1987 Porsche 944S

There’s no easy way to slice it; Porsches are expensive cars to own. Without a doubt the best way to get into a Porsche is to buy one that someone has already gone through and fixed, and even though 944s are some of the cheapest Porsches to own the same holds true for them. While most enthusiasts really lust after a well documented and maintained Turbo or late S2, buying into that market is going to set up back well over $10,000 – for some, out of their budget for an occasional car. How about the rest of the 944 line then? Well, if the early 944’s performance is a little too pedestrian for you, a simple solution is to look for one of the rare 1987 or 1988 944S models. With a 16 valve development of the already torquey 2.5 liter inline-4, drivers got the best of both worlds in a model that bridged well the gap in between the stock 944 and the gutsy turbo model. Today’s example is presented in classic Guards Red over tan:

Year: 1987
Model: 944S
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 89,113 mi
Price: $8,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 944S on eBay

1987 Porsche 944 S

RAC Performance is proud to present this pristine 1987 Porsche 944 “S” that has just arrived here at our facility!

Owned by a local RAC customer & collector, he had purchased this car with the intention of converting it to a turbo or track car. Upon further research and investigation he made the costly decision to take it back to its original form with a freshly rebuilt motor by “Istook’s Motorsports” of Fort Worth, TX who is infamous for 944 motor work since the 70’s! Many additional cosmetic items have also been addressed to bring this car to its most pristine and original form possible!

Notable Engine Rebuild Details:

– Main Bearings

– New Belts

– New Tensioners

– New Water Pump

– New Oil Pressure Valve

– New Valves & Valve Springs

– New Head (Original was cracked)

– White Powder-Coated Intake and Valve Cover

– New Motor Mounts

– New Guide Seals

– Valve Cover Gaskets

– Replaced Fuel Lines

– And Much More..

Additional Maintenance Performed:

– New Clutch

– New Struts and Springs

Notable restoration efforts include:

– 4 Brand New tires

– Front & Rear Hood Struts Replaced

– All Power Window Switches Replaced

– New Porsche Black Mats W/ Red Stitching

– New Leather Shift Boot

– New Center Console Hinge

– Upgraded Stereo W/ 4 New Speakers

– New Sun-Visor Clips

– And Much More…

NOTE: NAM, branded title issued on this 1987 Porsche 944. CarFax shows a mileage discrepancy, as well as documented light damage over the years. That being said, we offer this car with no reservation based on the mild restoration efforts. Overall, simply a beautiful and solid 944.

If you are looking for that stud of a high-quality driver, that has had excess of $15,000 + spent in services just this year, your search ends here!

Please contact Jared Orem at (214) 435-2917 for further details on this beautiful, Guards Red 944 “S”

The car carries a branded title for minor damage, which may explain in some part why the original side trim and ”
16 Ventiler” badges appear to be gone. However, outside of that, the car has gone through a major mechanical restoration including all of the hard and expensive bits on the 944 – notably, the clutch has been replaced and the engine refreshed. Anyone who has owned a 944 will tell you that neither of these services are cheap or easy, making the $15,000 worth of recent mechanical bills believable. Additionally, the car has new tires and suspension pieces, all of which should make this car a near-perfect driver candidate. The work appears to have been performed at the Ruf Auto Center, a notable enthusiast dealer. At $8,500 Buy It Now, if you’re not terribly concerned with having a branded title due to accident or mileage issues and do some diligence in making sure the pretty exterior isn’t covering up some serious demons, this might just be a stellar deal!


1985 Porsche 911 Carrera

It’s inevitable while perusing car ads. There always a particular car, whether you know it or not, that you’ll come across and say to yourself, “If I was in the market today, I’d be giving this car a long look.” Such is the case with the car featured here, a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera located in Pennsylvania. Choosing whether to pursue a 911SC or its immediate predecessor the 3.2 Carrera in many ways comes down to what cars are available and your budget. Thanks to its larger displacement engine the 3.2 Carrera is generally perceived to be an improvement upon the 911SC, but whether that improvement balances out the cost difference between the two likely comes down to one’s own preferences. The truth is the two models are very similar, especially now that any example will be approaching 30 years of age. So regardless of preference, it’s difficult to go wrong with a well-sorted example of either model.


Year: 1985
Model: 911 Carrera
Engine: 3.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 51,306 mi
Price: $29,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera on eBay

Up for sale is my 1985 911 carrera. It is a blk on blk coupe with full leather int, sport seats and limited slip diff. It has received a high quality repaint sometime in its life. The p.o. added ft. and rear spoilers. I added a cat bypass and a cold air kit from evolution motor sports (and have those parts to replace) along with 7+8 inch real fuchs that are refurbished, new bilstein sport shocks front and rear and new sport comp. bfgs. There is a bit of wear on piping or bead of driver seat and small blem about a 1/4 inch in bottom of seat surface, rest of int. is very good. No dash cracks. I have both books, both keys, and some service records, including a 915 rebuild with new clutch. No leaks, no smoke and the car shifts and performs flawlessly. I do not believe that the auto check is correct on the ownership count as I believe that I am the fourth owner. I consider this car to be in very, very good over all condition. Have clear title in hand. Feel free to call for any info or additional pictures. Thanks, Chris. (412) 583-9910.


A couple months ago I featured this Black 1981 Porsche 911SC that had similar mileage and was in similar condition to the car featured here. That SC was bid up to $27,400, which is very good money for a SC as anyone can see from the lengthy discussion we had in the comments regarding the SC market. That tells me that the price here of $29,000 isn’t entirely unreasonable, but I still feel it’s a touch on the high side. That Black SC was around the highest I have seen an SC bid recently, with most cars coming in under $20K. So I think we may have a similar situation here. The price here may be high but perhaps it’ll be a bit of a market-setter for a 3.2 Carrera of this condition. I’d still like to see it come down in price a bit, but if this is where the market is, then so be it. Regardless, a fantastic looking Carrera that for my eye comes exactly how I’d want it.


Tuner Tuesday: 2007 Porsche Boxster S Ruf 3400

Without a doubt, Ruf is one of the most popular tuners in the world, but enthusiasts draw a strong line in the sand over what can and should be considered a Ruf automobile. For the most part, their enthusiasm generally falls off once the car in question does not carry an official Ruf vin plate. But are there extenuating circumstances that allow some cars to still be considered from the maker? Maybe you can help decide on today’s 2007 Boxster S, a car sporting $43,000 worth of Ruf modifications and available for sale on Ebay:

Year: 2007
Model: Boxster S
Engine: 3.4 liter supercharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 24,859 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Porsche Boxster S Ruf 3400 on eBay

Ten years after the Boxster roadster debuted, it continues on as Porsche’s least expensive model, and remains one of the most thrilling cars on the road for the dollar.Two engines are offered, with a horizontally opposed six-cylinder 2.7L engine appearing on the base Boxster and a 3.4L version of the same engine found in the Boxster S. The smaller engine produces 245 horsepower, while the S has 295 horsepower on hand. Both powerplants use VarioCam technology for 2007 to vary both the valve timing and the valve lift on the intake camshaft. The result is increased power and improved fuel efficiency.The base Boxster has a five-speed manual transmission with a manual six-speed optional. The S gets the six-speed standard, and both models can opt for a five-speed Tiptronic transmission with gear selectors mounted behind the steering wheel.A mid-engined design gives the car a low polar moment of inertia, which enables the Boxster to navigate turns with a nimbleness that has to be experienced to be believed. The extra oomph of the S is helpful when putting the power down coming out of the corner, but the basic Boxster is also a highly entertaining and exceptionally capable vehicle.The Boxster is very well equipped, with heated power mirrors, power leather seats, power windows and locks, an alarm system, and automatic climate control. The Boxster S adds heated windshield wiper fluid, aluminum interior trim, and an anti-theft system. Mote importantly, the S has bigger brakes (the same as are found on the 911), dual exhaust, larger wheels, a tuned suspension, and performance tires to help maximize the 3.4L’s ample power.The power cloth top stows quickly, and can be lowered while driving up to 30 mph. Unusual options on the Boxster include adaptive sport seats that adjust the amount of bolster support, an automatic rear spoiler, ceramic brakes, and a fire extinguisher. A host of wheels and color schemes are available, as are more typical luxury items, such as heated seats, enhanced audio systems, xenon headlights, and a navigation system.

2007 Boxster S/Ruf 3400K Ruf Automobile GmbH, located in Pfaffenhausen Germany, is the largest and most respected manufacturer of enhancements for Porsche cars and is recognized as an automobile manufacturer by the German government. Ruf cars are noted for their performance coupled with Porsche factory levels of refinement and reliability. Ruf cars can be purchased as either a Ruf built car, and carry a Ruf VIN or a Porsche can be modified by Ruf in which case it would carry a Porsche VIN. Due to California smog and licensing issues, this 2007 Boxster S/Ruf carries a Porsche VIN. The car was purchased new in August 2007 and shipped to Ruf USA (then in Dallas, Texas) for installation of the Ruf 3400K drivetrain, the Ruf package for the 987 Porsche Cayman/ Boxsters. The modifications include the addition of a supercharger, reduced compression ratio, larger oil cooler and larger coolant radiators. Ruf lists the ouput of the 3400K as 400HP however, a few Ruf employees have indicated that the real output is more like 440 HP. This car sure feels like it! This car has a limited slip differential, Ruf instrumentation, steering wheel, springs, short shifter and other details. The total cost of the Ruf enhancements was $43K. In Porsche’s product offering, the Turbos provide the best straight line performance and the mid engined Boxster/Cayman, the best handling. The Ruf modified Boxster combines the best of both, Turbo levels of straight line performance with Boxster/Cayman handling. Finished in silver with black leather sport seats, this very rare car is in mint condition and was owned from new by a 64 year old Porsche enthusiast. Complete service records are provided. Please send message through ebay for additional pictures and information. Non Smoker, Clean title, One Owner Clean Carfax, No Track Days, Two Keys, Car Cover, Owners Manual, Original Window Sticker, photos taken during upgrades and Ruf invoice provided.

With a healthy bump in power to near-Turbo levels, this supercharged convertible sure should have the go to match the name; but while the car sports a Ruf badge and some of the goodies, a few important details are missing. For example, the 3400K ran a unique and much more aggressive from bumper which mimics it’s bigger brother GT3’s nose. This carries to the back where the Ruf redesigned rear bumper cover is also missing. Critical for me, though, are those missing Ruf alloys, one of the best traits of the breed. They’ve been replaced by some high quality Fikses – which I’m okay with – that are painted black – which I’m not okay with. But, as I’m not likely to buy this car that’s perhaps a bit non-sequitur.

Despite these missing details, the condition of the cars and the lower miles are both as impressive as the performance of these cars. Pricing on a normal Boxster S of this vintage would generally be high 20s to low 30s, and the opening bid on this car is $45,000. Unsurprisingly it’s failed to get much attention at that price point though it’s likely a good deal when you consider the original pricing on the 3400K was north of $100,000. Still, without the Ruf vin and with some key Ruf details missing, it’s just a stealthy and expensive Boxster to me.


Motorsport Monday Part 2: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Interseries

The Porsche Cayman always gets a bit of a bad rap as the Porsche for those who can’t afford a 911. To be honest, there’s a lot to like about this mid-engined sports coupe, most notably its on-track performance. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by track day enthusiasts and professional racers. Want proof? How about this 2009 Cayman S for sale in Ohio replete with Jägermeister livery.

Year: 2009
Model: Cayman S Interseries
Engine: 3.4 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 5,500 miles
Price: $90,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2009 Porsche Cayman Interseries on Rennlist

Considering a new track car, therefore:

2009 Cayman Interseries car built by Napleton Porsche for sale:

•Full Roll Cage with NASCAR-style door beams painted to match body color
•Custom Window net
•SFI-spec roll bar padding
•OMP HTE driver seat. No passenger seat.
•Schroth 5-point quick release harness
•Remote on–board fire system with 8 nozzles
•Electrical cut-off switch
•OMP steering wheel with adapter
•Quick release hub & roll bar hook
•Cayman Interseries Front splitter and GT3-style adjustable rear spoiler and base painted body color

•PSM manual cut-off switch mounted in carbon fiber center panel
•JRZ Pro adjustable remote reservoir shocks
•Fully adjustable Cayman Interseries spec front and rear sway bars with heim-joint drop links
•Hypercoil springs with helpers
•Solid spherical bearing upper shock mounting plates front and rear
•StopTech six-piston Cayman Interseries designed front calipers
•StopTech full floating front rotors with aluminum hats
•Performance Friction Cayman Interseries brake pads front and rear
•GRAND-AM GT-spec wheel studs and nuts

•Goodridge Stainless steel brake lines
•Porsche GT3 two -piece lower control arms front and rear with monoball bearings and adjustment shims
•Solid front and rear control arm bushings
•Adjustable front thrust/caster bars
•Spherical bearing tie rods with bump steer ends
•Rear toe links with bump steer adapters
•Porsche GT3 front-brake ducts
•NACA-style rear brake ducts and hoses
•Cayman Interseries-developed ECU flash for PCM, ABS and engine mapping
•Special JET HOT coated Cayman Interseries race exhaust system
•Additional center radiator, ducts, bracket and hoses
•Transmission oil cooler
•Weldon electric transmission oil pump
•Guard GT race limited slip with chrome-moly housing
•AIM Pista data recording dash
•Smarty Cam
•Jager Orange paint and decal package
•Two sets BBS wheels
•Brand new clutch and RRS flywheel
•3M paint protection

Excellent condition. Maintained by Wright Motorsports in Batavia, Ohio. Any questions regarding service or condition can be directed to Tim or Bob at 513-735-2300

Carter featured a similar 2006 Cayman S set up for the track last week. That car was almost $35,000 cheaper than this particular example. This one has less miles and an infinitely cooler livery, so it depends on what you’re looking for. Similar money will certainly net you a 911 set up for the track from multiple generations of the breed, but this is a fairly new, lightly used car looked after by well know specialists. If you want to grab people’s attention on the track, there are few better liveries to do it with than this one.


1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe

Cars like the one featured here, a 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe, will not appeal to everyone, but interesting restored examples such as this always have a place here at GCFSB. At nearly 60 years old, this car has had a long life and thanks to some careful ownership still presents very well and provides us a glimpse into the inception of a great marque. The 356 began production in 1948 and the example here comes from the first iteration of the model, prior to the release of the 356A in the second half of 1955. From the factory these cars had a 1.3 liter flat-4 producing 50 hp mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. This car has had its engine rebuilt with a big bore kit upping displacement to 1.7 liters, which should provide a small bump in torque and horsepower to help propel the car along. Overall, this is a beautiful example of a very highly regarded vintage Porsche that would surely grab the attention of any Porsche enthusiast.


Year: 1955
Model: 356 Pre-A Coupe
Engine: 1.3 liter flat-4 (rebuilt to 1720 cc with big bore kit)
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 132,000 mi
Price: Auction (reserve met)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe on EBay

1955 Porsche 356 1300 Normal Reutter Coupe
VIN / Chassis Number: 53950
A great-driving 356
Fully sorted
Big Bore Kit
Skirmants transmission
Absolutely rust-free, extra clean and never smoked in since restoration

Turkish Red (Porsche Code 5402 / Reutter Code 538) with Yellow Leatherette (B) interior

PHOTOS: There are more than 200 photos below. Please allow time to load on slower Internet connections.
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Production year: 1955
Type: Pre-A
Style: coupe
Coachbuilder: Reutter
History of this 356
· Four known owners
· Originally delivered to U.S. Air Force major, stationed in Wiesbaden, (then-West) Germany
· Per Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
o Sealed Beam Headlights
o Speedometer in Miles
o “Continental” script
· First owner returned to Ohio with the car, 1958
· At least one additional interim owner
· Purchased by active PCA, 356 Registry member and Ohio Porsche club historian, with 122,650 miles, August 1992
· Purchased by current owner, active PCA and 356 Registry member, with 127,406 indicated miles, August 1999
· Always careful, light use by current owner
· Photographed in 2001 Meadowbrook Concours program
· Featured in “New 2004, Old 356” Calendar
· Photographed in September/October 2007 356 Registry magazine at East Coast Holiday
· Currently less than 132,000 total miles
Built by previous owner, 1990’s
Fully sorted
Engine # P 22178 on third piece of case matches Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Production year: 1955
Internal designation: 506/2
Common name: 1300 Normal
Third piece also stamped “1”

· Case halves each match, both stamped “1” and matched to third piece
· Left case half stamped “9417”
· Right case half stamped “506/2,” confirming 1300cc
· Originally 1300cc, rebuilt with NPR 1720cc big bore kit
· Fresh Mahle oil filter and Shell Rotella T 15w-40 oil
· No known leaks
· Noise-free
· Turns over easily, starts promptly
· Steady 800 RPM idle
· Pulls smoothly and runs cool

Fitted with:
· Zenith 32 NDIX carburetors, rebuilt 2006 by Precision Matters
· Knecht air filters
· Correct fuel hoses and uncut metal fuel line
· Rebuildable glass fuel filter near rear axle
· J pipes and muffler with light gray high-temperature coating
· Later Bosch JFR 4 distributor with points and condenser ignition
· Powder-coated sheet metal
· Oil filter canister, fan shroud and coil refinished with proper labels
Serial #6348 H5, Type 519
· Original transmission serial #6579 H3 has been replaced
· Both case halves matching, stamped “235”
· Rebuilt by Vic Skirmants at 356 Enterprises May 1998
· BBAB Speedster gears
· Leak-free
· Noise-free
· Shifts smoothly to all gears
· Clutch functions correctly with no slip or judder
· Linkage and clutch properly adjusted
A completely rust-free car with nice gaps and proper-fitting trim in very good condition
Turkish Red (Porsche Code 5402 / Reutter Code 538)
Painted prior to current owner purchase in 1999

· Doors, hood and deck lid open and close easily with nice gaps
· Hood original, stamped “50,” matching chassis number/VIN
· Rear deck appears to be stamped “50” and original, matching chassis number/VIN, although stamp is hard to read
· Few imperfections from 14+ years of careful use – see photos
· Door bottoms completely rust-free
· Rust-free floors
· Rockers, longitudinals and all four wheel wells show no signs of rust
· Battery floor is very nice with no rust
· Undercoating covered with black Rustoleum paint
· Glass has mostly correct markings and is in very good condition
· Windshield and rear window both fit nicely
· Bright trim complete and in very good condition
· All body gaskets and seals in very good condition and properly fitted
· Chrome side window trim in very good condition with no pitting or other damage
· Door and vent windows operate properly
· Door checks work properly with no popping noise
· Door locks and ignition lock all work properly
· Correct metal front and rear bumpers with rub strips and bright trim in very good condition
· Correct chassis info plate and door post cover tags

· Yellow Leatherette interior in very good condition
· Seats are correctly padded and in very good condition
· Correct recliners
· Door and quarter trim panels have no damage
· Oatmeal carpet in very good condition
· Stock rubber mats in very good condition
· Front trunk mat and vinyl upholstery
· Engine compartment upholstery
· Fuel shut off works properly and does not leak
· Nice headliner with no damage
· Polished aluminum coat hooks
· Correct sun visors
· Porsche script radio blanking plate
· Glove box and door fit well with very nice liner
· Seat belts properly fitted with reinforced mounts through floor

Quiet on the road with no wind noise, squeaks, rattles or other concerns
Suspension, brakes, steering
All fully restored and sorted
· Koni shocks
· Solid bushings and tie rod ends
· Correct one-piece axle boots
· Drum brakes correctly rebuilt
· Drums were turned
· Rear wheel bearings and seals replaced
· Recent steel brake lines and rubber hoses
· DOT 5 silicone brake fluid properly installed
· Front and rear backing plates and other fittings in good condition
· Parking brake operates properly
· ZF steering box

Vredestein Sport Classic 165HR15 tires, new in 2009, with less than 1000 miles and even tread wear

5 ½ inch wide Brazilian chrome wheels with baby moon hubcaps, all in very good condition

Drives as it should. Tracks straight. Brakes function as-new and with no pulling.
All The Rest
· 6 volt electrical system
· Optima 800 cold cranking ampere sealed battery
· All gauges function
· Starter pushbutton operates normally with no concerns
· Lights, horn and wipers all operate
· 400mm VDM steering wheel with lower one-third horn ring
· Taillights are bright and work properly with turn signals
· Period-correct Hella rear fog light is third brake light
· No holes drilled to add third brake light
· Hirschmann red tip antenna
· Fuel tank is completely clean, sealed and free of any contamination inside
· Windshield washer system, mostly complete and intact
· Heater works properly
· Always garaged
Also included
· Original Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
· Motor Cities Gruppe grille badge
· Genuine 1955 “Heimatwettbewerb A.D.A.C. Gau Hessen” (Hessen Homeland Rally) grille badge
· Bilstein VW jack
· Space saver modern temporary spare, never used, mounted on “1/56” Lemmerz original wheel
· Four ignition keys and one door key
· Battery Tender 6V trickle charger with cables and packaging
· Copies of title transfers in 1992 and 1999
· Folder of all receipts since purchase in 1999
· Two fitted car covers for indoor and outdoor protection
· Small box of spare parts
· Vintage Oshkosh U.S.-made suitcase in good condition
· Vintage European maps
· Vintage bulb and fuse set in metal case
· Frommer’s G.I.’s Guide to Travelling in Europe paperback, copyright 1955
· Pair of genuine U.S. Forces in Germany 1955 license plates in unrestored mint condition
· Photocopy Porsche parts and service manuals
· Porsche Owners Club Troubleshooting Guide booklet
· 2001 Meadowbrook Concours program
· “New 2004, Old 356” calendar
· Clear Michigan title

“The large print giveth and the small print taketh away”- Tom Waits:
Please remember, this is a used car, which, as nice as it may be, is not prefect. I strive to deliver accurate descriptions, but it is possible to miss small deficiencies and will not be held liable for these minor misnomers. This vehicle is sold AS IS/WHERE IS and comes with no warranties, expressed or implied, whatsoever.
Known issues:
· Paint is very nice overall, with more than 14 years of careful maintenance
· Some nicks, scratches and other paint damage since older respray and subsequent driving
· 25mm diameter bubble in paint on top of right quarter panel. Not cracked, but fragile
· 30mm long scratch in front hood at right edge
· Small dent in right quarter, near bubble described above
· Hood has been “kinked,” but is repaired and fits well
· Original glass has few scratches
· Safeview DOT windshield has very minor pitting, but no cracks or delamination.
· Some nicks in aluminum trim around windshield and rear window, but trim fits nicely
· Steering box leaks oil slightly. Box is currently full and operates correctly.
· Slight groaning noise on releasing clutch from a stop. Appears to be release bearing. Does not happen at other times or affect performance.
· Dash lights do not work
· Dome light does not work
· Turn signal indicator in stalk does not work. Bulb is good. Has power. Turn signals work properly.
· Choke/hand throttle is not connected, missing linkage
· Left sun visor lens is cracked
· Windshield washer missing tubing, but is otherwise complete
· Battery hold-down is solid, but not correct
Not included:
· “Continental” scripts
· Battery cover
· Tools, other than described
· Documents and records, other than described

Pre-purchase inspection is welcomed. Please contact me through “Ask a question” to arrange inspection and for any additional information.

Offered with realistic reserve. There is no “Buy It Now” price. Auction will not end early. Car will be sold to the highest bidder.


Buyer is responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping.

$1000.00 deposit required within 48 hours of auction close.

PayPal accepted for deposit, only.

Payment methods accepted:
-Wire transfer in US funds.
-Cashier’s Check (certified from US or Canadian bank) or money order.
-Cash (in person).

PayPal not accepted for full purchase payment.

Vehicle and title will be released to the buyer only after funds clear. There will be no exceptions.
Bid with confidence! See my 100% positive feedback.

PHOTOS: There are more than 200 photos below. Please allow time to load on slower Internet connections.

You can also Click here for high-resolution slideshow


The seller has provided a wealth of information and pictures for what appears to be a well-sorted restoration. It’s not pristine concours level, but still seems quite good. Even better, the reserve on this auction has been met. These cars saw a large bump in value a few years ago and while they have since stabilized somewhat they are still sought after by many collectors. With bidding currently at $76,600 this car is at an interesting price. Hagerty values a ‘condition 1’ example around $130,000 so with a little work there may be a nice uptick in value potential here.


Double Take: Black or Blue? 1992 and 1993 Porsche 968s

While most of front-engined Porsche enthusiasts flock towards the 944 Turbo as the model of choice, the non-turbo models remain a solid value amongst German performance cars. While they were arguably underpowered compared to their competition of the day, the 944 S2 and 968 are dependable and their excellent handling more than makes up for any horsepower deficiency. They’ve also aged much more gracefully than any of the Japanese cars did (save perhaps the FD RX7) and the ultimate expression of these cars – the 968 – returned in some regards towards the simple and clean design of the original 924 and 928 models versus the chunky, aggressive 944 Turbo and S2. Today clean examples of 968s have popped up on Ebay and remind us how great this design is – let’s start with the beautiful midnight blue example:

Year: 1993
Model: 968
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 124,000 mi
Price: $ 14,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Porsche 968 on eBay

1993 Porsche 968

Midnight Blue Metallic paint with gray interior. Run fast and pulls hard through all gears. No smoke at all. Recent Colorado emissions test. Clear title in my name.

Two owners since 1999, records since then.

Recent work done by Porsche expert Dart Auto:

-New drive belt
-New balance shaft seals
-New crankshaft seal
-New timing belt
-New camshaft seal
-New timing belt rollers and tensioner
-New balance shaft belt
-New A/C drier and valve
-New A/C compressor
-New water pump
-New valve cover gasket
-New A/C belt tensioner
-New DME relay
-New Hall sensor
-New VarioCam gasket and ring
-New OEM antenna
-New Lloyds mats
-Oil change and filter 2 months ago
-Recent alternator
-Recent battery
-Recent brake rotors and pads

New tires (less than 3000 miles on them). Factory option 17″ Cup wheels with colored crests have some curbing.

Recent paint work by Porsche experts Apex Auto Body:

-Bare metal respray of hood from rock chips and pitting
-Bare metal respray of left fender from clear coat failing and flaking off
-Respray of front clip from rock chips
-New weatherstripping on rockers and fenders
-New 968 badge on back
-Complete polish

Car has ProMax chip installed. Clean title in my name.

Dash lights have been upgraded and are nice and bright at night.

Will include owners manual, tool kit, Porsche compressor, original keys, wheel locks.

Interior is very clean. Non-smoker, no bolster wear, two small tears in the dash defrost vents.

Drive this car anywhere in the country. The only thing that may slow you down is the weather!

With a significant amount of recent mechanical work and corrected paintwork, this is one of the best to get. The 6 speed coupled to the 3.0 makes for a fun ride that is surprisingly different from the Turbo models, but very enjoyable all the same. I love this color combination and pricing seems right on. I’m a little surprised that while the car was in the shop they didn’t fix the curb rash on the desirable Cup wheels, but that could be pretty easily remedied. Overall, this has to be pretty close to the best setup on these cars in my opinion – Blue over grey with cup wheels. Rather have something a bit darker?

Black over black is probably my personal least favorite color combination on Porsches, but this one is in remarkable shape and looks great. The wheels are from a Boxster I believe but look nice, though not as fitting as the Cup wheels:

Year: 1992
Model: 968
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 114,000 mi
Price: $13,700 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche 968 on eBay

This 1992 black-on-black Porsche 968 coupe feels well balanced and sturdy with plenty of power. It excellerates through all 6 gears and is a joy to drive! The suspension is responsive and the brakes are firm with a smooth clutch. This vehicle roars as the RPM’s climb! As the pictures evidence, the body and undercarriage are in good condition. This 968 is ready to go! No cracks in the dash and no tears in the leather. If interested in this rare, powerful Porsche 968, call Curtis at 832-671-8408.

This and other European collectibles can be viewed at jpfrazier.com There will be an additional $298.50 assessed to each sale for dealer doc fees.

This car is offered with a few less miles and a few hundred dollars less than the blue car, but in all honesty the lack of detailed mechanical work offered makes the blue car the one to buy if it were me even if I didn’t prefer the color combination. Despite that, either of these cars is priced right in the sweet spot for 968s – yes, you can find a fixer-upper cheaper than either of these cars, but do you really want to get into a wreck of a Porsche? If you’re smart, you buy a clean one and pay a bit extra, and both of these cars fit that bill perfectly.


1997 Porsche 911 C4S

It’s hard to be a German car enthusiast and not be a fan of the Porsche 911. Almost every week we feature one here at GCFSB. From the original 901 to the recently introduced 991, these sports cars have captured the hearts and minds of a number of petrolheads across generations. One 911 that stands out is the 993, the last of the air-cooled models. Available in a variety of flavors, one of my favorites is the C4S. Sure, the Turbo model offered more power and the trademark whale tail spoiler, but there’s something subtle about the C4S that appealed to me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been somewhat averse to forced induction engines (yes, I know, I owned an R53 Cooper S…) or maybe it’s because I like the road less traveled when it comes to a vehicle configuration. Whatever the case may be, this 1997 Carrera 4S with just about 20,000 speaks to me.


Year: 1997
Model: 911 C4S
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 19,776 mi
Price: $84,993 Buy It Now

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AWD. Fun and sporty! Talk about some excitement! If you demand the best things in life, this fantastic 1997 Porsche 911 is the funtime car for you. When H2O starts showing up in the weather forecast, you’ll appreciate the AWD power delivery that helps you take control of the elements. Call, email, or stop by Porsche of San Diego today to learn more about this amazing vehicle.


The color of this 911 caught my attention. Rob featured a Speed Yellow 993 recently, but I’m much more of a fan of this Pastel Yellow. This is one of those colors you just don’t see a lot of. We’re all familiar with the fact that 993s are not the cheapest of 911s and this example certainly isn’t cheap. But when you consider what a new 911 costs, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took the bait at this price and just went for one of the classics. If I was in such a financial position, it’s exactly what I would do.


1978 Porsche 911SC

There is something about the design of the 911SC, and in a similar vein the later 3.2 Carrera, that always draws me in. Porsche’s reworking of the 911’s iconic shape beginning with the 964 has its own appeal, but I remain more drawn to the earlier model’s lines and, I’ll admit, I have always loved the whale tail. Where some find it discordant with the curve of the 911’s rear, I find that it provides balance to the overall shape front to rear. The 911SC was also the model that insured Porsche would continue to refine and evolve this quirky sports car to be enjoyed by enthusiasts for decades to come; in sum, it cemented the legacy. Today’s car takes us back to the inception of the model: a 1978 Porsche 911SC located in Missouri, which has seen around 119,000 miles. At introduction these cars utilized a 3.0 liter flat-6 mated to the 5-speed 915 transmission to drive 180 hp to the rear wheels. Acceleration would be considered modest by today’s standards, but when propelling less than 2600lbs it’s certainly sufficient to provide a good deal of motoring enjoyment.


Year: 1978
Model: 911SC
Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,757 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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1978 PORSCHE 911SC 2 DOOR COUPE CLASSIC WITH 119XXX MILES 0-62 in 7 seconds This car is in my opinion is about 85% perfect, it needs new seal’s on the doors, trunk, hood, and sunroof. It is in need of a little paint work, needs a new head liner, sunroof needs re alined. I have this car registered as a Historical Car, as you can see from the pictures this is an amazing car, starts, rides, and drives as good as it did when it was brand new. This Porsche is well preserved and of collectible quality. Mostly all original.


The lack of any interior shots is slightly disconcerting, but the brightness and apparent quality of the exterior paint might provide us with some consolation that the interior has seen a similar level of care. My preference would be for a set of black Fuchs to enhance the contrast with the red paint but the red Fuchs we see here are certainly striking. As the seller notes, this car is far from perfect but overall it appears in relatively good condition. On auction with no reserve, bidding is currently at $12,100, a very reasonable price for an SC of this vintage. I’d expect bidding to take this up to around $15,000 and at that price I think any buyer will be getting an excellent classic 911.


10K Friday: Poor Man’s Porsches – 914 v. 924

While I’ve spent a lot of time on 10K Fridays looking for the most car for your money, today we’re going to take a different path and look at the least Porsche for your money. Sound a bit strange? Well, while other Porsche models have taken off in value or are on the verge of being completely unaffordable, it’s refreshing to know you can still get a nice quality Porsche on a budget. Could you get into a beaten 944 Turbo for this money? Yes, and perhaps if you’re looking for a performance car that would be a better choice. But in the true spirit of the creation of both the 914 and 924, I want to look at the most simple versions of both of these cars. Which would be the one for you? Let’s start with the 914:

Year: 1972
Model: 914
Engine: 1.7 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 100,000 mi
Price: $7,500 Buy It Now

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1972 914 porsche from california new tires fuel injected very rust free for more info call dennis 847 521 9442

I have to admit, I’m a more recent convert to thinking clean 914s are pretty cool. They’re not the most attractive by any measure, but they have a Lotus-like simple design. Think of this car as the Porsche Europa and it makes a little more sense. Pop the top and you’ve got a fun, simple targa design. This model has some upgraded alloys and looks reasonably clean. Miles are lower and the price – $7,500 – wouldn’t get you into much of any other Porsche; that is, except the underdog 924:

The 924 is such a clean and elegant design, it’s nice to see them in their original spec. Sure, they sprouted flares, spoilers and big wheels and became more aggressive but the original design is still impressive. With that engine running well, you’ll be in the mid-30 mpg range cruising in what is still a very aerodynamic design today. In Guards Red over tan, this is a great looker:

Year: 1981
Model: 924
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 29,574 mi
Price: $5,995 Buy It Now

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Runs and drives very well. The body and paint are in very good condition. The interior is in good shape, but the seats have rips and the dash is cracked. Has a clear title.

Yes, the engine is anemic, and like many of the early 924/944 variants the dash is now cracked. But for a full $1500 less than the 914, this package is really quite neat. Like the Targa roof on the 914? Well, most of the top of the 924 is removable and ultimately the experience isn’t that different. This particular 924 was well equipped and with very low miles seems in great shape! The price is high for a non-2.5 924, but considering the condition it would be a better deal than buying a worse-condition one and trying to restore it. Not many love the 924, but it is pretty amazing that nearly two decades after it’s launch the 968 was still looking fresh with effectively this same design.

Which would I choose? For me, it’s a no-brainer – I’d choose the 924 over the 914 any day. As an affordable classic and entry level car in the Porsche world, it’s still unappreciated and values reflect that, but it’s a clean and neat design that can be owned on a strict budget – not something that can be said of many Porsches!


2001 Porsche 911 Turbo

I have been a bit remiss in failing to ever feature any interesting examples of the 996. The model in general tends to be unbeloved by Porsche enthusiasts for reasons that are clear to just about everyone: the design, especially at the front, isn’t strong and as the first model to switch from the 911’s traditional air-cooled engine to the now standard water-cooled engine, the 996 was scorned. That lack of love, however, brings with it one excellent feature: value. A well-performing 996 can at times be had at a significant discount relative to its classical brethren, such as the car featured here. Here we have a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo located in Atlanta that has seen just shy of 32,000 miles and comes in the always excellent shade for any fast Porsche, Speed Yellow. With 420 hp being delivered to all four wheels the 996 Turbo is a very quick car that will easily outperform most of its predecessors.


Year: 2001
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbo flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 31,965 mi
Price: $45,981

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2001 Porsche Turbo 31K LOW MILES Clean Carfax Certified Manual 6 Speed















With a Buy It Now of $45,981 this car can be had at a pretty reasonable cost. That’s similar money to what we’ve seen a few 930s sell for and it’s significantly less than the price of a 1989 930 and the 993 Turbo. And that’s what makes the 996 appealing. Sure, the engine is water cooled and the headlights look silly, but for performance dollars you’re hard pressed to find better Porsche value on the market today. The collector market will likely never have much appreciation for these cars other than in their various GT iterations, so they shall forever live as cars to be driven. And, frankly, that’s just fine.