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1980 Porsche 924 Turbo with 37,000 miles

Last week, I wrote up a clean and original 1982 924 Coupe, a reminder of the relatively unloved father of the much more appreciated 944 and 968. Despite there being many of these good handling, fun to drive and affordable Porsches available in very good condition, most people still stay away from them because they’re “not true Porsches”. Perhaps even more unloved than the 924 is the more potent version of the aerodynamic coupe, the 924 Turbo. This is probably due to the generally unloved nature of the 924, which resulted in low residual value for what was at the time a complicated and expensive car. Today, finding a good condition 924 Turbo is more difficult than finding regular original 924 coupes, but there’s a nice one on Ebay today:

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1982 Porsche 924

The enthusiast world is a pretty interesting and fickle place. Take a small displacement, lightweight and attractive coupe from the late 1970s/early 1980s, put a Volkswagen Scirocco badge on it and people fork over $8-10,000 for a very clean example. Take the same formula, put a Porsche badge on it and call it a 924, and very few want in and feel that over $5,000 – even for a very clean example – is sometimes too much. Such is the case with most of the early – and for that matter, late – Porsche 924s we’ve looked at recently. Unlike it’s bigger brother 944, we seem to see a large amount of clean, low mile all original 924s. Paul recently looked at a neat 1977 Porsche 924 that really embodied how clean and good looking the original design was. Today’s example is a little later in the production run, and in more classic to see Guards Red – but in equally impressive condition:

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1977 Porsche 924

It ain’t easy being green. Well, when it came to being the Porsche 924, it wasn’t easy just being. Porsche traditionalists weren’t keen on this front engined coupe with a power plant shared with an Audi. But, over time these early water-cooled Porsches have built a respectable fan base with prices staying at a reasonable level. This early 924 is genesis when it comes to the 924/944/968 series. Certainly a car that will grab the attention of P-car enthusiasts who appreciate these models in their purist form.

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