1987 Audi 4000S

Update 9/26/18: This pristine 4000S has sold to a reader!

While I’m a big fan of the Audi B2 chassis, I don’t spend much time looking at or for the low man on the totem pole – the 4000S. If you read my Audi badging rant from a while ago, you’ll remember that there was no model below the “S” offered here, so the 4000S was the base model. Although these were the least powerful B2s on offer, in manual form they could keep up with the Coupe GT because they were also the lightest of the chassis here. Power came from a 1.8 inline-4 borrowed from the GTI and GLI Volkswagens, but it was mounted longitudinally like all B2 motors. Even though they were down on power to the 5s, the inline-4 also had 20% less motor hanging out front, making them fairly nimble. Like their 5-cylinder GT brethren, you had a choice between a 5-speed manual or the venerable 3-speed automatic that appeared in everything from the Vanagon to the Porsche 944. They were also the cheapest Audi you could buy in the 1980s. Though we often look at 4000 quattros, the reality is that about 75% or more of any given model year’s sales were front drivers. 1987 saw 9,043 out of 11,972 sold in this configuration. These appeared to be bought primarily by older women who wanted a more refined sedan but weren’t ready to buy the W201 Mercedes-Benz or E30 BMW. Much more often than their all-wheel drive counterparts, or even the GT, clean examples of the prolific 4000S pop up for sale:

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Double Take: 1986 and 1987 Porsche 944 Turbos

Dismayed by recent price increases in the E30 market? I’ll admit I am; I’ve had a dream since I was 12 of owning an E30 M3 – back when they were new – but recent prices mean that ship has sailed. But there are still plenty of options for affordable German motoring – even a race-bred, flared 4-cylinder kind. If you missed out on the trio of 944 Turbo racers I wrote up earlier this week, today I’ve got two affordable and good looking options for driver-quality 944 Turbos. As these are the early cars, they’re down on power out of the box compared to the later S, but these are easily tunable cars that accept a myriad of upgrades and still have a very active and enthusiastic community supporting them. Faster, better handling and braking, great looking and even more fuel economy than the E30 is what you can expect from the 944 Turbo. But the one thing you won’t see is ridiculous prices, for now:

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