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Tuner Tuesday: 2007 AC Schnitzer ACS4 Sport Coupe

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

Two weeks ago I took a look at a rare AC Schnitzer ACS3 Silhouette 3.0, the car that predicted the E36 M3 in many ways. Schnitzer has always been a bit left field compared to the more popular Alpina, but their products are generally very tasteful and seem to be sought with equal aplomb as their arguably more famous competitors. In many ways, the same things can be said of the E86 Z4 M Coupe. It’s got all the right components to make a stellar package, but seems to be generally overlooked as a potential classic at this point. Perhaps it’s because it’s too new, or the styling is polarizing? News flash: the styling on the Z3 was pretty polarizing not that long ago, too. Just like the end of the run Z3 M Coupes, the better driving Z4 M Coupes are stylish, different, and absolutely great to drive. Couple the two of these offbeats up and you should have a great combo, right? Well…..

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 AS Schnitzer ACS4 Sport Coupe on Boston Craigslist

Year: 2007
Model: ACS4 Sport Coupe
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 21,847 mi
Price: $39,995 Buy It Now

Exterior: Monaco Blue Metallic
Interior: Lt Sepang Bronze
Stock #: M08443
Engine: 3.2L DOHC 24-Valve I6 Engine
VIN #: 5UMDU93547LM08443
Transmission: Manual
Warranty: 90 Days, Safety & Use
Mileage: 21,847


Almost 25 years ago, we at AlphaCars, established the highest imaginable standards for the quality of our pre-owned vehicles. With no deviation, these standards are maintained today. With no exceptions, each pre-owned vehicle has to pass a rigorous technical inspection followed by the most thorough service work and concourse level detailing.

In addition to providing clean CarFax, we at AlphaCars go a major step further. Using sophisticated Paint Meter tool (by Elcometer) we tested each metal body panel of this BMW. The only paint modifications are the ones you see in the photos.

There is nothing quite like an BMW M car. The engineering, power, and handling that M models pride themselves on are unlike any other vehicle offered on the market. The Z4M coupe is arguably one of the best drivers cars ever made.

Perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the car’s high-revving 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine develops 330 horsepower and sends its power to the rear wheels through an exclusive six-speed manual transmission and a beefy limited-slip rear differential. This is truly a powerhouse of performance and handling.

Exciting appearance and aerodynamics of this M-car are dramatically enhanced by – one of the best BMW tuners in the world. They offers exclusively custom-made vehicle components that are precisely matched to each other. This particular Z4M has a complete conversion by AC Schnitzer and achieves the best results in vehicle optimization. AC Schnitzer calls such vehicles “genuine AC Schnitzer”. The quality of component installation work and paint refinishing details are consistent with the new vehicle assembly standards.

It gets better. In addition to the complete AC Schnitzer conversion it comes with top of the line O.Z. staggered wheel packed with new Michelin tires that are quite and very smooth.

And of course the best feature of this particular Z4M is incredibly low original mileage of only 21,847 miles. It has been meticulously maintained and loved. From the mechanical stand point and interior this car is 100% original.

We purchased the car from our local customer who used it exclusively as a commuter during good weather. It was never driven hard and was never tracked. He purchased this car with 1,733 miles and serviced it at the BMW dealer and at AlphaCars. All service records are available and consistent with the BMW maintenance requirements.

The original (first) owner had the car for a little over 2 years, put only 1,733 miles and enhanced the car with the exciting appearance features. If you are not a fan of two-tone exterior look, we can reverted it to the original if desired.

The Nappa Leather interior is in like new condition. The seats are very comfortable and offer needed support and hug you as you carve up the roads.

This is a very rare machine and even more rare with its low mileage and pristine condition. Listed below are the included options on this Z4M.

[494] HEATED SEATS ($500.00)
[ZPP] PREMIUM PKG ($2850.00)
Seat Memory
Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Power Passenger Seat
Cruise Control
Power Driver Seat
Bluetooth Connection

I’m not so sure about the execution of AC Schnitzer on this one in a few ways. First off, the look of the mods; I just don’t feel that Schnitzer’s “aerodynamic” add ons improve the look at all. They do what their name suggests – spoil the look. Schnitzer’s other additions to the package may help the E86 in other ways; the company added a shorter final drive, 30mm lower suspension and a short shift kit. E86s were known for being twitchy at the limit on their stock run-flat tires, but having spent time on track in one on sticky rubber and with some Dinan suspension upgrades, it was pretty unflappable. I can’t attest to what change the ACS suspension makes over stock, but BMW did attempt to dial in some opposite lock on these from the factory. Now, the second part of the the mods; this car is claimed to be an original conversion, but looking at the brochure it’s missing many of the claimed ACS items. The front bumper, front fender vents, exhaust, wheels, shift knob and missing strut brace are all wrong for the ACS4. That leaves only the side scoops and the rear spoiler which appear to be correct. It’s hard to say if this car got the mechanical changes from just looking at it, but I wonder if the aerodynamic tweaks were the only addition. Then the previous owner decided on the two-tone color scheme which is Bugatti-esque but in my eyes doesn’t pull it off well enough. That’s too bad, because at its base this is a very nice package – Monaco Blue is very pretty and the light interior is fairly rare to see in these M Coupes. I suppose it’s all reversible and you’d be left with a very low mileage collectable, but for much less than the asking price here you could get an unmolested example. But I’m interested to hear your thoughts – am I wrong, and does this M Coupe pull off the look well?



  1. Binney
    Binney March 29, 2016

    Yes, it certainly does pull it off. Beautiful paint job!

  2. Paul B
    Paul B March 29, 2016

    Surprisingly, the two-tone works for this car. I especially like the wheels and aero kit.

  3. Vic
    Vic March 29, 2016

    Hurts my eyes.

  4. TM
    TM March 29, 2016

    This is not a real ACS4- look here:

    The car pictured is missing all of the stuff you mentioned, plus there are no AC Schnitzer badges, no interior pieces, nothing. Looks like an M Coupe with funky side skirts and rear wing and nothing else. I wonder if it was in an accident and that’s why it’s missing the front bumper.

  5. Early8q
    Early8q March 29, 2016

    I can only comment on the visual, and it’s not good. To my eye the Z4 is best in quiet colors, preferably one. I agree that often a radical design can grow on me with time, but I’m not there yet with the Z4. I would love it from the drivers seat, but can’t take it outside just yet.

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