Tapas Turbo: 1977 Porsche 924 Carrera GT Replica

If the 924 Turbo was an impressive development of the first water-cooled chassis for Porsche, the subsequent developments were outstanding. Porsche brought the Carrera name to the 924, added GT and turned up the boost, widened the flares and created a legend in its own right. The 2.0 in GT form produced over 200 horsepower; in later GTS form, nearly 250 horsepower. Instead of the 6″ wide wheels of the 931 we saw yesterday, 911SC front 7″ Fuchs were matched with 8″ wide 930 spec rear wheels. Konis were standard, but early 924 springs were used to actually lower the car slightly. Boxed flares in the rear were met by better integrated flared fronts to cover the much wider track. But the big story was the boost; the M31.50 engine was a tower of power in period, giving the lowly 924 Le Mans winning speed and making it faster than the 911SC. Indeed, the model was a homologation special to allow Porsche to race the car in Group 4 racing. Porsche would use the development GTR models to score impressive class victories in 1981 and 1982 at Circuit de la Sarthe, but it was the 1980 result of 6th overall that was most impressive.

The model was largely the basis for the more mainstream 944 Turbo that was developed later, and often is mistaken for being the later model because of the similarities between the body and look. But a fringe of Porsche enthusiasts appreciate the early Carrera GT even more than the 951, and consequently quite a few have undertaken making replicas. As only 406 Carrera GTs were made, they’ve become fairly unaffordable for most, so this exacting replica in Spain offers a chance to drive a legend at a fraction of a real one’s price:

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1981 Porsche 924GTS Clubsport

Over the past few weeks, we’ve written up a few Low mileage 924s and even a rare to see 924 Turbo, but if it’s a rare site to see those cars come up for sale in good shape, it’s just downright rare to find their overachieving brothers for sale at all. Porsche took the already fairly potent for its day 924 Turbo and upped the ante to take it racing; but they did more than just add the already famous monkier “Carrera” to the name. The 924 Carrera GT sported big flares, bigger spoilers, bigger wheels, bigger brakes, and all to deal with the massive increase in power. It was available in three different trim levels; the standard GT got an impressive 210 horsepower; moving up to the “GTS” got you 245 horses. But if you were a real racer, you opted for the 924 Carrera GTS Clubsport – with 280 horsepower and set up to race with a cage and race seats, this was a race car you could road register:

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1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT

The 924; Porsche’s mostly unloved project. But while the auto enthusiast masses today sigh at the sight of one and usually quip “I’d rather buy a 944 instead” few of them realize the 944 project effectively was modeled around this car – the 924 Carrera GT. More than just a 924 with flares, this car took the standard 924 Turbo and kicked it up a notch, adding an intercooler and increased boost along with larger wheels, tires and brakes, improved suspension, along with 944 era-touches of the flush mounted windshield and much larger rear spoiler. But for fans of flares, the 924 Carrera GT was one of the first road going box-flared models, sporting wide arches to cover those great Fuchs wheels. Sporting a quite impressive for the time 210 hp out of the box, the Carrera GT motor was available in many levels of tune from the factory – up to nearly 300 hp in top-spec GTS form. Those who complain that the 924 was slow were never near one of these cars. The list of achievements for the Carrera GT platform was impressive; spanning from Le Mans to World Rally Championship events, the 924 was a well balanced and successful racer – in fact, it nearly completed the 24 hours of Le Mans on one set of tires – which, incidentally, were street legal.

Carrera GTs were never produced in great number, but their owners love them – ask Derek Bell, who owns one. Today they hold some of the highest of the front engined Porsche values and have mostly been snatched up by collectors; but today there is a low mile example available in Italy:

Year: 1981
Model: 924 Carrera GT
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 16,343 mi
Price: $64,591

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italian car, original plates, 26.300 km, service book, wonderful unmolested conditions. More pictures to come…

Anyone who declares that the 924 isn’t a true Porsche needs to do a bit of research on these Carreras and see if they still hold the same opinion afterwards! With only 400 or so produced, they’re bound to be big money, and in that context I’m not sure $65,000 sounds all that unreasonable. They’re not as valuable as the more highly developed GTS and GTR models, where you’d not see one south of $100,000 dollars. This particular model looks to be in excellent shape though little information is offered, and the Guards Red over black Fuchs is just about the perfect combination for this car. You can make a replica for much less than the asking price, but it won’t ever be as special as the original.