1967 Porsche 911S

It’s rather remarkable that the basic formula for the Porsche 911 has been with us for 50 years, even if there have been a series of evolutions along the way. It’s no shock that such a well loved car commands such high resale values, especially when it comes to the earlier models. This 1967 911S for sale in Connecticut has a rather remarkable history as documented by its sole owner for the last 42 years. The car isn’t original, but was sympathetically restored just short of the 140,000 mile mark.


Year: 1967
Model: 911S
Engine: 2.0 liter flat six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 164,507 miles
Price: $129,900 Buy It Now

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1967 Porsche 911S “same owner for 42 years. Tremendous documentation, very correct.” Light ivory over ivory, VIN 308181S.


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To Whom it may concern: 19 April 2013

History of our 1967 911S

We bought the car at Mesa Porsche in San Diego CA. in December of 1972. The car was traded in for another Porsche by a Navy Captain so we are second owners of the car (he had installed red & green seat belts i.e. port and starboard). We were in the Navy at the time as a Naval aviator (helicopters…. only real airplanes). We were in San Diego from 1972 until 1977. In 1977 we received orders to Japan, not wanting to sell the car we stored it in San Diego on blocks in a military storage warehouse. When we returned to San Diego in 1980 on the next set of orders we got the car out and used it in the San Diego area. In 1983 we were sent to Navy War College in Newport, anticipating that we would return to San Diego we stored the car again in San Diego in a warehouse. 1984 (war college is a one year school) we received orders to the Pentagon in Washington, DC to the Chief of Naval Operations staff. My wife and I moved to Springfield, VA and then flew out to San Diego picked up the car and drove back across country together. We were in the Pentagon until 1987 when I received orders to CINCPAC staff in Hawaii. Not desiring to expose the car to the salt air in Hawaii we stored the car on blocks in my mother in law’s garage (tolerant lady needless to say). We received our next set of orders in 1990, to the Sikorsky helicopter factory as an executive officer at the NAVPRO (Military organization that accepts helos and monitors contracts).

Up until this time the car had been maintained by myself for oil changes, wires plugs, air filters which are very easy on this car but the mileage had accumulated to 138,000 or so (48,000 when we bought it) and the car needed some significant work. It became a decision to restore or sell for parts. We chose to restore, KAM in Waterbury (Gerry McCarthy now retired) did the complete engine, transmission, body and subbed out the interiors. The expressed aim was to keep the car as close to original as possible without going crazy. The body was stripped down to bare metal, all rust removed re-primed and painted to match the color code (Porsche LIGHT IVORY) on the manufacturing plate. Interior was done to match the original (IVORY). The original engine has new pistons, valves, rocker arms, springs etc. The engine oil pump was upgraded to a later better model, the transmission also had all later upgrades put in, they could not find an oil tank that had the fitting for the oil level gauge so we opted to go without it since the tank had a dip stick any way. Of the original engine the engine case, crankshaft, cam shafts are all original, all valves and pistons were replaced and upgraded where necessary. The engine was powder coated as well. Up until the restoration only a bit of the front of the floor pan was replaced as it had rusted. You may notice earlier invoices for paint or body work it was all part of the process of keeping after rust issues. The car was never in an accident or raced while I owned it and there was no evidence of any previous body work when it was restored. The whole time in CT it has been a third car, stored in the garage when snow comes and comes back out in the Spring.

This car has 40 years of complete documentation, including original bill of sale and restoration records! California blue plate car. She car remains in wonderful condition, the chrome is good, though the front vents some pitting, and the rear view mirror is incorrect. The door cards are correct, and the trunk area is in excellent condition, as it was rust proofed during the restoration. This is a correct, very original, numbers matching car with the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity! The Porsche 911S is one of the most iconic designs of its generation, and this car, with its wonderful story, is one of the finest of its kind.


The 1967 911S is interesting in that the S model would disappear the following year, only to return once again in 1969 with mechanical fuel injection. These S models don’t come cheap, and this particular car is priced at the very top of the spectrum when it comes to values. This particular car has great provenance but it is not original, a point that will no doubt be a factor with the serious collector. Considering others I’ve seen on the market as of late, I’d suspect this 911S would bring somewhere in the $90,000 to $100,000 neighborhood.


1966 Porsche 912

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

The 911 celebrates 50 years of continuous production this year, which is a feat that few vehicles can brag about in the history of the automobile. While the flat six engine lives on, the flat four variant, dubbed the 912, does not. Sold from 1965 through 1969, it gave buyers a less expensive alternative to the recently introduced 911. The 912 reappeared for one year only in 1976 as the 912E, basically a stopgap model introduced after the 914 left the lineup and before the 924 was introduce. These early 912s are still very collectable but offer Porsche enthusiasts a chance to get into a classic 911 for much less. This 912 for sale in Philadelphia looks stunning in gray over red.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

Year: 1966
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 74,566 mi
Price: $39,500 Buy It Now

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1966 Porsche 912, Chassis Number: 455994

The introduction of the 911 for Porsche meant a new flagship, and for their buyers, a costly sum compared to the trusty Type 356. Much like Porsche in today’s world, they pursued a new model out of their accounting department. Seeing the need for an entry level model, the Type 912 was to offer the best of both worlds. Classic 356 performance by way of the type 616 flat four, coupled with the new age styling of the all new 901 (or 911 as we know it). Debuting side by side at auto shows around the world, the 911 & 912 made clear to Porsches customers that the 356 experience would live on and that they also had the option of “bigger and better” should they want to pay for it. The 912 enjoyed a good 5 year run of success before the 3-tier 911 variants took over market share and the 914 was introduced. Porsche left us with just over 32,000 examples produced in varying layouts. It is however the early variants that define Porsches intention in its purest form. These 3-gauge limited option cars shared much with the 356, and offer a thrilling experience that can nearly be compared to that of the 911.

The example on offer here, chassis # 455994, is perhaps the ideal 912 in every respect. It was produced exactly as it is viewed today, in the very rare combination of Slate Grey with Red Interior. Sporting the optional: chrome solid wheels, wooden steering wheel, and the 5-speed transmission from the 911, this example is well optioned. The first and foremost item to convey is that of the highly original interior. So often were these cars driven, used, and passed along form owner to owner. Ill-care and neglect often contributed to languishing examples that have been rebuilt or refurbished over time leaving them without their original interiors and various other components. Originality is paramount in feeling and understanding one of these cars and what they had to offer in their time. We are proud to confirm that the interior on this example is 100% pure original in every respect. Never having seen so much as the seat belts replaced or the shift knob exchanged. The 74,434 miles showing on the odometer have been concluded as the original distance the car has traveled.

Through inspection and some documentation we have come to understand this example as having 4 owners. Having sold new to a Mr. Duvall in 1966 out of Holberts Porsche in Warrington, PA, it was driven seldom and well cared for. In 1977 Mr. Duvall took the car to Keppouf Porsche in Allentown, PA due to an engine issue. It was determined that the engine had gone bad and replacement would be required. The dealer ordered a new engine from the factory at this time. Its original engine, # 746210 the original type 616 unit, was replaced by a later spec 1969 variant, engine # 4096829. The mileage at this time, 3/2/77, was 17,590. The original receipt and warranty card for this switch is still present with the car today. Mr.Duvall’s ownership lasted nearly 22 years before he passed the car onto a Mr.Getty of Telford, PA. From what documentation we have we can tell that Mr. Getty was also a representative of the Philadelphia Historic Grand Prix as well as an affiliate of Algar Enterprises (Philadelphia’s Ferrari Dealership). During his ownership the car was regularly serviced by Bob Fox German Car Service of Ambler, PA.

The reigns were then again passed on to a Mr. Hannan of Ambler, PA in July of 1996. Mr. Hannan most likely came by the car via the repair shop who regularly serviced the car. During Mr. Hannan’s ownership it remained with Bob Fox for service and was enjoyed sparingly. We believe the one and only re-spray of the original color was done during the period between 1988-1996 during either Mr. Getty’s ownership or Mr. Hannan’s. In either case it was a good job at the time of completion and was very light. The door jams, trunk, and hood jams all still retain original paint and the trained eye can depict where the new paint started and stopped. It is evident through inspection that this car was never taken apart, and was never rusty or languishing. As such the doors, panels, and gaps are all factory correct and shut without any issues, easily and firmly. In May of 2002, the car was then acquired by its most recent enthusiast custodian, a Mr. Brzoska of Skippack, PA. Upon his acquisition he took deep consideration into the fact that the car was unfortunately no longer matching numbers as of 1977. He decided the most sensible thing to do was locate an engine as close to the original as possible. He located a correct 356 type 912 engine (a 616/36 production type, produced 1965-1967.5), # 745186, which was produced in January of 1966, nearly 1,024 serial numbers away from the original, # 746210. Chassis # 455994 was produced in May of 1966 (approximated), as one of only 3,630 cars built for 1966. All things considered, and with the unfortunate reality that the engine was indeed replaced in a time where “matching numbers” wasn’t a factor as related to value, this is a very close compromise to put the car very much in order and staying close to its roots.

During Mr. Brzoska’s acquisition, the car showed 64,000 miles. It was decided that this newly acquired and much more correct type engine was to receive a thorough rebuild. It was built well with all of the best and most reliable parts possible to create an engine with nearly 110hp while still able to run on pump gas and also be very reliable. At this time the transmission was inspected, a new clutch installed, half shafts, and new brakes installed on all four corners. It was then finished off with a Pertronix ignition and some heat reflective padding in the engine bay. 10,000 miles later and the car is still fabulously reliable and sorted. A turn of the key starts it instantly. The car holds good temperature, does not smoke, and makes plentiful power throughout the rev range. The engines strong sound is by way of a custom made exhaust system that could be returned to stock in an instant. The perfect set of tasteful upgrades to warrant this example as a superb performer. The suspension and tires are also up to date. The car handles very well, shifts with no issues and stops on command; overall a very impressive car to drive and a nice place to be when in the driver’s seat. Today it shows well as a nice driver still retaining all of its original glass. Some of the rubber seals and components are original and showing some age but still very usable. Others are new. It is a very straight and good looking example and shows/acts the part of a very original 74K mile example with excellent patina.

Within the past few months Porsches have achieved record highs and have become widely regarded as a must have collector car for any collection or enthusiast. These early 912’s, especially such original examples as this, are already up and coming in both collectability and price. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a 3-gauge 912 with the most desirable options and colors possible. Included in the sale is the correct date coded spare (as are all of the wheels), original jack, tools, very rare air pressure gauge, available records, and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. This is an opportunity not to be missed and warrants much consideration.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

Looking at the photos, I was intrigued to see this car was carrying a license plate frame from Holbert’s VW/Porsche/Audi in Warrington, Pennsylvania. This is a dealership I’m quite familiar with, as it is right around the corner from my parent’s home. For those not in the know, Al Holbert was a renowed race car driver who tragically passed away in a helicopter accident in 1988. His dealership was bought out a few years ago by a larger chain of dealerships that operate in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Almost $40,000 for a 912 is very strong money. Usually you can find a good one in the mid $20,000 to low $30,000 range. Originality plays a big part in the asking price of this car, as well as the desirable color combination. Granted, the car isn’t numbers matching, but those are the breaks sometimes. In light of that, I suspect this car might be worth $35,000 at the high end. It’s rather remarkable the 911 has had such staying power in the market, evolving to fit the times. Will it be around another 50 years? Time will tell…


1990 Porsche 928 GT

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

Every time I lay eyes on a Porsche 928, I’m amazed how modern these cars look, especially given the fact that the first ones appeared on the scene in 1977. Besides the Citroen DS and NSU Ro80, rarely has a car ever captured a modern look so far ahead of time as to look fresh over 30 years on. The 928 was supposed to usurp the 911 in the lineup, but we all know how that story ended. Later on in the production cycle, a few different model variants emerged, such as this 928 GT. Available only with the 5-speed manual gearbox, these models came equipped with the 5.0 liter V8 and for 1990, included the PSD, or Porsche Sperr Differential.

The GT would give way to the 928 GTS for the 1992 model year, the car that would see the 928 off into the sunset. With just over 2,000 built, the GT for sale in California is one of the rarest 928s and one of my personal favorites.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

Year: 1990
Model: 928 GT
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 74,810 mi
Price: $23,000 Buy It Now

Click for Details: 1990 Porsche 928 GT on eBay

One owner, rare & original, one of 142 cars imported to US. 928 GT with only 74k miles, fully equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, 5.0 liter V8 engine (326 hp), supple leather interior, dual power seats, original Blaupunkt AM/FM cassette, power sunroof, power windows, door locks, tilt, cruise, air conditioning, rear spoiler, air bag, original factory alloy wheels, car cover and much more.

No accidents, Carfax certified, all original paint. Just serviced by a Porsche shop, new timing belt and water pump, no oil leaks. Looks and runs incredible. Must see and drive.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.23 PM

For years, 928 values seemed to stay rather flat, overshadowed by the iconic 911, but recently, the right models in good condition have been commanding more and more in the marketplace. Certain low mileage GTS models have been edging northward of $40,000, which seemed unthinkable just a few years before. This GT, for me, is like the goldilocks of the 928 range. While it isn’t the ultimate version of the 928, it has the all-important third pedal along with the later styling and mechanical updates to make it a better driver. It seems that earlier 928s are fetching in the high teens to low $20,000 range.


Porsche Pair: 1993 968 M030

The Porsche 968 is the ultimate evolution of the front engine, four cylinder Porsche that began with the 924 in 1976. Originally conceived as the 944 S3, Porsche decided to rename the car altogether as only about 20% was carried over from the 944 S2. As usual, the US market didn’t get one of the more interesting models of the 968 range, which happens to be one of my favorite Porsches of all time: the 968 Club Sport. The Club Sport was a stripped down version of the 968 Coupe, weighing in about 220 lbs less than the model on which it was based. Recaro seats, a track oriented suspension system, 17″ wheels and airbag deletion were just some of the modifications that made its way onto this limited edition 968.

But, have no fear, there was an option that would give you similar performance to the Club Sport, but with less of the luxuries taken out. This was option package M030, which included included larger front and rear sway bars, upgraded bushings and Koni height adjustable shocks. While critics complained about the ride on the street, there was no doubt that this car was a force to be reckoned with on the track and a handy tool for serious track day enthusiasts.

The first 968 M030 we’ll take a look at is for sale in Maryland and comes equipped with the limited slip differential option.

Year: 1993
Model: 968
Engine: 3.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 80,678 mi
Price: No reserve auction, $18,000 starting bid

Click for Details: 1993 Porsche 968 on eBay

I am offering one of the best Porsche 968s available in the U.S. I purchased the car in November, 2012 from AutoKennel in Costa Mesa, California. The car spent its entire life in Southern California until I had it shipped to my home in Maryland. It has been garaged for every day of its life. The car is super clean and it is very well optioned. I am only offering it for sale because I need to raise $18,000 to deal with one of life’s unexpected expenses. I never intended to sell this car.

If you are serious about buying this 968, then I can assume you know a little about the cars. The 968 was the pinnacle of the development line that started with the 924, 944, 944 Turbo, etc. The 968 was the first Porsche offered with VarioCam timing and a 6 speed manual transmission. The 968 came in a variety of colors and with a multitude of options. One of the most sought after options is the M030 sport suspension and brake package. The U.S. didn’t get the stripped out 968 Club Sport, but the M030 cars are as close as it gets. This car has the upgraded sway bars and the bigger brakes and the 17″ wheels that comprised the M030 package. This car also came with a Limited Slip Differential. Most 968s did not come with LSD and the LSD was not automatically a part of the M030 package. Another nice option on this car is the heavily bolstered and supportive Sport Seats. All of those options, plus the 6 speed manual transmission makes this a very desireable 968. This is not a $10k – $12k run of the mill 968.

This car also comes with all service records. The previous owners (3 in total) were meticulous Porsche Club guys. They kept all records and we even have a Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche. The car has no known issues. I had a pre-purchase inspection done on the car in California before I bought it. I have not needed to service anything during my brief period of ownership. The car starts, runs, steers, and stops just like you would expect. Even the AC blows nice and cold. You could buy the car and drive it back to California and I have no doubts that it would make the trip without a hiccup.

The color combination: The car is Amazon Green with a Magenta Interior. Amazon Green is a beautiful Porsche color that looks dark blue in most lighting conditions. It has a metallic shine under bright light and you can see a hint of green from some angles. The interior is in excellent condition. It is magenta. I was not a huge fan of the interior and it did put me off a bit when I first saw it. My plan, if I were to keep the car, is to replace the center armrest, gearshift, and steering wheel with black ones (but keep the magenta parts for the sake of originality). Those changes plus black floor mats would tone things down quite a bit. Others who have seen the car actually love the magenta interior. It is rare and the color combination is thought to be a true 1 of 1 produced. The 968 guys know of no other Amazon Green/Magenta 968 in existence anywhere.

I am going to offer the car without a reserve, but with the understanding that I reserve the right to terminate the auction at any time. If there is another way for me to come up with a quick $18,000 I will be keeping the car. That should actually tell you quite a bit about it’s condition and desirability. Feel free to ask any questions via ebay or you may contact me via email.


Best of luck.

I sometimes wonder what a particular buyer had in mind when I see some of the odd color combinations out there, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. Sure, the color is rare, but I tend to think most people interested in buying a 968 wouldn’t be interested in it. Nevertheless, this 968 is in good nick. It might not bring the $18,000 that the seller has set as an opening bid, however.

On to our next 968 M030. This one for sale has higher mileage but has a tantalizingly lower price. For sale in Iowa, it also comes equipped with a limited slip differential and has an interior that is easier on the eyes.

Year: 1993
Model: 968
Engine: 3.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 162,550 mi
Price: No reserve auction, $10,500 starting bid

Click for Details: 1993 Porsche 968 on eBay

Porsche 968 M030 (Sport Suspension & Brake Package): Very rare vehicle with only 99 M030 Coupes produced for the U.S. Market during the four year production run (1992-1995).

Factory Build Options

C02 – US Emissions
XX6 – Leather Shift Lever Knob
030 – M030 – Sport Suspension & Brake Package


· Larger Brake Calipers
· Cross Drilled Rotors
· Larger Front & Rear Sway Bars (Adjustable)
· Adjustable Shocks (Lower ride height)
· Increased rear spring rate with a coil spring added to a special rear-shock
· More information available at http://www.weissach.net/968_M030-Option.html

220 – Limited Slip Differential
231 – 17″ tires
383 – Sport Seat Left
387 – Sport Seat Right
403 – 17″ Cup 1 Wheels
418 – Body Side Moldings
454 – Cruise Control
490 – Hi-Fi Sound with Amp
498 – Rear Emblem Delete
650 – Sunroof
691 – Single In-dash CD
900 – Tourist Delivery
09991 – Built under Exclusive Program

Everything works (AC/Heating, Cruise, Sunroof, Windows, Locks, Alarm, Front/Rear Wipers, Pop-up Headlight). Exterior has two small dents that should come out with paitnless dent removal. Interior is in good condition with some small cracks in the top of the dashboard. Overall its in above average condition for age/mileage. New clutch installed summer 2012!

While this 968 has higher mileage than the first 968 we looked at, it certainly looks well kept for over 150,000 miles. To be honest, I’d rather pull the trigger on the white one. Of course, the color is more subtle, but I’d rather have a 968 with a few flaws so I wouldn’t feel guilty about using it. These cars are all about pure driving thrills. Given their relatively low cost of entry, now is as good a time as ever to experience this track day hero.


Convertible Week: 1999 Porsche Boxster

After the demise of the front engine 928 and 968 in 1995, Porsche went a different direction with their new offering, the Boxster. Designed to bring Porsche ownership within the reach of a broader customer base, the Boxster had a mid-mounted, flat six engine which made packaging a bit of a challenge. While the car offered two trunks, access to the engine was limited, with most servicing having to be carried out from underneath. Not a car for the faint of heart do it yourselfer, then.

Today early Boxsters can be had for economy car money, discounting the obvious maintenance costs. This Boxster for sale in Missouri has low mileage for its year and is on offer at a fraction of its original price.

Year: 1999
Model: Boxster
Engine: 2.5 liter flat six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 26,500 mi
Price: $13,995 Buy It Now

1999 Porsche Boxster on eBay

Excellent condition 1999 Porsche Boxster. Super low miles! Just in time for summer top down fun! Maintenance up to date. Synthetic oil! Contact me for further info!

One problem with the Boxster is the inevitable comparison to its bigger brother. People will almost always ask, “why didn’t you go for a 911?” Also, the Boxster has a bit of the hairdresser’s car syndrome, albeit not as profound as the BMW Z3/Z4 or Mercedes-Benz SLK. Given the mileage, this Boxster is reasonably priced and its black and red color combination is one of the better ones, in my opinion. You can expect to pay around $10,000 to $14,000 for a lower mileage non S variant. The more powerful Boxster S can wind up fetching a few thousand more dollars on average.


1987 Porsche 924S

Designed as a replacement for the Porsche 912, the 924 was designed to take over the mantle as Porsche’s entry level offering. This was a shocking car to Porsche purists when it was introduced, being the first front-engined, water cooled vehicle the company ever offered. It also shared its four cylinder engine with the Audi 100 and Volkswagen LT van, which put off the P-car faithful even further. But, this car did spawn the more powerful 944, which has gone on to be a well-respected classic and recognized for its fantastic handling dynamics.

The 924 lived a long life, from 1976 through 1988. Towards the end, in 1986, the engine from the 944 appeared under the hood, turning the 924 into the 924S. This 1987 924S for sale in Arizona is frankly one of the best examples I’ve seen of the breed.

Year: 1987
Model: 924S
Engine: 2.5 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 62,000
Price: Reserve auction

1987 Porsche 924S on eBay

Take Note America…

Up for auction is one of nicest examples of a Porsche 924S that is currently for sale and not tied up in some private garage or on loan at an auto museum. The very limited production run of the S model was imported only for 24 months in the US for the years of eighty seven and eighty eight with production ending in September of 88. This model had the Porsche 944 drivetrain disguised inside of the 924 body. This eighty seven coupe is truly stunning without any exaggeration whatsoever. A modern marvel of motor engineering this S has only sixty thousand miles since new with original paint and upholstery that looks fabulous both inside and out. The body could not be any cleaner and everything opens and closes like new. Guards red that looks wet to the human eye with a ridiculously clean all black Porsche inscribed upholstery that still smells like it did when she left the Stuttgart factory overseas.

Her correct drive train consists of her 2.5L straight four cylinder motor producing 150 horsepower with a 5-Speed manual transmission that shifts remarkable in all gears. The Porsche was recently more than fully serviced at Stuttgart Southwest with about six thousand dollars of correct maintenance being performed on her. A set of brand new Yokohama YK-580 tires where just installed all around on her factory rotary dial Porsche sport rims. Her spare looks like she never left the rear compartment and everything including tool wrap, air compressor, owner’s manuals and more is included. Factory VIN inscribed glass with razor sharp tint that looks very stealth. Factory electric popup and pullout sunroof in mint condition. Her air-conditioning blows ice cold and was just fully serviced and operates superbly. Flaws are minimal with just some very minor hairline cracks on her otherwise gorgeous dashboard. This 924S looks fabulous but drives as what I would describe as better than new even. Nothing is loose and the handling is superb. If you want a rare touring car as a driver, to collect or even as an investment this S model should suffice. Call with questions and you will get answers. A great Porsche that is not easy to duplicate with these options, miles and of course condition. Worldwide shipping can easily be arranged.

Auction May End At Anytime Without Notice

To be honest, the 924 never caught my eye, but if I had the space, I would jump on this car. The color and condition are right, and in this day and age of Cayennes and Panameras, the 924 suddenly appears to be a more acceptable Porsche than those aforementioned models. The 924 is a sports car bargain and even this well preserved example won’t wind up breaking the bank. While it has a reserve, I’d suspect this car might have what it takes to crack the $10,000 mark, but only slightly.


1981 Porsche 928 Strosek Version 3

The 928 is certainly one of the most unique GT cars from the 80’s. Some love the looks, others…not so much. Well, if you hate the 928, you may want to turn away now, because this Strosek Version 3 928 is certainly not for everyone.

In 1984 Vittorio Strosek broke off from German tuner Koenig and built his own vision on the Porsche’s flagship 928. One of the first aftermarket tuners for the 928 Strosek filled a niche in the market with his wild designs. Along with the body kits, which are totally ’80s Strosek also offered tuning packages for the 928 so it had the grunt to match the looks. Strosek offered 2 levels of tuning, a mild 310bhp cam and cylinder head upgrade for the reserved, and a 405bhp twin turbo version for the all out speed junkies.

While not clear how complete (or extreme) the Strosek conversion is on this barely used 928, one thing is for sure if you played Atari in your teens, this car is right up your alley.

Year: 1981
Model: 928 Strosek Version 3
Engine: 4.5 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 47,000
Price: N/A

1981 Porsche 928 Strosek Version 3 on craigslist.org


Up for sale 1981 Porsche 928 With only 47,000 Miles and CLEAN TITLE this vehicle has a body kit from STROSEK DHAUS AUTO SPORT. For more info please call (267) 664-1856

This car is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you’re a fan of ’80s tuning it is exactly what the doctor ordered. This car looks like it came out of a collection, as the conversion is clean and complete right down to the OZ futura wheels. Strosek used the OZ wheels circa 1987, which leads me to believe that’s when the Version 3 treatment was done.

We’ve run in to this before several times. What is something like this worth? Strosek certainly wasn’t a household name like AMG or Gemballa, but they are rare none the less. A bone stock 928 of this age with only 47,000 miles should fetch in the $12,000 ballpark. If you add in the rarity and the modifications, this car should fetch somewhere around $17,000. If it’s a twin turbo car, upwards of $20,000. The fact that it is not priced leads me to believe that the asking price is top dollar.


1966 Porsche 912

After Porsche debuted the 911 all the way back in 1963, certain enthusiasts lamented the fact that a lower cost option was no longer available, as the six-cylinder engine increased the cost of the famous rear-engine sports car from Stuttgart considerably. Enter the 912. Powered by a four cylinder engine similar to that found in the 356, it lowered the price point where Porschephiles of more modest means could enjoy the newly introduced model. Today, even the lesser engined 912 has been increasing in cost, but in terms of vintage 911s, it is more affordable. This 912 for sale in Arizona is like taking a step back in time with the orange paintwork and steel rims/chrome hubcap combinations.

Year: 1966
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 21,012 mi
Price: $25,750 Buy It Now

1966 Porsche 912 on eBay

Here is a gorgeous 1966 Porsche 912 5-gauge 5-speed that is in excellent condition!! This car has been in California and Arizona its entire life and is a very solid 912. This is an incredible find!!! This 912 has had tens of thousands of dollars poured into it recently and it truly shows! This car has been treated to a recent paint job, brand new interior, new windshield, every piece of weather strip ($1800 worth), every piece of chrome trim re-plated, all new felts, all new bumper trims and side trims, etc.. This car is like a time capsule, it hasn’t been modified and molested like so many other 912s. This car even retains its factory carbs and according to my research this car retains its original engine as well as its original transmission. This car is in excellent condition with its beautiful factory finish of Bahama yellow over a new black interior, factory original date coded wheels, 5 speed transmission and optional 5 gauge dash. These Porsches are incredibly fun to drive and very economical to drive every day!!! The early 911/912s with the short wheels base are great cars to own and represent the beginning of Porsches legendary sports car!!! This car is represented as it left the factory and is an unmolested car. It is in excellent condition and will surely make its new owner happy.

Exterior: This 912 is finished in the rare and desirable Bahama Yellow paint finish and is in great condition. The car was completely stripped down and taken apart for the paint job. The hood, doors, trunk, bumpers, all the trim, glass, all of the chrome surrounds etc.. were removed from the car prior to paint. During this time all of the Chrome window frames, door handles, etc… were sent out to be chromed or polished at a considerable expense. When the car was reassembled it received all new rubber trim, weatherstrip and gaskets that’s on the car. A total of about 1800 dollars worth of seals. The car was then put back together and received a new windshield in the process. Overall the exterior of this 912 is in excellent condition.

Interior: The beautiful black interior is all new and in excellent shape. The seats, carpet, door panels, headliner dash etc… have all been reupholstered and are in excellent condition. Lots of money and time was spent picking out the materials and the overall outcome is excellent. The interior looks virtually like a new car. This car is equipped with the optional 5 gauge dash with outside temperature gauge, and clock which are currently not working. All of the other gauges are in great working order. The “period correct” radio is also currently not functioning, which if you ask me, could either use some updating or simply just leave it off and enjoy the drive. The seats are very comfortable and due to the large windshield the driver is given a commanding view making it easier to hit the apex of each corner perfectly. The car retains its original steering wheel and that feels great in your hands. The large steering wheel, short dashboard, and floor hinged pedals really make ever occasion behind the wheel feel like something special. The interior of this car is in excellent condition and is a great place to spend the weekend driving up your favorite twisty roads!

Engine: The 912s engine has plenty of power from the factory to accelerate this light weight car with ease. These engines were ahead of there time and are remarkably durable. This car according to my research retains its original engine (engine number 933157), transmission and carburetion. This car is an absolute blast to drive, the engine runs and sounds terrific, the transmission shifts perfectly through all 5 gears and the suspension and steering is nice and tight. This is a great running and driving car. I have put a few hundred miles on this car in both heavy traffic as well as 75mph freeway trips and the car never skips a beat. The steering is nice and tight and free of “slop”. The brakes feel great and the car stops with ease. This 912 sails along at modern freeway speeds without breaking a sweat and does it comfortably. Overall this car has been well maintained and is in great running condition.

The 912 is an excellent weekend toy or daily driver. This is a great chance to own a very nice 912 at a reasonable price before they sky rocket like the 911s have in price!!! This car is in excellent condition both inside and out. The car is currently located in Scottsdale Arizona. I can help arrange shipping anywhere in the world and international buyers are welcome to enjoy this gorgeous Porsche!! Please do not hesitate to call me or email me with any questions. Justin (602) 339-2416

Clean 912s like this one are settling around the mid $20,000 mark, with exceptional examples reaching into $30,000 territory and approaching $40,000. For what this example is offering, I would say it’s priced realistically. It’s amazing to think that the basic 911 formula is still with us after all these years, but looking back to the genesis of the breed, it’s not hard to imagine why that is so.


2012 911 Carrera 4 GTS


For the last of 997 generation cars, Porsche pulled out all of the stops to make this the most technologically advanced 911 yet. Some of the new gadgets include car features an optional stop/start feature that shuts the engine down at stops, electro-mechanical power steering, and the optional 7-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, which this seller passed on in favor of the 6-speed manual (good call).

The Carrera 4 GTS sports the 3.8 liter boxer 6 that, like the 911s before it, puts up very impressive numbers. The 911 makes the run to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds with the help of 408bhp and 309 lb/ft of torque coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox. While these numbers are impressive, in this day and age even sports cars aren’t immune from fuel economy scrutiny.  Luckily the GTS will go about 25 miles per gallon of fuel…not bad for an all out performer.


Year: 2012
Model: Carrera 4 GTS
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 1,300 miles
Price: $97,997

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS on Rennlist.com


For sale by owner: 997 2012 911 GTS4 manual transmission coupe with only 1,300 miles.

Option list:

911 Carrera 4 GTS
Black Inter. Alcantara Seat
PASM Sport Suspension (-20mm)
Self-Dimming Mirrors
Heated Seats (Front)
GTS Sidestrips and Model Design
Bi-Xenon Headlights incl. PDLS
Sport Chrono Package Plus
Extend Navigation mod (PCM 3.0)
BOSE Surround Sound System
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Tuner

MSRP $118,655

Dealer installed accessories/options:
Full front wrap (3M) $2,500
Shipping in enclosed carrier $750

* Practically brand new, spotless inside and out.
* Has the iconic GTS wheels, and looks menacing in triple black.
* Highly optioned, has practically everything you could want in a 911.
* My loss is your gain; selling this and/or my Range Rover to keep just one car in the city.

Location: New York, NY 10001

Maintenance history: Break-in oil change will be performed at 2k miles, but likely to be sold before then. Only hand-washed, no machine/automatic washes.

Asking $97,997 or nearest reasonable offer.

No low-ballers please. Will be listed exclusively on Rennlist and Pelican first to hopefully attract private enthusiasts. If you’re in the market for a 911, this is the one you want.


If I had the means, this is 100% the way I would outfit my brand new 911. When buying this car not so long ago, the seller checked off all of the right boxes on the order form. The triple black on this is stunning, throw in all wheel drive, and the all important 3rd pedal, this car is the way a non turbo Porsche should be.

At $97K this Porsche is priced up where a CPO car should be without all of the benefits of being dealer backed. That being said there is a bit of negotiation that will need to be done in order to get this beauty where it should be. But if you’re up to the challenge, this would make an amazing addition to any garage.


1959 Porsche 356 Convertible D

Immortalized by the actor James Dean, the Porsche 356 Speedster has become one of the most highly prized classic Porsches. This model was born from the suggestion by US importer Max Hoffman that a simpler, lower cost open roofed model would sell well stateside. A little under 1,200 of these two seater Porsches were built, before the Cabriolet D arrived in 1958. With a higher windshield, comfier seats and roll up side windows, it added a touch of practicality to an otherwise purist package. This Convertible D for sale in Illinois was restored by a well known Porsche specialist and a more powerful, enlarged engine.

Year: 1959
Model: Convertible D
Engine: 1.9 liter flat four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 12,989 mi
Price: Reserve auction

1959 Porsche 356 Convertible D on eBay

This 356 is the most unique car I have ever seen and had the pleasure to drive!! This car was totally restored by the world renowned Gary Kempton. Sad to say the Porsche world lost a true artist with his passing. However his legacy lives on in this absolutely beautiful Porsche. This multi-year restoration is second to none and you would be hard pressed to find a more perfect Porsche for your collection. Every nut and bolt has been restored to to perfection.

Needless to say there is absolutely no rust and every body panel is fit to perfection. The paint is flawless and is a special color that was requested by Ferry Porsche for his own 356 at the time. Gary was able to find the color code after much research and was able to duplicate the color exactly. The interior is finished in a beautiful full leather Cashmere beige that is soft and supple. Every piece of trim has been refinished to factory perfect condition. The engine although not original to the car is very special. It was commissioned to be built by Curt Zitza. Below is the detail in his own words;

“We use a new SCAT Porsche sized crank, new Carrillo rods and a new mild cam. We use factory Porsche twin plug helicopter
heads that have been re-valved and all ports flowed. We use Electromotive fuel injection and custom tune each engine on a stuska 300 hpdyno. Our engines make approx. 190 hp at 6000 rpm. The engine is approximately 1950 cc’s. The engine requires a separate oil cooler andf iltration system – we use an Accusump – two oil coolers behind the front grill and oil filter in left rear fender. It is an electromotive complete ignition system, capable of delivering timed spark and timed fuel injection. changing the gear ratio in gears 3 and 4 makes the performance remarkable. this combination delivers awe inspiring never before experienced 911 performance in a 356 without butchering the car to change over the 911 power plant. Customer experience include: raced against a c2 nose to tail to over 100 mph.” Curt Zitza

Included with this car is the orginal engine,date coded wheels,stock brakes and all necessary parts to return it back to factory condition. This is an exceptional Porsche..it needs nothing and is ready for a dicriminating new owner. For complete details please call Ron Barnaba # 630 417 5387

Here is a link to several pictures: http://hqinventory.com/86395/

The Convertible D is less valuable than a Speedster, but less valuable in the Porsche world still means a lot of money. For a good one, you’ll be paying into the six figures, with the best examples approaching $200,000.