1973 BMW 2002tii Zender Widebody

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Okay, great, because this is not only one hell of a cool 2002, I think it’s a great deal, too. What are we looking at? Well, what started life as an Inka 2002tii ‘Roundie’ has been hitting the gym and now sports a Zender body kit, SSR mesh wheels, a half-cage with Recaro cloth seats, E21 brakes, and a host of other mechanical and cosmetic refurbishments to leave one seriously sweet piece of ’02 eye candy. The asking price? Less than you’d expect!

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1968 BMW 2002

To me it’s always a bit interesting to talk about peoples’ motivations in getting a particular car, especially so when that car is a classic. For example, consider my Audi GT versus a Quattro. These days, if you can find one a mint condition Audi GT will set you back around $6,000 – $8,000 for the very best examples we’ve seen. That amount may get you a wreck of a Quattro, but likely not a particularly drivable one and certainly one you’ll be chasing parts and rust on for a decade at least. In terms of driving experience, the GT is out of the box 90% of the Ur-Quattro experience for 90% plus of the time. Brought to a show, many non-Audi folks could probably not tell them apart. Yet, in terms of value gap, the iconic Quattro far outstrips the classic GT. We see it in other areas, too – for example a 73 911S versus a 77 911S, a E28 535is versus a M5, or even a 325is versus an M3. If you’re smart with your money, choosing the lesser example may not get you the headlines, but stretching your budget to get into a less serviceable iconic car is not likely to bring you more happiness, only more headaches. So while a plain-Jane 1968 BMW 2002 may not get all the price of the Turbo or even the tii models, it’s certainly worthy of consideration:

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1969 BMW 2002Ti Alpina

It’s always a bit strange when highly sought cars come to market with few details. Today’s 2002Ti is a great example; the 2002Ti is already sought after model thanks to the dual-carb, high compression motor, and of course being a “Roundie” an early model 2002 like this is automatically more desirable. But start to throw in some of the other details, such as “Alpina”, “Race Car” and “Original” and the dollar figures start climbing. If, that is, it’s all to be believed:

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1972 BMW 2002

I don’t talk about it often, but my first car was nearly a BMW 2002 tii. It was a bit of a rookie mistake in many ways; I was 17 years old and had been going to the track with my father for many years and wanted my own track car. As my father was in to BMWs, it was a natural thought that I’d end up with one. The search led me to a green over black 2002 tii, and after not much looking at the car or knowing what I was looking for I put a deposit down. When I got home, I told my father who suggested we have a mutual friend who knew the 2002s better than me go look at it before I paid. The friend agreed, we arrived at the seller’s home and after what seemed like a shockingly short amount of time he came over to me and said “walk away”. The car had prohibitive amounts of rust, and it would have taken a miracle to return it to nice condition. Shortly after I ended up with my 4000CS Quattro, and the run of Audis began – but I often wonder what would have come if I purchased that 2002. I’d like to think it would have ended up something like this one:

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1973 BMW 2002 Tii Euro-spec

The 2002 has appeal that was captured by later models in some regards, but has been lost along the way as well. It makes me chuckle a bit when I read comments regarding the 1 series (now 2 series) being a light car – well, I suppose in comparison to the 7 series, that’s likely true. However, cars like the 135i weighed in at a simply staggering 3,400 or so pounds. It makes me chuckle; BMW enthusiasts love to talk about how heavy Audis are, yet the 135i is only a few cheeseburgers and Battlestar Gallactica marathons short of a V8/S4/S6 quattro but it’s considered “light”. Now, you could argue that a hefty increase in passenger safety accounts for that weight gain, and you’d be right. And the new cars are much more luxurious, isolating, and reliable – for the average consumer, all of these things are very good improvements. But one of the hallmarks of the pre-M3 small cars was that you could drive them flat-out nearly all the time – something that you just can’t do with more modern machines. For as the spiritual successor to the 2002 – that same 135i – has gained weight and luxury, it’s also significantly faster than the 2002 ever was thanks to a twin-turbocharged inline-6. 0-60 times of even the non-M version of the 135 are faster than most pre-2005 M products (I’m slightly amazed by this, but I think it’s actually faster than everything but the V10 M5/M6). Out of the box, it will do a standing quarter mile in 13 seconds and is limited to 155 mph. Impressive? Yes. But is it really the spiritual successor of the 2002Tii, a car that you could drive with your foot to the floor, exploring the limits all the while? Not in my mind:

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Motorsport Mondays: A Tale of Two ’02s

Last week, I put a neat 2002 up on our Facebook Fanpage. Sporting crazy Zender flares, an even crazier rear wing, and most crazy a S14 E30 M3 engine transplant, it sure looked the part and generated a lot of interest. Well, the good news! It’s back up on Ebay this week, along with an added M10-swapped Targa Newfoundland Rally veteran that makes an interesting comparison. What’s your flavor?

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Motorsport Monday: 1970 BMW 2002

If the 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera posted earlier was still a little too rich for your blood, we here at GCFSB feel your pain. While there is a simply joy to seeing Porsches race, the reality of buying into and maintaining a Porsche race car can be a little too much to take for most hobby budgets. What’s the solution, then, if you’ve got the desire to hit the track? Well, for not much money there are many racing BMWs that can be had. From 2002s to E36s, just like Porsches, there is a devoted fanbase of enthusiasts who take otherwise good road cars and turn them into race cars so that you don’t have to:

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Motorsport Monday Part II: 1972 BMW 2002tii Track Car

Here’s an easy recipe for fun: take a small light-weight rear-wheel-drive car, strip out the interior, toss on some wider and stickier tires, and go to a track day. That’s almost exactly the recipe it appears the seller of this 1972 BMW 2002 Tii followed, though with this build the car was taken through the additional steps that turn what would be an undeniably fun car into a fun and competitive car. The BMW 2002 provides an excellent platform for a track car as it combines vintage-racer styling with fairly simple mechanicals. While the price of these cars has been on the rise with collectors, a track-prepped car such as the one featured here should still come at a reasonable cost.


Year: 1972
Model: 2002tii
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii Track Car on eBay

For sale is a 1972 BMW 2002Tii. The car is a nice example of a stock looking vintage race car. The car has no significant rust, typical spots such as the floors, frame rails, rocker panels, shock towers, etc. are solid. Paint is clean and shiny with no major dents or scratches. There are some very small chips/scratches/dings etc and a couple very small (pin head) bubbles in the paint work of the car as to be expected on a used car. Purchased as a fully restored stock Tii, the car has now been turned into a full track car. The following is a list of what’s been done to the car:


I like the look of a stock 2002Tii so I kept the exterior looking that way. The only modifications from stock are rolled front and rear fenders to fit the larger wheels and tires. Also added is an Ireland Engineering front air dam. The front door windows and regulators have been removed and the rear side windows have been replaced with Lexan plastic for weight savings. There are clip in lexan travel windows for the front doors for trailering and storage.


The interior of the car was stripped bare – carpeting, seats, console, door panels and factory tar sound proofing was removed and then the interior painted flat black to compliment the Agave green exterior. Added is a full welded roll cage with NASCAR style protection on the drivers side. Recaro race seat, Schroth five point harness, Momo alcantara steering wheel with quick release hub, center safety arm net, shift light w/RPM, oil pressure and volt gauges.


Engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt with performance in mind. Cylinder head from Ireland Engineering has been port and polished and has larger Schrick 304 degree cam, larger valves – 39mm exhaust/47mm intake, billet aluminum rocker arms and stronger double valve springs. The cylinder block has been overbored 1mm with larger,12:1 compression pistons, stronger Ireland Engineering 144mm length connecting rods, and lightened knife edged crank (weight reduced by 12 lbs). The engine maintains it’s original Tii mechanical fuel injection system. The injection pump was modified when it was rebuilt to deliver a slightly increased fuel curve over stock. Additionally the cold start valve has been switched to activate at full throttle to deliver more fuel. A cold air intake has been added to gain additional HP at speed. The exhaust is routed out through an Ireland Engineering header into a straight pipe that leads to a free flowing Magnaflow muffler, all custom.


The stock 4 speed transmission was fully rebuilt and has no syncro problems. Transmission is mated to the engine through a lightened aluminum flywheel, pressure plate and has a performance puck style clutch disk with solid center. Limited Slip differential has 60% lockup with 4.44:1 gear ratio.


The car has both front and rear coil over suspension that is fully adjustable. Front suspension has adjustable camber plates, urethane bushings and larger 22 mm Suspension Techniques sway bar, along with a Racing Dynamics stress bar. Rear suspension has larger 19mm adjustable Suspension Techniques sway bar, rear Top End Performance stress bar/battery box, and the rear shock tower housings have been reinforced to handle the rear coil over shocks.


The stock front brakes have been replaced with Willwood calipers and cross drilled vented rotors. An Ireland Engineering disk brake kit has been installed in the rear (with calipers from a Corvette). The disk brakes on all four corners offer significantly increased stopping capability and also a weight savings. A larger master cylinder from a late 70’s BMW 5-series is mated to the stock tii brake booster.


Panasport 14″x6″ rims with Hoosier 205/55 ZR14 R compound race slicks.

Additional Items:

-The car has a Cool Suit system installed with the tank located in the trunk.
-Super Trap muffler tip
-Straight dual muffler tip
-Full car electric fire suppression system

If the purchaser wanted to convert the car back to street use, it could be done with mild effort. As it stands currently, the car could be driven as-is on the street with octane booster (with the high compression, the engine should be run on 110 octane race fuel) and a quieter exhaust. Many of the interior pieces, such as the seats (no vinyl cracks), door panels, carpet, console, glass side windows/regulators will come with the car and can be reinstalled after removing the roll cage. The suspension is fully adjustable and could be tuned for street driving.

I’ve used the car only for Driving Education events with both the BMW and Porsche clubs as well as SCDA. The car has never been used in an actual race but would make for a very competitive car in such an event. I’ve driven the car at Lime Rock Park, Walkins Glen, and New Hampshire Motor Speedway here on the East Coast. It’s a very well sorted and capable track car, and with the brake, suspension set up and 4.44 rear gears, it can keep up with larger V8 powered cars such as Corvettes and also cars such as e46 M3s on the shorter tracks with lots of corners! The car is a fantastic turn key beginners car for those looking to get involved with racing or driving schools. I’ve owned the car since 2004 and I’m looking to move on to different things in my life at this point.

The car has been built and maintained by Musante Motorsports in CT, a notable Porsche and BMW race shop.

The car is sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with no warranties of any kind. I highly encourage all interested parties to come view the car in person prior to placing a bid or purchasing the car. $700 non-refundable deposit required at auction end with the remainder due when the car is picked up (bring cash). Car must be removed from my property within 14 days of auction end or else the car will be relisted and sold to someone else. Clear MA title comes with the car.


Coming across a well-prepped track car always presents a unique opportunity. Much of the difficult work, along with the inevitable frustrations, already has been taken care of, and the buyer is left simply to hop in, turn the key and set off. Of course, no track car will run perfectly all of the time, but that’s part of the territory. With its green paint and gorgeous Panasport wheels this car has the looks of a vintage racer and should come with the appropriate performance. At this time, bidding is at $4550 with the reserve still on. It’s always difficult to peg the price of a track car, but I have little doubt the cost here will come in quite reasonably for a 2002 Tii that should provide a great deal of fun.


1972 BMW 2002tii

While prices on the E30 M3 keep climbing, one need only look back a few years in BMW history to see that this is not a new trend amongst BMWs of yore. The 2002tii, with it’s 2.0 liter, 130 horsepower fuel-injected engine, has always been an car in demand, reflected in strong market values. The spiritual predecessor to the 3 series we know today, this two-door sedan established BMW as “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

This 2002tii, known as a “Roundie” due to the round tail lamps of earlier models, is for in Florida, painted in the rather popular Colorado Orange. It also has a very early build number and has benefitted from a recent cosmetic and mechanical restoration.

Year: 1972
Model: 2002tii
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 47,397 mi
Price: Reserve auction

1972 BMW 2002tii on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

For sale is my 1972 BMW 2002tii, 4-speed, factory a/c, Colorado orange. Rust Free. This is a very nice example of an early Tii, number 51 to be exact. Over the past two years it has undergone a mechanical and cosmetic restoration. I encourage any serious buyer’s to call me with any questions you may have – 772-380-590seven – Michael.


Professionally repainted in its original Glasurit Colorado Orange, all panels, glass, trim and engine were removed for paint. All of the trim is original with the exception of the belt line. New seals were fitted including windshield, rear window side windows, door seals and trunk seal. All glass is in good condition. Up front is a set of European turn signals and vintage Hella Rallye Lights. New metal roundels were fitted front and rear. The underbody was cleaned and undercoated with 3M sound deadener.

Engine and Drivetrain:

Engine runs strong and does not leak any fluids. Engine was refitted with new Motor Mounts. All new gaskets and seals. Kugelfischer injection system has received a light rebuild consisting of new fuel line from electric fuel pump to injection pump with filter, injection pump timing was set and new belt installed, new pump O-rings, new oil supply line, High Pressure plastic injector lines were replaced. This tii still retains the original one year only ’72 black plastic intake runnners, they were re-fitted with new O-rings. Vacuum hoses, rubber intake boot, and throttle body cover. New exhaust, ceramic coated stahl 4into1 header, new ANSA center center section with resonator and muffler with ansa sport tips.

Transmission shifts smooth with no grinds, it houses a new SACHS clutch kit. The driveshaft was removed and refitted with new Flex Disc (Guibo) and center carrier bearing. The hyrdraulic system is new, clutch master and slave cylinder mated with a braided stainless line. New brake master cylinder & ATE reservoir hose. New battery and BOSCH alternator. Manually actuated cold-start valve. Factory a/c blows cold. Many more new parts and components that I can not think of, during re-installation of the engine. Runs great with plenty of tii torque and responsiveness, Exhaust sounds like nostalgic german muscle – the way it should, not too loud, nor quiet. Car starts right up cold or hot and idles smooth, I would not hesitate to take it on long road trips.


New carpet and rear seat delete set. Dashboard, glove box, shift boot and the original a/c center console have been re-upholstered in leather with French Stitching. New leather MOMO Prototipo steering wheel. New front door panels, rear panels are in very good condition. Period correct RECARO seats in a rare original fabric. The Tii clock works as it should. Original headliner – no droops or sagging but small blemishes and tears near the rear window and sun visors- excellent condition for its age. Rear seat delete area and doors insulated with FAT MAT sound deadener.


New Wheels and Tires. Previous owner installed Boge front – Bilstein rear shock combo with lowering springs. New center link and tie rod assembly, needs an allignment. Steering is tight and this 02 handles very well.

Colorado Orange and Fjord Blue are my two favorite 2002 colors. Along with the color, the early build number and the tasteful BBS style wheels, this “Roundie” is a neat piece. If I was doing the restoration, I probably would have kept the rear seat and done a 5-speed gearbox conversion, since this car hasn’t exactly been kept stock anyway. While this is a reserve auction, I’d suspect the seller is looking for somewhere around the low $20,000 range, given the amount of work put into it.