Wish List: 1993 Isdera Commendatore 112i

Around this time each year it’s nice to draw up a ‘wish list’ of things that, were I obscenely rich, I’d love to get myself as a holiday present. And if you’re Jeff Bezos, bored, reading this blog, and feeling spendy for some reason, this one is top of my list. What you see here is a car that not many are very familiar with. It comes from the firm Isdera, which doesn’t sound particularly German at all. But Isdera is an acronym for Ingenieurbüro fur Styling, DEsign und RAcing, which does seem particularly German. In fact, I’m surprised it’s not just one word. Anyway, Isdera was the brain child of Eberhard Schulz, who started off by building himself a sports car called the Erator GTE that looked very similar to the GT40, but had gullwing doors. Shulz worked for Porsche and Mercedes for a bit as a result of this impressive prototype, and later moved to the tuning firm B&B which ultimately led to the CW311 show car in 1978. Based upon Mercedes-Benz mechanical components and stylistically the successor to the Mercedes-Benz C111 rotary prototypes, Isdera then launched his own topless form of the CW311 called the Spyder 036i, 17 of which were made, and finally a ‘production’ version of the B&B CW311 called the Imperator 108i.

Not stasfied with 20-odd 108is produced through 1991, Shulz then dropped a 6-liter V12 in the middle of the chassis and hooked it to a Ruf-modified gearbox, Porsche suspension, a windshield wiper yanked from a Japanese Skinkansen bullet train, and a name befitting the founder of a certain Italian supercar maker. The result was stunning in 1993, and I’d argue it’s still pretty stunning today. And if you can pony up a whole lotta cash, the one existing example can be yours early next year.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Isdera Commendatore 112i at RM Southeby’s Paris Auction 2021

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1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

While the US market had to settle for the RS America, a lightened low-option version of the Carrera 2, other markets enjoyed the full-on Carrera RS. The Carrera RS used the tried-and-true method of more power/less weight, combining a higher output version of the 964s 3.6 liter flax-six with significant weight reduction coming in 155 kg lighter than a standard Carrera 2 to provide the sort of no frills performance that 911 enthusiasts had long craved since the original RS. Under the rear hood was the M64/03 rated at 260 horsepower which doesn’t sound like a lot by today’s numbers. But the lightweight RS made good use of all of them, proving itself not only to be a class-leading sports car but also one adept at racing in keeping with the 911’s heritage. Suspension was lowered half an inch and stiffened, while the limited-slip differential from the Turbo was borrowed. Power steering was dropped for a manual rack, and while there were packages to add back in road-going manners, this ultimately was a bare-bones racer at heart.

Some 2,276 964 Carrera RSs were made, with a fair chunk of those heading to the track. There were a limited group of these cars imported to the U.S. for a failed race series and a few more since 911 mania took off, but the bulk of production still lies in Europe, just like this ’92 being offered today from France:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS on eBay

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Motorsports Monday: 1988 Audi 200 quattro Trans Am

One of the things I love the most about Audi is that for some time they liked to do things differently. Now, if you’re Porsche and you’re able to build a reputation around that insistence to do things differently through racing, then you can be a successful company. As such, the closely linked cousin Audi was taken racing by some of the same team from Porsche. The first big attempt in the 1980s was the push to win the World Rally Championship with their new Quattro model. Highlighting turbocharged technology coupled with a semi-revolutionary all-wheel drive system, the Quattro was a positive sensation until the mid-1980s and the death of Group B. Audi then took on Group A with the non-turbo Coupe quattro briefly, and also enjoyed some unlikely success rallying with their 200 sedan. But even success in World Rally Championship events wasn’t enough of a reputation boost for what lay ahead of Audi next, as 60 Minutes highhandedly nearly took the company right out of the marketplace. In order to rebuild the reputation of the company in the U.S., Quattro guru Jo Hoppen convinced Audi to go racing in the SCCA Trans-Am series. Headlining that series were tube-frame V8 behemoths that outwardly laughed as a production based luxury sedan with a measly 2.1 turbocharged inline-5 hanging way out the front pulled up to grid. It turned out they didn’t laugh too long:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Audi 200 quattro Trans Am at Auto Collections

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Motorsports Monday: 2009 Volkswagen GTi

To call the TireRack sponsored “One Lap of America” anything other than a grueling competition would be a disservice to the event. On par with some of the greatest endurance races in the world, the 7-day, 3,200 mile trek around the United States has an added twist – you have to drive your race car between stages. Now, that’s something that occurs in the World Rally Championship – but they cover far fewer miles and have pro teams, pit crews and major automotive manufacturers backing them up. To say that the One Lap is a amateur-only event would also be misleading, but it is far from a strictly professional series – and where else would you see a Honda Odyssey win at anything? Combining several different classes of cars, you get the spectrum from classic performance muscle cars through modern super GTs. The winner of class “SSGT2 SB” in 2014 was a Volkswagen GTi – one of a trio of cars prepared to dominate the event. When you consider that the cars that ranked above them were super GT royalty – Corvette ZR-1s, Viper SRT-10s, Boss 302s and a plethora of Nissan GT-Rs – the level of performance from the GTis is drawn into perspective. Now the builders are moving on, leaving these seriously potent track weapons available at a fraction of their build cost:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2009 Volkswagen GTi on eBay

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Motorsports Monday RS Style: 1979 and 1987 Porsche 911s

It goes without saying that the Porsche 911 is one of the most popular modified chassis ever conceived, and a fair amount of those modifications are track-based. The results are sometimes mixed; however, one of the more popular trends which I think is pretty slick is backdating 911s. It’s ironic, since for some time it was more popular to update the looks of many of the older race cars to new 964 or 993 bodies. However, the surge in pricing in the 1960s and 1970s 911 market has resulted in many backdated cars coming to market. Obviously, the advantage is that you get a better driving and more powerful car with more options than original, but it’s got the look of the sought after early models. However, probably the biggest advantage is that of price; with a lower entry cost, prospective buyers aren’t afraid to use the 911 where it is well suited; driving fast on a race track. Today I have two different takes on backdated 911s, both with a nod towards the mega-buck RS model. Which is the one you’d choose?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera on eBay

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Motorsports Monday: Mild or Wild M3s

Going to the track is like any other addiction; it has its highs and lows. You may start going with a stock car, but soon you’ll feel the need to modify the suspension, beef up with wheels and tires, throw on some racing brakes, strip the interior and all of that heavy stuff that slows you down like air conditioning, sound deadening, and seats. Then you drop a cage in and hit the track; all smiles, no doubt, but it’s been an expensive journey and your track weapon is really only good at fast laps for a small percentage of its existence; the rest of the time, it just sits or is exceptionally uncomfortable and inconvenient as a daily driver. Plus, modern cars have gotten so expensive and complicated, with enough computer aids that they can nearly lap themselves. What is an enthusiast to do, then? Well, you can look towards some perennial favorites that helped to establish the reputation of BMW; the M3. In this case, I have two examples that are set up to hit the track – a racer E30 and a street-drivable but track-biased E46. Which is your flavor?


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Motorsport Monday: 190E – DTM or WRC Flavor?


Homologation for motorsport is nothing new, but it’s uncommon that a vehicle will make the transition into multiple race series. Mercedes-Benz had intentions of rally competition with the 190E when it was introduced in the early 1980s, but, as they say, life is timing. With the Audi Quattro lighting up the World Rally scene, Mercedes became a bit gun shy of the proposition. Instead, they decided to go racing in the newly devised Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (German Touring Car) race series. The first years of this series were legendary, with Mercedes going head to head with E30 BMW M3s on the track in some epic battles.

The two competition 190Es we’ll take a look at today were intended for two very different race series. The first 190E we’ll take a look at is for sale in Holland and was intended for the rally circuit.

Click for more details: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Rallye on Mobile.de

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Motorsport Monday: Outrageous Audi Quattro A2 Factory Rally Car

There are precious few times that you’ll see something like we have to feature today; while there are plenty of clones of the factory Audi Rally cars, few make it up for sale. Last month I wrote up a Quattro rally tribute car that was pretty well built, though I suggested perhaps overpriced given what it was. The same might be said of this car today, though while you could build an exhaustively accurate replica of this car for much less than the asking price, you can’t recreate provenance. Today’s Quattro is one of the A2 long wheel base factory cars that was later bought and raced by Frank Sprongl – infamous in the Audi and Rally scene. At some point this car switched owners and was bought by the equally notable Shokan Coachworks in New York. Shokan has amassed an impressive collection of rare Audis over the years, including a Sport Quattro and several RS2s, but this car was likely the crown jewel in the collection. It’s not often that you even get to see one of these cars outside of the factory. Despite this, the time has apparently come to move on and this revolutionary car is up for sale:

Year: 1983
Model: Quattro (A2)
Engine: 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 9,184 mi
Price: $385,000 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 Audi Quattro A2 Factory Rally Car on eBay

Audi factory built A2 Groupe B Rally Car. All original with logbook. Comes with huge spare parts collection including engine. Will not separate. Actual VIN # is WAUZZZ85ZDA900006 this is a import from germany Again, this car is factory original, not a clone.
Please call for details and additional information.

If you’re a classic Audi fan or just a Rally aficionado, this is a rare treat. Works cars come up for sale so infrequently for any marque that it’s a very special occasion. You could sit and look at the details incorporated into this car for hours – the Sport brakes,tubular control arms, the bespoke special 350hp+ engine, rear mounted oil cooler under the spoiler, the baffled gas tank; the list goes on and on. Then, of course, there are the spares – Speedline works wheels as far as the eye can see, alloy engine bits and spare bodywork, differentials, suspension and driveshafts, and even a spare cage; there’s enough here to go conquer Rally Monte Carlo on your own.

Of course, that package comes at a price, and it’s sure a steep one – at just shy of $400,000, the asking price would be enough to make most serious Porsche competition works cars blush. It’s unfortunate that it’s priced there in some regards, because at that price it’s unlikely to shout in anger again. The A2 was the bridge model between the introductory A1 and the explosive S1, but while the Sports get all of the attention, it was really the A1 and A2 that provided the WRC championships to Audi and made this car the legend it is. In that light, how do you put a price on something so pivotal to a brand, and indeed modern motoring itself? With a majority of car companies – especially European – offering turbocharged, all-wheel drive models today, one is left to wonder where we would be without the Quattro. While it’s hard to say what motoring would look like today, as enthusiasts we would have been much worse off without this car – and that may just be priceless.


Wednesday Wheels: Underwater Basketweaving 101

Okay, okay, you’re right – last week we featured BBS wheels too. But let’s just say I have a thing for BBS wheels and I’m in the driver’s seat on this one, so I get to control the radio, okay? Seriously though, BBS wheels are some of our favorites at GCFSB when they’re specified as either OEM wheels, OEM upgrades or aftermarket options. Today we have a few different options for you and like last week, I tried to get one of each marque. Unlike last week, we’re going to focus on specifically the “basket weave” design that BBS popularized. Let’s start with one of the more under appreciated BBS wheels, the RA found on 1987-1992 Volkswagen Jetta GLis:

Year: 1987-1992
Model: RA 375
Diameter: 15″
Width: 6″
Bolt Pattern: 4 x 100
Offset: ET 35
Condition: Refinished
Tires: Not included
Price: $1,199 Buy It Now


For sale

a set of 4 genuine

15 inch/zoll




6x15H2 ET 35


The wheels are hard to find in this condition, but don´t forget the rims are used, look the pics.

Shipping to USA $ 395. For shipping to other countries please contact me for the price.

Payment with PAYPAL only.

The refinish on these wheels sure looks great – I actually had a set of RAs that looked just like this, gold with a polished lip. They could be specified from BBS like that in the 1980s; these, however, have been made to look like that from the original all-silver (or super rare Helios Blue) that came on the stock GLis. I think they look great; gold was one of the most popular colors in the 1980s and these would dress up just about any 2002, 320i, E30, A1, A2, A3 or early Audi. The RAs and RMs are notoriously soft, so watch for potholes if you’re running skinny rubber. Have a mid-80s Mercedes or into the “stance” scene? How about the super popular 16×8 Mercedes-Benz spec BBS RSs:

Year: N/A
Model: RS 009
Diameter: 16″
Width: 8″
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 112
Offset: ET 11
Condition: Used
Tires: Included Hankook Ventus 225-60-16
Price: $1,400 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Mercedes-Benz BBS RS Wheels on eBay

Selling a set of bbs rs 009 for Mercedes Benz, very rare. No curb damage. One barrel has a 1 inch crack that was professionally welded. Tires are about 60% 225 50 16. Rims are 16×8 et11. Will look great on 107 123 126 models. $1400 call or text 973 418 937 nine

Posted with eBay Mobile

The BBS RS crowd has taken on a life of it’s own, with clean and refinished examples sometimes demanding much more money than the cars they’re put on. I’ve seen ask prices exceed $3,000 for a set of 16″ BBS RSs, but if you look hard you can find pretty clean sets for under $1,000 without tires. This particular set has the benefit of coming with tires, so it’s a bolt on for you Benz folks, and I think they’d look great on a white SEC. Or, you could do what the “stance” crowd does and stick 3″ lips and 175-0-16s on them for that “this car isn’t capable of moving” look. Rather have something a little more modern on your Audi, late VW or Mercedes? How about these factory sport option Audi BBS RCs?:

Year: 2001
Model: BBS RC
Diameter: 17″
Width: 8″
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 112
Offset: ET 35
Condition: Used
Tires: Not Included
Price: $1,000 Buy It Now


Full set of 5 OEM Audi 17″ Forked BBS alloy wheels. These wheels were recently removed from my Audi A6 and are a little dirty. Wheels are in good condition and have some moderate rash. See pictures for overall condition. Wheels include center caps, no center cap for spare wheel.

The BBS RC isn’t most classic basket weave, it’s a neat modern interpretation of the original. This is both a classy and sporty wheel, and one of the lightest 17″ options out of the box if you’re into performance. This set comes with a bonus wheel, but note that it seems to be hard to find these without some curb rash because the spokes are more exposed. The make a nice addition to any B5 or B5.5 Passat, Audi A4 or A6, or some Mercedes-Benz models. Rather have something a little more classically styled? How about some BMW BBS RC “Style 5″s:

Year: 1999-2000
Model: BBS RC “Style 5”
Diameter: 17″
Width: 8″
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 120
Offset: ET 20
Condition: Used
Tires: Not Included
Price: $1,850 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: BMW BBS RC Style 5 Wheels on eBay

Complete set of 4 Genuine BMW BBS 17″ Style-5 (2-section Light-Alloy) BMW Wheels In Mint-Condition.

* All 4 wheels were Professionaly done by IMC (The best Wheel shop in Texas, they only work on high-end cars)

* All 4 wheels were in good condition before they were refurbish, No Bent or crack or etc…

* IMC professionaly disassembeled and overhauled each wheel. There are No Curb-Rush or any other imperfections on these wheels.

* All Screws have been sent out to a company that does plating for industrial drilling equipments , The plating cost me almost $400 by itself. I did them in Bright Nickel instead of the cheap Zinc that BBS uses

* Removing of the Center Section with correct tools, and refurbish them with correct BBS Silver finish.

* Mirror Finish polsihed Barrel Lips . Each Barrel took about 8 Hour to be polished

* 4x Original New Center Caps, all caps have good brackets and Prongs intact.

* Brand New Matching BMW BBS Center Caps Removal tool

Style 5 has been discontinue for many years now and no longer can be order through BBS or BMW.

I have used Large Option pictures to demonstrate the quality of these wheels so please take advantage of them.

8JX17 ET:20 Part# 36111093531 Made in Germany

International Buyers can Email with Full Delivery Address for exact postage.

The Style 5s are favorites of the BMW crowd to mount to anything buy the 528i they originally came on. Like the earlier RS, they offer great looks, reasonably light weight and the ability to personalize your car with some color. Many often mislabel these wheels as RSs, but in fact they are RCs though they look nothing like any of the other BBS RC models. Often pricing on non refinished sets is below $1,000, but this set has undergone a serious overhaul. If you’re not into redoing the wheels yourself, this might be a good option, as they’re fairly stock looking in comparison to how some redo them. Have a Porsche and looking for something? Well, it just so happens I found you something special:

Few people will ever get the chance to pick up one of these wheels, or a similar but smaller F1 wheel. If you do, it’s worth a laugh. Magnesium wheels seem to defy physics with their light weight – it just shouldn’t be that big and not weigh anything! If you want to roll with the big boys, this is how to do it. You’re not likely to have a 935, 936, 956 or 962, but if you did, these would be perfect for you. Like all magnesium wheels, you have to be careful refinishing them as they have a tendency to crack if mistreated, so best to have them X-rayed before hitting the track. If you like basket weaves, BBS started it off with just this type of racing wheel.

Model: BBS Magnesium Centerlock race wheels
Diameter: 17″
Width: A lot front, a lot more rear
Bolt Pattern: 1 x 962
Offset: If you have to ask, this doesn’t apply to you
Condition: Used
Tires: Not Included
Price: $5,049.06 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Porsche 962 BBS Centerlock Race Wheels on eBay

Complete set of 4 BBS wheels – 2 front 17″ and 2 rear 17″ wheels for 962.

Which are your favorite, and what would you like to see?


Motorsport Monday Part II: 1972 BMW 2002tii Track Car

Here’s an easy recipe for fun: take a small light-weight rear-wheel-drive car, strip out the interior, toss on some wider and stickier tires, and go to a track day. That’s almost exactly the recipe it appears the seller of this 1972 BMW 2002 Tii followed, though with this build the car was taken through the additional steps that turn what would be an undeniably fun car into a fun and competitive car. The BMW 2002 provides an excellent platform for a track car as it combines vintage-racer styling with fairly simple mechanicals. While the price of these cars has been on the rise with collectors, a track-prepped car such as the one featured here should still come at a reasonable cost.


Year: 1972
Model: 2002tii
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii Track Car on eBay

For sale is a 1972 BMW 2002Tii. The car is a nice example of a stock looking vintage race car. The car has no significant rust, typical spots such as the floors, frame rails, rocker panels, shock towers, etc. are solid. Paint is clean and shiny with no major dents or scratches. There are some very small chips/scratches/dings etc and a couple very small (pin head) bubbles in the paint work of the car as to be expected on a used car. Purchased as a fully restored stock Tii, the car has now been turned into a full track car. The following is a list of what’s been done to the car:


I like the look of a stock 2002Tii so I kept the exterior looking that way. The only modifications from stock are rolled front and rear fenders to fit the larger wheels and tires. Also added is an Ireland Engineering front air dam. The front door windows and regulators have been removed and the rear side windows have been replaced with Lexan plastic for weight savings. There are clip in lexan travel windows for the front doors for trailering and storage.


The interior of the car was stripped bare – carpeting, seats, console, door panels and factory tar sound proofing was removed and then the interior painted flat black to compliment the Agave green exterior. Added is a full welded roll cage with NASCAR style protection on the drivers side. Recaro race seat, Schroth five point harness, Momo alcantara steering wheel with quick release hub, center safety arm net, shift light w/RPM, oil pressure and volt gauges.


Engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt with performance in mind. Cylinder head from Ireland Engineering has been port and polished and has larger Schrick 304 degree cam, larger valves – 39mm exhaust/47mm intake, billet aluminum rocker arms and stronger double valve springs. The cylinder block has been overbored 1mm with larger,12:1 compression pistons, stronger Ireland Engineering 144mm length connecting rods, and lightened knife edged crank (weight reduced by 12 lbs). The engine maintains it’s original Tii mechanical fuel injection system. The injection pump was modified when it was rebuilt to deliver a slightly increased fuel curve over stock. Additionally the cold start valve has been switched to activate at full throttle to deliver more fuel. A cold air intake has been added to gain additional HP at speed. The exhaust is routed out through an Ireland Engineering header into a straight pipe that leads to a free flowing Magnaflow muffler, all custom.


The stock 4 speed transmission was fully rebuilt and has no syncro problems. Transmission is mated to the engine through a lightened aluminum flywheel, pressure plate and has a performance puck style clutch disk with solid center. Limited Slip differential has 60% lockup with 4.44:1 gear ratio.


The car has both front and rear coil over suspension that is fully adjustable. Front suspension has adjustable camber plates, urethane bushings and larger 22 mm Suspension Techniques sway bar, along with a Racing Dynamics stress bar. Rear suspension has larger 19mm adjustable Suspension Techniques sway bar, rear Top End Performance stress bar/battery box, and the rear shock tower housings have been reinforced to handle the rear coil over shocks.


The stock front brakes have been replaced with Willwood calipers and cross drilled vented rotors. An Ireland Engineering disk brake kit has been installed in the rear (with calipers from a Corvette). The disk brakes on all four corners offer significantly increased stopping capability and also a weight savings. A larger master cylinder from a late 70’s BMW 5-series is mated to the stock tii brake booster.


Panasport 14″x6″ rims with Hoosier 205/55 ZR14 R compound race slicks.

Additional Items:

-The car has a Cool Suit system installed with the tank located in the trunk.
-Super Trap muffler tip
-Straight dual muffler tip
-Full car electric fire suppression system

If the purchaser wanted to convert the car back to street use, it could be done with mild effort. As it stands currently, the car could be driven as-is on the street with octane booster (with the high compression, the engine should be run on 110 octane race fuel) and a quieter exhaust. Many of the interior pieces, such as the seats (no vinyl cracks), door panels, carpet, console, glass side windows/regulators will come with the car and can be reinstalled after removing the roll cage. The suspension is fully adjustable and could be tuned for street driving.

I’ve used the car only for Driving Education events with both the BMW and Porsche clubs as well as SCDA. The car has never been used in an actual race but would make for a very competitive car in such an event. I’ve driven the car at Lime Rock Park, Walkins Glen, and New Hampshire Motor Speedway here on the East Coast. It’s a very well sorted and capable track car, and with the brake, suspension set up and 4.44 rear gears, it can keep up with larger V8 powered cars such as Corvettes and also cars such as e46 M3s on the shorter tracks with lots of corners! The car is a fantastic turn key beginners car for those looking to get involved with racing or driving schools. I’ve owned the car since 2004 and I’m looking to move on to different things in my life at this point.

The car has been built and maintained by Musante Motorsports in CT, a notable Porsche and BMW race shop.

The car is sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with no warranties of any kind. I highly encourage all interested parties to come view the car in person prior to placing a bid or purchasing the car. $700 non-refundable deposit required at auction end with the remainder due when the car is picked up (bring cash). Car must be removed from my property within 14 days of auction end or else the car will be relisted and sold to someone else. Clear MA title comes with the car.


Coming across a well-prepped track car always presents a unique opportunity. Much of the difficult work, along with the inevitable frustrations, already has been taken care of, and the buyer is left simply to hop in, turn the key and set off. Of course, no track car will run perfectly all of the time, but that’s part of the territory. With its green paint and gorgeous Panasport wheels this car has the looks of a vintage racer and should come with the appropriate performance. At this time, bidding is at $4550 with the reserve still on. It’s always difficult to peg the price of a track car, but I have little doubt the cost here will come in quite reasonably for a 2002 Tii that should provide a great deal of fun.