1969 Volkswagen Beetle


This 1969 Volkswagen Beetle for sale in California is one of those cars from my youth. For the first few years of my life, my father drove a 1967 Beetle in this same shade of Java Green. It wasn’t in particularly good shape or all that exciting, but it was certainly more reliable than the Fiat 131 2-door that shared the garage at the time. That was a car which drove my parents into the arms of reliable Hondas for almost two decades. The 1967 Beetle which my father drove was one of the last classic Beetles, albeit upgraded with a 12 volt electrical system and larger 1.5 liter engine along with safety items such as reversing lamps and sealed beam headlights. The following year would transform the Beetle closer to its final form from the 1970s era. For 1968, there were many improvements, such as an electronic fuel gauge, ventilation system and improved shifter, along with new safety features such as larger bumpers and integrated front seat head restraints. This 1968 Beetle for sale in California is coming off a fresh restoration.

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Survivor Status: 1963 Volkswagen Beetle

I’ve been scanning the ads lately for good examples of the car many of us began our love affair with German vehicles, the Volkswagen Beetle. We saw a nice 1962 Beetle Cabriolet last week that was lightly modified. This week we have come across a 1963 Beetle in Virginia that is all original. Purchased new in Florida, this car had but one owner until recently and comes with lots of documentation to add to its provenance.

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1969 Volkswagen Beetle

$_57 (1)

Towards the end of the 1960s, Volkswagen was planning for the eventual demise of the Beetle, but it still wasn’t clear exactly the direction the company would take. There were a few fits and starts with front-engined, water-cooled models and developments on the tried and true rear-engine, air-cooled model, such as the 412. Volkswagen even was looking at a mid engine layout as flüssig magazine detailed a few months ago in their piece on the EA266. The Beetle sedan soldiered on for a while, though, with the last one rolling off the assembly line in Germany in 1977. The convertibles would cease production in 1979, with Beetle production continuing on in Brasil until 1996 and Mexico until 2003.

This 1969 example for sale in Illinois has been lovingly restored in a pretty Diamond Blue, having only passed through the hands of two owners.

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1967 Volkswagen Beetle

During the first few years of my life, there were two cars in my parents’ garage. My mother’s 1978 Fiat 131 2-door and my father’s commuter workhorse, a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. This was a big year for the venerable People’s Car, with a number of upgrades on tap. For starters, a new 12 volt electrical system replaced the old 6 volt system. A larger engine with more horsepower could be found under the hood and a few refinements such as rear backup lights, two speed wipers and a external passenger side mirror were included. If one looked closely, they would notice a slightly different face on the Bug, with sealed beam headlamps to meet ever tightening US regulations.

The green 1967 Beetle I grew up with wasn’t my father’s first Bug, nor was it his first 1967 model. He was a fan of this model year and often waxes poetic about the ’67 Beetle he had when he was a bachelor, with a bored out engine, painted white with the chrome trim blacked out. It was a purposeful looking little thing, but sadly after he got married and moved to San Francisco, that locale wasn’t the best place for my mother to learn how to drive a manual gearbox. I’d like to think if he had to do it all over, a 1967 Bug like this one for sale in South Carolina would be at the top of the list.

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1965 Volkswagen Beetle

The beauty of the Volkswagen Beetle as a practical classic is that so many of them were built. Over 21 million, in fact. Sure, this doesn’t make them particularly rare, but given the laws of attrition, there are still a few good ones lurking out there, even those that are unmodified. This 1965 Beetle for sale in Pennsylvania is one of those cars, ready to roll for the air-cooled enthusiast.

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1952 Volkswagen Beetle

The original Volkswagen Beetle was a lot of things to a lot of motorists. It’s the car that helped put post World War II Germany back on the map. It was basic transportation to a number of baby boomers and now considered a collectable to a number of air-cooled VW fans. While Volkswagen hit its sales stride in the 1960s, early Beetles such as this 1952 example are highly prized as they offer a window to where the company got its start. Hard to believe this innocent looking vehicle was the brainchild of one of the most brutal dictators of the recent history.


Year: 1952
Model: Beetle
Engine: 1.1 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 75,000 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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Up for sale 1952 Volkswagen Beetle Classic
Radio/power pack fully restored and functional
Dash pod restored by Zarwerks
All fasteners oil-blackened as original
Original wiring harness duplicated in both cloth and PVC
Original moldings and ribbed bumpers
16 x 15.00 Firestone tires
Fully restored and functioning semaphores
Original German manual
Many NOS parts including tail lights, air cleaner, exhaust, interior light, dash switches, rear ashtray, bumpers, ignition switch, horn button, hubcaps, Hirshmann red-tip antenna
I will offer shipping for my car, for a quotation send me your zip code.


The earlier Beetles are more compromised than later models, mostly due to their 6 volt electrical system and non-syncromesh gearbox. However, they bring big sums in comparison to later models. A car that presents well like this, especially with the canvas sunroof, can easily breach $30,000. Given that, I’m not surprised where bidding is headed on this one.


1967 Volkswagen Beetle

The 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. For those air-cooled VW fans in the know, this was a great year for the venerable “people’s car.” It was the year VW introduced a 12 volt electrical system to the Bug, along with a host of other improvements, such as rear back-up lights and a bigger 1.5 liter engine for US customers that was good for 53 bhp. This particular Beetle for sale in Georgia has been restored and is a good one to snag if you’re looking for a turn-key example.

Year: 1967
Model: Beetle
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 40,422 mi (150 mi on engine rebuild)
Price: $16,995 Buy It Now

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Despite its wonderful lowered stance and slightly oversized rubber, this ultra-clean 1967 Volkswagen Beetle is the product of an exacting restoration that returned it to almost factory-fresh condition. If you’ve been watching the auctions and price guides, you know that these early Beetles are on the move, and this one has the right look to make it a wonderful addition to your collection.

The soft Zenith Blue paint is your first tipoff that this car is something special. Everyone paints them some bright hue, but the guy who restored this one wanted the details and the quality to speak for him, so he went with subtle instead. Fit and finish are excellent thanks to a combination of legendary quality from the factory and a careful restoration that cut no corners. All the early VW design cues are there, from the flat windshield to the small marker and tail lights. The paint was done about three years ago and has been stored indoors since then, and it shows. The shine is just right and it’s not loaded up with metallic, so it has a correct 1967 look that’s immensely appealing. We could wear out the word “new” with all equipment that went into the restoration, but the list includes the running boards, the chrome bumpers, the emblems, and the weather-stripping. This is an extremely nice little Beetle.

We’ll use the word “new” a lot more inside, where the interior has been completely restored to factory specs. The low-back buckets are a nice find and a welcome change from the high-back chairs that most of us are used to seeing in later Beetles, and they’re covered in correct woven vinyl seat covers. Factory-style carpets and matching black door panels are utilitarian but accurate, and again, it’s the quality that stands out more than the design itself-the car just feels substantial. The original dash has just the big speedometer with integral fuel gauge, but that’s all you need in the world’s most reliable air-cooled automobile, although the wood-rimmed Grant GT wheel is a welcome addition. A vintage AM/FM radio lives in the dash, and it was probably cutting-edge technology for a 1967 Volkswagen. Up front there’s a spotless trunk complete with a tool roll and a spare tire assembly that may very well be original.

The 1600 cc flat-four was rebuilt to factory specs just 150 miles ago, so it’s ready to enjoy the moment it rolls off the trailer. While it was on the engine stand, it was filled with new internals that ensure long-term reliability, and after it was buttoned up, the engine and engine compartment were detailed for show. From the shiny pulleys on the factory generator to the original air cleaner and fan shroud, this is how it would have looked (probably better, actually) back on the showroom floor. It starts quickly and has that famous VW whistling exhaust note that is a big part of the Beetle’s charm. The floor pans are new, which is hardly a demerit in the VW world, and the brakes are all-new throughout. The suspension was subtly lowered and it uses slightly oversized wheels, but those 135/15 and 195/60/15 radials look great under the rounded fenders.

Early Beetles restored to this level are fetching big numbers these days. If you want an excellent example, now is the time to buy and this is an outstanding candidate. Call today!

I have a personal connection to the ’67 Bug, as my father drove one as a daily driver when I was born. It wasn’t as nice as this example, but it amazes me how a little over 30 years cars have advanced so far, for better (or sometimes) worse. Almost $17,000 for a ’67 Bug is a bit steep. Realistically this car may fetch somewhere in the $10,000 to $12,000 range at the high end. If it was a pre-1963 ragtop, we might be reaching a price point near to where this car is listed. With prices of other German classics on the rise, it’s nice to see one of the all-time greats holding steady and still rather accessible to collectors of more modest means.


1957 Volkswagen Beetle

The original Volkswagen Beetle is one of those cars that is infinitely customizable. From dune buggies to dragsters, the possibilities are limitless. If I was going to add a classic Beetle to my collection, I’d probably go for a stock look with period add ons, such as this early Oval Window Bug for sale in Arizona. It’s not everyday you see a pre-1960s Bug, and they are well worth appreciating due to their unique features. Originally a California car, this one has been treated to a comprehensive restoration and pops in Horizon Blue with the wood slatted roof rack.

Year: 1957
Model: Beetle
Engine: 1.1 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 34,775 mi
Price: $21,750 Buy It Now

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1957 VW Beetle Oval Window!!!

Here is one of the nicest Beetles that I have ever come across. This car was the subject to an incredibly high quality body off restoration and is one of the nicest Oval windows in the country. This is truly an award winning car. This car was completed a few years and has competed at several shows winning several 1st place finishes. It is truly difficult to describe how nice this car is. This car is a very nice matching numbers California car finished in Horizon Blue with a beautiful set of color matched wheels tying both the exterior and interior together. Everything on the car has been finished to an incredibly high standard and everything on the car has been rebuilt. The engine is numbers matching as is the entire car. The body work is laser straight and absolutely gorgeous. The paint is stunning and virtually flawless.

At the time of restoration the car recived a gorgeous paint job on a beautiful straight rust free body, new chrome, a new interior, rebuilt engine, rebuilt transmission and a rebuilt suspension. This is one of the nicest Beetles I have seen in years. The cars underside is beautiful and in practically perfect condition. These cars are excellent cars to drive and enjoy either daily or just for fun on the weekends. They are beautiful to look at, rare to see, easy and even fun to maintain due to there simplicity. This is a beautiful collector quality car that will surely make its new owner very happy!

Exterior: This great looking Beetle was treated to a very high quality paint job and as you can see from the photos, it looks gorgeous. The body on the car is laser straight and free of “waves.” All of the doors, hood and deck lid all line up beautifully. They also shut with incredible ease. Many many hours went into making sure this car was finished to a high standard and making everything line up perfectly!. When looking inside the trunk area and looking at the nose of the car, it appears to be accident free and finished to a very high standard!!! The chrome on the car is like new and in excellent condition and has a beautiful shine. This car was stripped down to bare metal and was a full body off restoration. Every piece of glass, interior component, wiring harness etc was removed. This car was painted in bare shell inside and out at a very large expense. No corners were cut and it truly shows. Overall the exterior of the car is in excellent conditon!

Interior: The interior of this car is stunning!!! The interior was redone at the time of restoration and looks gorgeous. The interior is absolutely beautiful with tan seats and matching carpet. The seats are extremely comfortable and were done correctly with new foam. The dash is finished beautifully and everything WORKS! The headliner is in perfect shape as well. The seats are free of rips, stains, tears and odors etc. All of the gauges and lights work. Overall, I would say that the interior is in excellent shape!!!

Engine: The original 36hp engine has been rebuilt and starts up and runs like a top!!! When the engine was rebuilt it was detailed to show quality standards. It has been driven and enjoyed so it could use a couple of new stickers, but overall the engine compartment shows VERY well. The engine only has a few hundred miles on it since it has been rebuilt. The transmission was also rebuilt at the same time of the engine and it shifts through all of the gears with ease. The brakes and suspension have also been gone through and the car rides, steers and stops GREAT! This really is a great driving Beetle that can be driven daily or just for fun on the weekends. These are great cars because they are very reliable and any part you might need is readily available and very inexpensive. This car however, shouldn’t need anything for sometime! This car is ready to enjoy or show!

This is a great looking 100% Rust free Beetle that can be purchased for tens of thousands of dollars less than what it cost to build it. This is one of the nicest Beetles I Have come across in many years and is truly ready to be shown, driven and enjoyed. This car is a true collector quality car and all the credit for this beautiful car must go to the previous owner and the restoration shop that performed an absolutely stunning restoration

I can help arrange shipping anywhere in the world and international buyers are welcome to enjoy this beautiful Karmann Ghia! All Reasonable Offers Considered. Please do not hesitate to call me or email me with any questions. Justin (602) 339-2416

For years, air-cooled VWs were great cars for enthusiasts on a budget. They were cheap to fix and buy, but similar to Amphicars and the bubble car segments, prices have been trending upwards as of late. Vintage T1 and T2 Kombis are a favorite of collectors, as well as some slightly rare pieces like the Hebmüller Convertible and Type 34 Karmann Ghia, affectionately known as “Der Große Karmann.” For an early Oval Window, the asking price is at the high end of the range. If you could get it for somewhere a bit under $20,000, it would be well bought.


Valentine’s Day Red 1972 VW Beetle Convertible

A quick post for Valentine’s Day. Make this chick car a gift for your sweetheart.
A cute little bug with 90,000 miles on it. The white walls on the red wheels are a nice touch. The seller has more pics and videos here: http://myspace.com/thinkalt

Looks like it has been well maintained. $8600 but-it-now.