plugs and a distributor cap. We flushed the oil in the engine as well and filled again with Mobil One Synthetic. Once thework was complete, we installed the tank and injectors and started the car. It fired instantly and after a moment of coughing, ran like a Swiss watch. Okay, German more likely.

This Porsche is all there. It looks great, it drives great. I have done everything that this car needed. Cosmetically and mechanically. This car is totally ready to enjoy. If you have watched my previous auctions I have had many 914s over the last couple of years. All super nice cars. None of them however, have run this well. The engine is tight and powerful. It does not smoke, it does not leak. It has no issues at all. The transmission is the side-shifter type and I am serious when I say that there is a huge difference in how these preformcompared to the tail style. It is also tight like new. All of the bushings are strong, all of the syncros are perfect (up and down). Put it this way, you don’t have to have an intimate relationship with this car in order to drive it properly. Those of you that have owned vintage Porsches know what I’m talking about 🙂

This car hasit all. A Signal Orange finish, all the chrome accents and touches of sport that made up the appearance group, virgin door panels, and fog lights too. For the purists out there, I can’t call the car a survivor because I had to do some paintwork to the car but this car was not restored. It has always been super nice and loved.

The factory color is Signal Orange (L20E) and although a partial repaint, the work is excellent and in the exact proper factory shade. I had the work done by a shop that has always done the best work and this car is no exception. The work is top quality on the matching andany blends. I waxed it by hand and it is totally worthy of covered transport. I wish I could find this color more often. It is my all-time favorite color for vintage Porsches. The car is laser straight. There is no sign of previous damage or filler anywhere. This car is NOT a barn find made road worthy again. It has been cared for and garaged for its entire life, just barely driven. The hell holes are good and solid. The original floor pans are intact and they look excellent from the top and bottom. The floor is as dry as can be.

The bumpers are perfect. There are no dings, dents or flaking. There is some wear andweathering on the foam rubber tops of the bumpers but nothing I would be disappointed with. The interioris also top notch. No stains in the carpet. No rips or tears in the upholstery. No excuses at all. I took out the seats and photographed thefloors and they are factory perfect. The door panels are perfect and there are no cut speaker holes.

The blinkers, the wipers, and brake lights and pop up headlights all work properly. The fog lights and horn are not working at this time but I will have them figured out before auction end. All the pieces are there. The top fits snuggly and is also very nice. I know this description is getting a bit long, but if you want to know more on the car please call. I speak Porsche enthusiast and I don’t mind doing it. I am happy to show this car with an appointment as well.

I am setting the reserve very low and I know the 914 will sell the first go around as long as we all play by these rules.

#1. Only bid if you have intentions to buy.

#2. Ask any and all questions before bidding.

#3. Contact me BEFORE BIDDING if you have zero or negative feedback. Otherwise, I will cancel your bid first and ask questions later. Just call me if you are new. I will be happy to walk you through the process.

Just be realand genuine and I will make sure that the winning bidder is happy with his orher purchase. I have 100% positive feedback and I plan on keeping that. Also, I will end the sale for the right offer so don’t wait till the last second and worry about missing out. Just call me and we will work out a fair price.

Also, this is a good Porsche and I love it, but there of those in the world of Porsche that will not. Please do not expect a new car here. This car is over 40 and has not been through a nut and bolt restoration. This is a driver’s car. Sure, you can show it. But please be reasonable with yourexpectations if you are a perfectionist.

I’m Justin my Phone number is 503-969-5127 callme anytime. I love to talk about thisPorsche.


From the looks of it, this 914 is all there. Some might deride the orange paintwork as too loud, but I love period seventies colors. The only thing I might change is the large, federally mandated bumperettes on the front of the vehicle. They mar an otherwise clean design. Since this has the 1.7 liter, not the larger 2.0 liter engine, I’d suspect you’ll probably see this car sell between $15,000 and $20,000. There’s been a fair amount of bidding interest so far so we’ll see if the reserve is reached.


10K Friday: Poor Man’s Porsches – 914 v. 924

While I’ve spent a lot of time on 10K Fridays looking for the most car for your money, today we’re going to take a different path and look at the least Porsche for your money. Sound a bit strange? Well, while other Porsche models have taken off in value or are on the verge of being completely unaffordable, it’s refreshing to know you can still get a nice quality Porsche on a budget. Could you get into a beaten 944 Turbo for this money? Yes, and perhaps if you’re looking for a performance car that would be a better choice. But in the true spirit of the creation of both the 914 and 924, I want to look at the most simple versions of both of these cars. Which would be the one for you? Let’s start with the 914:

Year: 1972
Model: 914
Engine: 1.7 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 100,000 mi
Price: $7,500 Buy It Now

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1972 914 porsche from california new tires fuel injected very rust free for more info call dennis 847 521 9442

I have to admit, I’m a more recent convert to thinking clean 914s are pretty cool. They’re not the most attractive by any measure, but they have a Lotus-like simple design. Think of this car as the Porsche Europa and it makes a little more sense. Pop the top and you’ve got a fun, simple targa design. This model has some upgraded alloys and looks reasonably clean. Miles are lower and the price – $7,500 – wouldn’t get you into much of any other Porsche; that is, except the underdog 924:

The 924 is such a clean and elegant design, it’s nice to see them in their original spec. Sure, they sprouted flares, spoilers and big wheels and became more aggressive but the original design is still impressive. With that engine running well, you’ll be in the mid-30 mpg range cruising in what is still a very aerodynamic design today. In Guards Red over tan, this is a great looker:

Year: 1981
Model: 924
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,574 mi
Price: $5,995 Buy It Now

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Runs and drives very well. The body and paint are in very good condition. The interior is in good shape, but the seats have rips and the dash is cracked. Has a clear title.

Yes, the engine is anemic, and like many of the early 924/944 variants the dash is now cracked. But for a full $1500 less than the 914, this package is really quite neat. Like the Targa roof on the 914? Well, most of the top of the 924 is removable and ultimately the experience isn’t that different. This particular 924 was well equipped and with very low miles seems in great shape! The price is high for a non-2.5 924, but considering the condition it would be a better deal than buying a worse-condition one and trying to restore it. Not many love the 924, but it is pretty amazing that nearly two decades after it’s launch the 968 was still looking fresh with effectively this same design.

Which would I choose? For me, it’s a no-brainer – I’d choose the 924 over the 914 any day. As an affordable classic and entry level car in the Porsche world, it’s still unappreciated and values reflect that, but it’s a clean and neat design that can be owned on a strict budget – not something that can be said of many Porsches!


1971 Porsche 914-4 Ginther replica

No, you’re not on the wrong day; it’s Sunday, and I’m reviewing a race car, something I’d usually leave until Motorsport Monday. But with “V8 Week” upcoming and time running out on this car’s auction, it was too good to not write up – plus, we have something special for you tomorrow. While in the past I’ve focused on some big dollar 911s, today we’re looking at a much more affordable to buy and run 914. For a long time unloved by most of the Porsche crowd, in race trim the 914 is a solid performer and hearkens back to a time when you had to drive the car yourself rather than relying on computers to do the heavy lifting. Better yet, without relying on the power of it’s bigger brethren to drag it out of corners, the 914 is a fantastic platform for you to better yourself as a driver. Like the Martini Racing RSR replica I wrote up last week, today’s 914 is a recreation of a more famous race car, this time the Richie Ginther 914-4 race cars built for West Coast Porsche and Audi:


Year: 1971
Model: 914
Engine: 2.0 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: “500” mi
Price: $49,888 Buy It Now

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1971 Porsche 914-4 Race Car

Chris Campbell Moore ccmoore@starwoodmotors.com 214-367-5437 Direct 469-222-2507 Cell

Super Nice, Ready to race, Porsche 914-4, with 20′ Trailer, and custom Pit Bike!

Super Nice, Ready to race, Porsche 914-4, with 20′ Trailer, and custom Pit Bike!

Super Nice, Ready to race, Porsche 914-4, with 20′ Trailer, and custom Pit Bike!

Get a racing suit and helmet, and racing shoes and head to the track and race it!


This is not just some modified street car, there were 7 hulls gone through, reinforced control arms and shock towers, cool shirt assembly included!

E/P Porsche 914-4, faithful replica of one of the 3 Ginther cars built in 1971.
CVAR Log Book (Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing)
A Total rotisserie restoration, Built, prepared and maintained by Jones Autowerks of San
Antonio. 1 race on fresh motor, long & short track 901 Mag case gear boxes with Guard limited
slips, 3 sets of wheels and tires, new rains, race track spares, second seat, AIM GPS timer, cool
shirt and on and on. 2.05s at Texas World Speedway
The car is 100% authentic and 100% legal

Custom Ruckus pit bike

This is a total ground up rotisserie restoration starting with a rust free car built as a faithful replica as one of
the three cars Richie Ginther built for the west coast Porsche/Audi Dealers. I was able to locate the driver of
the #30 car Dwight Mitchell. He has been very helpful with information and photos about the car.
The car has been prepared under the SCCA 1972 rule book and has a current Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing
Assoc. log book. The car was raced for 1 ½ years and it has been serviced, checked and ready to race. Every
part on this car is new, rebuilt or restored.
This car was built from the ground up to be the best possible 914-4 race car on any track.
Performance Data:
• The car runs in E/P
• Weight less fuel and driver is 1864 lbs.
• Best time at Texas World Speedway is 2:04.53
• Built by Jones Autowerks of San Antonio Texas
• 2 liter, 4 cylinders, highly modified 40mm Solex carbonators
• JE Custom pistons, Power Rods, Mallory Unilite Distributor
• Duel Setrab twin fan oil coolers and the stock oil cooler
• Heads and manifolds are highly modified as is the oil system
• The motor also has an Accusump and a 6AL MSD with Rev Limiter
• 50 amp single wire alternator, Braille battery
• Horse power and motor modifications will be covered with a serious buyer
• 2 901 5 speed Mag case transmissions both with Guard limited slips
• One is set up for long tracks, one for Short tracks
• WEVO transmission mounts
• Highly modified J West shifter
Body Tub:
• Totally soda and glass bead blasted
• One very straight rust free donor car
• Steel bumpers, and valances, fiberglass spoiler
• Jerry Wood drop link and tie rod ends, 10 lb. Halon system with 3 spray heads
• Smart Racing front bar, Raised rear Suspension towers with spherical bearings, rear pick point
reinforcements with heim rod braces
• Tangerine exhaust system, reinforced chassis, 4130 roll cage done by Brink Racecraft of Irving Texas,
• Trailing arms rebuilt, chassis reinforced with parts from Tangerine Racing
• All disk rotors are lighten and cryogenically treated
• Windshield made from the original plug used to make the Ginther windshields
• Rennline pedals, dead pedal, floor pan, 8 gallon fuel cell
• AIM GPS lap timer, MSD shift light
• Removable steering wheel, cool shirt box, Instructor seat removable

Also includes a very nice 20′ fully equipped trailer including an air conditioner, electric tongue jack with battery, built in
cabinets and more. Winch as well, aluminum jack stands full set, fuel jugs, trailer spares X 2.

The Trailer is a Continental Cargo, Auto Master

Total length is approx 24.5 long and width 8.5 wide.

Inside storage is about right at 19’ total length and there is room for the Honda Ruckus!

I have tons of receipts for everything that has been done to this car. Old photos of the cars it replicates from the 70’s, All maintenance records from day one. Its ready to race right now, the motor is still fresh, only has a few races on it. And it is a fun and fast car to drive. Set up better than any Porsche 914 out there!

Please contact me with any questions.

A little about Starwood Motors, We are a full service, licensed dealer in Dallas, TX. We ship worldwide via fully insured carriers. Call, email or text me today.

Chris Campbell Moore ccmoore@starwoodmotors.com 214-367-5437 Direct 469-222-2507 Cell


This car is the one to buy, with a full restoration already done. The correct race pieces have been fit, and this car will certainly hang with the competition. I think it looks awesome in yellow with the period graphics that we saw on everything from the 914 through the 917-30. But what really sets this car apart for most race wannabes is the full package; race car, enclosed trailer, and pit bike are all included in the purchase price. As a package then, all you need to show up with is a tow vehicle capable of taking your personal race team with you. I think this car looks fantastic, from the Panasports to the windscreen free profile. As complete packages go, this seems like a pretty reasonable deal. Yes, the car and trailer do show some wear, but you’d be hard pressed to recreate this package for less than the asking price, and you’d save yourself a lot of headaches and time not trying to reinvent the wheel.


1976 Porsche 914 2.0

We’ve featured a great many 911s, 944s and 928s here on GCFSB. One Porsche that hasn’t gotten much love is the 914. A joint venture between Volkswagen and Porsche, this sports car was born out of Volkswagen’s desire for a halo vehicle and Porsche’s desire to expand their lineup and find a replacement for the four cylinder version of the 911, the 912. In 1968, the prototype 914 was presented and the car went on sale as a 1969 model. Offered with both a horizontally opposed four or six cylinder engine, both variants were badged as Porsches in the US market, with the four cylinder cars badged as a Volkswagen-Porsche in Europe.

This 1976 version for sale in Georgia is the final year of the 914, and by this time, crash bumpers and a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine were part of the package.

1976 Porsche 914 2.0 on eBay

1976 Porsche 914 anacona blue collector quality. We are very happy to offer this collector quality 1976 Porsche 914 2.0 with only 53,000 original miles. As you all know the 914 are rapidly appreciating in value, following the 356 and earlier 911 models to rooftop values as everyone seems to appreciate these high quality build, last of the air cooled Porsches. Personally, knowing that the 914-6 models are now out of reach, I give the Limited Edition 914-4s followed by the 1976 models the highest collector values. The 1976 models in particular are very valuable because they were the last of the breed, the fewest produced of all of the four cylinders, and had all of the factory improvements developed over the years. No 1976 model was ever made in 1976, the last built in 12/15.

This is a November production car, with options of tinted glass and center seat cushion. This particular 914 certainly qualifies as one of the most collectible and if kept in its current original condition, will skyrocket in value in the next years. One of the best 914 colors ever painted (ancona blue L97b) and with only 53,000 miles, this car well shows those low miles with impeccable interior and body, totally original engine compartment, and immaculate front and rear trunks. In addition, the spare tire is the factory original having never hit the ground, the tool kit is complete, the owners manual and cover in the glove box, has all four original keys, and comes with the original factory window sticker and a file with the original maintenance receipts. The fussy owners actually kept the three sets of points, distributor cap, condenser, and rotor sets they changed over the years!

The body is as original as one could want, never rusted, never wrecked and with at least 95% of the original finish. The car had stick on side molding and negative side stripes installed early on (that I personally removed) and because of their years of installation, one can see slight etching of the original finish. However it is not bad and the paint is in such nice condition and shines so beautifully that it should NEVER be painted upon! The only other problem with this car (If you would call it a problem) is that it was rustproofed when new. This probably preserved all of the original paint under the wheelwells and floor boards and with some intense steam cleaning one could actually re expose this factory fresh finish!

This 914 drives as well as ANY 914 four cylinder I have ever driven, (as you all know I have driven literally thousands and well remember how they drove when brand new!) and our shop has thoroughly serviced the car so you can drive it home with confidence if you so choose. I like this car so much that I would consider it a very worthy 914 collectors car, it is that nice. I have my own black ’76 2.0 in our small showroom, and this one would certainly rival it. As usual I have a reserve on this car, but it is very small as I really what someone who will appreciate this car to get it for a bargain price. You will not be disappointed!

A typical late model 914 2.0 will fetch anywhere from $14,000 into the low $20,000 range. Given the low mileage and original condition, I’d wager to say this 914 might bring somewhere in the low $20,000 range. Anything over that starts reaching into mint 911SC and 3.2 territory and then you’ll find yourself saying “I coulda had a 911.” Still, given the pleasant color and condition, this car presents well and given Volkswagen’s recent drive to purchase an over 50% stake in Porsche, reminds us how intertwined the histories of these two manufacturers are.


25k Mile 1974 Porsche 914 Time Machine

I am on a 914 jag of late.  My guess is that winter is thawing and open air motoring is not far behind.  That and I miss my 914, like may of you I have sold several cars I should have kept.  I am sure I will do it again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

1974 Porsche 914:

From the seller –

“First purchased in Texas at Forest Lane Porsche Audi, where DPD air conditioning was installed. Other than the a/c and recently replaced visors, this 1974 appears as original as the day she left the factory. Original paint, upholstery, and even spare tire.
Paintwork is in extremely nice original condition. a few rock chips and door chips, but those the patina of her super low 25,000 miles.

Originally purchased by Dr. James Reese of Rockwall TX, the car was often seen around the small town as his daily driver. At approximately 12,000 miles, he sold it to a young man, Greg Foerster also if Rockwall Texas, who drove it sparingly until 1987. In that year, at 25,000 miles, he parked it in his grandmother’s garage under cover, and left it.

Oly Blue sat almost completely undisturbed for 23 years.

Some 23 years later, Mr. Foerster, now living in CA, was reminded that he still owned this little babyand he might want to remove it from its hiding spot. A friend of his posted it on this site for sale as is in July of 2010.
It received a lot of attention at that time, and Wayne Fry, living in the area, volunteered to go take pics for me and other interested buyers. Under 23 years of dust was a virtual 914 time machine.

I bought the car from the pics and history, and set about getting her running again. Much, much cleaning, effort, and money was spent on bringing her back to life.

Thanks to Steve Floyd at Desert Performance and Don Kravig of Precision Motion for all mechanical work.

So here she is, one of the lowest mileage, original condition Porsche 914 I have ever heard of. Before she goes to auction, or E-Bay where she is sure to be snapped up by a European buyer and returned to her homeland, I offer her here for the 914 brethren.

Asking Price is $21,000 Firm will consider interesting partial trades, especially Porsche.”

Fascinating story, I can’t recall seeing a low mileage example anywhere near as nice as this in some time.  The seller could really ask a hefty sum but in this case I don’t think $21k is out of line.

I appreciate him offering this wonderful example to the Porsche community first.  A more enterprising lad would toss it up on eBay and watch it wind up back in the motherland.  Let’s stop the madness, someone stateside needs to own and love this little 914 for the rest of its days.


Rough 1974 Porsche 914 Bumblebee For Sale

We have featured these cars, um, in much better shape before but the prices for those 914’s are somewhere in the $20k range.  Here is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.  This is one of 500 “bumblebee” edition 914’s.  These cars are getting harder to find so beggars cannot be choosers.

1974 Porsche 914 Bumblebee:

From the seller –

“1974 Porsche 914 limited edition find of the week.

We are thrilled this week to offer you our fellow 914 enthusiast this fabulous “bumblebee” limited edition running restoration.  As we all know these limited edition models were the only special 914 models ever made and only 500 of the white with orange and 500 of the black with yellow were ever made, thus making them one of the rarest 914s in history.

Current restored values of these cars are in the 25,000 dollar plus range and with the six cylinder versions hitting the ceiling, this is the next 914 to go sky high.

Equipped standardly with the fabulous 2.0 engine, front and rear sway bars, dual horns, driving lights, center console with gauges, Mahle wheels and rear anodized roll bar chrome, these cars had additionally color keyed bumpers and rocker panels as well as

bold negative stripes and specially designed factory front spoiler.

This car additionally has installed the so called “factory” air conditioning, an option provided by the Porsche audi volkswagen network but always installed at the dealer before new car delivery.

Although this 914 looks a little sad, as you can see by the pictures, the car is very very straight with light rust except for the  battery area, which results in the frame rail rusting as well.

Someone has “executed” a crude repair in this area which of course will have to be redone, but luckily we make all of the reproduction parts and actually repair these cars daily in our award winning restoration shop.

You will be thrilled to be the high bidder on this piece of Porsche history never to be repeated.  As you can see by the factory letter, the car comes with its pedigree, and all of the many pictures show you that the restoration is not comprehensive what so ever. ( We like 914s the best because they are simple cars with half of the parts of a 911 or a 356 and very straight forward so even the amateur restorer can complete a fine job! “

Auto Atlanta is an excellent organization, I have been buying parts from them for close to 20 years.  I consider them an authority on all things 914 so I trust their description without hesitation.

So, what is this Bumblebee worth?  My guess, as rough as it is, somewhere in the $7.5-8k range.  Factor in another $10k for resto and you will have an excellent Bumblebee to show and/or drive.  I will be curious to see where this auction ends up.  Bidding currently sits at $2.9k with the reserve not met.


Ripping Deal: 1973 Porsche 914 Track Monster For Sale

I realize the term, ripping deal, means different things to different people.  But to me, a clean 914 with the heartbeat of a 1989 Carrera, five lug conversion, and all kinds of extra parts has got to be worth $15k.

1973 Porsche 914 For Sale:

From the seller –

“1973 Porsche 914 3.2 L six (aka Pearl)

5 lug conversion with 911 alloy front cross member w bilsteins
Goodrich G-force 205x55x16 tires with less than 2000 miles on them
Carerra front brakes and ventilated discs all around
180 lb springs with KYB rear shocks
Front sway bar
4 refinished Fusch 6×16 wheels with a fifth one as a spare
Engine is from a 1989 Carerra with less than 60K miles
Setrabs largest oil cooler in front trunk with fan
Battery moved to rear trunk
Crankfire ignition and Megasquirt II ECM
New high impedance fuel injectors
Fuel pressure gauge/regulator
Kennedy adaptor plate and stage II clutch and flywheel
914-6 body reinforcement panels installed
All rust repaired with new sheet metal from restoration design
Epoxy primed and undercoated after sand blasting
New windshield with updated weather seal
Dual exhaust custom mufflers
New interior seat covers and OEM dash pad
Innovate AFR, oil temp and pressure gauges
Wide band O2 sensor
Extras and spares:
901 transmission
6061 alloy Hd aluminum intermediate plate for 901
Extra gear set for 5th gear
Door panels and misc interior and weather stripping
A-arms, rear swing arms 4-lug hubs parts and brakes
Under dash “OEM” Air conditioning unit
Years of accumulated stuff.
I don’t know if I’m getting old or have just lost interest.
I have taken it to Texas World speed way for PCA DE events, and it is an amazing little track car. The car is fast enough to scare you handles really well she deserves a really good home.
If you know 914s you will see that all the hard work is done.
This is a solid little car and I really am sort of ambivalent about letting her go.
I have put a lot of time money and effort into this car, but 6 years of working on the little beast may be long enough. If the right person with the right $$ shows up, they can pick up where I am letting go and start their own fun.
Like all 914s, stock or modified, this is NOT a car for the mechanically inept, unless you have plenty of cash to pay someone to work on a “hybridized” 40 year old car.
There is at least $15,000 worth of fun, spares and extras in this deal so I will start there and entertain offers.”

AC, big brakes, no rust, I can go on all day.  I don’t think this is a modified 914-6, it’s not THAT good of a deal.  I think what we have here is a well prepped 914 with tons of extra parts.  Better yet the seller does not seem firm on the price.

I bet this thing runs, drives, and handles like a dream.  A scary fast dream.