Wednesday Wheels Roundup

It’s a day ending in “Y”, so you better believe that my mind has been on wheels. I stumbled across a few neat sets this week and though I’d post them up for any wheel whores such as me. We’ve got a neat set of Schnitzer classic 5 spokes for E30s, along with a rare set of 924 Turbo Manhole covers. They’re forged and the proper setup for the narrow body 924, and fairly rare to see. Also rare to see are a set of the Penta AMG replica wheels. Not as valuable as the ATS made wheels, they’re nonetheless pretty neat. There’s a mega set of BBS RAs that would just be stunning on an early 80s Mercedes SEC and a neat and very rare to see set of BBS-like Melber wheels. What’s your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: AC Schnitzer 4×100 16×7.5 Wheels on eBay

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Feature Listing – 1991 BMW 535i Dinan Turbo

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Dinan was still on the cutting edge of performance tuning. As with Reeves Callaway, Steve Dinan had started turbocharging BMWs to create supercar-slaying sedans and coupes. At that point, Dinan was a lesser-known tuner than the likes of Alpina and Hartge, but the results of their turbocharging the S38 in the BMW M6 notably gained the car the nickname “The Annihilator”. That should tell you something of the level to which Dinan Cars brings their creations to whilst retaining the original attributes of the base car. It’s a special combination that resulted in Dinan being incorporated into the BMW dealer network; today, cruise down to your dealership and you can buy Dinan products and software upgrades for just about any model and retain your warranty. Because of that connection, an appreciation for early Dinan cars continues to grow though in general they remain more affordable than their German tuner counterparts. They are, however, just as rare to come across – especially when they come in the condition of today’s 1991 535i, one of the last of Dinan’s inline-6 turbo creations:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 BMW 535i Dinan Turbo on GCFSB

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Tuner Tuesday: 2001 BMW M Coupe with 13,400 Miles

The S54-equipped M Coupe seemed destined to be a collector car right out of the box. With a limited number produced, almost immediately enthusiasts began numbering their cars – there are, in fact, websites that are specifically dedicated to determining just how rare your M Coupe was. In the case of today’s example, it’s a claimed one of nine, and that’s easy to believe – because boil down the multitudes of combinations that were made with the E36/8 M Coupe, and you’ll soon discover that they’re all one of a small number. But this particular M Coupe is even more rare than most, with a host of Dinan and AC Schnitzer upgrades and some of the lowest miles on one today, with only around 1,000 miles a year accrued:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 BMW M Coupe on eBay

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Tuner Tuesday: 1988 BMW M3 S52

I’d like to try a social experiment if you’ll allow me; I’d take an E30 M3 listing and say absolutely nothing about it. My hypothesis is that it wouldn’t matter; the car would still generate lots of comments both positive and negative, outlining both the strengths of the E30 and the rapid appreciation of the market. The convergence of factors that has resulted in the M3 market as we see it today is the evolution of not only a naturally occurring timeline coupled with a increase of personal wealth vis-a-vis the ownership group juxtaposed with those who actually ponder ownership. This, in turn, can be viewed as in part the skeuomorphic racing details of the M3 coupled with the natural analogue interface of the E30 chassis. Immersion in the marketplace has resulted in datafication as we try to quantify the various appeals of the models and even sub-models, while the scalability of the marketplace seems to utilize fuzzy logic – models constantly morphing in and out of vogue as the relative price of ownership fluctuates. Modularity in the E30 platform has not helped but convoluted the matter. Coupled with the emergence of internet fora the M3 is the first truly viral car. The rapid influx of various examples in order to take advantage of these previously stated confluence of factors has resulted in, ironically, crowdsourcing in an effort to elicit an explanation:


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How ///Mportant is the badge? 1995 850CSi v. 1991 850i 6-speed

The question of badges, badge engineering and car’s values are always interesting to me. Obvious car values vary considerably, but some times enthusiasts really gravitate towards one particular year or sub-model within a lineup and choose that model for value. Yesterday’s 1995 M3 raised that point; while it was a neat color and lower mileage with good overall condition, it was the OBD1 status that had some claiming that it should be worth more than later models. In the case of the E31, it’s obviously the big-dog 850CSi that stands out with its BMW Motorsport heritage and build. But let’s say, for argument’s sake, that there was arguably a nicer example of the lesser 850i 6-speed with some light modifications available at the same time – is the M badge that important?


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Tuner Tuesday: 1995 BMW 525i S52-Swap

When I start to recount stories of my early driving years and my family’s run of German automobiles, I’m sure it sounds like we ran a used car lot. Fair enough; before I was old enough to drink we were on to our 5th BMW with a Porsche on the way – and still a few more to come. One of my favorite cars would probably be a bit of a surprise to some, though; when the climate control failed on our E32 735i 5-speed it was replaced by a 1995 525i. Now, normally the 525i is a bit of a downer – too much car with too little motor. But several updates over the life of the 525i meant that by 1993, the 525i was a bit of a sleeper – especially when equipped with a manual. The update from the M20 to the M50 motor and then the addition of VANOS gave the car a mini-M5 feel. It screamed up the tach and felt much quicker than it looked. But for some the M50 just isn’t enough motivation to leave the 525i alone:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1995 BMW 525i on eBay

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Motorsport Mondays: A Tale of Two ’02s

Last week, I put a neat 2002 up on our Facebook Fanpage. Sporting crazy Zender flares, an even crazier rear wing, and most crazy a S14 E30 M3 engine transplant, it sure looked the part and generated a lot of interest. Well, the good news! It’s back up on Ebay this week, along with an added M10-swapped Targa Newfoundland Rally veteran that makes an interesting comparison. What’s your flavor?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1972 BMW 2002 S14 on eBay

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1998 BMW 540i 6-speed


This morning I wrote up a rather unconventional modified 2JZ swapped M5 that raised both eyebrows and ire with the modifications. In an effort to redeem both the website and our collective eyes, it’s only fitting that we write up a very nicely modified E39. While many enthusiasts lust after the M5, there is another option that BMW offered which is nearly equal to the M5 in overall package but easier on the wallet. The E39 540i 6-speed ticks all of the right boxes for enthusiasts looking for a practical and fun driver; great aggressive looks, super performance from the rumbling V8, comfortable seating for 4 or 5 in a pinch, and a commodious trunk to carry plenty of weekend luggage to get away from the rest of your life. Best is that this package comes with the option to row through the gears yourself; a simple pleasure that car companies seem determined to make a forgotten skill.

A few weeks ago I did a comparison of a 540i 6 speed against an Audi S4, and the general consensus was that the 540i was the more highly desired car. This particular example takes what you’ve already said is the car you want to the next level with a host of desirable and tasteful upgrades. The seller provides an excellent overview of the car and condition outlined below:


Year: 1998
Model: 540i
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 109,811 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1998 BMW 540i 6-speed on eBay


This is my excellent 1998 BMW 540i Sport 6-speed with an AC Schnitzer M5 body kit, M5 wheels and performance upgrades. With an estimated 350 horsepower, killer looks and excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, this car is really exceptional. You can look at this car one of two ways: either this is the best 540i Sport 6-speed you’ll ever find, or darn close to an M5 for a lot less money.

This car has 109,811 miles but it looks and drives like a car with 40,000 miles. You’ll see me use many superlatives throughout this description, because of the truly excellent condition of this superb car.

I am a huge BMW enthusiast and I’ve owned nearly every significant BMW produced in the past 30 years. This particular car is hands-down, one of the finest BMWs I’ve ever driven. The looks, the power, the sound, the brakes, the handling, the comfort and reliability are all just superb. This is about as close as you can get to an M5 without spending huge money.

This car has been serviced and upgraded by a nationally-renowned BMW specialty shop in our area. The man who worked on the car is a worldwide BMW expert and has been called on to write numerous articles for “Roundel” the BMW Car Club of America’s magazine. So you know that all the work done to the car was done right, and no corners were cut.

This car has the following factory equipment:

4.4L V8 engine
6-speed manual transmission
factory Sport package
power moonroof
leather and heated Sport seats
AM/FM CD and cassette premium audio system with DSP
automatic climate control with A/C (blows cold)
anti-lock brakes
Dynamic Stability Program
front and side airbags

In addition, the car has the following upgrades:

AC Schnitzer M5 body kit
UUC short shift kit (amazingly tight, short throws)
lowered performance suspension
18″ M5 wheels with Goodyear Eagle GT tires
AFE Magnum Force cold air intake
JET performance tuning chip
OBX-R stainless steel dual exhaust
“angel eyes” HID headlights and updated signals at all four corners
cross-drilled brake rotors on all four wheels

I also have the original books and owner’s manuals in their original case.

This car is in truly outstanding condition. The paint and body are excellent, the paint is gorgeous and the body is straight and clean. There is very little in the way of stone nicks, etc- this car is superbly clean. The 18″ M5 wheels have no curb rash and they’re in great condition. The AC Schnitzer M5 body kit fits perfectly and the pieces have super high-quality paint to match the car.

The interior of this car is nearly unbelievable- there is literally no wear and no signs of age. The leather seats are nearly like new with no wear, and the interior plastics, upholstery and wood are superb. The interior of this car look like that of a 2 year old car.

The mechanical condition of this 540i is excellent. The engine, transmission, suspension, etc are working great. The car has no known mechanical issues and it drives exceptionally well. The engine is smooth and hugely powerful. The engine sounds outstanding with a great V8 rumble due to the cold-air intake and stainless free-flow exhaust system. The handling is amazingly tight and sharp without being harsh. Everything is “tight” on the car, the suspension, steering, brakes, transmission, etc. There is nothing loose or sloppy about the car- it is precise, tight and solid in every way- again it feels like a car with 40,000 miles.

This is a 1998 car and as such it is not brand new. While this is a great car, please expect normal issues of wear and tear consistent with the age of the car. This is a list of anything and everything I know of that is wrong with the car: the center display which shows the onboard computer/ odometer is hard to read (common for these cars), the airbag light is on, and the sunroof does not open. That’s it. This is a superb, great-condition performance machine that you’ll enjoy every minute of driving.

The car currently has 109,811 miles but this will increase as I’m planning to take this car for a trip this weekend. Incidentally, this car is totally reliable, dependable and fully mechanically sound. There are absolutely no known mechanical problems, and I’d trust this car to drive to California and back.

This BMW has a clean and clear OH title ready to transfer.

You can fly in to Cleveland (CLE) and drive this car home, or you can have the car shipped. Please call Angels Moving Autos at 530 245 0481 for a shipping quote.

This car is kept in my garage in Willoughby, OH.

Questions, please email me or call/text me at 440 339 4341.

It’s true, there are a lot of superlatives offered in the description, but the photos document why this is the case. This is a tastefully built example of a very popular car in fantastic condition. The leather looks barely worn and the paint appears in excellent condition with no noticeable wear visible. I love the addition of the AC Schnitzer body kit; often these can go over the top, but I feel like this particular one really accents the car and shape nicely. The M5 wheels are also a welcome addition; they complete the package well and look sharp. When you remember this car is about to be 16 years old, the condition it’s presented in is a testament to the seller’s care.

If you have any questions for the seller you can contact him via email at or via phone at 440-339-4341


1991 BMW 850i

Developed as an exercise in styling, technology and power, the BMW 8 series is by far one of the most beautiful cars that BMW has ever developed. Boasting cutting-edge features like keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, power tilt-and-telescope steering wheel, and windows that automatically closed at high speeds, the 8 series was the benchmark for BMW luxury, second only to the 7 series.

The advancements didn’t stop with the creature comforts. The 8501 featured a 5 liter V12, and featured industry’s first drive-by-systems, and a 6-speed gear box, resulted in 296bhp, and runs to 60 in just over 6 seconds, not a bad feat for a car weighing in at slightly less than the 7 series.

Despite all of the technology and performance packed in to the sexy body of the 850i, it wasn’t exactly a home run for BMW, likely due to the over $100K MSRP. Over the years the 8 series has been something of beauty to stare at, any something only the few brave souls venture to own.

This Sterling Silver over grey 850i for sale in Denver, Colorado is a pristine example of one of BMWs finest GT cars.

1991 BMW 850i on eBay

1991 BMW 850i

One Owner, 11,607 miles, All Service Records, Original BMW Phone In The Car, 6 Disc CD Changer
Dinan Chip, Dinan Exhaust, AC Schnitzer Wheels, OEM Battery Tender, All The Books, All the Keys, All The Records.
Tires are better than 60% tread left even has a custom car cover that is included in the sale.
Runs very very strong even here at altitude and is an very fun vehicle to drive.
This car is truely a rare find, Not another one on the planet like it for sale.
This car is free of any and all dents or dings, truely a time capsule car.
Please feel free to ask any and all questions before bidding and if you have a comment please keep it to yourself.
The Motorsports Gallery is a licensed/bonded Colorado dealer we are located in Downtown Denver.
There will be a $299.00 documentation fee added to the final bid total and any and all taxes that may be charged to in state buyers.
Feel free to call 303-292-0235 with any questions about the car.
This car is sold AS IS – Where IS, there is no warranty. We can help with setting up transportation.
If you bid please be prepared to purchase, a $1000.o0 deposit will be due within 24 hours of auction end. And full payment within 5 days of auction end.

To say a car like this is a poodle is an understatement; cars like this were developed to prove a point with regards to technology, and power.  When BMW was developing this car, reliability and cost of ownership certainly never entered the equation; besides if maintenance is your concern with buying this car, then maybe you just don’t get it.

As far as the 8 series goes this would be what I look for, if in the market. With 11,607 miles, one owner and all of the right aftermarket upgrades, this car has certainly lived the high life compared to many others you’ll find for sale. While certainly not the most desirable of the 8 series, this 850i offers the v12, and rare 6 speed making it a true drivers GT car.

The pricing on these cars tend to be all over the place, but an example like this has to fetch top dollar. All things considered, I would put this car at about $22,000, but I’m willing to bet the reserve for car this clean is in the $25,000-$30,000 range, which is way too high. We’ll see how this pans out in just a few days.




1991 BMW 850i with AC Schnitzer Kit No Reserve

1991 was the first year for the silky 5 liter V-12 M70 engine as found in the E31 series. After seeing previous duty in the 7 series four door, BMW followed the time honored tradition of taking your company’s largest engine and dropping it in a two door.

Though, not exactly a light weight sport coupe with the 300 horsepower V-12 thrust seemed endless. The 6 speed manual is the preferred setup so the 4 speed automatic in this car particular specimen will keep the price tempered a bit.

This car has traveled 123,500 miles and it looks quite nice in the silver paint. It has a proper and apparently authentic AC Schnitzer body kit. The kit sets it apart from other 8 series cars. I’m not sure how much value it adds as these were pretty good looking cars by themselves so though AC Schnitzer items tend to be decent some might find the additions look a bit too tacked on.

This car is up at no reserve and there may be some potential to turn this one for a quick profit or enjoy it as is. It isn’t going to sell for as much as some other 850s out there because it has a few blemishes. The grille is missing, there is a pretty big scuff in the driver’s seat, the headlights are cracked, etc.. Simply cleaning up the engine bay would have surely gotten this seller a few more dollars out of potential buyers. Bidding is at $4,349, with the no reserve ask where do you think it will end?

1991 BMW 850i with AC Schnitzer Kit No Reserve