2008 Volkswagen R32

How do you improve on the car that has been the benchmark for hot hatches? Add 50bhp, AWD with a haldex differential, a sporty interior, and aggressive styling. In short, the R32. The past three generations of the VW golf have been disappointing to say the least, straying from the original hot hatch, each generation has gotten larger, less nimble, and ultimately less capable.

With the 5th generation Golf, VW tried to go back to the roots of the nimble hatchback that enthusiasts fell in love with back in 1983. The MK5 R32 features the 3.2L narrow angle V6, with an exhaust note that dreams are made of. While many disagree with the choice to offer the DSG transmission only, it is probably one of the best transmissions in the segment. All in all the MK5 R32 is a huge step in VWs redemption, and certainly a step in the right direction for the Golf.

In “pull me over” Red over black leather, this R32 for sale in Seatac, Washington is a great alternative to a new GTI.

2008 VW R32 on eBay

I am selling my beloved limited .:R32 because there is only 5000 made! As you can see it is heavily modified with 3.2L 24-valve 3189CC 195Cu Engine Naturally Aspirates. R32 is more a fast, comfortable GT than a rip-roaring, apex-attacking super compact.
Yes, the Evo will leave the R32 behind on a tight twisty road and will outgun it in a stoplight sprint. But the Vee-Dub is still plenty quick enough, handles better than most drivers will ever need and would make a much better daily driver and road trip companion thanks to its smoother, quieter ride. The R32 is also more mature, as this performance car does without the gaping air intakes and wing-and-spoiler bonanza. It also has a nicer interior that gives off a neatly tailored European vibe typical of the brand. The center-mounted dual exhaust is the reason to buy this car.
The car has done 48,000 milles. I put on spacers on the rear wheels, it feels steady on the road. I had to get new tires last year, dsg transmission oil recently has been changed which requires every 40k miles.
Year: 2008
Body: R32 AWD DSG Auto w/ Nav
Title: Rebuild
Engine: 3.2-liter
Cylinders: 6 – Cyl.
Transmission: DSG – 6 Speed

Call me or text if you are serious about buying. 253.205.5346

Clean retail on the R32 is around $21,000, so even though this car is not CPO by VW, this R32 is a solid buy at $19,000. This is one of the cars that I’ve wanted to own sionce it came out, but going from a wagon to a 2 door hatch might be a little too much of an adjustment. Given that the MK6 is basically the same car as the MK5, the R32 is a great alternative to the new GTIs that are pushing $30K MSRP, or even worse, the Golf R with an MSRP of near $37K.


2004 R32 Street Legal Race Car

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Cannonball Run on TV. I was about 10 years old and it was one of those moments in my life that solidified my enthusiasm for the automobile. Just the thought of being able to drive a car at its limits from coast to coast became the thing of dreams to me. Created by Brock Yates (of Car and Driver) in the ’70s, the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash as it was officially known was an underground, and for all intents and purposes, an outlaw race from coast to coast. The original intent of the race was to protest the traffic and speed laws being imposed by the US Government, but after a few years of the event, it became more known for the epic parties that came with it.

Five years after the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash was shut down, Yates came up with a legal and more speed limit friendly competition called the One Lap of America. This competition captured the traveling spirit of the original event, but now the excessive speeds are reserved for the track portions of the event. Still going strong the One Lap has gained huge popularity with enthusiasts, and racers alike.

This 2004 R32 for sale in Coopersburg, PA was built specifically for this event, and has been carefully engineered to walk the line of competitive track car, and reliable street car. With a 2nd place class finish in SSGT2 Small Bore in 2011, this car has proven to be no slouch on either front.

2004 R32 Street Legal Race Car on vwvortex.com

One Lap of America is over. Car build is over…Time to build a new car to promote the business and build for one lap next year. This car has completed its job for us and is now for sale. This R32T was a great car, fast, handles and great to drive! it will be missed but its time for a new project….so this one must go!
2004 R32 turbo full built. All new or super low miles. 36k miles on the car. Under 3000 on drive train. Street legal road track race car. Over $42k invested not including labor. We have SO much into this car. Someone will get a great deal on a pre built, low mile built car verus paying for all the parts and labor to build it!
Now the long list….. -C2motorsports tune, no SAI, no cat. 550 fuleing, 2nd inline pump, 4” intake and maf -IE rods and JE pistons Forge internals with arp everything. fully machined and all new block and head. valve job etc. ALL NEW gaskets, waterpump, chains, guides, tensioners etc -Mk5 baffles plated oil pan and new pump, -new Southbend clutch and flywheel. -Innovative Design & Fabrication Tubular control arms and modified ball joints. -H2sport Camber plates. -Rear adjustable arms. -14.5″ 2 piece rotors with 996 front bbk. -Rear ECS 13.1 2 piece bbk. -3″ turbo back no cat, passes emissions. heat wraped downpipe, wg tube, cables, firewall, intake manifold underside etc -Water cooler tial mvr wasteagate. -new Precision 6265 s-trim- 4” inlet and 2.5 out, 3” vband .82 ar exhaust. -Auto power race cage. -Yarrowsport rear strut bar. -Hockis hollow race adjustable swap bars. -CAE vwms shifter. -Momo wheel. -boost and AF Gauges.  -bigger Aluminum rad. Low temp fan and tstat. -Brass subframe bushings and shifter mounts. -Bilstien pss9. -Bildon wheel stubs and steel race lugs. -HPA awic intake manifold and a 2x12x24 core and rear water box. -Forge Super dv. 4″ intake and air box. -Brail 7lb battery. -Lightened 380lbs. Carbon hatch and hood. No rear seat. Still has AC and radio. -5 1552 Tarmac 18×8.5 wheels with 5 new dunlop tires and 4 65% used tires. -Carbotech 10 race pads and new street front pads. -No rubber anything in front end. -Lightened crank pulley. -SS brake lines. -Dual stage boost controller. -HPA comp haldex cotroller. -pull fire system in engine bay(needs a bottle) -real, not show tow hooks front and rear -BFI green stg3? motor mounts -5 point harness, -carbon hood and hatch. have factory hatch still -all new fluids -still has full front interior, ac, ps and radio- kept for one lap comforts -has a wrap on the sides, paint and body is very clean. no damage at all, no crashes, no repaint on any parts! stickers and wrap can come off with now issue. -has a velo driver seat. you will have to pay extra for the seat if you want it(not mine, borrowed for the year) i have a stock golf seat in the pass side because it is the lightest of all vw seats. i will include another stock golf seat for the drivers seat if you do not with to buy the velo. best race seat i’ve ever used though!  velo’s are amazing!  -may have forgot a few things! will add more when i think of them
car is 100% street legal and registered and inspected/emission tested in PA as of now. i drove it for a daily to break in things.
asking $28Kobo without the velo seat. includes everything above. will not part out. possible trades depending on what it is. mostly looking for cash, a lotus, mk1 plus cash, etc

As a VW fan I have always liked the MK4 R32, and this car takes everything to love about it to the next level. From the turbo power to the track ready suspension, this car is an ideal track day car. This thing even looks the part, with full race livery and carbon fiber throughout.

At $28,000 this car is priced well. A bone stock R32 should fetch in the $13,000 arena, but with the extensive list of modifications, the extra $15,000 for this car is a steal for the amateur racing enthusiast.


2008 Volkswagen R32

Starting in 2004, VW has started the every four year tradition of releasing an R version of the Golf. Starting with the 2004 R32, these cars were an instant hit with VW enthusiasts, and performance enthusiasts alike. With a 240bhp narrow angle V6 (VR6) 6-speed manual gearbox, and Haldex AWD these cars are capable on the road, and at track days. While the first generation was a hit, the second generation R32 was met with much hesitation among enthusiasts. Based on the MK5 platform, the 2008 R32 offered the same VR6 torque monster, however the 6-speed manual was replaced with VWs DSG dual clutch gearbox. While the DSG was a technological masterpiece, with launch control, and split second shifts,  it still left manual lovers shaking their heads in disgust.

As polarizing as the DSG gearbox is, the R32 still possessed all of the elements for success. With the 3.2-liter, 250-horsepower V-6 engine, six-speed double clutch transmission, Haldex 4 AWD system, electromechanical steering the MK5 R32 did its MK4 predecessor proud.

This Tornado Red on Black 2008 R32 for sale at VW of Oakland is sure to be a cop magnet for whoever buys it.

2008 VW R32 on Cars.com

This is a car that I’m on the fence about.  I have driven the DSG, and it is a great transmission for flogging the R32, but it tends to be quirky around town in everyday situations.  no matter how great it is on paper, I still missed the visceral feeling of ripping through the gears.  All that aside, this 10K mile car is one of the cleaner R32s I’ve seen for sale.  At around 2500 miles annually, this car has seen an easy life.  The asking price of $26,991 (cars.com has an older price advertised) is right where it should be for a car this clean, making it a great deal no matter what your position is on the DSG gearbox.




2004 VW R32 for sale

My last R32 post has left them more present in my thoughts than they’ve been in years. The precipitous drop in price since I was last in tune with the market takes them to a new level of desirability. Though still rare, it seems like the the market is hovering around $12-15k. To me, that’s the perfect used-car price to get something worthwhile and fun while having enough left over to rationalize a ton of maintenance before hitting new-car prices. They’re showing up with around 100k miles, which is a nice time to hop in and give it some good love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 6-speed, AWD, and a burbly VR6 are incontrovertible greatnesses and will someday occupy a spot in my stable.

2004 VW R32 for sale on eBay

No real info from the dealership selling it, unfortunately. The dirty engine throws me off a bit, but the R32 has one of those butts that in real life is perfectly sized and round, but in a tasteful way, not in the way Sir Mix-a-lot likes ’em. This is how an pre-owned R32 should be: unmolested, all stock, and ready to rock. Starting at $11k places it right in the good-buy market. Anything less than $14k and this is a great car for good money.


2004 VW R32 for sale

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the R32 market. Last I checked, they were still riding a wave of desirability and scant depreciation. Something has happened in the last year or so, as prices have dropped well into the teens, whereas they used to be routinely low-$20ks. I know there’s plenty to gripe about with the the MkIV Golfs, but these R32s still get me going. One of best-sounding hot hatches ever, a good amount of VR6 juice and the AWD I long for, it would probably take ownership of a horrible lemon to turn me off of these. Prices may stabilize in the future, but with 5000 more in 2008 and the imminent Golf R, it’s possible the supply of 2004s might just be the same as the demand. Today’s comes from the center of V.A.G. awesomeness, Colorado, and gets bonus points because the seller is only getting rid of it to finance a GTI race car. 91k miles and daily-driver wear are the downsides, but a $13.5k Buy-It-Now seems very reasonable.

2004 Volkswagen R32 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Adult owned vehicle. Stock and unmodified with the exception of Hella tail lights, dimpled/slotted front brake rotors, and an Autotech Sport Tuning upper front stress bar that can be removed.

Vehicle is a daily driver and has no known mechanical issues. Starts up first try every time. There are no fluid drops beneath it in my reserved parking spot. It does not smoke. Oil has been changed using Mobile 1 synthetic every 5000 miles or less.

Having been a daily driver it has some surface scuffs and scratches on the interior and exterior which are associated with normal use. There are some scratches that may or may not be able to be buffed out, one ding over the driver side rear wheel that is remarkable (pictured), and a few light parking lot dings that one would expect to find on any pre-owned vehicle.

There is some wear on the places that one would expect to find it — steering wheel, shift knob, parking brake lever, and the sides of the leather seats where it rubs when you get in and out. The floor mats are the original ones and show definite wear but they are a pretty inexpensive thing to replace. The carpet beneath the driver side floor mats is matted down and shows wear. The passenger side has had far less use and the mat and carpet beneath on that side is in much better shape.

Has 18″ VW OEM BBS RC wheels with center caps. Wheels have marks from parralel parking. I have been told that they can be repaired but have not tried.

The glove box door in the pictures has no handle but it will be replaced before buyer takes delivery.

New OEM headlights with fog lights installed 2/24/12 — car has been driven less than 10 miles since

Clutch, flywheel, etc done by VW dealership in 2011 — Less than 8000 miles ago

New Windshield – September, 2011

Snow tires with about 4-5 months of driving on them — definitely have plenty of rubber to make it through another winter

Dimpled and slotted 13″ rotors in the front. Calipers rebuilt this fall. Brake system flushed and fluid replaced with Motul 600 extreme temperature/racing brake fluid. This car has awesome braking capabilities.

Pioneer touch-screen DVD player with iPod and Pandora control — can be upgraded to include GPS and/or hands-free Bluetooth. Stereo was a Christmas present and installed at the end of January and still in mint condition. Stereo was installed using the factory Monsoon speakers and amplifier via a PAC interface.

It absolutely flies. Has tons of torque. It pulls hard from a dead start to well over 100 MPH or until you run out of straight away. It’s nimble and handles fantastically in every possible road condition.

I absolutely love this car and have treated it very well and never abused or beat on it. The ONLY reason that I am selling this car is to buy a VW GTI race car so that I can go racing. I would keep it if I could afford to.

My love for the BBS RCs has faded over the years, but mostly just the chrome versions. These have always been a lot of car in a little package, and even hearing MkIV horror stories, it’s exciting to see the prices coming into such reasonable territory.


Low, low mile 2004 VW R32 for sale

Until the new Golf R comes out, provided VW blesses us deprived ‘mericans with its presence, the 1st-gen R32 will be top on my list of modern VWs to have thanks to its healthy VR6, 6-speed, and awesome 4Motion all-wheel drive.  I don’t think I’m alone in this, as the much newer (and thus less used and abused) 2008 models are going for just a few thousand more on the market.  Today, I found a magically low-mile and clean 2004 in Black Magic, though I can never decide if, were I actually to make the purchasing jump, I would go for black or the Deep Blue.  Regardless, this 20k-mile example comes in black, so I’ll go with it.

I’ll preempt the haters and say that this generation of VWs has it’s faults.  It may require some maintenance.  There, I said it, so I can go back to drooling over thoughts of bombing up the mountains with nary a care in my AWD hot hatch.  This thing has gone just over 3k miles a year, in my eyes making it worth the $22,500 asking price provided everything checks out.  Their rarity will only become more important as time goes on, and I think we all, as German car lovers, owe VW a hearty thanks for having the cojones to put out a car like this while a lot of other volume-based companies went bland and beige.  I may have to wait a few more years until I get mine, but a low-mile one like this is what I’ll be looking for.


Clean 2004 R32 for sale

Now, I may have made my case for a used RS6 being more worth your $32k than a new R32, but my same reasoning makes me anxious to make some more money so that I can be realistically in the market for the original R32 at new base-level Golf price.  I like the MkIV R32 so much more than the MkV anyways.  Same engine, same AWD, but much better looking.  They’re around for up to $25k still, but the market has come down enough to be able to find nice ones under $20k if you’re patient.  This Reflex Silver example has covered just 39.5k miles and, despite a few wheel nicks and small scratches, is the total package.  Not many miles, overall beautiful condition, and good price make this a tempting prospect.

“It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.” – Wayne Campbell


Scary Twin-Turbo R32 for sale

I remember reading about the HPA twin-turbo upgrade on a VW New Beetle when I was in middle school.  It blew my mind in many ways.  Then the MkIV R32 rolled around and they started working their magic on that.  Heaven, BiTurbo R32 is thy name.  HPA does extremely nice installations, creating a driveable monster out of one of my favorite cars.  This one is juiced up even more than I’d heard of before, with some 500hp at the WHEELS.

Upgraded Twin-Turbo 2004 VW R32 for sale

The rest of the upgrades read like a “if I had a million dollars” list, so I’ll let the seller do his thing:

This exact package is truly one of my dream cars.  I’d take this over most Italians (288 GTO exempted), and it’s just right up there with a Turner Motorsports E30 M3 2.5 or RS4 wagon as the best thing possible.  Just epic.

At first I thought the HPA on the hood was a bit much, but the fact that it’s clear-coated over the carbon hood with the rest body-color is a nice touch.  This guy has done truly everything to make this the most insanely awesome R32 possible.  $85k is steep, sure, but it’s a proven turbo system on a great car with all the requisite upgrades to make it so much more than just some tuner car.  I’m jealous of the owner’s resources and ambition for making this car a reality.


2004 VW R32 Turbo for Sale on eBay

Hot on the heels of the turbo Golf Rallye, this R32 Turbo popped up on eBay.  I love the R32, so much so that it’s at the top of my realistic dream-car list.  The looks are aggressive yet subtle, the AWD makes it a 4-season monster, and it’s got some juice from the 3.2l VR6.  It’s probably the most well-done car from VW in decades, though the new GTI portends good things are coming.  The one gripe that has followed the R32 is a lack of power, and while 240hp in a Golf sounds pretty good, it’s not fast, especially when compared to its 4WD contemporaries, the Subaru STI and the Mitsubishi Evo.  This seller has addressed that issue and more with an EIP turbo setup along and a host of driveline and suspension additions.

R32 Turbo for sale on eBay

The seller’s list of upgrades:

Engine / Power:
-Original 3.2L 240hp Engine, All Accessories Retained (A/C, Power-Everything, Upgraded Bosch T-Stat, Sensors, Fan-Switch and FPR, All Original Covers, Including Retention of Emissions Components, Factory Installed Appearance)
-EIP Stage-1 Turbo System with All Comp Series Upgrades (AWD Dyno Tested/Tuned 425hp)
-Comp Series (Dual-Core) Front Mount Intercooler (stock like fitment)
-Clear-Coated Silver Turbo Piping (very easy to clean, stays bright, looks like stock)
-Ball Bearing Turbocharger Upgrade
-Turbosmart Billet External Ultra-Gate Wastegate
-Greddy Diverter/Blow-Off Valve (Re-circulated)
-Apexi AVC-R Digital Boost Controller (Glove-Box Mounted)
-3” Stainless Steel Downpipe w/Integrated Wastegate Return
-3” Stainless Steel High Flow Catalytic Converter
-3” Stainless Steel EIP Exhaust w/Resonator (deep mellow tone)

Transmission / Driveline:
-Fidanza Billet Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel (fast throttle response)
-EIP Comp Series Dual-Friction Clutch (stock-like pedal feel, 500+ HP setup)
-Quaife Torque Biasing All Wheel Drive Differential
-Haldex Performance Rear Wheel Drive Controller
-EIP Short Shifter (Front-to-Back and Side-to-Side)
-Brembo 15” Racing Brakes w/Porsche 4-Piston Calipers and Slotted Rotors
-Neuspeed Billet 18” Wheels
-Kuhmo Excsta MX 225/40/18 ZR Tires (new)
-Bilstein Fully Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension (Twin-Springs, Externally Adjustable)
-Autotech Front and Rear Lightweight Sway-Bars w/Urethane Bushings
-Autotech Aluminum Upper Stress Bar

There shouldn’t be any more griping with 425hp on tap.  The modifications seem comprehensive without (thankfully) turning it into a track-only car.  Even the large stereo system fits well, tucked in nicely without the horrible trunk-eclipsing fiberglass enclosures.  Remove the vinyl and swap some more subtle rims and this is very nearly my ideal car.  With only 30k miles and the reserve off at around $20k, this hot VW is a hot deal.