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1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe 3.8 liter

I don’t feature all that many modified 911s, preferring to focus on mostly original examples, and when I do they tend to fall into one of two categories: Motorsports Mondays posts where the modifications have taken an obvious focus on track preparation, or backdated 911s attempting to marry the aesthetics of the long-hood 911 with more modern mechanicals. In both cases, the nature of the car and the modifications is quite explicit and obvious; these would not be mistaken for an unmodified 911. What we don’t see often are cars like this one, a 1989 Porsche Carrera 4 Coupe that from the outside might look like any other Carrera 4 Coupe of its day. That generally means we’re looking at more subtle modifications or, as is the case here, almost entirely internal. The most significant change here is to the engine which has been built out to 3.8 liters. That work was done twenty years ago and the engine has since seen a rebuild at 67K miles. We also get Turbo brakes and an upgraded suspension with the focus of much of the work being on bringing this 964 to “RS” spec. The interior is mostly some aesthetic add-ons I could do without, but all of that is easily reversible or further modified to suit your needs. In the end we have a nice looking Carrera 4 Coupe that packs an additional performance punch.

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Year: 1989
Model: 911 Carrera 4
Engine: 3.8 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 94,070 mi
Price: Auction

1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 type-964 with 96,000 original miles that runs excellent. This car has “RS” inspired modifications and an impressive list of quality performance enhancing upgrades as well as meticulous maintenance records by reputable shops.
And also this car had a lot of maintenance recently by me. ( This is about $5,000 of parts w/o labor. I am 4th private owner and have extensive experience with Porsche cars because I used to work for Porsche garage shop.) Always filled with 93 octane pure-gas !!
Now, unfortunately, I am selling this car due to my life change and I need to move out this country for my job soon.
Below is the list of recent upgrades work.

A. The Car has the following recent maintenance:
Engine hood Dumper L/R, 1/1/2015 at 91,500 miles
K&N Air filter cleaning, 7/5/2015 at 91,993 miles
Power steering Oil Change w/ Valvoline fluid, 7/5/2015 at 91,993 miles
Attach NEW DME relay, 7/5/2015 at 91,993 miles
Gear Oil change w/ REDLINE 75w-90 GL-5, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Overhaul Sunroof, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Transfer Oil Change w/ REDLINE 75w-90 GL-5, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Fuel Tank Strainer, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Fuel Filter, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Fuel Cap Seal, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Fuel Door Rubber Protective Flap, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Washer Reservoir Cap, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Overhaul Distributor with replacing inside Drive belt, Gear Pin and O-ring, 11/16/2015 at 92,500 miles
Replace all 4 tires and Tire valve w/ Sumitomo HTR Zâ…¢, 11/16/2015 at 92,500miles, Front 205/50/17, Rear 255/40/17
Attach New Bosch Ignition Coil , 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Attach New Bosch Ignition Control unit , 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Attach New Facet Ignition Rotor, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Attach New Beru Distributor Cap, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Spark Plug NGK BCPR7ET, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Overhaul Pedal unit with replacing all bushing and grease up all links, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Attach New Pedal Pad, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Adjust Valve Gap, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Replace Cam Cover oil seal gasket, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Motor Oil change w/ Brad Penn 20w-50, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Replace Oil filter w/ PIAA, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Brake fluid w/ ATE Type200 Super Gold, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Clutch fluid w/ ATE Type200 Super Gold, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Replace Engine Compartment Sound Pad, 4/21/2016 at 92,580 miles
Change Engine Mount to RS parts, 4/21/2016 at 92,580 miles
Replace all Drain Tube under the floor, 4/21/2016 at 92,580 miles

B. The Car has the following upgrades:
1. Handling:
Front Strut brace Bar
Front and Rear adjustable Sway bars
Pillow ball joints sway bar link
RS Bilstein suspension Kit
Rear Pillow ball joint suspension lower arm

2. Brake:
Big red “Turbo” Brake Caliper
Front 2-piece Full-Floating Drilled Brake rotor
Rear Drilled Brake Rotor

3. Engine:
Engine Overhaul done by TopHalf at 67,000 miles
3.8 Liter Upgrade
3.8 RSR spec camshaft by Web Cam Inc.
Flywheel and Clutch Upgrade to RS parts
Transmission Mount Strengthened, 9/6/2015 at 92,000 miles
Engine mount upgrade to RS parts, 4/21/2016 at 92,580 miles
Attach Oil filter Adaptor to use for TOYOTA Oil filter (Available to use same as the one for SUPRA 2JZGTE, LS430 3UZ-FE), 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Crankcase ventilation valve system, 5/1/2015 at 91,900 miles

4. Intake:
K&N Air Filter
Mass Air Flow sensor (hot wire air flow sensor)
TopHalf ECU Engine Chip to meet 3.8 Liter and Mass Air Flow Senser upgrades

5. Exhaust:
2013y Borla New Catalytic Convertor and Exhaust
B&B Stainless Exhaust System
B&B Cat and Cay Bypass Pipe
B&B Stainless Heat Exchangers

6. Exterior:
PCA sticker on rear window
17″ Cup Wheels
RS Tear Drop side mirrors
Change all lamps to LED (other than head, fog and high-mount stop lamp), 5/1/2015 at 91,900 miles
PIAA Wiper blade. 1/1/2015 at 91,700 miles
Wide blue side mirror, 9/6/2015 at 92,000miles

7. Interior:
JL Audio Front separate speaker system with Crossover network
Infinity Audio Rear speaker
Aluminum Footrest
Replace most of light valve to LED, 5/1/2015 at 91,900 miles
Modified OEM key head to LED, 5/1/2015 at 91,900 miles
Double Stack Gas pedal, 3/3/2016 at 92,500 miles
Recaro Pole Position Seat for both Driver and passenger side
Black Leather shift Boots, 9/6/2015 at 92,000miles
shaving aluminum shift knob, 9/6/2015 at 92,000miles
Ignition cylinder sticker, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles
Pioneer DEF-80PRS Audio Head Unit, 4/13/2016 at 92,530 miles

C. Known Issues:
HVAC blows cold and the compressor is replaced to be available with R-134 gas. But Gas is leaking, Need to fill 2 cans per 1.5 years.
Paint has stone chip especially front bumper, bonnet hood and rear fender. These are normal wear as 27 years old car for me.

D. The following things come with car:
OEM audio unit and amplifier if you want.
Original Tool-kit
Original Spare Tire
Original Manuals
Original Steering Wheel (NALDI will be removed)
Maintenance / Tune up records

E. Payment
An immediate deposit of $1000.00 is reuqred and full payment due via Paypal and the balance is due before title transfer in cash or certified check / wire transfer right away.

Engine modification from 3.6 => 3.8 was done by midwest Eurosport in IL back in 1996 at 29,000 miles.
Then rebuilt Engine at 67,000 miles.

Of course, one of the reasons I don’t feature many modified 911s is that the pricing rarely seems to make sense. In this case, it’s done right: a no reserve auction that was set with a reasonable starting bid. Buyers can decide what these changes are worth. The performance gains here shouldn’t be significant – though they will be there – so for someone who might be looking for a 3.8 liter 964 this could save a good bit of money as the work has already been done. That savings seems borne out so far as bidding sits at $32,200 with a couple days remaining. Obviously there is some risk as there’s little time to get the car checked out, but the owner sounds knowledgeable so hopefully some thorough questions – or some documentation – can set the mind at ease.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S November 22, 2016

    There was a similar 964 with a 3.8 conversion done to a very high standard, well documented and very very nice with lower miles which recently sold for $55k. My guess is this seller is looking for more.

    Why would the motor need a rebuild at 67k miles after having the top end done at 29k miles?

    Also those are not Recaro Pole Position seats. The PP’s are a lot more expensive and more track oriented. IMO those seats are awful and the stockers would be better.

    My guess is this car did some serious track time and has now been reconverted to a street car. Thats just a guess.

  2. jimf42
    jimf42 November 27, 2016

    I see it sold for $35K …very well bought!

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