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1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

At one point or another during my time writing for GCFSB I have had the opportunity to feature nearly every variant of the 964 and as I’ve noted in previous posts there is a ton of variability within the 964 model range. The exception, the car I have yet to feature, is the 964 Carrera RS, quite possibly the best of the breed, especially were we to stumble across the ultra-rare 3.8 RS, which sadly this one is not. Nevertheless, the 3.6 version is truly a fantastic machine. The US market had to settle for the RS America, a lightened low-option version of the Carrera 2, that never fully approached, nor did Porsche intend it to approach, the full-on Carrera RS of other markets. The Carrera RS used the tried-and-true method of more power/less weight, combining a higher output version of the 964’s 3.6 liter flax-six with significant weight reduction – coming in 155 kg lighter than a standard Carrera 2 – to provide the sort of no frills performance that 911 enthusiasts had long craved since the original RS. To wear that moniker, the coveted Carrera RS badge, requires a special car and the version for the 964 filled those shoes quite well. It showed how far this newly redesigned 911 could be pushed and continued Porsche’s history of melding excellent road-going manners with track-focused performance. The particular example we see here is a Maritime Blue 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS with a contrasting black and blue leather interior and just 20,005 miles on it.

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1995 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Clubsport

This post along with the next one will feature a pair of very rare, very fast, and very expensive air-cooled Porsches. These are the crème de la crème of the 911 line, at least when we combine their performance with their value and rarity. There are certainly rarer and more valuable 911s, but with time these too could reach similar heights. We will begin with this Guards Red 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Clubsport. The Carrera RS moniker is perhaps Porsche’s most highly regarded and the ’73 Carrera RS the most sought after 911. As models intended to meet homologation requirements they are about as no frills as a modern Porsche will get, yet fitted with the appropriate aerodynamic and interior necessities to improve handling and insure driver safety. For the 993 Carrera RS, displacement was bumped to 3.8 liters – up from 3.6 liters – bringing horsepower up to an even 300, all tasked with propelling a car weighing 100 kilograms less than the standard Carrera. The transmission, braking and suspension also received appropriate modifications. For the Clubsport, comforts such as the carpet, radio, A/C, and power windows were deleted and a roll cage added to further increase the car’s track-going personality. Curiously, this particular Clubsport has retained its A/C, setting it apart – though maybe not in a good way – from other Clubsport models.

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1971 Porsche 911T Coupe – RS Tribute

There are some cars I come across that are so visually arresting that I start thinking about featuring them before even delving much beyond the basic details of the car. I would say this is one such car. The color. The execution of the design. Everything about the overall aesthetic at work here is remarkably beautiful, but also properly conveys the sporting pretensions lying behind the car’s genesis. As one of the most highly regarded 911s of all time the Carrera RS design has been mimicked by builders for many years and as values for an original RS have shot into the stratosphere the impetus for undertaking such projects has only increased. When executed well these RS recreations can themselves become highly sought after, though always for much less money than the original, with the added benefit that it is a car that can be driven and enjoyed as these cars were intended. This all brings us to the car we see here: a Gemini Blue 1971 Porsche 911T Coupe, located in Oregon, that has been built as a tribute to the great Carrera RS showcasing many of the exterior details of the original combined with a period-correct interior that leans toward performance.

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1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Another car showcased with beautiful photography. I love it! I can’t be the only one that spends extra time going over the details of a car simply because it’s been presented well so I’m not sure why more sellers don’t do something like this. Anyway, this car also happens to have quite a few details to peruse so in this case the extra time is needed. Here we have a Black 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe, located in Oregon, with Black and Tan interior and 91,204 miles. So we have a nice looking 964 that comes from the very first year of the Carrera 4’s existence. From there things get quite a bit more interesting. The engine is now a 3.8 liter with Carrera RS spec clutch and flywheel. That extra power is brought to a halt using “Big Red” calipers and rotors and controlled by a suspension upgraded to Carrera Cup trim. The interior has been kept mostly stock with the exception of Recaro seats and 5-point harnesses to keep the driver and passenger securely in place. All together, a car that looks really nice and should perform very well!

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1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

Ask a gaggle of Porsche enthusiasts what they would consider the most iconic production Porsche and you’ll likely get a small variety of answers. But one of those possibilities is almost certainly a version of the car seen here, the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. Built to satisfy homologation requirements so that Porsche could compete in Group 4 racing, the Carrera RS was an instant success, more than tripling the necessary 500 model production run. Offered in both Lightweight and Touring trim, the RS combined increased engine output with lower weight and improved aerodynamics to push the performance envelope and provide its owners with the ultimate road-going Porsche of the day. The example we see here is a fully restored 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Touring that has received engine work from Kremer Racing to increase displacement from the standard 2.7 liters to a full 3.0 liter flat-6. The Kremer brothers were a well established Porsche racing team who went on to win the 1979 24 Hrs of Le Mans at the wheel of their Kremer Porsche 935.

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